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  1. It's a marketing trick. Like Greenland
  2. The bear can be there on any difficulty. Stalker only jacks up the wolves to 11 You can do a custom game with worse weather and less loot (though Stalker still has stuff everywhere), but Voyager wolves for example
  3. Even under normal circumstances they don't ever reveal much before a release. Teasing some things here and there is all
  4. I got him even closer At least that's where he died. If I remember correctly he was almost right in front of the door when I shot him
  5. It really depends on how long you want to play. There are enough saplings for hundreds of arrows in the game. Personally I don't have the patience for super long games. So if I know that I only go for maybe 200 or 300 days maximum, why go to great lengths to conserve anything? Having to eat all the time is also a great incentive to go out and do something besides collecting wood.
  6. Up to and including Stalker there is not that much of an incentive to go with a lot of animal gear unless you play super long games. Even the protection isn't really necessary as wolves aren't that dangerous, although it helps. But man made gear will always be better for weight and stamina, while still useful protection. And eventually you will be almost always warm, so you don't need to sacrifice anything to get an extra degree here and there.
  7. Think about how the whole mine is laid out. If you played Wintermute. In story mode the two parts aren't connected, but the main mine is above it. So you have to go up the hill for the other part In general if you have issues with crafting and cabin fever (which isn't unusual once you get past bunny and dear gear) consider moving to Mystery Lake for it. Set up at the hydro dam. Craft in the dam and sleep in the Ravine cave. Or the trailer when CF isn't an issue. Camp Office + Lake Overlook works too
  8. Birch bark tea works during sleep and stacks with herbal tea. But as said it's only a small increase, so it's easy to miss. It doesn't hurt to drink it before sleep, but generally it's more something for during the day. Keep in mind though that your needs need to be met for it to work. If you're starving or freezing you don't gain condition
  9. There is also a nice cave under the arch in Crumbling Highway. Not too far away from Qonset.
  10. You can also sleep in the truck behind the garage with a fire going next to it. It's not 100% protected, but it's pretty safe. You can sleep in shifts so you can go inside when it's blown out. Coal is plentiful in CH. Take a trip to Cinder Hills coal mine (connects to PV). There is more coal in there than you can carry As for crafting. Get the moose hide satchel and a wolf coat (or two). With the bear skins make a coat as well. Bear coat under wolf coat is pretty great and allows you to be at one arrow down late afternoon in the warm regions. I don't really find the bear skin bedroll all that useful. It has some niche uses when you sleep in exposed locations, but for caves the regular bedroll is good enough.
  11. If you like PV, then TWM is even better. Two boxes of matches and a tool (mag lens, heavy hammer or hacksaw). I don't do the summit early on and enjoy returning later, but the start great for the stuff you will easily find. After that you get to PV, which has good loot too HRV is hard, but if you know what to do there is fantastic loot there.
  12. No, it's not just him. You don't seem to realize how aggressively you react towards anyone who dares to criticize some aspect of the game or thinks that the developers aren't perfect.
  13. It depends on your fatigue. If you're rested you can get from the exit of TWM to the lighthouse in one go. Even without using stims. So there is plenty of time to rest somewhere in CH to recover a little. If you have issues with the time use stims.
  14. Always picking up sticks is a good idea, but you rarely need to sleep outside with a fire all going on all the time. Even early on caves are warm enough for much of the night. It may get too cold when it gets morning, but before that you don't need a fire. So unless you really need the condition recovery you can sleep in 2 or 3 hour shifts to monitor the temperature drop. Some caves (Ravine and Lake Overlook again) are close to shelter, so you can just leave then instead of making a fire. An exception to that would be somewhere like CH where there aren't any warm caves. In CH I've spent the night in fishing huts or the truck at Quonset. For that you need a fire. Or Spence's farm when you're forging