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  1. i basically did and chuckled seeing a wolf just retract its head into its shoulders and lie there for a second. That or it ragdolls and shakes violently making half life slamming noises.
  2. Oh. My. God. I just thought of if you taze the wolf it just folds in on itself like some sort of fuzzy turtle and my mind went blank from the thought.
  3. I feel there would be a couple different ways to use it, like for attack/defense. One would be planting the spear like we've seen in the story mode. Another could be charging up the spear to throw, takes a while to bring up and bring to full throw charge, (like a bow's draw), but the power would be devastating to anything it hits, potentially one shotting deer and maybe wolves. A third could be charging the spear for a traditional stab, could ward off a predator for a second after you stab at it and cause that animation for when a flare is lit, (when they stand there snarling, but don't rush y
  4. I saw at one point where someone suggested adding hollow point ammunition to use against bears and such. Umm? Those kinds of bullets wouldn't do a thing, full metal jacketed bullets maybe, but not a hollow point.
  5. I like the idea of a, "the ultimate challenge", type of mode being in the game(although I'd never play it). it'll give the players that are diehard players that know every nook and cranny and how to survive in this game the biggest challenge they can get. I think people would like it if it was added.
  6. I hate how true this is. You take one step onto the ice: "AH AH AH YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD"
  7. I love the basketful of pills, can never have too many in the long dark!
  8. I love how Astrid looks done with everything, great piece bruv.
  9. Fair. That's pretty fair.
  10. I think that considering that it seems like Black Rock will be the next location for chapter 4 and having to deal with inmates, the decision might have it's impact there. If you don't kill Hobbs, he might appear and say how you helped him and get you a lesser punishment or whatever. But if you killed him, the rest of the inmates will do whatever they were going to do to you without anyone stopping them. If that's the case I think it would be really neat.
  11. Those are stereotypical nighttime bird noises and that does add to the night's ambience. those are the only others that i've heard, loons and owls, not songbirds. And you talk about how torches and stones repel wolves effectively, but how would that add to other animals if implemented? Just because something works on one animal doesn't mean it'll work on everything. And it doesn't always come with a price of ambience, but sometimes will give it out.
  12. that's because they're crows, they don't really care. But having any weapon in the game makes it easier but having more predators would mean you use up your ammo faster, and as far as I can tell, it would take a bit to make your arrows again. Even if those predators get distracted by other prey animals, there could just as easily be another around the bend. But still, the game could have a fresh helping of new animals to at least keep the player busy, otherwise the game becomes... oh what dd he say? that's it! Survival mode needs more for the player to do, because as it stands, all you
  13. I... I fail to see where you're going with this. Adding more animals wouldn't make it like that veen if you meant it as a joke. Of course everything in the game becomes easier when you get a rifle, but what about when you don't have that luxury? That's more animals to worry about avoiding and adds to that idea of survival at all costs. This I agree with. Currently, the only animals in the game are: Wolves, Black Bears, Moose, Deer, Rabbits, Timberwolves, And the fish. And how often do you see these animals, even with a high spawn rate? Adding more animals, even if localized, wo