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  1. Please don’t try to use formatting tricks to draw attention to your question.
  2. To put what I said clearer: Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are free if you have bought The Long Dark.
  3. Please only post a thread once. This will be sufficient. Thank you.
  4. To confirm there will be 5 episodes in total as part of The Long Dark's WINTERMUTE Story Mode. These are all included as part of the game and will not be an additional cost to those who have already bought the game. As a part of our policy on not announcing release dates in advance, we haven't given any firm details on when Episode 3 will be released. Our most recent update on what it is shaping up to be can be found here:
  5. Thanks to everyone who has flagged a report on the SPAM attack. We have changed how registration works on the forums for the time being, so that now it will require Administrator approval before posting. We've also begun cleanup but due to the volume of messages that will take awhile. At this point, we believe that we've removed all of the bot accounts, so new messages should not appear. If you do see a new one posted please continue to flag it.
  6. Posts deleted. It's fine to disagree but try to do so with mutual respect and politeness.
  7. At this point let's refocus the conversation on Hotfix V1.55 now that a few new players have access to it. The distribution of the update has been discussed enough and everyone should have it (or at least have the option of having it). Thanks.
  8. To confirm GOG has told us the update is out. @Polynomial-C had said so earlier today but we wanted to check with them before saying anything official. Thank you for your patience.
  9. It should be noted that we have not in any way changed our process for updating GOG since removing The Long Dark from that store. We have committed to continue to support GOG players and are doing so. We do not believe that if The Long Dark were still sold on the GOG store the update would be released quicker.
  10. Nothing yet. We reached out to them again yesterday to confirm that they have the build. It has been sent and so there's nothing further we can do on our end at this point.
  11. a) Thank you for your kind words. It's always great to hear from fans, hence the forum, and we do love hearing that our game makes people happy. b) I moved this to the Introduction Forum, rather than the Milton Mailbag.
  12. Post deleted. If you're not interested in a topic don't hop in. If it's a frequent topic that's already under active discussion please point the thread towards it or flag the thread for a merge. If it hasn't been discussed in awhile then not everyone is going to know. Most of all try to be polite about how you respond when responding.
  13. Posts deleted. Please read our Guidelines and treat each other with respect.
  14. Please use this thread to discuss @Raphael van Lierop's answers in this week's Milton Mailbag. If you want to ask a question, even one that follows on from one of his answers, please use the Milton Mailbag Question thread.
  15. Please refrain from using this as a method of submitting feature requests. We have the Wish List forum for that. These are meant to be Q&A style questions, not new things you'd like to see in The Long Dark. Thank you.
  16. While we like to leave conversations like this open to people to debate the merits of Wish List suggestions, it should be said that there is no consideration of adding this to the game at this point and it's unlikely to change.
  17. This was an excellent way of sharing that questions have already been addressed. Thank you.
  18. Re: GOG. V1.55 has been sent to GOG and we are waiting on confirmation from them that they have received it.
  19. Do you mind if we share some of these for our weekly Fan Art Friday?
  20. Because the issue of IP has been raised it’s important to clarify that while we have no issue this discussion any attempt to create a game that would be used to make any money would require working with us on using the rights to The Long Dark. A clearly labeled fan created game is fine, but anything that could look like an official or approved TLD product would be an issue.
  21. This is great. How long does something like this take you?
  22. Please keep this discussion on the Hotfix V1.55 update and take speculation and discussion of other parts of the game to the appropriate thread.
  23. If it hasn't been listed in the notes then it likely hasn't been addressed directly. If it's an issue that you've reported to our Support Team then it's something that we're looking into. If nobody has reported it's possible that it's not known which is why we are directing people to report things to our Support Team. You can do that here:
  24. As noted please report anything you feel is a bug to rather than leaving it in this thread where it could get missed. Thank you.