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  1. The color blue is perceptibly more harsh and glaring than red and hinders night vision. I know that deer have trouble seeing red light but can see blues and violets just fine. If wolves are similar then this means a blue flare/white light could possibly be more disruptive to them since it would mess with their nightvision and be a visible color. Also, something ive noticed, if you have a red light and a blue light, try reading a book in the dark with each one, the letters are much more crisp when under the red light. The blue light makes the letters look fuzzy.
  2. Watch out for those roof bears. The Northern, Urban cousin of the drop bear.
  3. Ah darn it, I accidentally skipped the closest one while counting. Lol. Actually being honest.
  4. I hope not! (at least commonly) There's a whopping 10 wolves there! I've seen 6-7 in current versions of the game before though. Commonly it's more like 3-5. If dead wolves stayed dead longer I wouldnt mind so much, however.
  5. Should be, in one of the trailers there is a community hall with writing that says "No Tomorrow" in it. In one of the recent dev diaries we got to see a potential match to this building from the outside as well.
  6. Thanks for reminding me, things were a little hectic the past few weeks and I wasn't able to ask a proper question along with proper clarification. Not sure what you're referring to here -- can you elaborate? Yeah, I'll try to be more specific the next time! I think the confusion comes from me calling it "Map-making" which was probably confused with the player's in-game action of mapping, not the studio's process of environment creation. In the Februrary Dev Diary ( You mentioned streamlining a new workflow and pipeline for regions along with this .gif: Just was curious as to what your thoughts were on it now that the team has probably used it for a few months. Has it given you less/more control over your maps?
  7. I like this idea, right now the revolver has shadowed the rifle in almost every way except bear/moose hunting. Revolvers are very loud, I'd argue louder than a rifle of equivalent caliber. (I'm not a gun expert, but this is from experience of shooting a .22 revolver alongside a .22 rifle, both rounds achieved supersonic speeds but extra noise seemed to "leak" out of the relatively open cylinder.) Will is a pilot and although he wears ear protection in the plane, I wonder if his hearing has been damaged anyways? Could explain why it only happens indoors, as of now.
  8. That's what I mean, just up the required dose for multiple. Currently if you apply painkillers to a bleeding wound instead of your sprain it does nothing. I personally don't think that should be excused with "You weren't careful to select the right ailment, therefore you should suffer."
  9. @Admin I'll play devil's advocate here, their tone didnt help others understand what they're saying. By micromanagement I think he means how you have to select the specific affliction for each item, if you apply the pain pills to the wrong sprain or apply old mans beard to the sprain by accident instead of your wound accidentally it wastes resources and potentially kills you. This could be improved if the first aid screen would allow you to apply medical items from there as well.
  10. How has the new mapmaking technique been treating you guys?
  11. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the next episodes elaborate on it.
  12. Yeah @MueckE. Nice job explaining! Your definition was definitely "In context". Sorry for late reply even though I posted this thread haha. I am definitely familiar with the silence of winter. Last winter in particular I would regularly go out in the woods to take wildlife photos, the atmosphere was very "TLD/wintermute".
  13. Beautiful. Definitely captures the game's tone.
  14. Haha, I meant both in conjunction. The missing "meat" label is probably just an art asset mistake, but it adds a fun ambiguity to it.
  15. Check the description for cans of beans, then read ingredients.
  16. I love how he just starts laughing while poor Astrid in the background screams bloody murder. Funny juxtaposition.
  17. It was sleeping, the pose might not be strong enough to register. Bears dont die randomly. This might still be a bug because I thought they weren't supposed to sleep in occupied caves.
  18. If it is added, it could be placed oudoors like litter props and make trash cans an actual good place for loot. Water bottle collecting sounds like tedium to me due to even more inventory management etc. I just assume the collection is going on off-screen due to accelerated time. Huge masses of stored water bottles used to be an issue before the cooking mechanics slowed how much you could boil at a time considerably. Now its only a thing if you used those big stoves or organized multiple camfires, but the multiple campfires ordeal was a huge task gathering firewood and takes all day to prepare so it's pretty balanced.
  19. Iowa. Cold winters but no mountains, or bear. Swarms of deer though. I find the Pacific Northwest very charming and that's half of why I play this game.
  20. Amazing encounter. Ive been charged before the bear couldnt quite see me over a ridge before so this is quite exceptional.
  21. @rocknrolllgod, do you have a game controller, or any other input device plugged into your computer? I don't know if TLD is one of these games, but some games will default to a controller if you have one plugged in. Some games also occasionally break and mistake your keyboard as a controller too. Try restarting pc with the controller unplugged if this is the case.
  22. The can only says there's beans and molasses, but the player chatacter sees pork in it. If normal pork was in it then why would a company not just say it? Because its could be long pork! The description says, "Looks" like pork, suggesting it might not actually be it... (Long pork is a term for human flesh) hope that helps
  23. Long Pork has already been in the game... Its all in the discrepancy between the ingredients and the description. "Beans, Water, Sugar, Salt" Vs. "Beans in molasses, with bits of what looks like pork."
  24. I'm all for more passive actions, but idk if eating/drinking is a good canidate. Itd be cool if you could eat certain items like cattails in stacks that way, haha. Having to tap "eat" every time can be dulling and it makes sense that it would take a lot of time to chew through the tough stalks. But I'm fine with the current system due to the fact 1 minute in game is actually much longer than that. One advantage of the current mechanics is that eating partial food items is as simple as pressing escape at the right time and you dont get distracted from something in the process because you dont have to wait too long. I wish writing in your in-game journal would slow time down to a 1:1 scale. I like using my journal while waiting for my food to cook but I sometimes end up burning the stuff 'cause time flies when you're writing.