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  1. Ice Hole


    I would have to call it falling with style.
  2. After an update the route to It was obstructed. Did some goating and then found this shallow cave. The Steadfast Ranger update made it accessible once again. It seems you have the right location, but, I have not seen a bear in the cave or in this area.
  3. Ranger Cave This cave imprisoned a goat but an update set it free.
  4. Technically correct; the best kind of correct.
  5. How do we know she is Noita? She turned me into a newt!
  6. That is a great hidden cave and already in the catalog. The Mystery Cave might be from a goating adventure but I am unsure.
  7. The outdoor fires are dependent on the ambient temperature. It really is not analogous in real world but it does bring ambiguity to the game.
  8. I can say that is not the area as that is already in the Hidden Cave List. The only thing I can remember is finding a Hidden Cave in the 'skeg and it was by a radio tower. Returned to search and was unable to locate anything. Was there an update to the 'skeg terrain?
  9. Carry a firestiker only to have the pop up menu, seems to be the best choice as I too employ that tactic. That firestriker is akin to Wilson, always with me but never used as intended.
  10. Totally sense about making mistakes and costing resources. But the torch lighting logic is so very flawed it is troubling. Currently there are two fundamental methods to ignite a torch. First is strike a match and the other option is to touch the torch to a fire. So instead of touching the torch to a fire I am able to reach in to the backpack and strike a match. Or am I just walking around with matches ready to strike? Currently for a torch chain I don't even through the torch. Instead drop it from inventory, lands at feet and no rolling, then inventory again to select a torch, crouch and light. I have had less wasted matches using that procedure but I dislike the rigmarole. Making mistakes is great fun in a game. Making unreasonable mistakes to me is less fun.
  11. Ice Hole


    At first I was not sure. I just had to google and was reminded. Great Scott it is about time travel too!
  12. Here is a mystery cave. I forgot to take the debug screen shot and have only a slight idea where this is located. The version would be the current Steadfast Ranger. It is not in Hushed River Valley because I have not explored that region in months. Probably in Pleasant Valley or Coastal Highway or Crumbling Highway or Desolation Point or Raven Falls Ravine or Mystery Lake or Forlorn Muskeg or Broken Railroad or Timberwolf Mountain or Mountain Town.
  13. Ice Hole


    The Silent Hunter build introduced Battery to The Long Dark. Battery is restrained unable to move. Time Capsule .236 Silent Hunter After using the Time Capsule portal it had occurred to me that we shared a long time together but never could meet. With the Time Capsule portal open I will not have to wait twenty one months. The Penitent Scholar .349 released Battery from bondage. The lightning bolt tattoo shows Battery's rebellious youthful nature Battery still requires a walk before jumping in to inventory. Battery loves the warm up. Bent the very laws of nature to make this photo opportunity happen.
  14. The Early Access Launch was a blast to play. It illustrated well the HL team's direction for The Long Dark. The Old Forestry Look Out Tower The Interior The Prepper Hatch Hoarding At the Camp Office The Tiny Chair At Trapper's Homestead Fluffy The Demon Eyed Still alive after eight days, the end is inevitable without any means to hunt for food. The rifle is the only weapon. Playing Silent Hunter now has its advantages. That certain feeling of being a part of the world, is calming. Something old Something new