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  1. It's not just AC - I started having serious crash problems a few days ago - I think it started when the latest hotfix came out. And I agree - Hinterland is good people; they'll get it fixed as soon as they can. This is the error I get when it crashes:
  2. In the last 2 days (so possibly due to the hotfix) I'm getting crashes like I've never had before. Anyone else? (Yes, I put in a bug tracker already!)
  3. I've been seeing these, too - please drop a report using the button up at the top of the page; that documents the problem even better. Thank you!
  4. Having the same problem in both PV Band and Signal Hut. Will submit a bug report.
  5. I'm on the island in Bleak Inlet just across from the Trailer near the Cannery. (Lower Left on the map.) There is a corpse showing on the map, and crows circling above it, but I can't find the corpse at any altitude - not in the cave, not on the hill, not on a ledge in between. One other player on Steam Forums reported this, but nobody there had an answer. Any ideas?
  6. I like where your head is at, sir! That would fit well with the aurora/geomagnetic storm.
  7. Great thread! The one I always wonder about is the guy on the ledge inside Hibernia Processing in DP. He has a torch, and he clearly went all the way out on that ledge for a reason... escaping something?
  8. Agree, Piddy - many of the Story mode time limits are vague and not enforced, so you have more time to explore than you'd think.
  9. I have found a lot of prybars behind toilets. I don't know what this says about gastroenterological health on Great Bear, though...
  10. I've seen one sleeping in the rabbit Grove by Trapper's Cabin. Lazy bear was maybe 50 feet from his den and just decided to take a nap right there!
  11. Great discussion- I wonder what the aurora does to the electric locks and systems in the prison?
  12. TFA303


    Probably on a Tuesday.
  13. Thank you, Traveller. Your experience is much like mine; may you find peace at your journey's end.
  14. I thought the same thing about the wind. Glad someone else noticed it, too.