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  1. Bison seem kinda unneccessary and i dont think they live where tld takes place. Pheasant idea was nice but i dont think pheasants live where tld takes place. Boar idea is good but i dont think it fits the tld setting. (Also boars are quite big should be closer to 15kg meat) Foxes would be nice (-the rabies idea) and i would like to see them implemented. If you are using "elk" to refer to wapiti it could be cool to see them, (they are quite big would probably be closer to 25kg meat) Bats seem kinda unnecessary. Raccoons are also quite unnecessary and there would be no reason to hunt them if the hat was not good.
  2. My favorites are, -The long dark of course. -Project Zomboid. -theHunter Call of the Wild. -Battlefield V is quite fun imo. -Hearts of Iron 4 even though i dont play it much anymore.
  3. Make it use stamina, about a fourth of the amount of stamina that running takes and make the carcass be automatically dropped if you run out of stamina.
  4. Im thinking of doing hopeless rescue today. I would like to know is there any difference with navigating through pleasant valley after the changes to it with the crossroads elegy update.
  5. I was playing ep3 and found the forest talker bunker memo. I just want to know is it supposed to mark something on my map because it said somehing about it indicating the location of a prepper bunker on the description.
  6. I refer to the bear in forlorn muskeg that comes close to the poachers camp Bob... idk why.
  7. Will episode 3 absolutely only take place in pleasant valley? I was thinking of playing the main story 100% spoiler free and use the internet when im at the end of the story to finish the rest of the sidequests.
  8. How does protection work? If i a clothing item with 100% protection was added would wearing it make you immune to all damage as long as it stays intact? What would happen if you had over 100% protection?
  9. UPDATE It seems like there was a bug or something that made the fog kick in after leaving an interior because the fog came right after i left the aurora hatch. I waited outdoors at night for the aurora and it did not go away immediately and i had time to get to the aurora hatch! Now im off to kill that damn bear
  10. This is the third time this has happened so far, in the video that aurora should be active for a few hours in-game time but it just becomes foggy right after i step otside. TheLongDark 2019-10-10 15-02-47.mp4
  11. How does the spawning of bears work? My 2 theories are that, 1 the bears will remain the same for example if i see the bear at trappers cabin and not at mystery lake near the lone lake cabin will it forever be that there will never be a bear near the lone lake cabin and the bear near trappers cabin will always be roaming around the area or resting in his den. Theory 2 each of the bear dens always has a bear but the bear is resting for most of the time so i wont see it near the lone lake cabin often.
  12. When i get the aurora the weather becomes foggy like 20 seconds after i step outside.
  13. I have been trying to get 100% completion on story mode and now im waiting for an aurora so i can enter the aurora hatch. I wait in the cave near the waterfall and sleep in 1 hour increments so that i would not miss the aurora. When i get an aurora i go outside and run to the hatch AND THEN IT ENDS BEFORE I REACH THE AURORA HATCH. How long do i have to wait for an aurora that does not end in 30 seconds after i go outside?!
  14. Sorry for bad picture. I had to use the camera of my phone because my internet was down and all i had was 4G.
  15. Ray tracing is very expensive to implement and it would be an extreme amount of work considering TLD is already 5 years old. And only a few percent of all tld players will get to enjoy it because not many people have nVidia RTX cards yet. Also there is no reflective surfaces in the world of TLD so it would still be stupid to impletment.