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  1. Wow it's like 4DoN came early! Can't wait to see what this is about.
  2. Covid-19 is very highly contagious and the fatality rate is higher than the average flu virus by an order of magnitude (and in some places, three). It's important to make the distinction between infection rate and fatality rate. I have heard estimates that in my country (USA) this will take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to get a handle on and could kill up to 500,000 people. That's insane. Regarding your comparison to the Spanish Flu: I would agree, this is a big deal and we should all prepare for what the following days and months may bring. No reason to be alarmist a
  3. HRV was a glorious addition to TLD. The first time going through that wilderness, with its multi-level layout and intricate cave networks, totally blew me away. It took some time with it to finally start to feel comfortable there. I did a personal '50 days per region' challenge a while back and feel like I became one with that place during my stay there. Monolith Lake (and the caves up the hill) and The Basin are my fav spots. It's actually a fantastic Loper start as well, with many key loot spawn points. I'm slightly jealous, there's only one first time. Congrats on discovering it!
  4. I've long heard rumors of a goat path up to the top, but I had always assumed it was legend or fantasy. Sounds like it's very much a real thing! Goating down from the summit (or anywhere) is purely goat-in-training. It's only once you goat up something then you can retain the title of Entry Level Goat. Been down that way many times, but I have a long way to go before I can take off the training wheels and let my hooves fly. It's got to be around here somewhere.. 🐐🐐🐐
  5. Ok, I just spent probably too much time watching too many of those videos.. Jörg is both awesome and crazy. That maniacal laugh! He's so proud of his contraptions. "Let me show you it's *shoots* FEATURES!" Haha what a cool dude. He looks identical to my friend, Martin. Like, 100% identical.
  6. This is the main reason that I love TLD so much. The game is always evolving. Most games are released, there might be some DLC, and then that's it. HL is always releasing updates, new content and regions, and adding or modifying gameplay elements. This irritates many people because once they learn how to play, they get comfortable with their success and don't want to be challenged and further. I get it. Everyone finds their enjoyment in different ways. This is what bores me with most games though. Once I "git gud", there's no further challenge and I find myself going through the motions u
  7. Mind blown. I had no idea. I now have a new challenge to pursue! Even after years of playing, this game always has hidden gems to discover. Yes please, do not reveal to the world. HL will nix it for sure. Although, I may have to PM one of you for a hint at where to start looking. I miss the Gate of Death as well, @micah6vs8. Just as you introduced me to it and I started using it, it was removed.
  8. I am a Loper/Deadman.. battery and birch bark mock us, as does the Cannery. I may have to try this.. if only we could paint a happy face on it The ultimate troll job by the devs. Never pick that thing up, it will drive you mad!
  9. Feel free to test that out at your own discretion, people. Multiple wolves can make things interesting at a fire. It's happened before in my experience, but YMMV.
  10. Ahhh.. so close! Didn't see the bridge. When I have 50-50 odds, I'm usually going to choose the wrong one lol.
  11. Can't help myself... must attempt to guess location... cannot resist... I'm pretty sure this is PV, but I can't figure out if this is the barn between Three Strikes and the Farmhouse, or if it's the barn across from the main road near Heartbreak Bridge. If I'm going to guess, I'd have to say it's the one between Three Strikes and the Farmhouse.
  12. I found that new cave on accident in a blizzard and it saved me! I believe it was added with Episode 3. The update also added that little shack near Point of Disagreement, but I only just discovered that recently as well. I need to pay better attention! After playing for nearly 4 years, I also just discovered very recently that 4 is the campfire hotkey. Not sure how that one escaped me.. I never hit 4 on accident while trying to drop bait? Kinda funny.
  13. Agreed. The bear is now easier to hunt than rabbits. Hard to keep track anymore. First it was wolves were afraid of fire, then they introduced moose and they were as well, but bears weren't afraid of anything.. then they made moose fearless, made the wolves 'kinda' afraid of fire, and gave the moose's fear of fire to the bears. I think it made more sense to have the smaller wolf afraid of fire and the larger bear unafraid of anything, but that's just me. I always thought it was goofy that the moose was afraid of fire, so that is as it should be IMO. I don't know.. I just roll with
  14. That's awesome, how cute. I can't believe they came right up to you! Thanks for sharing, @odizzido! 😄 I'm still feeling like a dork for overreacting yesterday... tough morning, wasn't my best moment. I just like sharing pictures of good boys and girls! Here's a pic of my cats, and a pic of Leia with her new brother. Sophia, Tuna, and Cassius - The Cat Pack Luke and Leia