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About Me

  1. I got the dark walker feat without doing the challenge, maybe I got it when I played it in October and didn’t notice but it told me that I got it when I started a new survival in February. I am on PS4 by the way
  2. Hi. The attached printscreen show the Payload bar almost full (>90%) while the payload is only 81% (sac à dos is french, it means backpack)... In addition, actually the Payload bar should be part of the HUD, as it's something the character permanently feels... No need to add the exact payload value to the HUD, just the bar... The payload bonus green symbol on the HUD is useless... Regards.
  3. The Windows version works fine, there's a problem with cloud saves for the Mac version.
  4. Right now in The Long Dark most of your playthrough will be spent during daytime. And during that time the game looks great. The game also generally looks great at night. With one glaring exception. The falling snow particles at night. The falling snow particles at night aren’t just bad, it’s downright disorienting. I’m not joking when I say they give me a headache and make me feel uncomfortable. Moving the camera quickly will leave me completely disoriented, and not in a good “it’s so dark I don’t know where I am” kind of way, but in a “these white particles are making it hard to
  5. Hi. I noticed the Fatigue Reduced bonus from coffee don't work. I saved (sleeped) next to a rope climb spot, then tried that rope climbing, with and without coffee. It ended with the exact same fatigue loss (yes, I know coffee first raise fatigue +10%, unless fatigue is already full). I did not pay attention about that working correctly until today. It was in Ash Canyon. I play a custom game. PC version. Does anyone noticed this bug since 1.92 update, please ? Regards.
  6. After 10 days, even if I put they into my chest. And these is breaking my decoration of my house what rage me soo much....
  7. Image album with examples in Milton and my settings (FPS counter in top left) I've no mods installed and graphics drivers are the latest. Anyone else experiencing lower fps when looking at the ground? Edit #1: Was testing, and I can fix and reproduce this by changing the SSAO setting from High to Medium. On High, the FPS drops dramatically when looking at the ground. On Medium there's no change in FPS. Edit #2: Now I have a bit more time, here's my specs for the record: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50G
  8. Polaroid in Ash Canyon.mp4 This must be a bug,so I got it with another bug. Can they be fixed in next update? @ hinterland
  9. Couldn't interact with it at all at first, with my own inventory only partially visible and not possible to interact with either. Eventually it was possible to put stuff in and remove things, but the counter only updated on removals, and took into account stuff I had removed to trigger it. Managed to finish the mission and the episode in the end, but it took my experience as a programmer knowing I could try to reload the game and essentially "hack" my way through. See picture for build version.
  10. I know more or less the ash canyon, but I don't know where the best hunting and living point is. The last time I was leaving the area, I walked into a fishing shed and realized there was a house leaving with a rope on the cross. At least I'm thinking of staying there the first time I go. If there are better and more convenient topics and you say so, you will make me happy.
  11. There's no short film like in the title. But there's a noise. If I have to tell you anything extra to do, please tell me.
  12. Hey, haven't played TLD for quite a while now and just came back to it after the latest Update. But, TLD is unplayable for me on a Macbook Pro - see the attached screenshots. As soon as the menu loads, the graphics is broken. In-game graphics is not much better. So, i have the latest Update of TLD, macOS Catalina (10.15.7). It also doesn't matter if i am running TLD fullscreen or windowed. I've tried to lower the graphic settings to no avail. It also does not matter if i am attaching an external screen or not. My machine: Macbook Pro 15", 2018; 2,2GHz 6 core i7; 16GB Ram; Radeon Pro
  13. I'm currently stuck on the spear mission. When I get to the lodge I can grab it from the mantle, the cutscene plays, then the thing disappears, the quest does not update and looking at the (empty) shelf it says "broken bear spear" like before, just without the option to interact with it. Any idea what's going on or how to fix this?
