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  1. I have been trying so hard to get past the wolf attacks when bringing the survivor back to the shelter. I have three bullets in my revolver and although they do deplete some of the pack morale, it’s never enough. I can’t get past them! Im at the point where Im almost willing to pay someone to do it for me. Someone please help and tell me how to get past this!
  2. I'm up on timberwolf mountain, and I watched a wolf chase a deer behind the Mountaineer's hut. Considering I had been struggling to hit anything with my bow all day, I thought I'd seize the opportunity. But the wolf had killed the deer on a steep slope, and I assume it died and clipped through the ground. The wolf was still "eating" it, and eventually birds showed up, but there's no visual clue of the carcass being there, and I can't access it. So I track down the wolf. It runs to the west side of the lake, up a slope, then running along a slope to its right. I plug a second arrow into it, It dies and clips into the slope. Taking both of my arrows with it. So I wasted all day and got a net negative. Pretty frustrating for me.
  3. I recently time capsuled to 1.56. When I went to start a new game, I noticed I had ZERO feats/badges, etc. Luckily, before I capsuled, I backed up my user001 file. I was able to revert to 1.61, restore my user001 file and my badges were back. This same thing happened after I had completed day 1 of 4DON. When I restored the user001 file, I had my feats, etc. back but I had lost my progress I made on Day 1 so I will be unable to get the 4 day badge this year Is it normal for badges to reset when capsuling?
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can change my Display Name here in the forums. I’ve been away for a while but I’m getting back into the game. I’d prefer not to create a brand new account, but using this name isn’t going to work anymore.
  5. I was making my way through the cave and I got to a wooden bridge (this was shortly after I got to the “room” with the lockers and workbench. I walk into the bridge wood path and all of a sudden I hear tumbling rocks kind of like a rock collapse and Astrid is screaming. But my game freezes. The sounds stop but I can’t move my character or anything. I can’t access my in game inventory or anything either. The included pic is the bridge I’m talking about. This is where I’m frozen. I have completely restarted the game and this still happens. (The picture of the bridge is after the rock falling noises and astrids scream)
  6. Hello guys I have an unusual problem with the game. As title mentions the game works with my integrated GPU (Intel 630 HD) at lowest detail while when I try to launch it with the dedicated GPU ( GTX 1050 4 GB) there is a white window like as it freeze (when launched as windowed) when launched as fullscreen it freeze but if I press ALT+Tab two or three times I can get only sound in both scenarios described. I have an Acer Aspire VX 5 591G, Intel 7300HQ 8GB ram and SSD. tell me what is going on. No crash report or error pop ups
  7. How to get a 2018 Twilight Badge ve Midnight Badge? Is it possible with a time capsule? Or will I never have one?
  8. I have rescued three survivors. Carried each one back to the Community Center. Placed each survivor on an empty bed. The last survivor I carried in was Ava. The last empty bed stays red and I cannot place on the bed. Journal says I have only rescued two survivors and Priest tells me to get back out there.
  9. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I have collected all three survivors and brought them to the community hall. My map shows no more people to find yet my quest log only shows that I’ve collected one person. All three people are in their beds in the hall. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know how to fix this without completely restarting? The game will not let me move forward.
  10. Episode three is great. Nice new additions to PV. I actually like the mechanic of having to carry survivors. However, it seems a number of issues have been introduced into the game since the update. Here are those I've noticed: Mystery Lake Forestry Lookout door opens into the wall (see attached images). Wolves near Derailment in Mystery Lake do not bleed out. At least one building in Thomson's Crossing is named "Coastal House" on entry. At least one building in Thomson's Crossing does not have a name on the charcoal map (hover over name appears as black square). Neither the Community Hall nor Molly's Barn will appear on the charcoal map.
  11. Where does the Lost & Found box spawn in Pleasant Valley? I have an ongoing Stalker game where I'm in Pleasant Valley, camped in the barn-with-the-fire-barrel at Three Strikes Farmstead. Before the game updates to Crossroads Elegy, I was in the midst of cooking deer steaks, and had some packaged food lying in the snow inside the back room of the barn. All of that is gone. I had no food on my person. So the food stores I had planned to have - upon waking up in the middle of the night, to continue cooking - are gone. I've looked in the barn and around the barn, as well as in and around the other two buildings at Three Strikes Farmstead. I'm not finding a Lost & Found box. I can strike out from where I am now, and hope to find food that I left back at the farmstead, or maybe scrounge for cattails not yet harvested. But I would much rather head straight for wherever the Lost & Found box is. I'm posting this in the Forums, rather than submitting a bug report to Support, because I'm guessing I just need a pointer on where to find it. If this is actually a bug - e.g. "it should be within 10 feet of you" - then I'll submit a bug report.
  12. Hello, I'm currently at the end of Episode 3 and I'm extremely frustrated - no matter what I do, I can't find the mine. I'm pretty sure it's burried underneath the snow and the game didn't put the snow away, so I can't see it. Is this the case or did I understand this incorrectly? I've even waited for the monstrous blizzard to pass, but I still can't seem to find it. If this is a bug, does anybody have a save that's directly before you enter the mine? It would mean the world for me, thanks. -Azdrawee
  13. I've already submitted a bug for this but opening up discussion here. Ep 3 intro movie plays, then when the game starts and the playable character is walking around with a rifle it crashes just about a minute in, same place every time. Completely crashes the graphics card driver. Steam on Linux. Game playable in sandbox mode without issue.
