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  1. Never, if I must die it will be at the hands (or hooves, claws, or paws) of Mother Nature. Never give up, never surrender.
  2. There's an invisible bear somewhere near the plane in PV on my current run, I looted that area fast and will never return.
  3. I had the same thing happen to me, only it ended a little differently...
  4. @DaPepster I'm in the opposite pickle now, one thing of Dusting Sulphur and 7-8 Stump removers
  5. @sarudakYeah, I've got at least 7 stump removers now and zero sulphurs. I haven't explored the whole world yet, but ML, MT, FM, and BR have only had stump remover so far.
  6. So the character who couldn't find any Stump Remover in ML died due to stupid causes and in my new run I've found three Stump Removers in ML and no sulphur. Not sure if the RNGods love me or hate me.
  7. I just lost my ~280 day Voyageur in the Broken Railroad because I figured it wouldn't hurt too bad if I stood on a live wire during an Aurora. It was a real shock to me. (Pun intended) What are some stupid deaths you guys have had over the years?
  8. What I think he's referring to is the general map layout and how everything connects (ie HRV > MT > ML > PV > TM, etc). The main fear I'm seeing is that of certain transit areas being blocked off by decay which I wholeheartedly disagree with and I believe that is the alteration I'm guessing he's referring to. I wouldn't mind seeing manmade structures becoming less effective over a massive amount of time (ie 1% of condition loss for a house over the course of 100 days), but natural formations (ie caves and other transit zones) should not degrade. I'd be willing to deal with a house becoming less effective at keeping the cold out, but anything other than that is a no-go from me.
  9. The RNGods aren't favoring me, it seems. I just found two Stump removers in MT so now I have an extra Stump Remover and my OCD is getting triggered. Anyone want to trade?
  10. I think this could only work if you had the ability to make repairs, perhaps with a hammer and some reclaimed wood. I had thought about this some time ago, but more around the lines of having to maintain beds and perhaps other things like stoves where the more degraded the less effective it was, in the case of stoves this would be the inability to use certain slots or have the thing fail overall, but beds would probably have to be fully usable but with degraded temperatures and perhaps a reduction in rest. I don't think certain things like houses could ever be 100% unusable. If they did degrade it would simply reduce their effectiveness against outside weather conditions. This would also work well if they were to implement a new skill called maintenance which would effect tool sharpening, item repair, and building maintenance.
  11. Has anybody found Stump Remover in Mystery Lake? I've gone over the place twice now and nothing to show but a bag of Sulphur in the Trapper's Cabin. Playing on Voyager.