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  1. After a run ends, I apparently no longer have enough space to save the stats from all the games I've played, so I have to overwrite an old slot. Is there some sort of setting that I can change to keep a longer record of my games? It can't take up that much memory. Many thanks for any ideas, Tom
  2. I scored two Syrups in BR. If that rate holds true for every region, that still gets less than 25....
  3. I got a first-day moose in BR, too. That sucker hung out at the lake for days and wouldn't let me harvest the deer there. The initial stress of getting warm and clothed is definitely a key part of this experience, also much less opportunity to get outside and do stuff, so my style of play has to adapt to that.
  4. TFA303

    Dumb deaths

    Walking into my own campfire is definitely my least favorite. Forgetting to check my condition before sleeping has killed me a couple of times, too -usually an infection. Getting bored and overconfident is the most dangerous thing; it leads you to shoot at bears when you don't have a safe retreat lined up.
  5. Heck, I've been playing for a couple of years, and I realized that I'd never been to HRV when I popped in there in a random-location Interloper run. (And rapidly died) I decided to go there on my kind of stagnant Voyager long-term game, and I've spent almost a month (game time) playing there, and each new area I discover is like all the stuff I love about TLD all over again!
  6. Anyone know if this cave is now present in Survivor mode?
  7. And again this weekend - I killed a deer, and walked over to it - the arrow lay next to it. I clicked the deer's body, and the Harvest dialogue popped up. I hit Escape, and then looked back next to the deer's body; the arrow was gone.
  8. Yes, please. The GPS arrow was my least favorite thing about EP, even worse than the timberwolf indicator!
  9. Yep, same here. I one-shotted a wolf last night, on TWM, ran over to the body, and <poof> no arrow.
  10. I like this idea -it would require you to make harder resource decisions and could make late-game play more interesting than simply making a huge stockpile of water bottles and pelts.