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  1. imma keep it 100, i'd rather see a 30-30 or 45-70 lever action than a .303 british rifle. I just think it would make more sense, since a LA is considered more "outdoorsy"
  2. Btw,, why is the weight doubled when you quarter an animal?
  3. Why are the character's skin white, and not another color? Is it easier to do that or what?
  4. What's double posting
  5. Bimbobjoejr.


    I was thinking about a debuff and this is what I came up with. Burnt mouth: drinking water after it has just been boiled Will burn your mouth. The debuff causes you to lose condition eating too hot things and eating dry/ hard foods( jerky, granola bars, meat, energy bars, etc.) you can eat soup, milk, and other things. If you eat any of the "hard" foods I listed above, you will suffer condition loss ( around 5% -10% depending on food) The debuff will cure itself after 3 days, or by eating cold foods, then the time is split in half. I don't know if anyone thinks this would work or not, but this IS a wishlist right?
  6. I just completed chapter 1 and, although I really liked it, I was wondering if u guys could maybe add more missions in it. Like find a missing person for grey mother in river valley, or more things to do. I'm not trying to sound like a jacka** but I just found it to be too short. Could I just add more stuff to do in chapter 1 pls?
  7. Then how does the moose hide satchel help. Its basically the same thing
  8. Bimbobjoejr.


    So we wish we could carry more stuff, so what if we could find better backpacks throughout the world. Here are some types I thought of: Light backpack: uncommon, you can carry 10 lbs, 5 kg. You can find these in any man made structure or corpse. Medium backpack: fairly rare, you can carry 15 lbs/7 kg extra. Can only be found mostly in main structures, sometimes in smal buildings. (main structure being ML camp office, PV farmgrounds, etc. Large backpack: extremely rare, can carry 20 lbs/ 9 kg, can only be found in industrial bulidings( Carter dam, Hibernia processing, etc) These items would be placed in "accessories", and can be found throughout the region, I.... Hope this doesn't backfire on me. Anyhoo, thanks for reading my suggestion!
  9. Deer could be a possibility. How do you think they tamed wild horses in the wild west? Just takes a while, maybe after 50 days?( I know people will disagree but give it a chance)
  10. That's... Where I got the layout for it from
  11. Yea now that you put all that detail into it, that would make more sense than my idea
  12. This sounds really fun though! And being able to ride the deer, that would be good
  13. What if we don't have to bring fluffy to the dam, but bring her OUT. Like we find her in the dam, then we have to bring her OUT of the dam. She then will be thankful for it and help you out when needed. I don't know about this but, again, it's a thought