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  1. Mines flood naturally from ground water when it's not pumped out
  2. They follow the loot tables like bedrolls, hammers, hacksaws and other tools. Every game should have three or four of them. And one can always be found in ML and MT
  3. You can report this bug on the bug tracker. I once got stuck between some pallets at Qonset. In the next update they moved them apart. They fix these things And for the future: never ever save the game when you get stuck
  4. Yeah, if you're lucky you can find a lot. Maybe saying that you can't get 5 was a bit low. But this still seems pretty fishy. In my experience even the random match finds aren't entirely random, but more like "there could be a box in that place, but it's not guaranteed". And they tend to be spread around a lot more. When you find two boxes together on the summit that's supposed to be exceptional
  5. Seems very wrong. You shouldn't get 5 packs of matches within one region. Let alone so close together.
  6. I used this once. It makes sense but I don't think it's great for balance reasons. There is tons of scrap metal in the game, but you need to invest some time to saw it up. That's how a lot of mechanics works. Spend time. Get something. Breaking down cans made getting scrap too easy Only as an option. I really dislike the map arrow in Wintermute. Makes things way too easy But a big yes to most the rest I especially want remember break down items and proper fuel management
  7. ML is a gamble. You can easily find zero matches there
  8. Steadfast Ranger made rabbit hitboxes far, far too large. Maybe they overcompensated when fixing that
  9. There is no need to cut down wood. Besides sticks and coal you can break down boxes. Plus there is lots of fire wood in the prepper caches. Do that side quest. It also gets you tons and tons of food. One of the prepper caches has several fire logs even. You can also use a hacksaw to saw limbs. Takes quite long though
  10. It's one thing to distract a wolf with a decoy to stop him tracking you. But you could place decoys while standing right next to them and they would completely ignore you. Whereas without a decoy they'd immediately charge you. That said, wolves taking decoys from great distances is nonsense too. The better way would be to have them still charge you if you are too close to them. So the wolf sees you as a better meal if you're close enough. It shouldn't be tied to you drawing a weapon, since that would still allow you to bait a wolf and then shoot him as he walks away. That could also increase the value of the distress pistol. You can decoy wolves when they stalk you from a certain distance, but if he is already next to you you may have to resort to using a flare
  11. Mostly it's used as a last resort to scare off a wolf or bear you didn't see in time. Works well at short range. You can hunt with it too. It causes a lot of bleeding, but sticking the shell to a bear is hardly guaranteed. A wolf can be killed in a single hit if you hit the head. Or you could drive a deer into a wolf and then scare the wolf away with a flare shot.
  12. Leaving aside for the moment that real life wolves aren't really all that aggressive and accepting that wolves are murderous beasts: in the game context it's not all that believable that the wolf is laser focused on the meat and ignores you just standing there with a bow. When otherwise he immediately charges you when you draw the bow. I don't think that wolves should be able to be tricked like that if you stand right next to them. I'd make it about distance. So you could drop a decoy and then shoot a wolf from further away. But if you get too close he ignores the decoy. I haven't played survival mode since the update, but from what I can gather some people have seen meat teleporting to distant wolves. I hope that that is a bug. If that's the solution to prevent you from getting close to wolves it's a bad one
  13. You could do that before. Before the update you could go west from Draftdodger's and when you hit the regular road go sharp right up the hill (instead of following the road to hit the edge of the map where there may be wolves and a bear). At the top climb over some rocks and you were at Burned Ridge Cave. It was never necessary to go the long way around. They really just made that route official.
  14. That was during an aurora hopefully. It obviously doesn't work any other time. Zombie wolves hate the light. They also don't enter areas lit by the various lamps
  15. No. That would be a gigantic detour along the edge of the map