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  1. I put down the visors so I know that I went through the vehicle already. It would be nice to get a letter or a photo, matches even.
  2. I think that is very well said. I like they way you think 👍🏽
  3. Lol thanks for your feedback 👍🏽. I would be so happy to see the ideal come to life. I keep thinking about it! I would think to just not let it drop anything from the befriended wolf 🤔
  4. Alright guys. I think you have some serious and valid points. I agree that the game would change too drastically and doesn’t quite fit into what Hinterland has created. that’s ok, I’ll just continue to enjoy! Starting with this new update 👍🏽 -Tan Man
  5. I think this would be the greatest obstacle to my wolf ideal. Greatest argument against it.
  6. Wow that is really interesting with the auroras, I didn’t know that about the fish! Very cool. but I can see possible fixes for that. What if the wolf went aggressive to you as usual during the aurora and “forgets” you? You must take the chance that the wolf will turn on you at night! But when the aurora is finished he “remembers you”. thank you for your feedback.
  7. Thank you for your feedback! 1) I figured it as not a requirement to gain a wolf’s trust, so if you want to be alone you can go without it. 2) I think the need to feed the wolf would mean you would have to hunt more often and thus make survival still difficult. Plus there would be no 100% guarantee that the wolf would survive or even help you fight and hunt. 3) I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your words. But killing the rabbits with a stone is really easy for me, I find this not challenging to begin with.
  8. It would be cool if you could get through the snow faster with snow shoes. I always see people crafting these on survivor shows. It’s just sticks and line! In game, they can be fragile and break easy when you’re on a slope. And they only work well in the snow, it would make you very slow on the ice or road etc. -Tan Man
  9. It sounds more of a fun ideal. It would be inferior to the bow and arrow which has far better range and more energy efficient. I feel like the devs purposely made the hatchet and knives defense and crafting tools only.
  10. Hey Long Darkers, I have been thinking about if you could gain the trust of the solo wolves, the same process as we turned wolves into man's best friend. I keep thinking, when I make a fire to harvest a freshly killed dear it scares the wolf away when he gets too close. But lets say, when he comes back I put out a piece of meat for him so he starts to associate me with an easy meal. After repeating this process multiple times, trust is made for the ultimate goal of the wolf becoming your companion. This process can work only for the lone black wolves and only in the bonfire envi
  11. For the time compression, perhaps the "in real time" changed from 45min-1hr to like 20 minutes (game time). Then the sync could be manageable. Probably more realistic irl too. That way, if someone needs to sleep to stay alive they could at least take the edge off until they could get back with their partner. Maybe getting out of sync had a limit to a few hours, and could reset when going into a building or sleeping together. or of course when time came back in sync naturally when the other payer takes the same time doing something else. Love the current game as is. Just making s
  12. Survivin n thrivn!