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  1. Currently the predators can smell us. The reverse should be true and an incoming scent could be displayed or remarked upon by the character. This could be another alternative to the current predator notification system. Sometimes we hear them and some times when down wind we might smell them. Also a new critter could be introduced; the 'shee-gawk' or skunk. This provides false detection and since hygiene is elusive this will provide a method to cover the player character's stink. Also the potential for interaction with other wildlife is a positive.
  2. be part of an upcoming exciting experiment.
  3. Clearly @hozz1235 is planning ahead. edit: Maybe a visual aid might help. Please excuse the crudeness of the drawing.
  4. When the HU started their tour I had not even heard about the band. The music I was listening to prior must have changed the recommended algo-rhythm. By the way this is the concert that brought HU.
  5. That tool is an "end mill" and it's very useful for cutting metal. Speaking of cutting metal have you heard the HU.
  6. That's right. Looked into this a few years ago and discovered the mallow plant. Cannot stand marshmallows that are pseudu, imitation, fake, phoney, bogus, artificial, mock, sham, factitous and not genuine. Also I agree all wolves should be protected. 🐺
  7. That is shocking to find the loot missing. Great that yo found it too. Where was it, the BR or ML tunnel?
  8. The Long Dark new expansion DLC based on the popularity of Father Tom. We get to spread Christianity as missionaries throughout the snowy wasteland. Ties in with the Christmas season. I bet Christian missionaries DLC is something definitively not what you think.
  9. A Day that Will Go Down In Infamy By petition the summon Deer Decoy was changed to summon Deercoy. Truly beautiful. Very important. For a Long Dark reverence it happens when we look for some poor deer to offer to a chasing wolf. Then poof behind a tree a deer sticks its neck out. Bam! Deercoy!
  10. Ice Hole


    This movie and the c-64 game began when I was just a young teen. Just need to tweak the chamber. Getting too much feed back.
  11. Ice Hole


    Battery has been delivered. Nineteen days of porting fun. Having Battery altogether means mobility will improve. Backpack == Batterypack New destinations for the gang are being planned. For now I am off to build the ecto-containment unit.
  12. Tested the Raven Falls Ravine twice today and the FP did not show.
  13. I have looked in the Raven Falls ravine and the flare pistol was not there. This was back before the Elegy update. The wiki indicates there is another flare pistol. Wonder if it appears as well in the Hopeless Rescue.