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  1. If you use steam there is a time capsule that allows you to play on an older version that supports 32 bit.
  2. Happened to me too lost 2 hours of progress aswell. The game saved when i got a sprain but didnt save afterwards when i slept, passed time or entered a building.
  3. Dual wielding revolvers would be a good alternative to just using one, it could be a way for high revolver skill players to make timberwolf self defense easier. My idea is thatat revolver skill 3 you will be able to dual wield. When dual wielding, there would be an invisible crosshair on the screen, and your bullets will land somewhere in that area. At revolver skill 3 it would be hard to hit a timberwolf unless closer then 3 meters. At skill 4 the effective range would be 5 meters and at skill 5 about 8 meters. The controls would be LMB shoots the revolver in your left hand and RMB the one in your right hand. This would be an interesting alternative for high revolver skill players to defend themselves from timberwolves. Even if in most cases using one revolver would be enough, being able to dual wield would be great.
  4. Should be a 1 in 1000 chance to get a candy or granola bar imo.
  5. So now that hinterland has added spray paint, i think it would be fun to have a thread for spray paint art. Post your own spray paint art here!
  6. This is actually a very good suggestion!
  7. If you have access to any low spec pc you should be fine to play tld, i have ran the game on an i3-2100 and integrated graphics which was bottom end over 5 years ago, currently i have a gtx 970 (5 eyear old mid-high end graphics card) in my pc and i would be able to play in 4K and have a stable 40 fps on ultra. TLD is a very low spec game to run.
  8. 750 is a little unrealistic. I say 450 calories. If its not worth the work you can always prepare 2 of them.
  9. Whats the reason you decided to make it possible to add coal immediately to a fire after lighting it instead of having to wait 30 minutes for the fire to get hot like it used to be?
  10. If you mean loading 2 shells at once, it should only be possible at skill level 3.
  11. Update- blasted his head with the revolver and he ran away, but then i got an aurora and he respawned. I saw him walking on the highway the next morning... Next time he does that he will be dead from a 303 to the head. I managed to work my way to hibernia processing and im going to find that rifle... Gotta watch out for the wolves over there. I think i will have meat for days.