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  1. That sounds interesting. And yeah someone would probably want to take their Mossberg with them if feces hit the rotating metal blades. That's what I'd do anyway.
  2. I've had all three on our homestead in Montana. The mossberg 500 A1 lasted the longest. But would be hard to code atleast ammo wise and a little OP unless they added a new map specifically catered to having to use the shotgun to survive. No deer just bear, Timberwolves, and small game, (geese and/or ducks added in as small game I mean, which would be awesome). But yeah probably won't be added and atleast not a pump. A nice thought for me though.
  3. Elk aren't up there. Caribou are though which are similar in size. Duck and Geese would be a great addition IMO. I'd like a grizzly as a super rare threat but those aren't up there either unless they had the island more Western based. It is balanced right now but I'd like a gun that would stop a black bear in one shot.
  4. I didn't think about the coding, you are right it would be a super hard to code. I guess I don't usually think of these things when adding suggestions. Thanks for enlighting me.
  5. We know you guys do not want to make the game feel like a first person shooter, but a 3+1 or more capacity 12 gauge pump-action shotgun would be a good addition if not final addition to the firearms type items. Making this item and it's ammunition ultra rare would be a must. Maybe in a random truck or ranger tower/ranger lake cabin. 3 different ammunition types are a nice thing to have, Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slugs. Birdshot would be only effective on rabbits or maybe to stun/temporarily blind a wolf or bear with a very rare chance of that happening, as it has happened it real life. Buckshot