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  1. @Moll Oh, didn't know that about the SMLE. I've got a Mosin-Nagant and I can (and have had to with the bolt head) swap out more or less any part with any other mosin part.
  2. @Moll As per this idea, they wouldn't be that advanced. Stock and barrel would decrease accuracy, lock would increase risk of jams. The magazine, if broken, would simply force the user to use it as a single-shot rifle. The revolver wouldn't have a magazine on account of it being necessary for it to function. Would probably just have it be lock, stock, and barrel with the same effects of the rifle. The point of variable damage in weapons would be that maybe you come across a rifle with a shoddy magazine and another with a more functional one but a busted barrel. Swapping out the parts would mean that you could have one fully functional rifle over two partially functional ones. This would also never be more than those simple parts, this isn't Escape From Tarkov.
  3. I had this idea as I was walking through Mountain Town looking for revolver cartridges and other overlooked loot: what if tools had different parts that degraded? For example: hatchets and knives have two parts: the handle and the blade. Each of these parts have their own condition, meaning you can have a handle with a lower condition than the axe head/knife blade. The tool would still have an overall condition that is an average of both, but upon further inspection you would see the individual parts of the tool. This would also change what tools break down into. Instead of just scrap metal and wood, they would break down first into their base components leading to the potential of being able to take a hatchet with a good handle and one with a good axe head and combining them to make a hatchet with higher condition than before. As for repairs, blade items would still be repaired with whetstones. Handles could be repaired either with tools or with wood to make things easier. This would also apply to the rifle and revolver. To keep it simple I'd say three major parts: lock (action), stock, barrel with maybe the magazine as well. The lock and barrel would be repaired with the cleaning kit with the stock being repaired with tools or wood just like knives/hatchets. The hacksaw would still probably be the same as is, requiring tools and scrap to repair the blade and handle. For the hammer, would the head even realistically degrade? It's more or less just a lump of metal so it'd probably be the odd tool out. All in all, I feel like this would make maintenance a little more challenging and time consuming but could be a way to revamp the maintenance skill to something more than just a number.
  4. @DaPepster Sadly this is late game and all the PB I've found has been ruined ;(
  5. @matchstick Honestly? I'd leave the non-essentials behind as a cache, it's what I do. As to the rest, take your time and plan your trips. Find the fastest, safest route back home and stick to it. I had to do this recently with a trip from Timberwolf mountain to Pleasant valley, got a ton of gear down from the summit to the Mountaineering Hut and then to Pleasant valley in about 8 or 9 trips total.
  6. I think arrows are fine. Wasn't around for the OG rifle sights, I'll have to look those up but I don't have a problem with them.
  7. The best part about an exploit? You don't have to use it...
  8. I've seen big cats mentioned before as a possible new enemy and I'd be down for some sort of enemy that tracks you down, perhaps pathing to break line of sight behind objects and only striking from behind...but this makes it a little OP, so perhaps it would need something like the crows calling warnings around bears, but more subtle. An idea I had would be once the cat is in tracking mode and within rendering distance ambient sounds start to get muted while character sounds (namely footsteps, moving, and breathing) get slowly louder. Not to a point where you'll instantly recognize it, mind you. It would be a slow change where if you're not paying attention you'll miss it entirely and it will be too late...
  9. No, sanity as in morale. Though as mentioned above the two are not mutually exclusive.
  10. When/if a sanity mechanic is added to the game, I think a nice feature would be accessory items, basic toiletries and whatnot that give some sort of boost to your sanity, but degrade when being carried. Some examples might be: toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc. All of these would passively assist your sanity, weighing very little, but degrade over time and not be harvestable. In a real life scenario, having basic items like this can greatly help you keep sharp when times are tough. A mundane task such as brushing your teeth can do wonders for a lonely mind in a cruddy situation. What basic necessity items would you want in the apocalypse?
  11. 1. Mostly agree. If implemented there should be a way to conceal it, either via burial in the snow or something that either reduces or outright eliminates wolves or bears coming to steal food. Canines are known to bury their food for exactly this reason. Alternatively, having X number of meat stored outside makes wolves/bears change their pathing to an area around where the meat is stored. 2. Disagree. This would probably be too much of a pain to implement and doesn't really make sense in the first place. No other item disappears on its own (carcasses aren't items) and meat rotting totally to nothing would take an incredibly long time, especially in sub zero environments where microbes wouldn't be able to properly break it down. The only real reason carcasses despawn is to help declutter the world and increase performance. 3. Agree. I swear I recall the devs talking about this exact thing somewhere a while back. Something about carcass stealing. 4. Does it not? I swear I left some low condition venison in a container on one of my first playthroughs and it disappeared. In any case, rotten meat is still useful as a decoy while something like a ruined sewing kit isn't. Makes sense for the kit to disappear, but you can still get use out of ruined meat.
  12. I could go either way on this, mostly because the best thing about an exploit is this: you don't have to use it. If you don't like an exploit, then don't use it. I certainly don't, all my characters keep well fed whether they want to or not. The idea of an opposite to the well fed bonus is neat, but I feel the developers want to offer rewards over punishments. I also don't like it when folks say "It's not realistic" because TLD isn't a "realistic" survival game, it's what I would term a simple survival game. There's no management of waste, item storage is based on weight and not volume, sickness and wounds are beyond simplified, the list goes on and on. I'd like to see a Loper's opinion on this, I only ever play Voyager and Stalker.