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  1. If i knew how to code i would make a mod with a timberwolf cowl.
  2. Yes i really really liek this sugestion is my favorit idea for long dark game hinerland pleas add werewolfes
  3. Just a small idea i got, also make reloads slower and increase the amount of sway due to McKenzie not beimg used to using his left hand for shooting.
  4. I guess it would come on thursday. No sense in it coming on the weekend as hinterland will not be working during the weekends.
  5. And what would we do with a generator? It would only work during the aurora, and during the aurora we already have power.
  6. It would be cool if you could also wrap it around your head/body.
  7. Have a "pain meter" similiar to the freezing meter. Also have 2 types of painkillers. The normal ones we already have and a more effective but much rare perscription painkiller. Also painkillers should take around half an ingame hour to kick in.
  8. I have found all the notes expect locals part 3 which you get later in the story and forest talkers part 1. I looked it up and found no information on forest talker note 1. Where does this note spawn?
  9. IIRC raph had stated tld takes place somewhere off the coast of vancouver island. I thought the foxes would steal meat but yeah it would be better if there were raccoons too.
  10. Bison seem kinda unneccessary and i dont think they live where tld takes place. Pheasant idea was nice but i dont think pheasants live where tld takes place. Boar idea is good but i dont think it fits the tld setting. (Also boars are quite big should be closer to 15kg meat) Foxes would be nice (-the rabies idea) and i would like to see them implemented. If you are using "elk" to refer to wapiti it could be cool to see them, (they are quite big would probably be closer to 25kg meat) Bats seem kinda unnecessary. Raccoons are also quite unnecessary and there would be no reason to hunt them if the hat was not good.
  11. My favorites are, -The long dark of course. -Project Zomboid. -theHunter Call of the Wild. -Battlefield V is quite fun imo. -Hearts of Iron 4 even though i dont play it much anymore.