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  1. After my nap, I spent the time nessisarry to collect up all the sticks I need for two 24 hour fires. I was tempted to make another run back up to the summit but that needs to wait. I need to harvest charcoal first. It didn't take me long to get my stock of sticks built up. I plan on burning simultaneously at the Mountaineer's Hut and the Fishing Hut. Nothing exciting really happened today, though between the descent down the mountain and the gathering of sticks for charcoal I was able to make some interesting notes. I now know that there are three bears active in the region on this run (though the territory for each is a bit different than I've noted before - interesting): The hunting here on Timberwolf Mountain is going to be very rich. The really good news is that I have at least two bears and one moose that I can tempt back to that general area and harvest in relative safety. True, I will still have to use myself as live bait to lure the bears back towards the "safer" area nearby, but it's much lesser a distance than I've risked luring bears before... All in all, it's a pretty fortuitous setup. With the burn complete and 19 bit's of charcoal already (from a previous fire and collected from burnt out fires found in the region) I'll have 67 charcoal to start mapping in earnest. I have used 4 pieces so far. One in Waterfall Cave (because I needed to warm up, but I still wanted to do something productive while traveling - this was during the accent a couple of days ago). I used two after I crested the rock formation adjacent to Crystal Lake and the Mountaineer's Hut. I also used just one piece to map on top of the taller of the rock formations behind the Mountaineer's Hut and towering over the "back path" leading towards the forest surrounding the Wing Wreckage. I didn't do much by way of mapping during this first in-game week, but I thought I would account for the few places I got warmed up on. I think the idea will be to try to get maximum wide coverage by hitting the high places first and then fill in the general spaces along the way... then some edge dressing as needed. Though I'm now even more wary to wandering into "instant kill spots." So, like I said... nothing exciting really, but I am looking ahead, and I figure it's better have several plans laid out with the flexibility to switch them up as need dictates. Now that I'm reasonably situated, I'll keep the next updates reduced to close calls, or once I've completed the map & ready to move to Pleasant Valley.
  2. @ThePancakeLady / @LkP When I previously saw screenshots like those I always just assumed folks were lining the lantern room with... you know, lanterns I mean that lighthouse (since it's inception anyway) has definitely been one of my favorite places anyways... but now?! I can't wait to get back there (I'm still working at my personal challenge so it will likely be a while before I get to that region) and see this "in person." I'm more excited about this than I would have thought I would be...
  3. Neither would I I was only trying to articulate what I thought the rationale was behind it. As a single player game, I'm all for people playing the game how they want to *within the parameters decided upon by Hinterland. I didn't realize you were saying that progress was accumulating on custom and them stopped... that's a weird one, since as far as I know progress towards feats was never meant to accrue via custom. The last place I saw a good premade spreadsheet for this kind of stuff was on The Long Dark (Fandom) Wiki. While it appears that the workable spreadsheet has been replaced by a PNG... it would still be easy to copy and paste the spreadsheet imbedded into the page itself, and use that as a basis to construct one that using conditional formatting to perform whatever extra functions you want/need. In either case, my previous comments were only meant to be helpful. If I misread the context, or missed the point you were trying to make... it wasn't intentional.
  4. In 5 years, I have never found anything under the visors... but I will check them forever because Hinterland does occasionally make "stealth changes." Besides, it's just part of the ritual now... and nowadays I use them to mark cars (because of that one time I almost died because the hood was up and I couldn't see snarling death waiting just outside - after that, no more lifted hoods).
