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  1. 750 is a little unrealistic. I say 450 calories. If its not worth the work you can always prepare 2 of them.
  2. Whats the reason you decided to make it possible to add coal immediately to a fire after lighting it instead of having to wait 30 minutes for the fire to get hot like it used to be?
  3. If you mean loading 2 shells at once, it should only be possible at skill level 3.
  4. Update- blasted his head with the revolver and he ran away, but then i got an aurora and he respawned. I saw him walking on the highway the next morning... Next time he does that he will be dead from a 303 to the head. I managed to work my way to hibernia processing and im going to find that rifle... Gotta watch out for the wolves over there. I think i will have meat for days.
  5. I was at the riken, peacefully cooking some rabbit and boiling water UNTIL mr. Bear comes along and scared the shit out of me. The encounter went like this. Bear- *walks to riken* Me- *cooking rabbit meat* Bear- *growl* (he did not charge me) Me- *Looks up* Also me- HOLYSHITGETINTHEBOAT Then i ran straight into the boat and exited the game, im still shaking as im writing this lol. Now i wanna get revenge on him for nearly giving me a heart attack, i was thinking i get on top of the boat and blast his face into a shish kebab with my revolver. I just have one question about this which is. If i shoot him from on top of the boat, will i be safe from his attacks? I could also try shoot him from the small thing on top of the boat with the ships helm with the container, would he reach me there even if he would climb on the deck of the ship?
  6. Thats super cool! I love tiny details like these in games! I dont think i have ever even realized it because i play as McKenzie 90% of the time.
  7. "aurora scavenger" "blizzard hunter" "the night sky"
  8. A double barrel shotty could be good, aslong at it is rare. I will make a more detailed post later.
  9. TLD is already well optimized and its from 2014. I have played on intel integrated graphics just fine...
  10. If i knew how to code i would make a mod with a timberwolf cowl.
  11. Yes i really really liek this sugestion is my favorit idea for long dark game hinerland pleas add werewolfes
  12. Just a small idea i got, also make reloads slower and increase the amount of sway due to McKenzie not beimg used to using his left hand for shooting.