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  1. Let's try to move this thread forward in a constructive manner. Thank you.
  2. There is a bug (on Nintendo Switch) at the end of WINTERMUTE Episode 1 that prevents a cinematic from triggering blocking progress to the next episode. We have sent a fix to Nintendo. For a workaround visit:
  3. For a workaround visit:
  4. We're aware of this issue and sent a fix in our next patch to Nintendo. We're working on messaging to discuss a potential workaround which we will share shortly.
  5. Your posts, both which were deleted, were aggressive and insulting. You misread our original post and are now arguing with us against the forum guidelines. We are offering advice to both yourself and @ManicManiac about how to better engage on the forums which includes neither of you shutting down other people's ideas and allowing more space for people to have their ideas and share their suggestions without jumping on them with critical feedback. There was nothing wrong with your original posts but you've decided to continually insult a fellow forum user. So having not managed to get our point across with our first post here are more direct requests: @ManicManiac please if you find that your replies are upsetting someone give them space @sonics01 remember that people are just trying to discuss your topic with you and if everyone just agreed with you it wouldn't be that interesting a conversation. Also do not insult people or call them names. The next stage of this is a thread lock, so please both take this advice. Thank you.
  6. Posts deleted. Let's just relax a bit. It's fine for everyone to share their view on the forums, that's the point. If you don't agree with someone else's view politely state why, but there's no need for insults. One thing that is important is that everyone feels that they have a space here to share their views. Going forward it might be more useful to see other people's posts or threads with suggestions as an opportunity to look at the game in a new way and put yourself in the shoes of another type of player. Rather than dismissing something because you like how it is, it might be useful to see how an interesting idea or addition could make the game better. So rather than ending a conversation with "Here's why that won't work" it get broadened and becomes more inclusive with a "That's a good idea but how about this as well?" Or "Interesting idea how would you deal with X?" Look for opportunities to continue the conversation rather than shutting it down. Thanks.
  7. The trailer was developed by Hinterland.
  8. Sorry to hear that this is happening for you. We'll pass this on, but if you get a chance please contact our Support Team at and they may be able to help! Thanks for letting us know!
  9. Merged two topics together. Please don't start the identical thread when you already have one going.
  10. After a long slow-burn development process, we’re happy to announce that The Long Dark is now available on Nintendo Switch! For the first time ever, you can take The Long Dark with you wherever your own exploration takes you, with all of Great Bear Island in your hands and all the experiences contained in the WINTERMUTE Story Mode, as well as our award-winning Survival Mode. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, on your couch, or on the road searching for your next shelter, you’ll have the same innovative exploration-survival experience regardless of what platform you’re playing on. For more information on The Long Dark on Nintendo Switch, including the announcement trailer, please visit Keep in mind that your purchase of The Long Dark entitles you to all five episodes of WINTERMUTE (with Episodes One, Two, and Three currently available, and Episode Four around the corner; new episodes will be automatically unlocked as they become available), as well as regular bug fixes and updates to Survival Mode along the way. Head over to the Nintendo eShop and venture into the Quiet Apocalypse of The Long Dark! And if you’re a journalist or a streamer and are interested in giving The Long Dark a try on Switch, please contact us here. We hope you enjoy The Long Dark on Nintendo Switch! – The Hinterland Team
  11. Thanks for confirming. Please ensure you file a bug with so that they can look into it. The Support Team will likely find getting your Logs or other information helpful on this. We have a number of Macs in use within the Dev team and nobody has seen this as of yet.
  12. @Plankeye101 please file a report at and include those screenshots. We've flagged this with the team, but there may be some more follow-up questions they have and filing a bug report will allow them to speak with you directly. Just to confirm you'd not seen this before on the regular release of The Long Dark?
  13. Thank you very much for creating this and sharing it. It's so gratifying to all of us at Hinterland to see how our game has inspired art like this.
  14. Let's get back onto replying to the opening post and the issues it raised and away from who is at fault. Everyone here is a valued community member and we don't want to get into an argument. Just try to keep in mind that everyone's feedback is welcome, and debate is as well. Try to offer your feedback either to the game or other posters' views in as kind and understanding a way as possible because everyone here loves the game and would like to see it continue to grow and get better. Which doesn't mean that it's perfect or that people will agree on everything. Try not to shut down other people's ideas, but if you don't agree offer solutions or alternatives.
  15. The Long Dark as a game is still growing, being updated, and having new content added to it. So we value all constructive feedback which everyone in this thread has given. We do have fairly high community standards and a low tolerance for toxic comments, insults directed at the Dev Team or other players, and threats which unfortunately are often a part of the broader gaming community. Thankfully with our community that's not typically an issue and again everyone in this thread has been sharing reasonable views and we are happy to allow that to continue. We welcome people sharing their views, other people sharing counter-views, and then others sharing counter-views to that. Discussion and civil disagreement is helpful in showing us what people care about in the game and what they'd like to see changed which is valuable feedback. That's not to say that just because people ask for a particular thing we'll automatically do it, but it's helpful to see what the community thinks. So thank you all for taking part in our forums and please continue to do so.
  16. You are fine to stream the TEST BRANCH. To be clear though there is no new content. If you do run into an issue while streaming please note that you are playing the TEST BRANCH and report the issue as directed above.
  17. Thank you for all the great feedback so far. Just as a point, please when referring to COVID-19 use that name or the more general "Coronavirus". Calling it by highly politicized names or names that target a specific group are likely to get the conversation off topic.
  18. Admin

