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  1. That is great and we're glad that you and your mother enjoying playing together!
  2. We hope to have news for you in a bit, and as noted are continuing to work on the game from home. Having been a remote work studio previously it's an easier transition for us than for some studios. We are taking COVID-19 seriously and recommend that you do as well. This however is not a thread for COVID-19 discussion.
  3. Please read our Guidelines. Included in the posts/threads we do not allow on our forums are "• Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads". Suggesting that potentially millions of people should die and directly quoting from political sources falls within that. This is a forum focused on discussing a video game and while we want people to feel comfortable talking about other aspects of their lives here, and the COVID-19 virus is a major part of most of our lives right now, we don't want to open that up to divisive discussions that go well beyond the suitability and scope of this forum. There are forums dedicated to politics where this can be discussed with more nuance, depth and information.
  4. Please use our forums to discuss your life, how you and your families are reacting and dealing with the situation and so forth. If this thread turns into a political debate then we'll have to lock it.
  5. We all have to do our part to help in the global fight against the spread of COVID-19. Hinterland is partnering with the United Nations Foundation to raise money for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 response. For one week starting Tuesday, March 24th at 10AM Pacific, you can fight your own cabin fever by buying The Long Dark for 60% off during our special Social Distancing Fundraiser on Steam. All our revenue from the fundraiser goes directly to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. "This urgent moment calls for urgent global cooperation,” said Elizabeth Cousens, President & CEO of the UN Foundation. “And we need everyone – across all sectors – to work together. I am grateful to Hinterland for contributing to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. Their donation will help make sure health workers on the frontlines have the tools they need to prevent, detect, and respond to this pandemic.” Please share news of this fundraiser amongst your network, as every dollar we raise will make a difference in the fight against this global pandemic. Thank you for your support. Please remember to stay safe during this time, practice social distancing, and wash your hands! We can get through this, together. Raphael van Lierop Founder/CEO Hinterland
  6. Thank you for sharing your views on this topic. At this time we are closing this thread as it has become circular in nature. If you are interested in the topic please read the posts already posted here.
  7. Admin

    New console?

    Hi @LadyKilljoy, We are working on developing a version of The Long Dark for the Nintendo Switch. We don't have anything to announce as to when it's going to be released, but we are excited to get it in the hands of new players. Best, - The Hinterland Team
  8. This discussion has been going around in circles for a week now, and keeps sliding into antagonistic posting. If it doesn't make some forward momentum we will close it. If you've made your view known in here consider not posting it again and then again.
  9. Let’s keep this discussion respectful and avoid personal attacks. We would like to allow those who wish to discuss this issue the space to do so, but please remain within our community guidelines.
  10. Given that people did not seem to heed the suggestion to remain respectful we are locking this topic.
  11. Let’s be sure to stay polite with one and another even as you disagree and debate. Thank you.
  12. Admin

