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  1. PC, maximum settings. I figured that's just how the game is. It's aesthetically very pretty (especially the use of color), but on a purely technical level some of the graphics are just not that good. Usually that's fine, but it sticks out when you focus on certain details. I tried to take a screenshot, but it's really only noticeable in video. There is this weird flickering / movement along the edges of all shadows. I originally thought this was related to the game not having AA settings, but while forcing AA improves this, it's still always there.
  2. I'd really be interested in higher resolution textures. This doesn't have to be some super high-res 4K texture pack that updates literally everything. But even by current standards some of the textures are pretty poor. Like wall or furniture textures when you stand directly next to them. I think some things can be improved without sacrificing the watercolor graphics style there. Another really bad texture I noticed is the shadows. It's especially noticeable with power line shadows. I played around with ReShade and forced Anti-Aliasing. It's a great improvement, but I eventually concluded
  3. What about the disappearing deer carcass bug? (preplaced deer starting to decay immediately when you enter a region)
  4. You just make absurd leaps of "logic". Yes, starting with a bedroll makes things significantly easier. How you go from that to "anything" however is beyond absurd. And then you jump back to the "start" of the game when not all settings are about the start. It's just totally incoherent. You just treat all settings as the same when they can be quite different in their impact. Changing item decay for example doesn't change the start and doesn't change the feeling. It doesn't even make the game any easier. It just means you don't see your clothing decay as you watch.
  5. Yeah, but you still have to "work" a bit for it most of the time. You sometimes get lucky with some things like tool boxes (got tons of them right away last time), but generally the loot is spread around. It comes from the large number of regions and locations. Not from one or two places.
  6. That's nonsense. Stalker has an astronomical amount of loot. It has guns. It has tons of mostly harmless wolves. Interloper has far less wolves but they're individually more dangerous. If you leave those and change something else it still won't feel like Stalker.
  7. Avoid them. Or distract them with wild life. The main thing is really to not be surprised at close range. And not get into fights at low condition / fatigue. That's what gets you killed. If one notices you from a distance and starts stalking you it's not such a big deal. They will follow you to the end of the earth, but they won't just attack. You can also carry the distress pistol as insurance, but ammunition is very limited. Later on after you leveled your archery skill to 3 or 4 or you can reliably shoot wolves with the bow. Fully outfitted with crafted clothing you can also get into a
  8. So is there a chance for a hotfix for the deer carcass bug or is that going to stay in the game until the next release? ūü•ļ
  9. I write down where I stashed limited items like hammers, lanterns and hatchets. Or maybe some things like spare bear hides
  10. There is no high end clothing of any kind. No baclavas. No gauntlets. The best shirt is the thin wool sweater. The best man made jacket is the mackinaw. It's similar with the rest. It's the only mode where you really have to craft animal clothing. You also have to forge knives and hatchets. Interloper settings are mostly fine. Don't be fooled by people saying that there is hardly any loot. That's not true. It's just not all in one place. The only excessive thing is the item decay rate. You can turn that back down to 100%
  11. I'd pay for a Positive Attitude DLC
  12. Why are you so worried about scrap metal? It's hardly valuable. You'll die of old age before you run out. Some people really underestimate the amount of resources on all maps and how far you can get with them. And they just keep adding more maps. If you set yourself weird limitations like not using a hacksaw that's on you. The game can't be balanced around that
  13. Removing resource scarcity wouldn't create any less boredom. It just would let you extend it even further. There is this strange idea some people have that resources are almost non-existent and that you should almost never expend anything. But it's just not true. Even Interloper has plenty of matches. You can be somewhat wasteful with them and still make it to 500 days with plenty of them left. It's even more true for other stuff. There is absolutely no reason to make medicine renewable from beachcoming when so many plants exist. Flare shells can actually be found. But they are very rare
  14. Yes. Sometimes they run away from you. It's random though, so you can't count on it