    Hot dogs

    @ajb1978 is correct, it's getting close to the line with that language. While it's also accurate language we'd also avoid graphic descriptions of killing wolves, for example. Again it's just a note that we're close to the line and to make sure we don't go much further towards it. We haven't given out official warnings or anything.
  19. Hi Community, As we have done in the past, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH to help us test The Long Dark. We've just integrated a major Unity engine update and before we make any further updates to the game, we want to ensure the foundation is still stable and that it runs without issue on as wide a selection of hardware as possible. Since we have players using a wide variety of hardware configurations, we are looking to our community for help! In particular we are looking for feedback on: Does the game with the upgraded version of Unity work on your hardware? Do you run into any issues with being unable to save? Do you encounter any issues on the TEST BRANCH that you had not seen on the regular version of The Long Dark? We have launched this new TEST BRANCH version of The Long Dark on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux users. Given that there’s no new content in this Test Branch, we are not opening a special subsection on the forums and instead we would ask that if you are playing on the Test Branch to please file any issues you come across with our Support Team here, or comment in the thread below. To join the Test Branch: Launch Steam and open your Game Library, right click on The Long Dark in your game list. Select Properties. Select the BETAS tab. Enter password (thelongdarktest) and click CHECK CODE (do not hit enter). From the drop down menu select test_build. The game will update to this new build. To leave the TEST BRANCH, follow the above steps but select “NONE - Opt Out Of All Beta Programs” from the drop down menu. Thank you for your continued support of The Long Dark. With your help we hope to be able to make the transition to this updated version of Unity as seamless as possible. – The Hinterland Team
  20. Please be careful here people. While stating your preference is okay we don’t want this to move to a debate about which is better. Given that there’s no gameplay difference it’s all a subjective matter of taste.
  21. Admin

    Hot dogs

    Let's just be careful with the language here okay? It's at the line of what's tastefully acceptable and we'd rather not have to delete people's posts. Thanks.
  22. When did you first notice these audio changes?
  23. Hello community, Apologies that it’s been a while since you last heard from me. 2020 has been a pretty tough year so far. I have a feeling that most of you will agree. The great news is that everyone at Hinterland continues to be healthy -- no COVID! We’re thrilled about this. So that’s one really positive thing and I try to focus on that. We’re also happy that despite things being pretty upside down, we were still able to release our FEARLESS NAVIGATOR update, as well as run our WINTER’S EMBRACE event through July (which also added new content to the game). We shut down our physical studio back in March and everyone has been in lockdown since then. I remember at the beginning of this quarantine I found myself thinking, “Wow, think of how much I’ll be able to get done!”. Looking back at that time, I realize how naive that thought was. We’ve been spending a lot more time on Zoom calls, have been doing as many small things as we can to help make the team more comfortable and to keep morale high, and have adapted as well as possible to exclusively working from home. But I’m sure you can all appreciate that this is not a normal way of working. We typically depend a lot on in-person communication for relationship-building, planning, content reviews, and making clear progress towards common goals. Apart from being generally healthy and safe, which we’re grateful for, I think the team also feels a sense of malaise from being in lockdown for months on end. And while I believe the future is positive, I’d be lying if I said that this year has been “business as usual” for Hinterland as a team, or for our work on The Long Dark. Pretty recently we came to the conclusion that we don’t feel good about releasing Episode Four this year. We had originally hoped to have it ready for launch in December, but with everything that’s been going on, it’s just been tough to work very optimally. We’ve lost some momentum and some parts of our production have been slower than usual just because of not being able to work on things face-to-face, nevermind everyone is also juggling their personal situation at home whether it’s being alone all the time, or balancing parenting duties with work, or whatever new personal dynamic we find ourselves in. Everyone is still focused on the game, and we’re making progress every day, but I just don’t feel good about keeping the team locked to a December release because we don’t crunch at Hinterland and the only way to hit December is if we compromise on quality or scope. We don’t want that, and you don’t want that. So we aren’t going to do that. So we’re not shipping Episode Four this year. I’m really sorry about that. We wanted to let you know as soon as we decided to delay, rather than wait another few months. I hope you and your loved ones have all been healthy throughout this COVID pandemic. I hope that The Long Dark has been able to bring you some solace during these difficult times. We’re still here for you. Just fighting through “the long dark”, in our own way. I’ll send a more uplifting update within the next couple of months, with some more info on our planned activities throughout the rest of 2020, and into 2021. Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there. - Raphael PS A lot of you have been asking for news about the progress of the Nintendo Switch port of The Long Dark; we created a mailing list you can sign up to to be informed of news about it.
  24. Please refrain from arguing. Disagree and debate. If this thread doesn’t get back on topic we’ll have to close it.
  25. This thread has taken an argumentative turn. Please refrain from that. It's fine to put forward your views and disagree with one and another but please do not make personal attacks or insult each other. Further everyone is allowed to play the game as they see fit.