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  1. What Now? I'ma get medieval on your (* - terix)+s !
  2. Playing on interloper generally plays out that special equipment is not found but needs to be manufactured. The improvised knife is a great example. That same logic should apply to the new spray can mechanic. The spray can alternative would need to be manufactured with naturally occurring ingredients. No longer a spray can instead a brush made from cloth stick line. Dabbing this dye would also stain longer than the spray can. The same mechanic for warming tea can apply to the dye as it needs to be warm while in use. There are so many ingredients to choose from so list your ideas for
  3. Goat Hooves On Roofs Bad Moon Rising Sponsored by
  4. One of the best Snow Shelters I have used on interloper. Starting in DP can be daunting. The closest bed is at Misanthropes. You can take a chance in a car but the wind usually changes and takes out the fire. Just outside the mine entrance. From this spot I can usually make it to the Fishing Cabins easily. The fire can be blown out but it is rare. If I find the hack saw in DP and the Heavy Hammer in CH then this shelter serves double duty. Grab all the cattails and head right back to the Riken to pound out a knife and arrowheads.
  5. Battery is not available. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. This is going to be a long journal entry. Battery Two was left behind at the Town Hall but I needed to first heal up before returning to TWM. Making my way overt to Draft Dodgers and made a stop at the Point of Disagreement. Fro DD explored the area. Finally flushed those bugs! Battery won at bingo. Now to head back to TWM. Mr. Moose is here to help. Scrambled my way to the top using the ropes laid out. Battery One and Battery Two ready for action. Well this is called Deer Clearing for a reason.
  7. Here is an interesting artistic use for Rock Cache. It can be used to create a red jagged border for snapshots.
  8. So far on my BatteryGangFive Challenge I have found three. TWM FM
  9. This just happened again. The save game was at a sprain. After the sprain I headed for a cave and slept through the night hour by hour to avoid freezing in case a blizzard arrived. I then retired from the game and when i reloaded and returned I was back at the sprain save point The game had plenty opportunities to save and failed each time. This is very worrisome as progress can be easily erased.
  10. So this bug is happening to others. First thoughts were maybe I was having trouble with the SSD. Going to post a bug report now.
  11. The game creates a save point when getting a sprain. The game creates a save point when entering a building. Had a sprain. Then entered a building I then exited. Quit and back to main menu. Reload save and I was back where I got the sprain. The save file from entering the building was not available. Happened once and unable to recreate this bug for now.
  12. Interesting that you say this. Just recently I sent a message to admin to add a new emoji. Battery has become sort of a mascot over the year. Battery needs an emoji. Also let me correct your grammar. Portal has companion cubes. Battery belongs to The Long Dark. Cheers.
  13. Awhile back in The Long Dark I sort of befriended a wolf. This idea has merit and with a little trimming of features it might be feasible. The wolf in the video takes bait and does not run off scared. Even when pointing a weapon in its direction did nothing to the wolf demeanor. It plodded along wandering around.
  14. Turn a messy cave dwelling into organized. All you need is a Rock Cache. Finally I can drop things in this cave and go hunting. I lost arrows and a knife in the past. Now it all stays organized.