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  1. This is the biggest reason you should upgrade to Windows 10, right here. Windows 7 is dead, and Microsoft no longer supports it. That means any security exploits that are discovered for Windows 7 PC's now until forever, will never be fixed. And while it's unlikely some malicious coder will program a virus or worm to exploit a newly-discovered vulnerability on a fully deprecated OS, that risk is non-zero.
  2. Well I stand thoroughly corrected. Bugs suck!
  3. Be prepared for a lot of frustrating days ahead if you want to collect all the buffer memories. If a specific location has 5 memories, every time there's an aurora you have a 20% chance of getting any one specific memory. They don't cycle through in order. And by default, an aurora occurs about once a week on average, so best case scenario you can expect to be at a single location for 5 weeks before you finally collect them all. Or maybe you'll get 4 of the 5, and then get nothing but repeats for three straight months in a row before #5 finally pops up. Just keep at it, keep slugging away, and you can eventually pull it off. But your quest to obtain all buffer memories will take hundreds of days, easily. It's a good way to keep busy while working towards the 500 day survival achievement. And doing a little cartography/cairn hunting during the day is a nice alternative to simply passing time.
  4. It doesn't matter if your meat is next to a fire or not, it only matters if it's indoors or outdoors. Or, in the case of a cave, whether it's towards the front or back of the cave. Clothing doesn't degrade faster next to a fire either. The rate at which clothing decays depends on whether it's stored in a container (slowest), worn indoors (medium wear), or worn outdoors (high wear). Bedrolls degrade MUCH faster if you leave them rolled out, vs. rolling them up after use. I don't remember the exact statistics but it's something like 0.5% per day regardless, and an additional 0.1% per hour it's unrolled. So if you leave it unrolled on the floor, It's going to drop 3% condition per day. The times you're reporting sound a little extreme, but my guess would be you underestimated how much time had passed that the thing was unrolled. Or it was in worse condition than you thought when you laid it down.
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    That's not really what gaiters do. They're to protect your legs from underbrush or from damage by your own cleats. Gaiters would be primarily a defensive item, to provide some additional damage resistance. If you wanted something that adds a mobility boost, snowshoes would make more sense. According to some experiments I did last year, you move 16% faster when walking on paved roads vs. any other terrain. Having snowshoes equipped could impart this movement bonus on any terrain.
  6. Because I've played Ep 3 four separate times now, and while I was more mission-focused than exploration-focused, I'd like to think I would have noticed that cave by now.
  7. No, the Ravine cave has reeds and cattails, as well as a fallen tree and a deer carcass by the entrance. This looks more like a possible coastal highway, crumbling highway, or desolation point thing. Guess it's time to fire up a throwaway Custom and find out.
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    Yeah interior locations are different than named locations. Named locations are entirely outdoors, and consist of map icons like the Camp Office, as well as location triggers like Derailment. Something like transitioning from the Upper Dam to Lower Dam would count as a Location in your journal, but not as a named location for advancing the Faithful Cartographer feat.
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    Oo I like that. I would make a point to earn that just for the sake of earning it. Like map 500 named locations across multiple survivor games, or something like that. I believe there's 176 named locations in the game so hypothetically you could achieve this in just three survivor games, if you're thorough.
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    There's nothing to indicate that the field is stable when the aurora isn't in the sky. We could just as easily be dealing with "unstable" and "ridiculously unstable". At any rate, the devs have already made two huge concessions for Story mode as it is. Originally the stance was "No maps will be in the game. Feel free to draw your own." But that got negative pushback from the player base, and finally it's like ok fine, they introduced charcoal mapping with Faithful Cartographer. And then people started asking for a GPS, and the stance was that no, you need to learn to navigate by landmarks. But the pushback was still present, so for Story mode they made another concession and started showing the player's position and orientation (like a GPS). But Survivor mode stayed true to the original vision. It's intended to be a different experience for the player. A GPS does make sense in Story mode. Story mode is about completing specific tasks and advancing the plot, so if you get lost and don't know where you are that directly detracts from the storytelling experience. But Survivor mode, getting lost and not knowing where you are ADDS to the experience. Exploration is the whole point. So I wouldn't expect a GPS added to Survivor mode now or ever. I wouldn't mind a Custom mode toggle "show player position on map" being added to enable this feature in Survivor mode, but really once you've played the game enough you don't need it. Maybe if you get a raw deal and start a Survivor run in dense fog, it might take you a bit longer to get oriented, but there's enough unique landmarks in the game that veteran players really don't need maps. And for people that DO need maps...enjoy that experience of getting lost and sense of uncertainty as to what lies over that next hill! Apart from the rare occasion where they release new regions, that's something you only get to experience for the first couple hundred hours or so. So soak it up while it lasts.
