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  1. Themadlad94

    Coop Mode?

    I mean, it might work if you do a split-screen co-op on the same monitor or TV screen. Another survival game called “Stranded Deep” did this and I think it would be a pretty cool idea
  2. I didn’t mean that the region would be on the mainland, I just meant that the region could maybe be located at the edge of the map, I.e. when you look at the great bear map, you can see the big mountains at the very right of the map
  3. I know that we just got bleak inlet, but I have had a new region idea for a while, so I thought I should share it. When I was playing in Desolation Point and Bleak Inlet, I couldn’t help but notice the mountains way off in the distance separated by the water. So I thought of a region with towering mountains and lush forests. I can think of it being called “Bordering Peaks” and being located at the edge of the great bear map, because some of the biggest peaks are at the top and left of the map. Just some food for thought.
  4. I’ve seen a lot of people ask in the 4DON forum about the rifle and revolver being gone although they have lots of rounds for the two. Why did this happen? Was this on purpose or is it a bug? Btw can’t wait to play later today
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed playing episode 3 so far, but I have a question about one of the points in a mission Spoiler Warning! ⚠️ On the mission Fallen Star, when trying to carry Gwen to the community center, it seems that I have to fight a pack of Timberwolves every 20 seconds or so. As soon as I pick her up and get a little ground, I hear the same violin music start indicating a wolf attack. I haven’t even gotten to the first fork in the river because I keep getting killed by Timberwolves. I’ve ran out of flare gun shells, revolver rounds, red flares, and have 2 marine flares left. I have it on green survivor difficulty too. So could you possibly tweak it so that wolf attacks don’t happen as often? Thanks 🙂
  6. Have you ever thought about customization? I picture myself smearing rose hip berries on the stock of my rifle to make it have red streaks or using the hunting knife to give it an engraving. I think would be pretty cool.
  7. It’s says on your Twitter account that you worked on Farcry 3. That was one of my favorite games of all time. What was it like working with Ubisoft? What did you work on?
  8. based off the question you asked about emergency stims in the last mailbag, I have a suggestion on the design and detail of it. Would you ever consider changing it to be something like a Epi-Pen for allergic reactions? I think that would be a cool idea😎
  9. If Reindeer were ever added to the game, I think that you should be able to make something like a moose hide cloak. I say this because the Vikings used reindeer skin as armor, so it add protection like the moose hide cloak
  10. What made you choose the revolver over other handguns? Did it have some sorta importance like the hunting rifle?
  11. I have 2 questions for you 1. Have you ever considered adding new underwear? Maybe something like a union suit? 2. Have you also ever considered adding more hunting items? Like animal calls or a bear trap? thank you for such a truly amazing game!
  12. Kinda similar to the question about why the arrows are called simple arrows and not just arrows, but will we ever expect more bears? The reason I say this is because the current bear pelt is called the black bear pelt, and not just bear pelt. So could we expect other bears with different pelts?
  13. I agree with the whole thing. I know hinterland doesn’t have a big marketing team behind it and isn’t as big as other game studios, but it should be able to get updates out faster, and Raph should at least explain why he is saying the things that you mentioned
  14. I think that’s a good idea. Their should also be some clothing items, like a Scarlett police tunic with holsters on it so you have extra carrying space.
  15. Themadlad94


    I was thinking that since Canada Day and The 4th of July just passed, it would be cool to get a festive item to celebrate. The one thing I really want is the sparkler. It could be used like a torch. Emitting a colorful light, scaring away wildlife, and helping start fires in a emergency. They would only last for a very short time and they would come in a packs of a certain number.