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  1. Did you ever want to know what is behind this door?
  2. Ice Hole

    Cup 'O Pizza

    It's pizza ... ... in a cup.
  3. An interesting co-relation to the 1918 pandemic and to the current modern day incantation is an increase in electro-magnetic output. All be it a fraction of what we have today it is still significant. The increase electro-magnetic output was due to radio stations being activated everywhere. Electricity was common but wireless radio transmission was not. Today I found out Italy had loads of 5G equipment installed recently. Does anyone have a shiny hat? Another odd thing is all the early tests for this illness were giving false results. How then can the number of deaths that are attributed to this illness be accurate? It seems that the numbers are being "fudged". Arrive to the hospital DOA from a car accident well that's the illness to blame.
  4. At the very last is ... Fenris The Devourer
  5. @micah6vs8 You have clearly put forth information that is being ignored and have done so, in my opinion, quite elegantly.
  6. Currently in my area there is a shortage of flour and yeast. Guess everyone else is also making bread. Yesterday I tried to make a loaf of bread. What turned out was cheeky buns.
  7. Unfortunately there is no server. This was just part of my thoughts I had for having a social shared experience within The Long Dark. A live stream also connected to the discord would be a start for a multiplayer experience. The weather and time of day sharing was a dream and considered icing on the cake.
  8. Goats n Roofers III The Long Dark Night Train
  9. Goats and Roofs Two Burning Bush Also balmy 13 degrees F with only a -15 degrees windchill.
  10. No need to search for them just make water and, like magic, poof you have a water bottle. Just do not ask where the empties go.
  11. That and the discord server should be sufficient. Too bad there is no way to share the environment such as the weather and time of day with other TLD players. Shared single player experience from a dedicated server. Would be an interesting modding project.
  12. Due to low attendance (some say its too much beer imported from Mexico) the Spring Thaw Social will be cancelled.