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  1. No, rather let Will and Astrid teach a Harris technique for flash light: and let use storm latern left handed while hold a wheelgun.
  2. When i participated in house reconstruction, old toilet tank was full of clear water. But tank's walls were covered with mold. Not sure if safe to drink, so purification is understable.
  3. No. Also i would tame it and lure it into range of my .303 Lee, so its not worthy anyway. Maybe as living tincan of meat, but thats morbid even for Long Dark (level 666: eating of human corpses).
  4. Throwing knives is very hard skill to learn. Also why you would risk to loose very important tool for very unlike hit? Just pick a rock, Jesus.
  5. lol, no. uselees. totally.
  6. or move balaclava to accessory, instead of cover.
  7. I already suggested something similar. Handy when you in ondoor where is no stove. 📌
  8. Nah, only people you can meet are First nation and they are pretty nice. There is no cannibals in Canada. Also it would totally ruin whole atmosphere. Gun fights and sh*t. Also why other island when you can travel to mainland? how you know where next island is? Sorry, but no.
  9. Show blindness, that would be cool. However snow in TLD isnt reflexive. If you broke your leg in Interloper, you dead basically. No time to heal that.
  10. Moll


    By game technology it makes shooting easier. It makes your target bigger and because its hit scan raytraicing from middle of your monitor, it increases hit probability. Need of zeroing your scope (you have to burn some ammo to use it effectively would be cool). Or need of adjust range and wind hold overs would turn into long range shooting training app.
  11. Shouldnt be cairns to be spreaded into a new regions, like Bleak Inlet?
  12. Moll

    Use Less

    Like i said, paper items could be used as low end fire accelerant.
  13. Nah, waterfalls are meant to be loud and crows are source of craftable material. Why they should leave. There is yummy corpse, doesnt matter if looted.
  14. Moll


    Double barrel offers interesting choice of "repair" shot of last chance. Difference with single shot or double barrel would be condition of the gun. Less than 55 %, only one barrel is working. In other side, it sounds stupid. So single shot is easier way (probably more fit for abadoned area, than "yet modern" pump action).
  15. Moll


    different ammo would be totally mess to code. single shot break action would be much easier. I would like to get shotty, but i am sceptical. It wont probably happen.
  16. No helicopters will fly for you. Remember Will's plane?
  17. 3-5 questions per month? Lol, rather try online stream and answer questions suggested by chat (10 - 20 minutes). Then make Youtube playlist as archive with your recent videos with answers.
  18. HL may consider quality or interesting mods as inspiration or base for future updates. Community will make a part or work for you, basically.
  19. Hahaha. Never. Buy your brother a second computer.
  20. So, whats the point of papers, news, new rolls, when they have exactly as same function as tinder plug and they just exist as source of tinder plugs, when harvested? I think it would be much more interesting using news and stacks of papers as low chance accelerant (still possible to harvest for tinder plug too), when we have those items in game and they are redundant little bit present days (cuz tinder plugs are easy to get anyway by harvesting sticks). it makes sence, when add more paper, chance to create fire is much higher. @Admin Not sure if suggestion or not. But please th
  21. Actually, there were plans how to personalise your rifle. But no attachments (old Lee wont support it anyway).
  22. Shotgun is niche firearm for special application. As additional gun, OK. As replace for rifle. Hell no (altough rifle in TD is shortange weapon, still).
  23. This idea would be interesting for modded hunting rifle (basically different looking Lee) or shotgun. Nice troll would be if you can find damaged military grade rifle, but because there is no ammo for it, you just can scrap it for metal.
  24. Well simple, you dont need to find forge, when you have a lot of samplings. So there is a new way to play.