  5. Heading back down didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. However, I still managed to make it back down without getting nibbled (despite the best efforts on the part of the wolves). I admit I was tempted to load up heavy and attempt to slide down the face overlooking Crystal lake, but I opted for (what I thought) would be the "safer" route. I know that really there is no such thing as a safe route on Timberwolf Mountain; there is only dangerous... and more dangerous. I repelled down from the summit easily enough, but their was still a wolf prowling around nearer the rope than the containers. It had already feasted on all the rabbits the day before... so no more free decoys. I decided to scoot down the slope nearest to waterfall cave (I just needed to be on the look out for bear - though the last time I saw that one, it was meandering over at the bend heading towards the Secluded Shelf). This did present a problem however... the wolf between where I was, and the rope I wanted to get to next. I did have the rifle and ammo that I found on the summit, but it's not in good shape (23%). I was not about to use an unproven (and banged up looking) weapon in a situation like this. I went back to the waterfall cave and picked up four rocks. I decided that distracting the wolf with stones wouldn't give me the leeway I needed, so I took a more direct approach. I got it's attention and back peddled back towards the water fall and around where some deer where standing around on the other side of the "river." I figured if plan A didn't work out, perhaps the deer would be kind enough to run interference for me. I had wheeled around enough that the wolf was stalking me with waterfall cave generally behind it. I let the wolf get a little closer to me that I would have liked and pitched a stone. The first one missed (since I can't aim in without it charging), but I was able to get my BZO from where it landed. The next shot struck the wolf square in the snout, and sent it yelping a short distance; more than enough to let me sprint towards the ridge, cross over, and repel down (with the damn wolf in hot pursuit). I was giving the next hill a wide birth, skirting along the rock face towards the cave. I figured I would swing wide to catch the last rope down. However another wolf had other plans. I backpedaled hard towards the engine, and use one of my remaining two rocks to stun a rabbit and left it behind. As the wolf approached, the rabbit woke up... (I am really proud of how that worked out). I decided not to mess with that situation, I figured I would let the wolf enjoy it's meal. Instead I took the long route around and some risky drops (costing me two sprained wrists - not what I needed considering how popular I am with the furry woodland friends today). I managed to get down to the bluff overlooking Crystal Lake. I wanted to take the rope down, but there was another wolf prowling a little too close to the bottom. Changing plans yet again, I headed up to crest the bluff near the containers. Fortunately, no wolf up there today. However, down at the mouth of Crystal Lake's tributary... sure enough, wolf. On the far side of Crystal Lake the Echo Peak East bear was meandering out onto the lake. I took a couple more risky drops (sprained my ankle - because of course). I managed to hobble through the "narrow lane" between the two sets of teeth... Crossing the threshold of the Mountaineer's Hut felt pretty good... I immediately dropped everything indiscriminately on the floor and took a nap.
  6. In the mean time, I definitely recommend that folks put in tickets with the support portal.
  7. There are several ways to get (or make) a spreadsheet that will enable you to plot out custom game configurations... is that what you mean? I can link you to a few if you like.
  8. @Dominique I think it's not so much an issue, as it was a conscious decision... Since the advent of the Custom mode option, progress in a custom game would not contribute to the earning of Feats. I suspect this is mainly due to the fact that a player could conceivably create a custom sandbox that was even easier than Pilgrim. To that end, I tend to agree with this decision. I think if we want to create our own "home brewed" experience, (then I would tend to agree with Hinterland) and don't think what we do in a customized experience should contribute to the feats meant to be earned through "standard" gameplay.
  9. @darkyHutch Nope, mine's not in Coastal Highway. (sorry I didn't get notified of your message) Yours is a pretty neat little nook as well. I'll be on the lookout. I also have four more spots picked out if folks are still interested...
  10. @Hilayla I don't know if it still works (as I've not done it in a while), but we used to be able to go to the journal and highlight all the text we want, we could then "ctrl-C" to copy that text to the clipboard... then later "ctrl-V" to paste the text to some other application later. Beyond that, I'm not sure. I have a few old journals still saved from other runs, but I've not ever come across a way to explicitly extract them from the game.
  11. As much as I like the new scene and music (and I do, don't get me wrong)... I really do miss the Trapper's Cabin scene, and I really miss the original theme. I'm hoping that the originals will come back with the next update.
  12. @Deadly Shadow It's very unlikely. The reason that it's available for PC users is because Steam keeps archives of that sort of data (by archiving previous iterations of games made available on their platform), and has tools to facilitate being able to "rollback" to previous versions. I don't believe Sony or Microsoft offer anything like that (PlayStation and Xbox respectively). As far as I know, only the Steam platform offers and supports the functionality nessisarry to do this.
  13. @bc10966 If you've already submitted a ticket on the support portal, or have otherwise been in contact with the support team... then I'd say you are already in the best possible hands. You also might be experiencing a GoG problem, however I'm sure the Hinterland folks are looking into it for you if you've already spoken with them. I know it sucks, but it may just come down to waiting to see what Hinterland gets back to you with. General question for everyone looking at this thread... Have any of you other GoG customers seeing anything similar?
