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  1. That cave is very shallow. It may be windproof, but unfortunately it doesn't have cold and warm areas
  2. Limbs are hardly necessary when there are sticks and coal. The only thing you truly need fir for is repairing the heavy hammer. Much of the furniture can be busted down with the heavy hammer. It takes longer, but the hammer is easier to repair. The knife is indeed needed for crafting. It's also useful for harvesting carcasses, though the hacksaw and hands are a good alternative for most parts. The only thing where the hatchet is truly needed for is cutting down the shrubs in Hushed River Valley. They block the path in some key locations. It's the only time I carry it with me. Otherwise it stays on a table somewhere until I need it
  3. The hatchet is overrated. At most you need it for wolf fighting, but otherwise it's very easy to live without. A knife is pretty important however
  4. Moose are afraid of fire. Unlike bears. So you can make a campfire and prevent it from charging at you
  5. I've had the floating arrow thing a couple of times now. Better than disappearing though
  6. Something that may surprise a lot of people: you can read books by moonlight during a clear night
  7. Saplings don't respawn. But there are tons of them. You need to explore everything to find them. Many are in somewhat out of the way locations Being bored at 200 days is normal. There is no end game content. I usually get bored somewhere between day 100-150. And that's with being more on the move and going to every region
  8. Timberwolf Mountain down to the farm house in PV. 3 packs of matches, mag lens and hacksaw In my current game it took me way too long to get a hacksaw
  9. Cleaning up is nice. Maybe you need to think a bit more about Interloper than the lower difficulties. On lower difficulties you don't necessarily need a fire to harvest a carcass. On Interloper you do. So eventually you have campfires littering the landscape. It's really noticeable in CH. I've been confused by old campfires on the ice. At a long distance they can be mistaken for new carcasses. And it just looks bad Nice. I know there have some long standing complaints about lighting and that you've brightened some areas. Most of the times it doesn't bother me, but the barn has always stood out for me as bein exceptionally at dawn and dusk. Whereas in most other places you can see things then
  10. But keep in mind that they aren't universally enforceable. They are based on the Anglo-Saxon legal system. In some other places it's only a legal contract when you sign it when buying. Not afterwards during installation. And even in the US certain individual clauses might not be enforceable. Legally the whole thing is somewhat controversial and in many countries there haven't been definitive court decisions about it
  11. Is the barn in PV intended to be so dark? Especially in the evening when there is still some light outside, it's pitch black inside, which makes early exploration very difficult. I get that it doesn't have any huge windows, so maybe it's supposed to be dark. On the other hand it seems like there are some small windows. And other places with no windows seem a lot brighter
  12. Maybe try to go further right instead of straight down. There might be multiple ways there. But I don't know. For example when climbing down directly from the plane there are several routes and locations you can end up at
  13. You can easily goat down from the summit to the engine cave on the left side. I even did it with the bugged sprain system and only got a sprain on the very last step towards even terrain. The black patch might have been a bit to the right of my route though. Not sure When at the plane and looking towards the rope go left between the peaks. You're then facing towards the left side of the map and can climb down the mountain
  14. Probably some texture/icon not loading correctly
  15. Not just trees stumps, but rocks too