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  1. Is it so that hitting the eyes will be a critical hit, whatabout inbetween the eyes? Also should i shoot the right or the left eye? Using a hunting rifle.( when i find one)
  2. I suddenly remember when i visited a sewage treatment plant as a child...
  3. It would not work. Imagine your on a slow laptop playing tld, then a bear charges you. You grab your revolver and shoot him the whole 6 times in the head. However the lag from trying to save the game 6 times would crash your pc.
  4. I never burn skill books. Even the one i have read.
  5. Well, a campfire would be way hotter and it would burn i faster. Another fact to consider would be that the brand is only burning at the ends. And the 3 mins burn time in the fire would be the part you hold on because who wants to get burned, right?
  6. The brand shall return!! So the ”take torch” campfire option should be replaced with a ”make brand” option. To make a brand you would need a stick and a campfire to light it on. It would burn for about 30 ingame minutes and when its burnt it should be replaced by a burnt brand, which could be burnt in a fire for 3 minutes of burn time. #ReturnOfTheBrand
  7. Is it intentional to be so that you can take your arrow back from a live animal? I managed to do that on a fleeing wolf today!
  8. Why are the challenges rated 1 to 5 hatchets in difficulty but there are no challenges with a difficulty of 1 or 2 hatchets? Also why are there no steam achievements for the challenges?
  9. Is it still nearly impossible to hit anything with the rifle after the hotfixes? And i have been confused about what part of the rifle sight is the part where you will hit.
  10. Also you have done an amazing job optimizing the game, its the only game i can run on absolutely highest graphics quality at 60 FPS with my gtx 770.
  11. What caliber is the revolver supposed to be, and why did you change the rifle ammo description to not mention it being .303 in caliber?
  12. I have 15 rifle ammo and only 1 revolver bullet.
  13. I played today for a while and got the well fed buff, however the buff seemed to give WAY more condition bonus than the 10% i remember it giving. Is this a bug?
  14. started a new game today and played for about 2 IRL hours 11 sprains in 3 or so ingame days is insane. Hinterland please lower the frequency of sprains because its pretty insane getting 11 sprains in 3 ingame days
  15. I dont have an opportunity to play in a while and would like to know what caliber bullets the revovolver shoots.
  16. Whats the worst you have been jumpscared by an animal in tld? I remember walking somewhere near the rope to TWM in pleasant valley and wolf i did bit see came at me from behind a tree.(when the wolf spotted me there was like 2 meters between us)
  17. It sounds good in theory, but in practice yes it would be realistic, but it would take a lot of the challenge away from bear hunting. Realism and gameplay arent friends.
  18. A few more questions on the revolver i forgot to ask. Will it have hollow point rounds? What caliber will it be? Will it spawn on interloper?
  19. I was looking at the merch store and was wondering why the pricing of the tld logo mug was 3 EUR less than the other mugs at 22 EUR, answer?
  20. mäki oon suomalainen
  21. When we get the bear spear in survival mode, would it also be possible to get a makeshift bayonet for the rifle using the spear mechanics but lower range and slighty less damage?
  22. Would be nice to have a use for the 20+ recycled cans. How about being able to craft 1 scrap metal with 2 or 3 cans?
  23. Some questions regarding the revolver. 1. Will the revolver have separate shooting skill from the rifle? 2. Will it always spawn in a hunting bunker? 3. How rare will it be compared to the rifle? 4. Will it be possible toi use it in a bear/wolf/moose strugle?