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Found 713 results

  1. Whenever I intract a item than game goes black screen and only solution is to restart the game . What is solution to that playing on my PS4 pro . And some times it feels like game is slowing or hanging
  2. I'm on the island in Bleak Inlet just across from the Trailer near the Cannery. (Lower Left on the map.) There is a corpse showing on the map, and crows circling above it, but I can't find the corpse at any altitude - not in the cave, not on the hill, not on a ledge in between. One other player on Steam Forums reported this, but nobody there had an answer. Any ideas?
  3. Please let me know how to fix? Found below in logs maybe the cause in memory? Unloading 24888 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 135468. Total: 232.303683 ms (FindLiveObjects: 10.037551 ms CreateObjectMapping: 8.890766 ms MarkObjects: 205.725476 ms DeleteObjects: 7.649283 ms) AK Error: Event ID not found: 4116930988 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsWolfWalk AK Error: Event ID not found: 3665428624 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsDeerWalk AK Error: Event ID not found: 2219527232 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsRabbitWalk Also in logs: -- SystemInfo -- deviceType: Desktop processorType: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7360U CPU @ 2.30GHz processorCount: 4 systemMemorySize: 8192 Mb operatingSystem: Mac OS X 10.15.7 graphicsDeviceID: 0x0 graphicsDeviceName: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 640 graphicsDeviceType: Metal graphicsDeviceVendor: Apple graphicsDeviceVendorID: 0x0 graphicsDeviceVersion: Metal graphicsMemorySize: 1536 Mb graphicsShaderLevel: 50 supportsShadows: True currentCulture: English (United States) en-US (en)
  4. Whenever I try to bring up a weapon, it shows up, but is covered in dancing dark spots. When I try to take a screenshot, the glitches do not show up on the resulting picture. However, they do show up on Discord screen share. I'm not at my home computer right now, but I will attach a picture when I get the chance. I also had an issue with distant trees turning black, but I've been unable to reproduce that one. I'm running on Ubuntu 20.04, with a Ryzen 3700x, an RX 5700 XT, 16 gigs of RAM and a terabyte SSD. I'm using the open source AMD driver. I've already tried -force-glcore and -force-vulkan. -force-vulkan simply crashes the game, while -force-glcore has the same aforementioned issues. Other games (mostly. some have poor Linux support, even if official.) do work well without significant issues. Any pointers would be helpful.
  5. Game crashes every time I put in the last fuse to get the elevator working and can’t finish the story. I uninstalled the game and lost all my progress and don’t even want to go through all the story again just to get there.
  6. There is a problem on Great Island map. I already sent this to support but I need to send this here too. I attached 2 picture. First one is Map with issue. If you look up to the bottom right, Some of the regions names are not placed on right locations. (Crumbling Highway names is on Coastal Highway map and Crumbling Highway & Desolation Point Maps' are out of sight. Normally map needs to be like second picture. I know it's old but has to be renew. Maybe It can't be a problem for current players but if you are a new player, this problem make a huge confusion. This needs to be fixed soon or in new update.
  7. Often I experience, that flying stones directly hitting the rabbits seem not to take any effect on them. Not sure if it is by design, but wanted to mention it. I mean sometimes the rabbits are immune to stones hitting them.
  8. When I launch TLD, I get to the warning screen like usual. After I click the screen or press a key, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds, then loads the main menu screen. As in, everything in the background is moving. I hear music, see the school I think it is that is in Mountain Town, either it's a wolf walking around or some birds flying. Everything is there on the screen, besides my ability to do anything. Game doesn't freeze, mouse moves around. It's basically a cool screen saver at the moment. Anyone else run into this? Anyone know what to even do? Tried reinstalling, didn't work.
  9. It seems that if I die now in a sandbox game (interloper, wolf got me) the game leaves me only with a black screen after characters death, so you can't choose anything with your mouse and also the game achievements/info are not listen in the "scoreboard" section. This problem has occured only after Darkwalker event started. Anyone else having the same issue?
  10. I just continued playing an old save from wintermute episode two, and since I left it almost finished, I was doing the side missions. I just completed the forest talkers, but when doing the mistery lake supply cache side quest, everything was going fine until I tried looking for the illegible note that is supposed to be on the lookout (Mistery Lake, right?) There is simply nothing there. I checked my inventory notes to see if I might have picked it up in a previous visit but is not there either, and I haven't read it since it's not showing on my sidequest journal along with other caches. I gues this is a bug? Any way out? I already have Alan's, clearcut's, forlong muskegs...
  11. alone sniper


    Hi everybody 😃 Before anything, I wanted to say I don't want to see livestock in game like right now ! But, I wanted to create a topic about it so, I can now more about livestock breeds (cattle, Sheep and etc. )that could withstands the harsh environment of the long dark 😄 So, if anyone knows about the cattle breed that would withstand the environment, please share it ☺️ I myself think the Galloway bread would be a good pick for cattle. It will withstand environment. I don't know about sheep breed though. And some questions ! What region do you think would be good for it in the future ? How do you think it should be added ? How the mechanism for interaction with it should be? Should their be able to breed ? Should we have their milk? Or have them for their meat? 😋 Do you think it is necessary ? So, again I am talking about future. I myself don't think we have a chance to see them in near future but i like the idea of having them in the game. 😊And it would be awesome if we could pat our baby cattle 😍😊
  12. MaPe

