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  1. Yes the scrub brush can be passed through. Issue is if I reveal how it is done then it is likely that "seismic activity" will change the landscape.
  2. That graffiti is a bang up job. Only thing is I recently sent an invitation to Mister Moose and the message might need to be updated.
  3. Inspecting these antennae closer I am suspecting this is for gathering electrical energy. Consider this video from Mr. Carlson's Lab where a snow fall event created electrical discharge arcs within radio equipment:
  4. The idea of bringing Mr. Moose over to the cannery did occur to me as it took a long time to walk Mr. Bear. The only issue is Mr. Moose does not just slowly follow as does Mr/ Bear. Instead it will likely charge once it spots the player. There is a possibility to use stones to scare herd him over to the cannery.
  5. Ever wonder what is up with the high beam setting on the flashlight. This flashlight that can cook an egg could answer the question. Too bad we cannot light fires with our flashlight.
  6. Back protection is such a wonderful strategy. I can tell you from experience having me bear behind is the best way.
  7. Posted in the share your screen shots.
  8. This interloper did not stay warm because I was not expecting to see bear at the door step.
  9. I might have worked out a method for interlopers. The use of rocks, fishing hut, warm up teas should allow an interloper to accomplish this task safely while staying warm.
  10. Yes I noticed that update. Shared a screenshot of a goat victory over that scrub.
  11. Might be Mad as a Hatter your capitalization is perfect. Just be careful and do chase any Rabbit down any hole.
  12. The bear in Bleak Inlet can be held in place or frozen mid stride. There is a section of ice that is at a higher elevation. Stepping here will prevent the bear from moving. Head on view. Side view of ramping ice patch. Higher elevation is on the left. Bear is walking towards the player. Bear is immobilized when on this ice ramp. A video could make this easier to spot.
  13. Well that was a fun experiment. A voyager went to the crumbled lighthouse to meet the bear. Traveled across the ice under the bridge towards the cannery. A dense fog appeared making it difficult to see. Only used a single stone to keep bear's attention. The bear was still in tow when arrived at the cannery docks. The howl of timberwolves confirmed that they received their invitations. The party was about to begin. The wolves were enraged when they spotted me. Their morale was high. I retreated back to the fence. The pack is on my trail and now I was in between like a piece of meat in a sandwich these predators would chew. Once the bear started to charge the wolves morale was broken and they scattered. Turned around and headed towards the wolves. All of us were running now. Only I had a destination. The trailer. Looks like another fellow tried this method. Sadly he failed. Kept bear around until I made it to the upper levels. I left a bear behind climbing up that rope.
  14. That's the idea. Battery is heavy so it is not as convenient as the magnifier but is located in several locations. Aurora is the only time there is charge so it usable time is opposite from the magnifier. Battery being a lead acid type does not work in the cold the electrolyte will freeze. The frozen carcass mechanic can be utilized to thaw first before use. This will give lopers a reason to bring Battery out of the cold and for the others to not just boil melt their bones.
  15. This idea needs to be tested. Bring a bear to the cannery and see if the morale of the timberwolves can be broken. The first test should have no contact with the wolves. The expected result is that they all clear off. No morale to be broken. The second test is to engage the wolves have the morale meter. Then introduce them to mister bear. The expected result is that they all clear off and morale is reduced to zero.