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  1. And you get the hides and guts for "free" instead of having to harvest them separately
  2. Serenity

    Forest fires.

    Yeah forest fires usually happen in the summer when everything is dry. I meant that the world is static in that sense that everything is pre-placed. Sure you can have a fire somewhere (like the plane crash in Wintermute), but it always burns. There aren't any sudden rock slides, new fallen trees, etc. Some of that may be nice, but the engine very likely isn't designed with that in mind.
  3. Serenity

    Forest fires.

    The game isn't really designed for dynamic environments. Everything is static
  4. Yeah, there are some more there if you include the cave. I usually just dip back into there from the Mystery Lake side and just get the ones on top. The one at the window where you get back into the dam and maybe the one above the patrolling wolf. I feel no need to hurry that much. Even on Interloper there is plenty of time. Lake Overlook and the bottom of the Ravine for example I visit anyways for other loot. Getting one the carcasses in the Ravine is also a quick walk and can be combined with some stick collecting.
  5. Two thin wool sweaters and combat pants are great. Those can be hard to find. To get deer skins just hit the carcasses. There are tons of them around the hydro dam. 1 inside the court yard. 1 at the train unloading area. 1 between Alan's cave and the hunting blind. 2 in the upper area of the Ravine. One at the bottom (where you want to go anyways for the flare pistol). And two more in Winding River. I also like the one at Lake Overlook. But you just need 5 of them for the pants and boots. You can start with that very early before your forge run even
  6. Mystery Lake is bad for matches. I don't think there are guaranteed spawns there. You might get lucky with a random spawn, but that's it. But two packs of matches is fine until you get the mag lens. In the early game you'll use a lot more matches then later, but even then you don't have to make fires all the time. With the lens watch out for clear weather and use the opportunity to make water for several days. If you don't have one yet try to combine activities like hunting with making water and rather go for one very long fire instead of several small ones. Between the Lookout Tower, the Camp Office (either upstairs or downstairs) and Trapper's ML always has a mag lens Once you're established a bit and move through the world you will find plenty more matches and several fire strikers. Which will sit in a locker somewhere. Here is a list of possible locations: won't always get all of those. For example inside Hibernia in DP there are 3 possible locations, but you'll only get one of those The TWM start is great. I leave the summit for later, but if you immediately go to the three way cave you can find a pack there. Then go down to the cave between the engines to keep you warm and on to the hut. Where there is another pack. Plus a tool (either a hacksaw, heavy hammer or mag lens). And then a third pack in the farm basement.
  7. If you don't use teas for afflictions, what have you done with all the rose hips? There are tons of them available
  8. There was always one at the bottom of the ravine. The others are pretty new though
  9. It depends on the difficulty and your goals. On lower difficulty you'll be perfectly fine with man made clothing. It has a far better warmth/weight ratio. Animal clothing has better protection, but that's usually not too important unless you deliberately get into fights. That changes on Interloper where the best clothing items simply don't spawn, so you need to craft from animal hides. It's the only difficulty where the bear coat makes any sense at all. Also consider how long you will play your current game. Cloth is a limited resources so animal clothing conserves it. However there is still a lot of it. Enough for hundreds of days of repairs.
  10. I certainly eat some cat tails early on, but there are hundreds of them in the game. You can transition to meat far before they are used up. The important point is that they don't spoil. That makes them really great for leaving a small stash in strategic locations. So when you move around you have a few days of food. That removes the pressure to immediately hunt for food
  11. There is plenty of loot around. I think the biggest issue is usually the bullets. And maybe the fuel. Most of the other stuff you can get right in CH
  12. There is some randomness and variation with damage. It can depend on location. There are also critical hits. You can one-shot a moose with a single arrow. But it can also take 5.
  13. Depends. There are quite a few caves with those tree branch beds these days. Most of them are a bit out of the way though
  14. Because you aren't really trapping the existing bunnies. Instead a carcass teleports into the snare if the game wants to give you one