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  1. I feel like some of your suggestions would not work with the current state of the game. They have said they don't really want to add more firearms because they don't want the game to be a shooter, skill trees would mess up the current skills system, a compass wouldn't work because of the aurora, and we already have the moose-hide satchel and well fed buff so their is no need for backpacks in my opinion.
  2. I kinda feel bad for taking Jeremiah's rifle in Episode 2. I didn't play before Redux, but I know that you got your own rifle from the hunting cabin in broken railroad along with the bear spear. It kinda saddens me that (Spoilers for the ending of Episode 2!) Matthias, a criminal, gets hold of a rifle and Jeremiah doesn't have one. I wish they kept the part where you get your own rifle so Jeremiah gets to keep his rifle.
  3. I drew some inspiration from RDR2, but you can gut a bison in around 3 seconds so its not very accurate. The hides would be boosted in almost all categories, I.e. If I were to kill an epic moose and use the skin to make a cloak, then it would give me boosted protection and wind resistance too, so is more things to think about than just warmth.
  4. I know we just got the Darkwalker event, but I have had this idea for a bit. This update idea would require a lot of work from the team and I don't think they would do it anytime soon, but it could bring some brand new mechanics to the game. I will break it into segments to make it more organized. The bear spear-I believe the devs were talking about adding the bear spear to survival mode a while back. The bear spear would be used as it is right now in Wintermute where you brace with it and then get put into a struggle. It would however spawn in multiple locations unlike Wintermute. These locations should be pretty out of the way so they are a late game item. Boss animals-Just as the name suggests, Boss animals. Bosses could be found by finding pieces of paper or notes around Great Bear. It could be a note telling the exact location, or a newspaper article saying its location vaguely. The animal could be a new animal type completely, like a polar bear in HRV, or a Caribou in Milton. When killed, the animal would drop a hide that has boosted stats from its normal counterpart and could be used to make wonderful pieces of clothing. I know this idea sounds far-fetched, but I think it could bring some uniqueness to the game. Thoughts?
  5. I’m sorry if I came off rude too. 4DON had a much calmer feel to it and wasn’t so “demonic” which is why I liked it. The darkwalker is very fast paced and I play the game to explore (I’ve gotten to the summit of Timberwolf mountain 3 times in custom games) so it wasn’t my kind of game mode. I’m also very interested in lore which is another reason I dislike the new event.
  6. First off, the old bear is, well, a bear. The darkwalker is a Wendigo deer skull shadow thing that brings toxic fog with it. The bear could technically survive some of the damage that was done to it if it was really really REALLY strong (which, I’m not a zoologist, but that is one big bear). Maybe the reason that the bear spear could kill it was because it was the only thing sharp enough to pierce its tough hide and damage internal organs, and it might have gotten lucky with the arrows in its back and the gunshots wounds may have hit somewhere where their wasn’t many organs or blood flow. Second off, The long Dark is a survival game. Horror survival would be Dead by Daylight, the Amnesia series, and Phasmophobia to name a few. The long dark is about solar particles messing up the worlds electronics, not a malevolent being chasing you. The only horror elements of this game I can think of are getting caught off guard by a wolf or something.
  7. I liked 4DON a lot better too. I don’t really care for badges or anything, it’s all about the experience. I miss the days of spawning on Jackrabbit Island in CH and getting scared to death by demons wolves. This event feels really out of place for a game that isn’t a survival horror. If I wanted to get chased by a malevolent entity, I would go play Dead by Daylight.
  8. This is my idea for a new region (As you can see I'm not the best at map design. I made this in MS paint. Sorry about that) -FYI I forgot a compass, So North would be the top of the map where the cave is. Again, sorry for such a sloppy map. I made a description for it. "For Advanced players. Old trapping land on the Northern-most part of the island. Frequent blizzards and wind, thick mountainous forests, freezing temperatures, and an abundance of big game makes this place a challenge for even the most experienced survivalist, but the old homestead holds many rewards." Trappers Haven would connect to Hushed River Valley through an ice cave. It would be the most northern region on the island. The region would have lots of wildlife with more in the forested areas. To the north their would be a cave as well as Black Bear Lake. The lake would have a cabin with some supplies in it, but the real prize is the old homestead. In here their would be late game clothes, materials for crafting, weapons, snares, a workbench, a forge, and an ammunition bench like in the cannery in BI. To the west, their would be the sea, which would have some fishing huts on the ice. To the south they would be a clearing in the forest on top of a hill, which would be good for getting your bearings. Overall I think it is a good idea. What do you all think?
  9. With all due respect, I really liked 4DON better. I feel like this event is so out of place in a game like this because it isn’t a horror survival. The lore of the main game was solar particles messing up the world’s electronics, not a malevolent being chasing you. If I wanted that, I would go play Dead by Daylight. 4don wasn’t so “far-fetched” in a sense (I mean, 4don was still pretty weird, but the darkwalker is VERY far-fetched), as the closest thing we got to demonic beings and toxic fog was wolves that have reds eyes and pumpkin pie.
  10. I agree. If it is very powerful than it should do some damage to the pelt and meat. Maybe you get less meat and the pelt has lower condition.
  11. Glad to know that you liked the idea. I do agree with your statement about the amount of weapons. Besides the muzzleloader and bear spear if they ever come, I would say we have plenty of weapons.
  12. The problem is just like Maniac said, this would send a irresponsible message. It may even affect the games rating.
  13. This is a myth and you actually get hypothermia faster
  14. I’ve recently been looking around online at some pretty cool Kentucky rifles, and thought how cool it would be if there were muzzleloaders in TLD. I’ve made many threads about new weapon ideas that some people didn’t agree with, but I think I’ve really thought this one out as the cons out-way the pros so it’s not OP. So if you don’t agree, that’s fine, just make sure that your not rude. Anyway, the muzzleloader would be a very powerful flintlock rifle that would be in the game. It could only be found in select regions, which would most likely be Bleak Inlet, Coastal highway, and Mountain town and would have a pretty rare spawn chance (Only one would spawn in the select few regions I listed) Once found, you would still need a few more things to make it work. You would need gunpowder, which would be made at the ammunition bench in BI, shot which could be made at a forge, and shooting patches made out of cloth which could be made in the inventory. You would also need a ramrod which could be crafted at a workbench from a maple sapling and scrap metal, but their is a chance that the rifle could come with one. The gun would be heavier than the hunting rifle which would affect aiming stamina and obviously take longer to load, but packs a greater punch. When first starting out with the weapon their could be a small chance that you put to much powder in or not ram the contents down the barrel fully which would affect recoil, durability reduction per shot, which would already be more than the hunting rifle, but this could be eased with a new skill. Increasing in level will reduce the chance of having mishaps while loading and will reduce the amount of durability lost per shot, increase accuracy, and increase aiming stamina. The muzzleloader could be repaired at the milling station like other guns, be cleaned with a firearms cleaning kit, and would provide some scrap metal upon scraping it. Now your probably thinking that you wouldn’t pick it up because of the hassle that this weapon brings with trying to use it, but that’s the point. Like I said, the muzzleloader hits harder than any other weapon, making it great for hunting large game like bears and moose. This damage buff comes at the cost of one shot at a time, less accuracy and more condition loss, rare spawn in a few select regions, and the other items required to fire the gun. Hopefully you agree with something in this thread, and if you don’t, that’s fine. Any suggestions are welcome.
  15. I agree with you. Nick Nacks wouldn’t be a game changing item, and your not obligated to pick them up or use them. Just a little something to make a base a little more colorful so you don’t go insane as fast.