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About Me

  1. Evening All, This post is just a simple FAQ for the forums for our new members. The same questions keep getting asked so why not start and FAQ? The problem is, the only question I remember with any frequency is how to do spoiler tags so feel free to add the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that help you post For Spoiler Tags: Write the following using square brackets [] as opposed to regular brackets (): (spoiler) The stuff you don't want to spoil (/spoiler) Like so:
  2. I can't find the spot for Forlorn Muskeg Hat Creek Radio Tower Vista Location. I have gone all around the tower but can't find the vista spot anywhere. Anyone else having the same problem? The other two towers and all the other vista locations have worked so far just fine. This is my 8th vista location now.
  3. Hey I play guitar and here's what I've figured out the screens black so I don't show my face but you should be able to hear the audio VID_20221104_123116.mp4
  4. Hi, has anyone else experienced any issues with pulling torches since the most recent bugfix? Recently, only two of over thirty torches that I have pulled have been over 20% in their condition; prior to the update, I regularly pulled 40% torches without any trouble. I’m curious, is this RNG, bad luck, a bug, or an intended change?
  5. Hi, today i added a bunch of mods to tld, the game runs great but there seems to be much more loose loot then there should be. Im using my own custom difficulty, 8lmY-mi4O-GzoD-TQR2-9+IF This difficulty should have interloper levels of loose and container loot with the stalker loot table, but i feel like im finding way more loot then i should be. On my first run, i found a bedroll, cooking book and box of revolver ammo at the poachers camp in forlorn muskeg. Second run on timberwolf mountain i found a hatchet in the fishing hut, which is nothing unusual, but then i found a knife, hacksaw, ski jacket, and more in the mountaineers hut. The level of container loot was fine, loose loot is the issue. I am playing the newest steam version of tld on windows 10. My FULL list of mods is: -Alcohol mod for modcomponent -Alternative action utilities -Animal behaviour -Ankle support -Bandage overhaul -Better fuel management -Better mending XP -Candlelight -Choose starting gear (turned off in mod settings) -Crafting revisions -Disable chromatic aberration -DIY by santana -Fire pack -Foods by santana -Food tweaker -Free look in cars -Gear spawner -Hunger revamped -Improved soundtrack -Keyboard utilities -Localization utilities -Mod component -Mod settings -Movable containers -Northfolk clothing pack -Placing anywhere -Radial menu utilities -Relentless night -Sun orientation fixes -Wooden statuettes Any help with this would be appreciated.
  6. I've been playing TLD in survival on Steam/PC for years and bought it in early/pre-release and never really had any problems but since update 2.01, I've had a bug where when I do a survey, live animals show up as carcasses on the map. I have played both with and without mods and the problem remains either way. This happens in every region now and I discovered on reddit that others have had the same problem and they play on console so this isn't just a PC bug. I have attached a screenshot showing the carcasses everywhere (which are really live animals). I tried all the traditional troubleshooting steps to no avail. I always keep my game up-to-date and it is currently on version 2.02. I have never heard of this bug before but hopefully it can be fixed soon. Thank you to anyone out there who may help.
  7. So I've just started my modded TLD journey and have immediately hit rather an important snag! Hoping someone will know what I've done wrong. I've installed a few mods per instructions and got the game to work. Unfortunately... As soon as I spawned I realised there was a big problem. Went to pick up a stick LMB as usual... and couldn't! So I quit the game, removed QuickPick and ItemStack from the Mod directory to see if it was one of those. Reloaded TLD. Resumed game... still couldn't. So I tried starting a new game in case the fact I had deleted the above two somehow applied to resuming the game. Same problem on the new game. I went through the Mod Settings to see if I could work out what's going on but couldn't see anything which would prevent this. Also checked the regular Keybindings just in case but LMB was set to interact as usual. I do hope someone can help, I was so excited about better QoL I felt was needed after playing since 2016. Plus I froze my unmodded 200 day survivor into The Long Dark because I was starting to get bored with it anyway and thought I would start afresh. Thank you in advance!
  8. I am haunted by very unpleasant graphic problems that prevent me from playing. A few details. I recently bought a new laptop with a rather unusual screen resolution of 2560x1600. From that moment on, I started having incomprehensible graphic problems (however, everything is fine on my main PC). To be very brief and clear, the essence of the problem lies in the fact that when the picture is static, everything is fine, only the picture is dynamic, that is, when I start running or move the camera, all the textures of trees/furniture/partly the sky start to glow strangely. I tried a bunch of options to fix it but nothing helped, I can't figure out if the problem is with my screen on my new laptop or maybe even the video card. I did not change any settings, everything is standard. I also did not install any modifications, this graphic bug appears on any graphics settings. And the strange thing is that when I decided to record the screen to show it, it is not visible in the video itself. That's why I had to shoot on my phone, the video perfectly shows when I start moving the mouse on the borders of the textures, incomprehensible nonsense appears, and when the picture is static, everything is fine. video_2022-09-12_16-59-51.mp4
  9. As you can see I have explored 100% and I have mapped every locations. And I still haven't gott faithfull cartographer trophy. And I also have this surveyed locations bug which shows that I haven't mapped any locations. I asked on twitter "am I still able to get that trophy" And long dark twitter said "yes because It's only visual bug. So now what? Have you guys seen this one before?