  14. @hozz1235 Correct... but I'm not sure why you are confused. - I am good with the game as is (meaning I accept and appreciate what Hinterland chooses to do with their game). - Then I gave you my thoughts on the ideas you put forth. So, to put it together... I do like some of the ideas you put forth, but I'm good with the game either way. Another way to say it, "I'm good with the game, but I also think some of your ideas are neat."
  15. Reading over this made me realize. I love that they've kept the "truth" of the phenomenon nebulous, and that there are so many seemingly disparate little story threads scattered all around the game world that can be woven together by the player in so many ways... It's really satisfying. While I think it would be interesting to know for certain "what's going on," ...I almost think it's better not knowing. "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil deGrasse Tyson I kind of hope they keep the mystery, after all there are many strange phenomenon in our world we can't really explain. Besides, it leaves room for all this fun theorizing
  16. Very well done. I think this is one of the best utilizations of the "Taxidermy" bug I've seen.
  17. My general suggestion (also) is to leave cans for strategic use: two cans at every cave, on every cooking surface (inside or outside), and campfire we set up (naturally focusing on your major stopovers first as supply dictates). That's what I do with all my cans. Eventually you get to the point where you know that regardless of where you go there is likely to be a can there waiting for you to use if you need it.
  18. @Daymo [Addendum] A link to what I was referring to: 10 Year Survival Achievement
  19. ManicManiac


    Believe me, it's rare I get to indulge like that in this game... (warm, safe, leisurely) So when I can... it's real sweet.
  20. @hozz1235 Interesting list of items, suffice it to say I like the game pretty much as is. However I'd gladly give you my general thoughts on your list. (I'll have to keep it short, as I don't have much time at the moment): This would be a neat feature. I know when I opt to harvest a carcass by hand later if I go to harvest something bare hands is still defaulted later - so it would be neat to see that behavior cover more territory (so to speak). I think this would be a good compromise, it remembers the last thing you used... but still give you the choice for selection. I like that. It would be good for fire starting too... not just for breaking things down. Absolutely and over in Mailbag Dispatch #34 Raph mentions, "Yeah, we do need not just a "fuel management" but a "liquid management" system/interface. We've discussed it a fair bit. Not sure where it sits in our internal roadmap but we'll get to it eventually." Considering our inventory is not organized as inventory slots, but rather simply by weight capacity then I'm fine with things not stacking. Besides, I'm sure they have a rationale as to why somethings stack and other's do not. I had this on a wish list of mine, long ago... but I've since come to realize that metal is so very abundant that I'm fine with not being able to scrap cans for metal. Considering we have had at least one player survive 10 in-game years on interloper... I feel like it's safe to say that there is no shortage of metal for long survival runs. I'd be in favor of this, where it not for how many times I've needed to make a split second tactical decision on how to handle that particular fight. I was once beset by three wolves in rapid succession. The first one I knifed, but the other too I need to get them off me as quickly as possible so as not to I selected the hammer for the other two. If my weapon had been locked in by some kind of pre-select... I would have been very dead. So, I prefer being able to choose on the spot for each encounter. I personally would not enjoy this at all. It's just a preference. I would be in favor of this being an option for those who would want it... but I absolutely would not like it if it were just added to the game as a permanent map feature. I felt it took away some of the enjoyment in the story mode for me, but in that context I understood why it was there. I just wouldn't want it in my survival experience. Hmm, I've never really thought about this... I suppose it's because I'm not prone to carry around so many "cookable" items that this was ever a problem. I'd be fine with this being an optional setting, but I'm fine with the system as is. This was a good list. Thank you for sharing.
  21. That isn't a problem... that's not even what I said. I was addressing your worry that negative feedback would prompt them to redux more/again. To your comment I simply pointed out that: so... I'm not sure what you're on about. However I'm not interested in arguing it in this thread. If you feel the need to discuss it further, feel free to message me personally and I'll try to explain.
  22. "Three shall be the number thou shalt count; and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count; neither count thou two excepting that thou then proceed to three. 138 is RIGHT OUT! Once the number three being the third number be reached, then lobbest now thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe; who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it." - Armaments: Chapter 2, verses 9-21 (excerpt) I feel like this would have the makings of a "Spring-time Event" @hozz1235
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    Neat idea to think about. I know one of my favorite things to do is sit by the radio during the aurora... at the very least it's a nice relaxing way to let water boil without "passing time."