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  1. Very nice, thanks for posting. I love reading good survival stories with screenshots! I like to write about my adventures as well, I've posted about many in the Steam forums. I posted a pretty long journal of my first Loper run some time ago, much like you did here with Deadman. I struggled to get past 30 days for a while on Deadman (DMC). Then they introduced BBT and it changed everything. Now it's Birchman.. true Deadman can only be played with a self-imposed ban on using BBT. I got to 100 days playing Birchman, but it's significantly easier than DMC as it greatly reduces the need for stims and allows you to lose some condition here and there. I really wish Hinterland would introduce a 5th game mode of true Deadman and remove the regenerating properties of the BBT. Simply having a renewable source of warming and calories on Deadman with no healing would be nice. Vanilla Loper is no longer the hardest mode, let's add Deadman please HL! I've been playing a long Loper run (~550 days) and wrapping up a personal challenge of 50 Days per Region, but I intend to get back to DMC after that and see if I can improve on my personal best of 46 days. Just getting past 50 would be an accomplishment for me! You story has re-inspired me. Thanks for posting your story!
  2. Upstairs on the table near the lockers Upstairs on the table in the office Upstairs on the bottom shelf of the table Some people also swear you can find them downstairs at the workbench, but I've never found them there. All the location pictures are in that linked thread. @Ernesto_Sorona While I have found matches many times at the locations you listed, I don't believe all of the locations you listed are actually 100% guaranteed spawns.
  3. Well said.. this is almost exactly how I feel about it. Changes to the game are exciting, it gives us something new to learn and keeps the game interesting. I remember people getting upset about the cooking change, the sprain change.. hell I even remember people getting mad about the radial menu. You can't please everyone. Not to get all philosophical, but change is part of life. The sooner you accept that, the easier it is to adapt to whatever life (or TLD) throws at you. Personally, I have been using decoys mainly to break pathing for wolf avoidance if they are too close. When I want to take a wolf out, I try to use a path breaker like a rock combined with a decoy to draw him in. If I don't have anything to climb on (trees are out, they can climb them now!), then much like @ManicManiac does, I am getting to flat ground, crouching and backing up while aiming, and hoping for that sweet headshot. It's been about 60/40 with that technique so far lol.
  4. Nice! I'm a big fan of custom challenges. I really like your descriptions, like a movie tagline with game mode highlights. Nicely done, @jeffpeng I might have to give Outcast a go. It sounds like Deadman with a little recovery and less animals. I'll likely turn the rifle off though, I only use guns for 4DoN and Story mode. Thanks for posting these!
  5. I wouldn't disagree with this at all. ML on Loper can be frustrating if you don't find matches, the Dam is pretty much your only source of toilet water. Of course, on vanilla Loper you don't get to start in ML, MT, or CH. If you get to MT or CH relatively quickly, you can live on toilet water for quite some time. My quote regarding excessive matches was more of an aside. The meat of my post was that it's hard to come up with zero matches in a region.. they're always somewhere. But yes, getting to that first box is very important, and it helps to know where the guaranteed spawns are.
  6. They post the release notes, but yeah these aren't a traditional changelog. I feel like they do this on purpose. They want us to know that they clearly addressed some things and changed them, but other things they change without telling us so we can figure it out for ourselves. Sometimes, this can be fun! Other times, it can be maddening. As for this change specifically, I'm all for it. I also hated having to lose condition while my fire got mature enough to accept my coal. Hopefully, it was intentional, and it's not an error that they eventually "fix".
  7. Anything that isn't a guaranteed spawn is a gamble. True, you can easily come up empty, but it's been a long time since I've found zero matches in any region. ML has been nice to me, CH and MT too. Gotta check all the cars! HRV and TWM always have several boxes, even though it would seem these regions should be lacking supplies, due to their remote and rugged nature. One thing's for certain.. you end up with more matches than you know what to do with, even on Loper. I'm on my longest Loper run ever currently, 530 days and running, and I have like 13 boxes left, not to mention 2 firestrikers. I've never run out of matches on a run before.
  8. Bedroll also disappears as well. I thought I just forgot the bedroll, but when the lantern vanished from inventory after the "event", I realized it was all scripted. It all makes sense when you reach the mine exit.
  9. There was a lengthy thread about this very topic a while back on the Steam forum.. for anyone who's interested, there's some good info: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/3264459260603737819/ tl:dr - Here's the consensus on guaranteed spawns: PV Farmhouse - Basement TWM - Hut/tail section/open cave (all 3 locations) DP Hibernia - upstairs (1 of 3 possible locations) FM Spence's - workbench HRV - cave on Hushed River And even though they aren't guaranteed spawns, you can usually find 3 or 4 boxes in HRV and ML each.
  10. Wow. Nice haul. You're eating well for months! But yeah.. I really, REALLY want to organize that pile. If you were playing PV, the Lost & Found boxes would have done it for you. 😄
  11. https://www.hinterlandstore.com/
  12. jhickie

    4DON Too Easy?

    What I did to make it interesting: Day 1 - Loot Day 2 - Loot & kill wolves Day 3 - Kill aurora wolves Day 4 - Run around in the blizzard looking for pies This event can be something fun for everyone, it just all depends on what you want out of it. If you like prepping and stockpiling, set your base up, get a long fire going, and chill. If you want more of a challenge, go hunt wolves. If you want more of a challenge still, then set some personal restrictions like others have suggested. I personally like Day 3 the most because it's so bright and beautiful. I looted CH and PV on Day 1, ML on day 2, then just went on a rampage on Day 3. I tried to use all of my rifle ammo, I think I bagged about 25 aurora wolves. Day 4 has been fun though too! Stock up on coffee and coal, drop all your weapons, grab a bunch of flares, and run like hell! The pies stay hot and warm you up when eaten. I made it extra challenging by leaving my bedroll. Went ML > Ravine > CH when the blizzard started and now bouncing around PV. Really fun! ❄️🥧
  13. @Saws n Sins I don't recognize that code, but I'm intrigued. Always looking for a fun new challenge. Sleepwalker variant? Can't survive 24 hours? Challenge accepted!
  14. Thanks for the reminder, @ajb1978! I completely forgot about the flashlight. I went back to my base to grab it before heading out to PV. Sadly, I don't have two, but that's a great tip on the switching. I spent a little time taking out wolves near my base, perched up on a rock above the railcar and sniping them from above, took out a bunch on the lake, and then headed out to PV via Ravine. I figure I have all this ammo, it would be a shame to waste it. I completely forgot about the bunkers as well, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for those too.
  15. jhickie

    Wolf Decoy

    I'm glad they changed this, baiting the wolves into headshots was pretty easy once you get used to it. But the wolf taking the bait from 30m away? That's buggy and I hope it gets addressed. Maybe we are expected to let them always take the bait, and shoot them while they are walking away? Still getting used to the new behavior.