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  1. Yeahhh soup thermos would be nice or recipes book,candle,bread, so If there was a discovered cellar that kind of thing would be great
  2. Whatta yesss new items new food,tools etc. I hope beautiful things are added and I hope we find some tips for Chapter 4
  3. hey raphael we love you as Turks. if chapter 4 is coming soon, this game becomes a legend it can also be more colorful if extra items such as recipe or tools or clothes are added in the game I would appreciate if you consider my message We Love You Hinterland studio
  4. unique dishes and different dishes to the game would be more realistic pleasee raphaell
  5. wowwww amazing news but when the long trailer of episode 3 ? and please play new animals foods and food system
  6. the nearest update is likely next year
  7. The new expanded food update is very good, but I wish I had done the following
  8. AnimeLover1051 I strongly agree that it would have been nice if the eggs were basic foods such as olives, but I saw something like flour in a trailer
  9. dominik89


    It would be much better if more achievements were added
  10. dominik89


    It would have been nice if we could know how to domestate wolves instead of dogs
  11. It would be very nice if it was multi-player but it seems difficult