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  1. This would just be for those times when you drop a buttload of sticks in front of your fireplace or dump a bunch of things on the ground and don't want to have to use an auto-clicker or sit there for a while to pick things up. The way it would work would be: upon activation, all items within a small radius around you are moved to your inventory after a small amount of time passes as if you had "Waited" (maybe 1-5 minutes). This would only pick up items that you have already "discovered" and would therefore not effect items that you have not yet collected.
  2. Random idea I had driving to work: what if bandages were re-useable? One way it could work is like this: after applying a bandage to either stop bleeding or cure a sprain you have some amount of time where you remain in a "wounded" status and further attacks or falls can cause your wounds to re-open and destroy the bandage for good. If, however, you pass this "wounded" status' time requirement you are rewarded with a dirty bandage (this would also use some of the bandage's condition, maybe 25-35%). Dirty bandages can be used in place of regular bandages, but using them comes with a
  3. Willy Pete


    This is something I've seen (and even posted about before) I do like the idea of foxes.
  4. True, I'm just too lazy to go through the extra effort.
  5. So turn them on in the settings? Are you talking about shadows of trees and whatnot? Because those are already in the game.
  6. There are "clips" in the game, mind you. They're the thing that the rifle cartridges are attached to when reloading 5 rounds at once.
  7. @odizzidoHaven't had a chance to yet, I live in a hot and dry climate so starting fires for fun isn't ideal. I have tried using just dryer lint before and it seemed to burn pretty slow. I might just light one on cement just to see how it burns.
  8. I'm bored and figured I'd post what is (in essence) a free way to make a decent firestarter. What you do is simple: collect dryer lint and use it to fill toilet paper rolls. It'll take a good few loads of laundry, but I've got a bunch of these things under my desk at home.
  9. I could go either way. Never needed a scope before.
  10. I had figured it would be an outer layer garment, meaning you would be sacrificing warmth and wind resistance but with very good armor. it could also work as an outer accessory, but it would probably need to be nerfed so that you couldn't have that plus the moose hide cloak and be incredibly damage-resistant. As to what regions it would connect to, it would probably be along the eastern coast of the map connecting to Desolation Point via another region. I have a couple ideas, one of which I will be posting in a day or two.
  11. That's the whole point of the game, though. You vs. Mother Nature, seeing how long you can survive. There is no end goal, just tomorrow.
  12. I agree with Moll on this one, the only way to have a balanced shotgun in the game would be with a single shot break action. High damage output with very slow reload speed.
  13. Maybe up north you would find a remote little island as a region. Getting to it would either require navigating a massive amount of weak ice or you could have a little rowboat or a little sailboat that would require repairs with wood and a heavy hammer. Once repaired, you would have to put a certain amount of food and water into a container in the boat. Then you could use it to row to the island with the food and water getting used up.