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  1. If the air temp remains above zero than that 11% frostbite risk should be dealt with in about an hour. Stay warm out there.
  2. Sounds like a bug especially if you have a fire. But the question still remains has your air temperature gone above freezing? If the air temperature does not go above freezing then frostbite remains. I had a similar issue at Riken.
  3. The feels like temperature can be deceptive. Has the air temperature gone above freezing? For instance have you lit a fire and brought the air temperature above zero degree Celsius.
  4. Has a similar idea for wolf and bear encounters. The smell-o-meter should be expanded upon; great idea. @UpUpAway95 What people do for clicks on utube seems boundless. The botulism is a real threat and clearly this people have not fully expanded upon the topic. To be clear I am no expert on this topic but the fact i am very aware of is that some toxins cannot be detected by smell or taste alone. The beef from the 1899 ration had to be like eating a boiled leather shoe; the tasty dinner shoe served with a side of laces shown in the olde tyme picture shows.
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  6. This guy must be Canadian. He apologizes for not eating it. Thanks @ajb1978 for highlighting this channel.
  7. The first test is going to be placing items that offer resistance to electricity on top of Sparky. The item also will need to cover a large area. Some items to try are: bedroll, windbreaker, cured deerskin mooseskin bearskin
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    Screaming in terror i awoke from this nightmare.
  9. During an aurora Carter Hydro Dam lights up with deadly sparks. For my travels I just make sure not to pass through at night. Has anyone navigated through this area and managed to bypass the electricity? Is it possible to place something down to negate the sparks? Can certain boots and gloves offer protection from being fried? Has Carter Hydro Dam been cursed by Fluffy? Might have to science through this to uncover the secrets.
  10. The Survival Bow automatically equip when the Take It is selected. Does this affect anyone else?
  11. Currently the Simple or Quality Tools can assist in clothing repair chance and speed. Fabricating arrow time is also reduced. Could this be displayed in the game crafting menus. Currently there is no indication. Also have these tools affect the fabrication time for all items that are crafted.
  12. The arachnids in the north pacific region have mutated and now live in the water. Deadly. Not really. Cooked. Really tasty.
  13. All The Long Dark names fit so well and crack me up. Have not heard 'Faceplant Fred' before but it is definitely going into the top ten.