  14. I am fairly new to the game while having some experience and map knowledge I’m having some problems finding a good base location, so if anyone can give me some tips or info that would be much appreciated. (I’m tossing up between DP, CH and PV) thanks
  15. This is my first time writing a guide, it will have some grammatical errors because my native language is not English XD OK, don't talk nonsense, go straight to the topic: 0. Starting point: climber hut 1. Equipment: Food, water It's recommended to take a flare gun, if not, then a bow (if u are not confident, take a gun) A climbing rope Clothes (maintain body temperature above -10ºC is enough, otherwise, how to climb the mountain XD) 10 servings of scented tea or coffee 5 signal flare (or Marine Corps flare or torch) 2. Route Start from the climber’s hut an
  16. After the forum is renewed, nothing is in place, how do I find it? He says he's got a notice, but he's not taking me there. Can you help me, please?
  17. Salut à tous, j'ai fais revivre ce wiki pour la communauté francophone (les infos viennent en grande partie du wiki anglais): Vous y trouverez la plupart des informations essentielles à votre survie, mode histoire, défis, objets, faune etc... Il pourra y avoir encore quelques mises à jours de temps en temps, mais je pense avoir atteint mon objectif en fournissant ce wiki assez complet. Chacun est libre de le compléter si le cœur lui en dit. Amusez vous bien dans le Grand Nord Canadien
  18. Evening All, This post is just a simple FAQ for the forums for our new members. The same questions keep getting asked so why not start and FAQ? The problem is, the only question I remember with any frequency is how to do spoiler tags so feel free to add the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that help you post For Spoiler Tags: Write the following using square brackets [] as opposed to regular brackets (): (spoiler) The stuff you don't want to spoil (/spoiler) Like so:
  19. I encountered an issue with the latest build as of December 19, 2020, build 1.92 70699 S on STEAM. It does not remember custom key bindings. In this particular case, I set Sprint to the [R] key, and Reload to the [L] key. It works fine for the current session, but after returning to the game with Resume, the bindings are reset to the defaults. Although I don't think it's unique to me, if necessary I would be happy to provide a saved game and other details.
  20. Just refreshing the /forums route I ended up in the install script for the forum software. After going back and trying again, it refreshed normally. But you might want to check it out.
  21. I always do a search before posting a question so hopefully I didn't miss an answer somewhere. I'm playing the Nintendo switch version of the game and I can't seem to save on survival? How would I be able to get any of these rewards? xD. I definitely can't leave my system going 24/7. I read up that it has an auto save feature but to my dismay after playing for several hours I come back to the menu and it just gives me the new game option.. uuuuhhhhgggg I really like the story mode but it definitely lacks alot of the intricacies of the stand alone survival mode. At least it gives me t
  22. Hi there, I have just started up TLD after a few months of not playing it. I have the latest macbook Pro with Catalina v 10.15 on it. When I run the game the first few frames work fine, however when I get to the game start menu the background is dancing colorful dots (see screenshot). How can I solve this issue? Thanks, Dasha
  23. Yes, find it at last Actually, there's not any frequentity. Aurora works on demand. What about this one? Yesterday when I went to bleak inlet to make bullets, I came across the electric door and I was bored. Anyway, I stayed there for a few days, and I pressed the button every night. They didn't cause any trouble because I killed most of them on the hill on the right when the wolves came around. Although the second time they came to get back at me, I was waiting at the door, and I'm in a safe place, so I shot them all and got rid of them. Then I read the forum here and fo
  24. Hi, started playing the Story mode for the first time today but I'm stuck currently. Right now I'm trying to complete the side quest for The Grey Mother to collect extra food for her (20000 Calories) however, although I still have some more food to put in the fridge I can't actually put anything else in, as it says the fridge is full. I've tried taking stuff out, getting it right on the 40.00 KG mark, talking to Grey Mother, nothing. I'm stuck, help?
  25. I have tried restarting the game several times and I get the same problem (PC, Steam). I get to the lodge, take the spear down from the mantle, get the little cut scene and then the mission still says to get the spear at the lodge and when I look at the mantel (that the spear is now gone from) it says "cave bear spear". If I reboot the game the spear is back and I rinse and repeat. Any suggestions? I have checked the game files and all is well. Thanks, Bren