  10. I want to play in tthe long dark with mods but cant find save link for download MelonLoader. Please help!
  11. Salut à tous, j'ai fais revivre ce wiki pour la communauté francophone (les infos viennent en grande partie du wiki anglais): Vous y trouverez la plupart des informations essentielles à votre survie, mode histoire, défis, objets, faune etc... Il pourra y avoir encore quelques mises à jours de temps en temps, mais je pense avoir atteint mon objectif en fournissant ce wiki assez complet. Chacun est libre de le compléter si le cœur lui en dit. Amusez vous bien dans le Grand Nord Canadien
  12. The last time I played TLD I encountered a lighting glitch. Today I launched the game again, but the glitch is still there, exactly the same. Here's what it looks like. bandicam 2022-04-29 19-41-30-222.mp4
  13. I've no idea why it's not there. It should be. Just look at this. It just doesn't seem right. There's something missing. It should look like this. Seriously, isn't this version better? Like, objectively?
  14. Okay, this sounds weird, but I've been getting TERRIBLE keyboard lag in TLD. It's so bad that I can't keep my character walking by holding down the W key. And when I try to type in the Journal, it drops about every 2nd letter. This started a couple weeks ago. I know it's not a problem with my keyboard, because it works fine in all other applications. I even put new batteries in, even though the old ones tested 100%, and it made no difference. My only idea is that maybe the game is doing constant information saving now? I know you did something to speed up the game "Save" function (which is super fast now). Windows 10 PC sandbox mode Microsoft bluetooth keyboard
  15. Hello everyone, long dark chapter 4, the outer door of the prison does not open, I couldn't find the solution. can you help me? Thanks
  16. Can Hinterland consider adding an accessibility option for the hearing impaired? How many hearing impaired players out there? I'm curious how you handle wolves? Is there a visual cue for wolves that turn up i.e subtitles that read "wolf barking" or something similar? Many years of Djing left me to some hearing loss on the one side so and in the past couple of years, it's gotten progressively harder to figure out which side the wolves are coming from with muffled stereo. I just wonder what will happen should it start affecting my right ear too. So is there a visual cue that pops up on the screen that I don't know about perhaps?
  17. Hey if yall need some support I'd like some cause thus game is great and realistic and at its best from its developers thank u guys just let me know any questions and I like supporting the people here I just wish I could do things more but hey support I am always
  18. Don't drop matches in there - they seem disappear into the floor. I contacted support about this. Anyone else notice this in other locations? I know if you have a bear roll or similar and drop a small item on it, then it ends up underneath it which can be pretty annoying (not to mention illogical!), but with the case of the workshop, the floor seems to be absorbing the matches.
  19. Any word or info on when the store will reopen? I'm absolutely loving this game and really want to get a poster or mug. Sorry in advance if this question was asked recently I did not see it!
  20. Hey folks, want to ask around before I submit a ticket. I play on Linux and have had almost no problems for the past year. I have all my Steam games installed on a separate drive I mount for my OS. But today, I reinstalled and now TLD has no sound. I checked a few other [Steam] games and they all have sound. I tried verifying the TLD files, then uninstalled and reinstalled, then uninstalled again and deleted all files I could find (but I copied my saved game folder to another location), then reinstalled again, but to no avail. The game ran just fine earlier before I reinstalled, and technically I did not change any of the game files. Which makes me wonder why other steam games are playing just fine, but TLD isn't. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to troubleshoot this before requesting help? Thanks in advance!
  21. The sewing kit that spawns kind of under a plank in the broken house on the hill above Forager's Remnant in Blackrock is not clickable, and therefore you cannot pick it up. When you try to mouse over it, there is no reticle highlight so it appears that the wood debris is conflicting with the "hitbox" of the sewing kit. Sucks because it would've been my first sewing kit in the run and they are always much needed in Blackrock lol.
  22. Merhabalar; 4.Bölüm 4.Kısım da bir hata ile karşılaştım bu hata ilerlememe engel olmakta ve geri yükleme yapmama rağmen sorunu çözemedim. Bu kısıma ilk giriş yaptığımda senaryo normal şekilde olması gerektiği gibi ilerliyor fakat ben olayı anlayamadığım için gaza ölüp yeniden hücreden başladığımda Mathis konuşmasını yapıyor kaçıyor ve koridor sonundaki konuşma gerçekleşmiyor. Mathis yok oluyor oradaki parmaklıklar da yok olmuş görünüyor. Buna rağmen ilerlemeye çalıştığım da Astride ait kutuyu masadan alamıyorum ve doğal olarak senaryo burada tıkanıyor ve ilerlemiyor. Tekrar tekrar bölümü baştan yüklememe rağmen sorun düzelmedi yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
  23. I hope I can explain this well. when I’m playing ep 4 the motion control is staying on constantly while its set on “aiming only.” If I switch motion controls to “off” it will turn off like its supposed to. basically “aiming only” is functioning the same as “always on” and there is no explanation of why. If it is supposed to be that way for ep 4, its kind of bizarre. Also its extremely twitchy even when the sensitivity is set low. thank you to anyone that reads this and I hope it is resolved or explained soon. :D
  24. Hey guys, After getting the redux update I reloaded my Nomad Survival Game. Headed back over to Skeeters Ridge and was unable to enter the basement. It appears the basement has moved around to the side of the building and there is no access/action once I hover over the door. Anyone else see this? Thanks in advance!
  25. I’ve been playing a survival run on staler difficulty and I’m using the mystery lake cabin as my base right now. The issue I’m having is using the file cabinets on the first floor. If I transfer water between my storage and the file cabinet the water will randomly disappear completely. I will take everything out just to make sure but it’s gone. Not sure why this keeps happening. Another small issue that happened was I exited the cabin and the game completely reset my build and teleported me across the map. I play on a One X.