  11. Snowshoes! Oh man at any cost, figure out some sort of way to make snowshoes! Even if it's just strapping some plywood scraps to your shoes. If you've ever spent an hour trudging through deep snow, especially if you're not used to it, your thighs will be absolutely KILLING you the next day. Snowshoes take the edge off of that, by preventing you from sinking so deeply into the snow, you do less of the high-legged marching motion, and more of a natural gait. A sledge of some kind, but something that breaks down easily and can be carried. The idea isn't to haul more stuff, it's to make hauling what you already have easier when the circumstances allow. Why carry when you can drag? But you still need to travel light enough to be able to pick it up and carry it when you run out of even terrain. If I knew I was going to be attacked by so many wolves, I'd try to craft a bite sleeve (like what they use for K9 training) out of whatever I could. Multiple players of cloth, soles of old shoes, sticks for rigidity to protect against bone damage, etc. Then when a wolf charges, block with my armored left forearm and counter with whatever I have available in my right. Knife, hatchet, prybar, a rock from the ground, sharp stick. A tarp + paracord could have soooooooo many uses, from rigging up a simple lean-to, securing gear to a pack frame, throw it over yourself like a poncho while you walk under one of those waterfalls, etc. Also, a bow drill. Both cedar and fir are suitable for bow drills, and for the string itself you could either harvest some sort of cordage in the bush, use your shoelace, fashion one out of some braided scrap cloth, etc. Those giant hay bales in Pleasant Valley, man all you'd have to do is kick one of those apart and burrow your way in. You'd be blizzard proof, unless you were horribly underdressed to begin with. In fact, the snow would make the shelter even warmer, by providing a layer of natural insulation on the outside. And for that matter, being able to harvest more than just firewood from trees. I mean get some fatwood out of some pine trees, that's good stuff for firestarting. Or even if you find one that's got some sap oozing out of it, save up some chunks. Besides being very flammable in its own right, you can melt it near a fire then mix in ground up charcoal for a very strong natural adhesive, which would aid in the construction of a more rugged wilderness shelter. Meh I'm gonna stop here, I could probably go on like this for an hour. I keep getting hit by "Oh and another thing!" and there's always gonna be "another thing" when comparing a video game to real life!
  12. Play both Story and Survivor modes, and be very thorough. Read every bit of lore, complete every quest, capture every buffer memory, read every tombstone... There's a lot of backstory present, to those willing to invest the time to find it. For the buffer memories, I recommend a Custom mode game tuned to be as easy as you can make it, with auroras at maximum frequency. Otherwise...yeah...you're gonna be at it for a very very long time.
  13. Well this thread never really took off so I guess I'll just post the answers!
  14. It's a mistake on the map most likely, although behind the blue trailer there's a sort of divot in the ground by the dark rocks, which seems to be low enough that it counts as protected from wind from every angle, so that makes for a good makeshift firepit. I've never had a fire blow out in there.
  15. Yeah I remember it being stuck to the actual visor. It seems more likely that it was something in a dream that I'm misremembering as reality.
  16. I could swear I found a candy bar up in a visor back in an early version, like before Timberwolf Mountain existed. But nothing in years since.
  17. There's two sizes of cedar and fir limb. The normal size respawns, the large size does not. The normal size cedar limb gives 3 firewood and 1 tinder, and a normal fir limb gives 3 firewood. A large cedar gives 5 cedar and I believe 2 tinder plug, and a large fir gives 4 fir and 1 tinder plug. Honestly though I almost never chop up limbs for firewood. I'm a stick and coal guy.
  18. That is a very good point, and one I honestly had not considered as I play 99% of the time with KB/M. (I switch to controller for fine tuning item placement if I simply MUST get item placement 100% perfect.) I guess my take on things is this: I would rather have overlapping hitboxes that make it vague which specific item I'm picking up, in exchange for being able to crowd them closer together. I typically have two methods of storing: The Hoard, and Easy Access. The Hoard is well organized with everything packed together as closely as possible, and Easy Access is like one of everything set aside in a separate area, that I can quickly nab up as I need it. One knife, one hatchet, one prybar, one hacksaw, one lantern, etc.
  19. They covered this in the release notes, but they are basically storage containers that you can take items out of, but not place back in. They will disappear after you have removed the last item, but they won't just up and vanish while they still have stuff in them.
  20. Yeah I have also noticed it with matches in particular. I used to be able to line up my boxes of matches right next to each other, but now I need to leave like a full matchbox worth of space between them.
  21. Blah blah spoilers y'all know what you're getting into with this thread by now. Not gonna bother with the tags. In Hardcore Survivor difficulty, the Joplin Bunker Raid quest does not start in the Rural Store. That corpse, and the backpack that goes along with it, instead spawns at the Derelict Cabins. Which of course is patrolled by a pack of wolves, so choose your path carefully. Once the quest starts, it seems to play out same as the other two difficulties.
  22. I wish there was a series of comic books or graphic novels that we could buy, illustrated in the watercolor style of the game, that tells some of the background stories in a little more detail. Like what exactly happened between the time of the plane crash, and the time Molly finds Astrid. Or the story of the prison bus crash. Or going all the way back to 1986, and telling the story of Lily's failed climb. What exactly happened at the Point of Disagreement. The wolf encounter where Molly left her husband to die. So many stories....