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  1. You have good ideas, my friend. I think the dev team don’t introduces a combat with another people at survival mode, or less a coop game (they said this In another post). but a new place like a island or a prison, will be amazing. And a combat with another kind of animals is my dream, but I don’t know about wild animal from canada
  2. I’m new player, The must time I can stay alive was 23 days, before a wolf coming from inside the fog and hit me, I use the knife , but come the second wolf I used a pistol and he runs way and I’m blending, walking blinds inside the fog, come the wolf 3 (or the first back) and kill me... 23 days, gone... I did a base, inside has deer skins, rabbit skins, ammo, food, and all lost. now I want live more this time and learn hunting.
  3. Because have a lot, some sleeping at day and another’s of nights.
  4. Heitor

    Hunt birds

    Good idea i think in nest and eggs for looting.
  5. Ok , the game is wonderful, but like ever good game have some room for improvements. i love this game and it really help playing for long time (without die; I want try suggesting this: 1 - after “clear” the dead animal, have the option to hide inside. 2- walk when eat. 3- use the wood of red fruit small tree. 4- some, nest and eggs. 5 - fix a vessel and go to another island (episode 6 or patch expansion), canibal enemies (people, not zombies) coop. 6 - rain, mud for camuflagem smell. 7- sorry about my English I’m from brazil.
  6. Let’s put some rewards in the game, for each 50 days alive