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  1. Somehow they got it into their heads that people can only make the game easier, but don't realize that you can also make the game harder. Or that pretty much all the options are based on the standard game modes and there isn't much to make it easier than Pilgrim. The proper way to implement these kind of achievement limitations it to set a minimum value for some options, so if you change them to something too easy achievements/feats are disabled.
  2. I think it already became faster the more regions you visited And they will include a way to get of it
  3. There are two ice caves with three exits each. They are linear, but it's possible to get turned around when looking around. There are some dead-end side passages In a normal game you don't stay there forever, so birch is certainly worth it. -------------------- In general saying that a region is pointless because you don't need anything from there is a bit silly. By that logic most regions are pointless on lower difficulties as everything exists in abundance. You visit new regions because they are there. Same reason people climb mountains. You get a change of scenery and a new challenge. Loot is nice, but it's not what the game is about
  4. You can check the wiki for the notes
  5. This was by far the best Halloween event. 4DON was mindnumblingly boring. Darkwalker actually has some tension and creepiness. Difficulty varies though. You can cross several regions at the beginning without being near the Darkwalker, only to be cornered in a cave or some other narrow passage (like the hydro dam courtyard). But when it works it's great. I had some tense moments where I had to jump down ledges to evade it.
  6. With the best clothing you can get to one arrow down in the late afternoon. That allows you to be warm for a long time
  7. :) Now that I think more about it, you could have also walked up and then entered the middle ice cave entrance and used the cave to get up near the signal fire. That has the advantage of avoiding the waterfall shower. The middle entrance is also a nice base location in that area. But the rope was probably easier to find than the cave
  8. Making a fire in the cave really helps
  9. I've only seen that in HRV at Monolith Lake. And in story mode there is Fluffy's carcass in the dam
  10. It's really not worth it carrying it all to another region. I've done it once and it takes soooo many trips. Think about what you really need and want. At most I'd stash things in the mountaineer's hut where you can easily get to it There is not much need for the food for example. You can always hunt, which is more fun too