    Our Wishlist

    While it’s fine to mention external groups and to promote them a bit let’s keep the debate here as opposed to trying to drive it on to other platforms.
  13. Regardless of what side of the issue you're on let's refrain from insults. Thank you.
  14. Please avoid making factual claims that you do not know to be true, but feel to be true. Instead phrase your arguments more about what you think. Thank you.
  15. @Wade has been removed from these forums. Originally we were going to give him a third chance, as he has been a generally positive member of the community, but his reaction to getting two warnings, with no suspension or "block" was to claim that we swore at him and then email us a screenshot of his very tame warning asking him to try using the edit button rather than double posting so much and swear at us. This has indicated that his interest in continuing on the forums is minimal. Please stay on topic, follow the Guidelines and don't make things up about our actions or motivations just to support your argument or claim you were victimized by being asked to follow said Guidelines. For @kristaok, an ad hominem attack is when you insult someone instead of making your own argument. "Calling other people names" is basically what it means. There's been very little of it in this thread, but Wade was getting close by continually suggesting we were lying and greedy, which was why he was not suspended, banned or "blocked" but asked politely to stop it.
  16. Moved to the Wish List forum.
  17. While it is fine to debate the issue, as has been happening reasonably well thus far, using this as an opportunity to call us liars or use other ad hominem attacks is not allowed. This is a generalized warning, but warnings will be given and posts removed. Please continue to follow the Guidelines so that this thread can continue.
  18. Comment removed. We have a reasonable discussion here. Starting a new account just to launch ad hominem attacks is not allowed either here or on our Steam forums. People have been removed from the Steam forums for threats, homophobia, spamming and focusing on insulting others rather than the discussion, as per our standard Guidelines.
  19. This is wholesome content. @jhickie moved the thread not as a punishment but simply to keep things organized. If we didn't move it then other people would point to it when their less wholesome threads went off-topic and we moved those.
  20. Please do not cause this thread to be closed by derailing it with argumentative posts about moderation. We have a set of guidelines which you can read and that we expect all community members to follow. If you have a question about moderation please use a DM rather than post about it in a thread. We do not discuss the moderation of other people's posts, but will discuss the rules and how they are applied or your own posts.
  21. 1) Please respect other forum members and read the thread before posting. At three pages you're likely repeating a point someone already made, so at least you can acknowledge that. It also helps keep the discussion progressing rather than having to reset anytime anyone new arrives. 2) Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines before posting. This includes not posting multiple replies in a row (edit your post instead). 3) Refunds are done by the platform or store you purchased the game on. So that's a discussion for Steam, Xbox or PlayStation (Sony) and not through us. We do not control Steam, Microsoft or Sony's, or other store's refund policies. Claiming that we are refusing refunds is incorrect, we have nothing to do with that.
  22. While it's a good idea we don't have a robust moderating team, nor do we particularly want one. Volunteer moderators might be added in the future, but low effort and too short are very subjective criteria (as pointed out). Sometimes shorter replies can get to the heart of the matter better than more verbose ones.
  23. Posts deleted. We would ask all all members to please refrain from personal attacks or arguments. Debating aspects of the game in a mature way are allowed but fighting isn’t. Also please create individual threads to advertise separate groups or podcasts Let competing groups have their own space here to promote their work and do not comment on it if you are not able to be supportive even if you feel there is overlap between the two projects. We do not want outside drama imported to our forums. Similarly we would love to see cooperative and supportive communities built up around The Long Dark as we feel it’s a game that deserves as much. We hope that despite any desire to grow competing online groups, podcasts, or shows fans can remain supportive of one and another. If you don’t like another project don’t say anything about it. We have a great community and want to encourage people to create sub-groups and projects any place they’d like but please do not use our forums to fight about who’s is better. if you feel someone is harassing you on our forums please use the Report feature to alert the admin team and if you want block them from being able to see your presence in our forums.
  24. As previously noted (please read the thread to see if a question has been asked before posting) we are looking at ways to make the Milton Mailbag more effective and to broaden its reach within our player community. It's a valuable tool and we believe in communication with our players but also takes a great deal of Creative Director @Raphael van Lierop's time which is time he could be spending making The Long Dark. The Milton Mailbag is not our primary source of community feedback, and we continue to follow player discussion on our forums, the Steam forums and elsewhere online to get a sense of what you’re talking about, sharing and experiencing in The Long Dark. We thank you for your patience as we decide how to move forward with this project (the Milton Mailbag). However the point is valid, and rather than leaving this thread open to collect answers that currently have no place to be answered we will be locking it until we have decided how to proceed with the Milton Mailbag.
  25. Admin

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    As noted we do not talk about release dates too far out from when we're ready to actually release something. Game development has a lot of challenges and we want to avoid a situation where we promise a date that we discover we can't hit and are then having either to disappoint people by not releasing what we promised when we promised, or rushing what we are working on to hit a date. We understand people are anxious for more details and we are working on providing you with new content.