  14. I don't have a video yet, but in the intro cutscene of Ep 3, the stranger walks toward the crow where Astrid is, but the scene jumps back 5 seconds or so and goes in this infinite loop. The cutscene will thus not advance.
  15. Hi, I don't know if this is a problem with my computer screen or the quality and display options, but I now have small pixelated dots around objects when I'm playing. Has anyone else experienced this recently and is it a bug?
  16. So I've started to look for help first on steam forums then directly to emailed hinterland like 2-3 months ago still with no response. I'll try my luck here too. I own the steam version of TLD. I'm on mac os x mojave, imac 27" late 17, which is a more than enough system to handle TLD. Until I started to get this bug, I was able to play just fine anyway.I'm having this chronic crash right after launching the game since one or two months, did clean instal multiple times and tried start options but still having the issue. Game starts rather slowly and sometimes even freezes the machine until it responds after a while but as soon I'm in "disclaimer" screen with piano playing, and I hit any button to skip, game crashes to desktop. *On one occasion today, I've been able to make it to the main menu. I've seen some community updates on the way such as the third episode to be released in 22th Oct. and I've been told that I survived 1852 days..I never survived that long let alone played that long. After a few seconds of main menu experience, I got crashed to desktop again.. Like I've said, I've been able to play the game on the same machine, and same os x until now. I do not know what is wrong. I do not have any mods installed by the way. Multiple clean installs, and verifications did not solve the issue.Anyone have any idea?
  17. Yesterday TLD and windows both updated (not sure if it was a TLD update but have the new messages up front about episode 3 etc). Now my save files are gone from the game as are my feats. I'm 290 days in and one location from achieving Faithful Cartrographer. I found the files in windows folder. Please help!
  18. I thought Items wasn't supposed to respawn in the game? I am in mystery lake and I've been to the derailment many times I know I have been there because I remember going up the tree to the right to enter the one cart to loot it well this is my 3rd time passing through and all the containers were searchable again and had loot, the simple tools was back in the exact same spot my first set was. It even said "new location discovered" like I have never been there before yet I have. Did Hinterland change it so items can now respawn other than stick, coal, rocks etc? If so that was a poor design choice. Please tell me this is a bug. This is on voyager mode, ps4
  19. I loaded up whiteout and as soon as I started I noticed the bed in the Quonset was transparent. I thought it was odd but thought it there might be a few bugs in the challenges that hinterland is to busy to fix. Well after sleeping the night away I woke up the next day and the bed was fixed, so started heading out of the garage and saw that now one of the tool cases was transparent. As I've been playing through whiteout interactable terrain keep half vanishing and reappearing all across the map. So after finishing whiteout opened my current survival save and luckily everything seems fine there. It doesn't have any major game play effect but I don't think this is a glitch you want in your game.
  20. Hello, Since I could not find any "search function" in this forum. I had to start a new one. Apologies if this question was made some time before. Objective: To find the Buffer Memory at the "Mystery Lake - Lower Dam". Situation: The game mode is "Archivist". Currently at Carter Hydro Dam - Lower Level (past the dead guy with the broken arrow & lantern). I have spent 5 days, 4 nights in Carter Dam. Mostly at the lower levels. With depleting food (and patience). I have walked as far as the map would allow me to go. Without having to take the "Emergency Exit Only" door. I figured it would lock me out, once I do. The furthest room (the one with broken window, and snow that have drifted in). I've spent a night there to tick off this objective. But sadly, none of the computers there were it. I've back tracked from that room. Where there's a walkway bridge on far left. There is a desk with two monitors, very close to the live electrical wire that is exposed during the special time. That too was a no go. Now, I'm having to find food, boil water, and trying to time the irregular aurora events to find the pesky objective computer. Basically, I'd appreciate if someone could direct me towards the right direction. Have I missed something? The title of the mission, err objective is "Mystery lake - Lower Dam". I'd presume that the objective computer monitor is on the "lower level"? Thanks in advance.
  21. This problem does not bother me but just felt to report it. So at least for me when I pick up a spawn bow or craft one my character pulls the bow out and there is nothing there but the animation'ss are still there like holding it draw relax even the arrow is there but if you relog the bow is no longer invisible and all is well. This is not a one time bug, I have had multiple saves and lifes that had this bug. P.S:How do the little rock stacks work the ones that say "This story is not yet written" can I write a "story" or is that for special people?
  22. Okay, I'm on day 4 of sitting in TWM Chasm cave with my buddy Frank waiting for an aurora. Bad luck with RNG? Have any of you experienced such long waits during this challenge?
  23. Will tld run on a PC with a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor and Radeon RX 590 Red Devil 8gb video card as I am changing my exsiting PC. If I change is it a case of moveing the save games from one PC to the other?. Thanks for any advice
  24. The game doesn't load past the 'press any key to continue' disclaimer screen. I bought this for AUD$13 from Microsoft. It says it is for Xbox and PC. I presume if it was only Xbox then it wouldn't even install on my rig. The sys specs are more than enough for it. I have been using my friend's steam copy as well at max graphics. Is this the problem? That there are 2 copies installed, although in dif locations? I heard it may be the Microsoft store not being able to connect? Other ideas? Thanks all. Great game indeed.
  25. I could use a bit of help to understand the current set of open issues but specifically one problem that we are seeing reported on the Facebook community group, to wit: " Anyone broke the things in camp office and noticed your draws upstairs rising higher each time and the filing cabinet draws down? Dudes, the game has swallowed an entire f*****g draw from the filing cabinet..... Good thing i noticed and took my stuff out .... " I think he means Drawers Implies that there is a work around.