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  1. If you weren't already at the bottom of that valley the way is pretty simple: through the ice caves. The exits at Reclusive Falls (behind a water fall) and near the signal fire connect. You can also climb up that plateau on the up left from Hushed River. Or walk up there at Offset Falls. Then another rope climb and you're in the Monolith Lake area Here is the full map: The other signal fire is accessible either through the right ice cave (enter at Valley View Point) or via a rope climb The map isn't really that complicated once you figured it out. You can easily divide it into smaller sub regions that are connected to each other. And handle one after another:
  2. There is several liters of lantern fuel in various canisters. Not hard to find if you do the side quests You can dismantle lanterns to get the fuel
  3. It can also happen when your shoes are frozen. But that doesn't seem to be the case here
  4. They don't really care about it. They've basically said that they don't see difficulty levels and don't pay any special attention to balancing the game with harder settings in mind
  5. Always the satchel first. There is plenty of other good clothing
  6. Found one on Jackrabbit's Island, two (!) on Mistantrophe's, two in houses in the CH townsite
  7. Sometimes I forget that the fire time is ending. Or more commonly it's blown out by the wind. It's rare though
  8. There is no reason to fix this event to a specific difficulty though. Make the special loot constant across all options and then let people chose the base difficulty level
  9. They have a strategic maple syrup reserve:
  10. Found on in the hydro dam safe
  11. The freezing indoor thing is really nice. I'd like that as an option during a regular game too. Unfortunately it's too easy to overcome that even with low end clothing
  12. It didn't even take any high end loot for me. Just some new pants, ski jacket, mackinaw, gauntlets. One or more two basic items and now I'm fine indoors. At first the cold indoors was great though. In my first failed game I spawned in BR and kept a fire going all night so I didn't freeze. In my current game I warmed up a house to loot it. And then again spent a night by a fire barrel I'd otherwise never use. It could be made more difficult by tying the indoor and outdoor temperature together. So if it's -20°C inside, the indoor temperature would be close to that All the matches you get are somewhat shocking though
  13. Cloth isn't that much of an issue in Interloper. There is less of it, because a lot of buildings are burned down, but still lots of it. In MT, PV and CH there is hundreds just from the curtains. And later on you need less of it because most of your clothing will be from animals. Very, very long term you can get rid of some marginal items like socks.
  14. Oh this is cool. That would be a nice option in the standard game. With proper clothing it's basically always warm inside. At the beginning of an Interloper or Stalker game you might be a degree or two short but that's it. In reality all these places would be cold until you heat them up.