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  1. If mod support gets implemented will it be possible to download mods with the steam workshop?
  2. Ramen noodles. Comes in 2 variations, chicken and beef. Weighs 0.10kg uncooked and 0.50kg cooked. Must be prepared in a pot. Preparation takes 10 minutes amd 0.4 liters of water. Each bowl gives 500 calories and 0.25 liters of water worth of hydration. Cocoa drink powder. 8 servings per packet and each cup has 250 calories. Somewhat rare. Salted peanuts. Weighs 0.25kg and has 1000 calories.
  3. And considering that he did it on the hardest difficulty you can survive even longer on voyager what most people play on.
  4. Why is pork not in the ingredients list of the in-game can of pork and beans?
  5. Also having a weapon equipped might increase the amount of sprains. Last time i was playing i was standing on a ~30-40 degree slope and i did not see the sprain warning. I did not have a weapon equipped so when i though i saw a wolf i equipped my bow. When i equipped my bow i saw that the sprain warning appeard.
  6. Skelegutplays


    I like this but it should only protect from wind from one angle.
  7. I like this idea but it should be very expensive to make. It should be very vulnerable to blizzards and not protect from wildlife attacks. Crafting should require 6 deer hides, 8 guts and lots of wood.
  8. Is it possible to shoot animals out of the snow shelter?
  9. 1. Scarves should have their own clothing slot. Its ridiculous that i can wear 2 hats or 1 hat and a scarf but not 2 hats and a scarf. 2. Using a knife that has been heated up it should be possible to cauterize bleeding wounds but cauterizing would replace the bleeding wound with burns. Useful when you dont have any bandages or cloth. 3. Fresh animal hides should have some blood on one side of them. 4. Using a simple arrow as a weapon in a wolf struggle. 5. Bullet entry wounds on animals. It would be a good way to see where you hit your shot. 6. Clothes should get bloody when your hurt and when you harvest carcasses. Bloody clothes would make it easier for wolves to smell you. Clothes could be cleaned with soap (a new item) and water. 7. Deer should actually wander instead of being restricked to a 20x20 meter are. Like i mean the area for them to roam should be closer to 60x60 meters to make finding deer harder as right now its just check are there deer in that small area that has them. 8. Rewards for finding all the cairns/buffer memories/notes etc such as a shooting range where you can practice shooting as much as you want on some targets. (Available in the extras tab).
  10. And start with a useless credit card in interloper.
  11. The game world has enough scrap metal for hundreds if not THOUSANDS of fish hooks. You are most likely to die to wolf/bear attacks long term. Even if you manage to survive without being killed by wolves you are more likely to die from running out of matches or arrows/bullets.
  12. I would like it if they added the possibility get a fever or cold and add this alongside it.
  13. The description on it says that it gives you some smell which might make wolves flee. Is this true and how long does the effect last?
  14. Im not able to edit my post for some reason but i forgot to mention that the scope should fog up in cold weather.
  15. I would lile to see a rifle scope with a zoom that can be changed with the mouse scroll wheel. The minimum zoom would be 2x and the maximum 4x, why? Equipping the scope should have downsides too and removing/equipping the scope should take 10 minutes to do so you cant quickly toggle between the scope and iron sights. When it comes to the zoom having a minimum zoom of 2x would make the rifle less useful in close range defence. Having a maximum zoom of 4x would allow you to take accurate shots at longer ranges but not allow you to snipe wolves from hibernia processing from the top of the lighthouse. The scope should weigh 0.5 kg. Finding the scope would ve very hard with only 4-8 scopes in the whole world in any game.
  16. What animal is this trophy in the camp office from?
  17. This would take a huge amount of effort to be implemented and if you got stuck in desolation point on a 2 year interloper game that would not be fun.
  18. Im not a gun expert but it would be interesting having an option to remove the trigger guard to allow shooting with gloves. However doing it would make it possible to accidentally discharge the weapon.
