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  1. The fishing hut is perfectly fine. Seriously. Make a fire and you can fish during blizzards Completely normal. Ruined items in containers always disappear
  2. You don't need a bearskin bedroll for that. Just good clothing kept near top condition is fine. If you want to play it save sleep in 2 or 3 hour increments and only make a fire when it's actually cold. That can only happen during a blizzard if you let your clothes deteriorate too much. Where the bearskin bedroll helps is sleeping in shallow caves and other half-outdoors locations. But even in AC or HRV that's optional. HRV has plenty of warm caves, including always warm indoor caves. And AC is actually very comfortable to live in once you figured it out. Maybe bring some scrap metal, but
  3. Unfortunately you don't. The blizzard is just the story excuse for the time limit. But you don't have to live through it. It's an interesting challenge and teaches you Coast Hallway, but it's pretty easy.
  4. You could also have paid closer attention to the main menu. It now shows Bitter Marsh in AC and not the redesigned Thompson's Crossing. That tells you that the game already updated
  5. Not a glitch. That was changed a while ago The gate to the hydro dam courtyard isn't an invisible wall anymore either
  6. It's just the name of the recent update. Not some kind of expansion or add-on
  7. At the time it was released it was touted as the ultimate wilderness map. It's great, but because of the lake area it's very easy. HRV was an attempt to have a true wilderness map. You don't have to traverse the whole caves all the time. It's possible to just live in the exit areas. Also there are two ice caves. Only one has waterfalls
  8. Notes in the journal are definitely more useful to keep track of what you stored where. There is just a lot more detail when you write things down. And I find the map pretty useless in general. I find spray arrows can sometimes be useful. Especially in fog. But it's certainly optional and I usually don't carry around paint
  9. The big danger with moose hunting isn't death like wolves or bears. It's broken ribs. They take ages to heal
  10. It's pretty rare. And the crates that have something are fixed. Other cases:
  11. AC isn't desolate at all. People saying that's it's a quick in and out is complete and total BS. You can spend weeks there and have fun. The scenery is beautiful. The lighting in some areas is something you won't see anywhere else. There are empty areas, but also ones with tons of resources and environmental variety. The amount of saplings is outright ridiculous. It has 3-4 very distinct houses you can live in and rotate between. There is fishing. Outdoor and indoor crafting benches. A very nice bunny area. An outdoor fire barrel. Indoor caves with coal. A fun to hunt bear. HRV doesn't ha
  12. I don't usually do much snaring, but Ash Canyon has a fantastic spot very close to Angler's Den.
  13. Both sells DLCs for many games. See Outer Worlds for example
  14. There is a..erm... mod to improve interior light a lot. Night is still dark, but it's brighter during mornings and evenings and the light interior generally reflects much better what's going on outside since the weather changes the light color. Windows also have a higher impact on lighting.