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  1. The running away thing is pretty much the gimmick of Pilgrim (like Stalker has tons of wolves and Interloper has relatively little loot). As aid the setting should be "Passive Wildlife". That's the only thing that's activated on Pilgrim only. "Wildlife Detection Range" is when animals react to you as you walk up, but I don't think that's actually lower on Pilgrim
  2. That has nothing do to with smell. And I don't think even the regular fear mechanic. It's a special setting that has them run from you Start a custom game and take the Pilgrim preset. Then try setting the wildlife detection range lower. You could also try turning off Passive Wildlife altogether. That's what causes them to run I think. Then wolves will attack you, but all the struggle stuff is turned all the way down, so it shouldn't be an issue. There also some other things you can still make easier like the scent meter increase from carrying meat
  3. It's pure luck. You usually get away with eating a little just from the dice rolls. But I've gotten parasites from 1% risk. It can happen Most of the time there is plenty of other food around. You can cook your kills and leave the meat for later. That raises your cooking skill. At level 5 you can not only eat predator meat risk-free, but also rotten meat. It's a somewhat silly mechanics, but it is what is
  4. The mountaineering hut has a guaranteed box of matches. And between it and the fishing hut you are guaranteed either a hacksaw, a hammer, a mag lens or a storm lantern. Some of them may be more useful than others at that point, but one is always there In PV there is a chance for a bedroll in the Mystic Falls Picnic cave. The barn doesn't always have a tool, but there is a chance for either a hammer or a hacksaw. The farmstead basement usually has either a hacksaw, hammer or mag lens. Only one of the four loot tables does not have a hacksaw between those two. In general hacksaws aren'
  5. It's all about map knowledge. You can explore in Interloper, but that's more for the landscape and natural resources and not the tools. Each map has some locations where a tool can spawn. People know that and beeline for that. That said, a lot of those locations are ones you'd normally visit anyways. Crystal Lake on Timberwolf Mountain has a guaranteed tool (hacksaw, hammer or mag lens). The farm house and the barn in PV have good stuff. In ML it's Trapper's Homestead, Camp Office and the Hydro Dam. In DP it's Hibernia. There are also four different loot tables so things can be a bit dif
  6. It's indoor. It's warm and you get cabin fever there
  7. I do think that tracks and especially blood disappear way too fast. If you lose them once or twice you can forget picking up a trail again. Which is problematic given the weird routes shot animals usually take. It shouldn't be that way. But it has been like that for a long, long time. This isn't a recent change if one happened at all
  8. Sure, sometimes. I just dislike telling people that that need to carry one everywhere, every time. It suggests that this is something that's needed for success, even if you don't intend that. As a specific playstyle that's fine, but there are other ways to play to game. It can also be situational. I usually carry torches for long trips like going from ML to CH, ML to FM or FM to BR. But otherwise it's easy to do without.
  9. Not needed at all. You should know that lighting a torch can't fail (so light a torch first and then the fire) and that you can carry around a fire with torches. But the latter is also situational. Even on Interloper there are so many matches that you can be a bit wasteful with them and still play for several hundred days.
  10. It depends. You need some practice to judge that. The condition loss from starving isn't huge. But freezing costs you condition at a far greater rate. On occasion you'll be outside more than usual and you may want to eat a bit to compensate for that. But it's not a regular thing. However, contrary to what some people think you you don't need to overdo it with the starvation. At least later on. There is tons of food available. You don't have to agonize over eating some cat tails if you want to eat a bit more. And once you can hunt there will be loads of meat. If you slavishly starve it wil
  11. For the climb to the gold mine you can take the rope further to the left. The top rope for the multi-rope climb all the way down. It's not really needed. So even if you don't find a rope for some reason you're fine
  12. Just for atmosphere. Looks a lot better this way. And fits with the rest of the area where there stuff lying around everywhere
  13. Scruffy was first used for the Desolation Point cave wolf. Personally I don't use the name for the cannery one Fluffy migrated to HRV because he couldn't deal with the added clutter in the dam
  14. It's largely matter of preference. Some are better than others for the resources, but you can live almost anywhere. Early to mid-game you don't really have fixed bases anyways. You need to move around quickly to find vital items and resources. The first time you settle down for a little while is after you crafted your tools and arrowheads. Then you need a bit to craft weapons and clothing. After that it's off to loot the rest of the maps. You can spend some more time in certain places, but I don't tend to stay anywhere for too long. I avoid it on Stalker because of the shee
  15. It really doesn't matter. There is a huge amount of saplings in the game. It takes a long, long time to run out of arrows. Like with other things you'll probably get bored before it happens