    An old Bug

    Frontier Shooting Guide Freezing Game When I try and pick up this research book in wintermute, the game locks up. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm on PS4
  13. Okay, I am seriously at a loss here. I've lost a graphics card, (a very good one ) while I was playing TLD. It just flat out died. So i had it replaced and now this one died during the game, too. I was able to get it back an hour later, but...I honestly don't know what to do. TLD is one of my favorite games and to have my cards just keep dying without a reason is both expensive and frustrating. This is my build: And when I was able to get it working again, the screen showed a number of errors I hadn't had before, including a cmos battery issue. I'm not good with computers so I don't know what to do here. Edit2: My save is gone too. Just great...
  14. hello, i have a small (?) issue with surveying/mapping in survival (custom difficulty), some weird behaviour. doesnt happen always, but quite often and once it happens, cannot be undone no matter what i tried. when i first survey an area, reveal resources and area, all is well. but after collecting the resources and re-survey (to remove them from map to limit the clutter and to make it look pretty), more often than not they stay there, or even, previous ones appear that arent there anymore. like, i collect reishi-shrooms around an area, they arent on the map, even when i survey. some time later i re-survey to try to remove a sapling i already collected nearby, and suddenly those shrooms pop up on the map, and wont disappear. happens with other stuff (branches, liches...) too... anyone can offer suggestion for help or fix in this issue? (for resources that arent there anymore to reappear on the map). thanks
  15. Im from finland so im sorry if i make some typos or have poor grammar. I accidentally went to chapter 3 but i have only completed 60% of chapter 2 And when i went back to the saves on chapter 2 i was invincible and my tiredness bar didnt go down. What do i do?
  16. I think you have the white arrow marking your location on then map on this mode usually always, but if you save the game and leave, you lose the marker and it's never coming back, sometimes I also lose the toxic fog counter also. Makes this a lot harder if you don't know the maps in and out and because of the restricted vision, basically sometimes it gets kinda hard to leave the area before you run out of time because of the toxic fog and you got a bit lost on some areas. Anyone else having the same issues?
  17. After a random amount of time in game, the game freezes so that the display is frozen and needs to be shut down via windows or steam. Then when I reload the game and that file, there is no longer a cursor on the map showing me my character's location. Makes survival in unfamiliar maps nearly impossible with the fog. Anyone else seeing this/have a suggestion?
  18. How to get a 2018 Twilight Badge ve Midnight Badge? Is it possible with a time capsule? Or will I never have one?
  19. - Scientific research of air pressure, radiation, snow fall/precipitation via either hand/made or gathered devices, and their user learned from books. - Placeable/moveable furniture for those who live in one place, or (may use as a laboratory. I.e. Lighthouse, desolation point.) - Creating iceholes with either a drill or hatchet in ice. Ice fishing with tip-ups (ice fishing decides that are set out on a hole, and have a flag that "tips up" when a fish is caught on the line.) - More books, many bookish players exist - all in all, for this one, add generally more "useless" objects to the game that may have an actual hidden use.
  20. This is so upsetting. I finally get to good condition 6 days into survival and between loading from the cave to the winding river I find my game has completely reset!! All the items in my bag, things collected at the dam, my improved health, map surveyed and days logged - gone! Yet I'm still in the same location. My character is wearing different clothes too. How can everything just reset between location loads? I never even logged out of the game and I didn't die. I loved the campaign. Now i'm a bit hesitant about survival if my stuff can disappear so suddenly.
  21. Hey all, decided to update my old map. Planning on adding Ash Canyon and whatever comes next in the future. Looking for feedback right now, let me know things to improve upon, inconsistencies, or glaring issues. Thanks.
  22. Hello there, I'm new to playing long dark on PC. I have played it on Xbox from the beginning. I recently downloaded the game to PC via the Microsoft Store and Play Anywhere compatibility. I went into the controls and found I could take screenshots with the F10 key. I have tried this multiple times, but I can't find the screen shots anywhere. I searched the computer all over the C: Drive, Users, etc... I can take screenshots via the xbox game bar, Windows Key + Alt+PrtScn, but these literally take a screen of the entire game window...and the quality is so so when you manipulate it to get rid of the HUD. Any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I recently installed The Long Dark on my PC (I've been playing Xbox for a while now) and I wanted to try a few light mods but I needed the file of the game, and I can't find it. I've downloaded it from the Windows 10 store purely for convenience since I already owned it on Xbox and it was free. I went the usual route of locating it and a few other file paths (search and manually) but nothing shows up. I did turn on hidden files and tried accessing it from advanced options on the game itself but it doesn't lead to anything. Is it possible to access it for copying a save or mods? I'm fairy new to technical things on computers. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark
  24. I have rescued three survivors. Carried each one back to the Community Center. Placed each survivor on an empty bed. The last survivor I carried in was Ava. The last empty bed stays red and I cannot place on the bed. Journal says I have only rescued two survivors and Priest tells me to get back out there.
  25. Español Admin: The Long Dark Wiki Español Usuario Chileno de The Long Dark. Estudio ingeniería Mecánica y me encanta este juego siempre buscará ayudar a quienes necesiten ayuda acerca del mismo. La comunidad en español de The Long Dark es muy pequeña y me gustaría ayudar a fortalecerla. La mayoría de mis contribuciones no están en esta wiki , están en la The Long Dark Wiki Español una wiki que empecé hace poco Si quieres ayudarme a traducir esta wiki siéntete libre de postear en mi muro de mensajes English: A Chilean user of The Long Dark. I'm Studying Mechanical in engineering and y love this game , I want to help people who need help , translating this wiki to spanish. The community of the long dark in spanish is little but solid and i want to improve and expand them :).The most of my contributions does not appear in this wiki , they are in The Long Dark Spanish Wiki If you want to help me with the translated , feel free to post in my message wall