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  1. Heck, I've been playing for a couple of years, and I realized that I'd never been to HRV when I popped in there in a random-location Interloper run. (And rapidly died) I decided to go there on my kind of stagnant Voyager long-term game, and I've spent almost a month (game time) playing there, and each new area I discover is like all the stuff I love about TLD all over again!
  2. Anyone know if this cave is now present in Survivor mode?
  3. And again this weekend - I killed a deer, and walked over to it - the arrow lay next to it. I clicked the deer's body, and the Harvest dialogue popped up. I hit Escape, and then looked back next to the deer's body; the arrow was gone.
  4. Yes, please. The GPS arrow was my least favorite thing about EP, even worse than the timberwolf indicator!
  5. Yep, same here. I one-shotted a wolf last night, on TWM, ran over to the body, and <poof> no arrow.
  6. I like this idea -it would require you to make harder resource decisions and could make late-game play more interesting than simply making a huge stockpile of water bottles and pelts.
  7. I agree that the bright red indicator is immersion-breaking, but I like the music - it's a good way to convey the "gut feeling" that something hungry is watching you, and to build tension.
  8. I just finished Ep3 last night. I've been playing TLD for about 20 months, and have 1,200 hours logged. I'm starting my own review thread to keep it separate from other folks' reviews in case the devs are keeping track of this stuff. I was very excited about Crossroads Elegy, as I'm in this game for the story mode and I just play Survival mode to kill the time between episode releases. I've loved how Hinterland listens to its fans while still being true to its vision of what the game should be; that's a hard balance to strike. I'm sad to say that I give CE only a B+. That's still better than much bigger games, but less than I was hoping for. Pros: Finding more about Astrid's side of the pre-crash story. Visual improvements - the added detail makes TLD even more beautiful, and I just about squee'ed the first time I saw a hollow tree. The challenge of rescuing the survivors was gripping and immersive. I really worried about making it. I liked the timberwolf music and the idea of them being tougher wolves. The final scene at Desolation Point was everything I love about TLD and this storyline. Cons: The timberwolf pack meter is aesthetically jarring and breaks immersion. Similarly, the perfect knowledge that the map with your location arrow gives you was unrealistic to the point of immersion-breaking (the geomagnetic storm has made compasses and GPS unusable, but my innate navigation is better than either?), plus it made the quests way too easy. Molly's phone calls to repeatedly confess to leaving her husband to die rapidly got tiresome, and didn't increase my enjoyment of the game or my identification with the character. Her stated reasons for doing this were so vague as to confuse me about the point the story was trying to make. Was he an abuser who got what he deserved as the world changes, or was Molly a murderer who was taking out her problems on a guy who was nothing more than a neglectful jerk? The behavior of timberwolves after pack morale is broken turns them from terrifying hunters in to spastic doofuses. They just run around you in circles, get stuck in patterns on hills, ignore you even when they almost run over you.... they're laughable. Overall, CE ends right when it's getting good. The various rescue and supply missions just felt like the warm-up to whatever the real story is, which we didn't get to see. I'm still in, and hoping this is building up to a colossal Episode 4!
  9. Yes, the Enfields in .303 Brit are super common in Canada. They were issued in the hundreds of thousands in WWI and WWII, and came home witl many soldiers. Lots of moose and bear have been taken with those old warhorses, even if US gun writers will tell you it's way too underpowered.
  10. Give me a shout when you're back on the project, I'd love to help.( 50 y/o white male, baritone) may also Have a good female actor for you.
  11. The most common Canadian version of the Enfield is the "C No.4 MkI *" . (The * denoted a simplified variant for wartime production.) Mounties used a variant up until very recently. I think you'll find that the sights and bolt very similar to the C No.4 but not really exact, as this isn't a military sim.