  19. What have been some of the weirdest/most funny bugs you have encountered during game development?
  20. So it would be cool to have caribous in the game. As they migrate alot IRL i think it would be good if each map had 10-30 "zones" for caribou. They would travel in packs of 3-6 and would stay in a zone for 8-24 ingame hours and then leave and go to another zone on the map. If you scare off caribous from a zone they are in they would not return there and you would have to find the herd again. When killed they would yield 12-16 kg of meat, 3 guts and a hide. The hide could be used to craft pants of a bedroll. The stats for the pants would be 2.5 celcius warmth, 7% protection, 2 celcius windproof, 2 kg weight and 50% waterproofness. It could be crafted with 2 hides and 3 guts and crafting would take 15 hours with a sewing kit. The bedroll would weigh 1.5 kg but it would have a warmth bonus of 8 celcius. Crafting the bedroll would require 3 hides, 4 guts and 5 pieces of cloth and it would take 15 hours to complete with a sewing kit.
  21. I would like to see this. The casings would need to be recovered from the ground or found. However the casings should degrade and the crafted ammunition should be labeled as "crude ammunition" it would also be good to only have a few places where it is possible to craft ammunition. I will do a bigger suggestion on this sometime soon.
  22. First off the player should have a blood level meter that would be hidden, however the player would experience weakness and tunnel vision at low levels of blood. Blood would be regenerated at a rate of 1% every 2.4 hours on all difficulties but interloper where it would regenerate at 1% every 4 hours regenerating blood would use up the players iron reserves if you regenerate more the 30% of your blood in a week you would be at risk of getting iron deficiancy which would make the player tired at a faster rate and cap fatigue at 75% it could be healed by time or taking an iron supplement for a week once everyday. The iron deficiancy is there as a balance factor to make high blood loss have a long-term affect on the player. So with this new system blood loss would be seperated in 4 classes minor, moderate, severe and extreme. Also the way the blood levels would work would by having a percentage meter not visible to the player symptoms of blood loss would be, 90% blood, minor blurring of vision, 80% vision blurred and minor tunnel vision, 70% vision severely blurred and tunnel vision max fatigue capped at 80%, 60% extremely blurred vision and heavy tunnel vision condition loss at 5% an hour max fatigue capped at 50%. 50% same as 60% but max fatigue capped at 30% and condition loss at 20% an hour, 40% same as 50% but condition loss is 30% an hour. The stats for each state of blood loss would be the following. Having a bandage would also decrease blood loss from bleeding wounds by 40% Minor bleeding. 5% blood loss an hour and takes 30 ingame minutes to stop bleeding and 10 ingame minutes with a bandage. Caused by wolf attacks, falls and occasionally working with a knife. Moderate bleeding. 15% blood loss an hour and takes 1.5 ingame hours to stop and 30 ingame minutes with a bandage. Would be caused by wolf, bear and moose attacks, large falls and rarely while working with a hatchet. Severe bleeding. 40% blood loss and hour and does not stop without a bandage and it take 45 ingame minutes to stop bleeding with a bandage. Would be caused by bear and moose attacks, extreme falls and very rarely wolf attacks. Extreme bleeding. 80% blood loss and hour and takes 1 ingame hour to stop bleeding with a bandage and does not stop bleeding without a bandage. Caused rarely (15%-30% chance) by bear and moose attacks. Also for example an animal attack could give many wounds such as a bear attack giving 1 severely bleeding wound and 2 moderately bleeding wounds instead of 1 exteremely bleeding wound but both would be possible to get from a bear attack. And as a bonus suggestion it would be very useful to have the ability to cauterize a wound with a knife heated on a fire. it would lower the base bleed rate of the wound by 75%, but it would give the severely burned affliction. ( severely burned would be like the burns affliction we have now but it would have twice the debuffs).
  23. Will it be possible to ever get the old 4 days of night badges? I did not have time to get them last halloween and i would like to have them.