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  1. Or perhaps an ol’ spyglass
  2. Yeah, i guess your right. I feel like i was just very mad and angry at such Simple death when i made this Post.
  3. I originally thougt that The headache would come at something like 30-40%, and the more serious effects would come at lower than 20%, in about one day without the percen changing much.
  4. Your body needs water, everyone knows that. And If you don't, the effects may be rathet serious and might last long. One of The first signs of dehydration is headache. This effect is already in the game, so it would Be pretty easy to make. So once you get thirsty enough, you get applied with headache that lasts until you drink something. But it doesnt dissapear instantly. It lasts a bit after you have been hydrated. The longer term effects could Be something like this: If you are too dehydrated for a long time, you get an effect that makes you weak and tired. It gets worse, the
  5. I was just enjoying my time on a stalker survival. i had already survived 26 days and was leaving the coastal highway, but i was extremely tired and had to take a sleep. And then a blizzard came during my relaxing sleep and i died. I would like to be able to wake up or cancel the sleep. And if its not possible to wake up controllably, then at least make it so that you wake up automatically, if your'e cold or you start taking lots of damage. Now i know you cant really notice anything while sleeping, but i'm pretty sure your'e going to wake up sooner or later, if your'e freezing to death, no mat
  6. This is actually a pretty ggod idea and i could really imagine this being in The game. But at the same time i just don't think this change is really needed. Now i guess once its just tweaked a bit. There could be a new toolsmithing skill that is leveled up with books and making tools just like The other skills. The lower your skill is, the worse your crafted weapon is. Also the tools should have two conditions. For example the axe has conditions for the handle and the blade. The handle can't be repared, so you have to Make a new one and replace it. If the handle breaks, youre left with t
  7. this morning the first snow came here in finland, and i almost slipped on The icy Road, and then I tought it would be a nice mechanic to TLD that you could slip while moving on ice just like you do on steep hills, except it often happends very unexpectedly and The damages can be worse. For example concussion If you hit your head or some other limb on The hard ice. The chance of slipping depends on how fast are you moving. This gives us a whole new contexts of having friction on your shoes. The More friction they have, the most likely you are not going to slip. For example some leather sho
  8. Oh yes there are wolves and Even beats. I ran straight to a bear without Even noticing what was happening. Luckily i got away. But you should Be aware of The other threats. Thats also The reason why are there guns in this gamemode.
  9. You keep always an eye out on The enivorement and have a steady triggerfinger
  10. I don't think the darkwalker bonus badge is worth the effort, because it makes you more fatigued at daytime. Youre supposed to do stuff ar day because its bright and its easier to do things, and at night youre supposed to sleep, and the more you sleep during that night, the better. So it basically is'nt practical as you don't get to sleep as much and skip the night and do less stuff at day. This is just my opinion on "should you use it." Don't get me wrong, I loved the darkwalker event and I want to thank the dews for everything. Me personally I got all the badges in about four runs
  11. I was about to leave pleasant valley when a beat suprised me. Luckily i ran past it and got away. SO BE AWARE! And you have probably already come across a wolf of you have been playing this event for at least a day of in-game time. So even of you can not defend yoursel from the darwalker with firearms, you should still keep a gun on you!
  12. Now, I’m fine with opening Locked doors with a lockpick that needs skill. It would bring some new challenge to the game, but then theres the opinion to just crank that thing open with stenght. but what I’m more interested in, is the mechanic of unlocking small unaccessable containers that arent very capible of being opened with force. This mechanic is’nt exactly necessary for the game, and I would be all fine without it, I’m just opening this concept up.
  13. Now, I understand why hinterland isnt probably going to add bear traps, but maybe having it more as a threat to the player instead of having it as a useful tool will balance it a little bit. It would Be a good idea of finding already deployed bear traps from the wilderness. Just left there by a hunter, for an animal to walk on, but may aswell give you a hidious and unexpected side effect to an unlucky step The traps are hidden well under the layers of snow, hard to notice, but still exposed to The player eye enough, to Be seen. And if you keep your eyes open and don't step on one, y
  14. Yeah, this would Be an amazing touch to the game. But i would like More to have this as a decorative mechanism, for exsample i have Been waiting for way too long, to Be able to put my rifle on a shelf where they can Be found like. And making your own furniture and interracting with them, would be on the next level. I dont take this as a very important or necessary mechanic. But damn it would Be fun.
  15. yep i went to check the safe at hibernia processing for another time and found one there, so it seems to be a guaranteed location. Also I found two bottles from just normal milton houses.