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  1. Items start decaying as soon as the game starts. And stuff in container's despawns when it hits 0%. It's not an issue though with the standard 100% decay rate of Stalker. Much less the lower difficulties. You have plenty of time and don't have to rush anything. Only Interloper's 200% is annoying and may require some meta gaming around the decay rates
  2. Serenity


    I try to mix things up a bit now and then, but there are simply routes that are more efficient than others. You try to minimize your time in the cold and loot as quickly as possible so you naturally fall into the same patterns. Where you can mix things up is the order of regions you visit
  3. Fishing Camp in CH too, but that's more tricky with the fire and a possible bear now and then. Still, when I lived in Quonset Garage I made a trip to the Fishing Camp now and then for crafting. Also allowed me to collect some sticks along the way. And that was only for long projects like two wolf skin coats. You don't need it for short projects The only times I ever get cabin fever is getting greedy with forging on the Riken. Like making an extra knife and more arrowheads. Even then you can easily cure it by spending a night in a cave. In DP you can use the church too. I've also slept in the cave under the arch in Crumbling Highway
  4. I would like it if crafting doesn't couldn't against the time. Or maybe only half as much. So if you keep busy you can stay indoors. But if you just do nothing inside you have issues. That would prevent the eat & sleep hibernating it was meant to combat.
  5. It's highly problematic as deer can run far away. Usually the die somewhere other than you thought they went
  6. Go to the hydro dam or Hibernia some time and check out all the things you can saw up for scrap metal. Shelves, locker doors, random things lying around. It's a lot of work but there is tons of scrap metal. All the worries about running out of things are mostly theoretical
  7. There are tons of plants in the game. You'll get bored long before you run out of anything vital
  8. Wood, coal and animals respawn. The rest is finite. The idea is that plants don't regrow in winter. But wood keeps falling down from wind. In fact you can find more new sticks after a blizzard
  9. It isn't. Being stuck is not ok. But including an easy to abuse tool that makes mountain goating easier is too much of a price to pay to fix these cases.
  10. It's not unusual. There have been tons of bugfixes about similar issues. But as said teleporting you a bit to the side is too prone to abuse. Climbing around in difficult areas has its uses in this game. There are some nice short cuts that way (climb down Timberwolf Mountain. Or the lookout tower hill in ML). You shouldn't get stuck, but it does have its risks.
  11. Quit and reload if the game hasn't saved yet. That can happen if you get injured but never pass time when this happens Also make a debug screenshot and report it as a bug
  12. If you truly get stuck somewhere report it as a bug. They will fix these instances and there are have been tons small of changes to terrain. I once got stuck right next to Qonset Garage between that stone border and two stacks of pallets. So they moved the pallets apart. Otherwise be careful with walking around in extreme terrain. There are some nice short cuts that way, but it can also end badly. You can get trapped on ledges that you can't get down from You can make things harsher. There are settings with limited or even no condition recovery during sleep. There is also a setting for awake condition recovery (when all your needs are met). So you can and need to abuse your condition a bit, but if you overdo it you suffer from it. Loot can also be made much rarer to the point where most containers will be empty. With 2-3 packs of matches per map you still end up with plenty, but you don't have the hundreds of matches you can find on lower difficulties. Relying on the mag lens and good weather becomes much more important
  13. It also saves when you get injured You can get around all this by manually backing up your save game now and then
  14. It would be nice, but it probably very, very hard to implement. It seems like interior locations are actually different maps. Or at least you get teleported to some other location on the same map away from the regular word. Some houses are bigger on the inside than outside. Just look at the Camp Office! So they'd have to redo a lot of stuff
  15. Keep in mind that on low difficulties these are kind of vanity items. There is an achievement for it. but that's about it. The bear coat is far too heavy to justify when there are lighter coats that keep you warm enough. It's only on Interloper that the best clothing isn't available. But do it just once to see for yourself Where animal gear is good is protection and water proofing, but something like the moose skin cloak has a better weight/value ratio there. Even then with the relatively low damage animals do in lower difficulties protection isn't necessarily super important. At least not against wolves.