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  1. Just finished the episode for the first time, loved it! Now just gotta wait to loot the prison in Survival Mode.
  2. I was thinking it might be useful to have a feat that allows you to consume high-condition raw meat (something like 95% or higher) without the risk of food poisoning. It could be titled something like "Meat Eater" and require you to consume some ridiculous amount of cooked meats (something in the multiple tons). With this feat you would still be prone to intestinal parasites and would still get sick from eating any raw meat that's below 95%.
  3. I thought of this while looking through images I'd taken in-game and saw one where I was climbing down the long rope in BI with some Timberwolves directly below me. Fortunately I had a revolver and max level revolver at the time so they weren't an issue. However, I did have the idea: what if wolves and bears could grab at climbing rope while you were on it and sort of yank it around to try to make you fall off. The simplest way to do this would be by making it take large chunks out of your sprint bar when they attack but only if you are moving up or down the rope. This would occur at
  4. @OmnijackWould that work? Typically bandages need to be more cotton-based or otherwise more readily absorbent of liquid (blood in this case)
  5. @Stinky socksDoesn't fit within the current weapons meta. @s7mar7inThat's a little excessive, no? The Long Dark is about simple survival, not excessive weapons crafting. Similar to Stinky, doesn't fit the meta.
  6. I feel like it's cheap that you can just hop inside a building or car and predators just forget all about you. So how about a mechanic where, after moving into a building or car there's a period of time where the animal that was looking to say hello with its teeth (or hooves in the case of a moose) waits at the door for you? This is accompanied by sounds of scratching or growling to signify that the beast is at the door (or the animal just circles the vehicle if you're in a car) for X amount of time (~30 minutes maybe) where, should you go back outside the animal will be waiting and ready for
  7. "*Grunt* Too heavy" In all seriousness, it really depends on the game and I normally don't use it due to stamina reduction more than anything else. I always run with the bearskin bedroll. My first few Voyageurs when I thought that warmth and wolf fear = everything I was running around with the bearskin coat. Now that I'm more experienced and play Stalker I typically run with either the moose hide for armor or the wolfskin for wolf fear. I did find a bearskin coat in my most recent playthrough and wore it for a bit, but wound up leaving it behind in a stash.
  8. I'm going to start this off by saying that as the game currently stands weapon balance is perfect and we don't need any new weapons (besides the bear spear). However, either of these two items would satisfy a desire to fill up slots on the weapons wheel and so I'll make an argument for them to be added. Both of these weapons would be rare, maybe even rarer than the distress pistol with select, hard-to-reach locations as spawns. First up: the muzzleloader. I've seen posts about this one before and while they never really struck my fancy, I do think it could have a place among the other wea
  9. This would just be for those times when you drop a buttload of sticks in front of your fireplace or dump a bunch of things on the ground and don't want to have to use an auto-clicker or sit there for a while to pick things up. The way it would work would be: upon activation, all items within a small radius around you are moved to your inventory after a small amount of time passes as if you had "Waited" (maybe 1-5 minutes). This would only pick up items that you have already "discovered" and would therefore not effect items that you have not yet collected.
  10. Random idea I had driving to work: what if bandages were re-useable? One way it could work is like this: after applying a bandage to either stop bleeding or cure a sprain you have some amount of time where you remain in a "wounded" status and further attacks or falls can cause your wounds to re-open and destroy the bandage for good. If, however, you pass this "wounded" status' time requirement you are rewarded with a dirty bandage (this would also use some of the bandage's condition, maybe 25-35%). Dirty bandages can be used in place of regular bandages, but using them comes with a
  11. Willy Pete


    This is something I've seen (and even posted about before) I do like the idea of foxes.
  12. True, I'm just too lazy to go through the extra effort.
  13. So turn them on in the settings? Are you talking about shadows of trees and whatnot? Because those are already in the game.
  14. There are "clips" in the game, mind you. They're the thing that the rifle cartridges are attached to when reloading 5 rounds at once.