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  1. Kinda similar to the question about why the arrows are called simple arrows and not just arrows, but will we ever expect more bears? The reason I say this is because the current bear pelt is called the black bear pelt, and not just bear pelt. So could we expect other bears with different pelts?
  2. I agree with the whole thing. I know hinterland doesn’t have a big marketing team behind it and isn’t as big as other game studios, but it should be able to get updates out faster, and Raph should at least explain why he is saying the things that you mentioned
  3. I think that’s a good idea. Their should also be some clothing items, like a Scarlett police tunic with holsters on it so you have extra carrying space.
  4. Themadlad94


    I was thinking that since Canada Day and The 4th of July just passed, it would be cool to get a festive item to celebrate. The one thing I really want is the sparkler. It could be used like a torch. Emitting a colorful light, scaring away wildlife, and helping start fires in a emergency. They would only last for a very short time and they would come in a packs of a certain number.
  5. When I was playing in Desolation Point, I was hunting rabbits with the revolver. I reloaded my revolver(I only shot 1, so their was 5 rounds left)and noticed that the round I shot was gone, as if it disappeared. A revolver should hold the spent round until the user manually removes it, as it has no way of ejecting it itself. Is their anyway that this could get fixed?
  6. A few mailbags back, you said we would be getting a new region after the update after steadfast ranger. I don’t like to be the one to ask, but can you give us any hints on the new region?