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  1. This thread surprised me. I was just about to request a separate Wish List just for Long Dark 2. Most suggestions coming in lately are great but most of us know that TLD2 would be the best arena for these ideas. @Admin Could a Wish List For Long Dark 2 be created and stickied.
  2. Ice Hole


    Add in the feature to create a lean-to against fallen trees for the snow shelter. It could be more durable to wind and wear down less. It could have a shielded fire pit place holder so the option to build a fire is available.
  3. This was a great idea and should be implemented. The scent mechanic is just screaming for this to be enabled. This is a thread from June, 2018 about Hygiene.
  4. Predict The Long Dark Demise Before watching this video predict for this survival expert the reasons for slipping into the Long Dark. Three lives are available, so three guesses.
  5. Same here. In pilgrim mode I feel like a referee and can prevent acts of aggression. George the rabbit was scared and he ran towards Mr. Fang. In desperation I tried to prevent George from being eaten. I was astonished when the wolf turned on me. The camera was rolling during my experience so I posted it to utube. I have to agree being attacked by a wolf whilst playing Pilgrim mode is on the short list of Long Dark surprises.
  6. More than a fashion statement. Make driving gloves useful!
  7. Looks something like the reishi tea. But it reminds me of... Watch out where the Huskies go And don't you eat that yellow snow
  8. This was in my feed this morning. Some useful information for players and developers.
  9. My hopes are a new fight the alpha wolf will be upcoming. The pack is there to support the alpha. Thoughts of being in a house with constant howling and wolves scratching at doors. The horror of a Long Dark night is amplified when you start to realize you are trapped. Even if this is your main base with all the supplies still theses beasts are waiting. Maybe there could be a chance for a few of the wolves to enter which makes resting even more of an issue. Manage to escape only puts off the inevitable, the pack will track and pursue. Only a confrontation with the alpha could turn the tide and then the pack is in disarray but soon another alpha takes over and the hunt begins anew. Evasion of the scouting wolves should become priority and hunting them will need to be done stealthy. Moving around the island and not backtracking will become more important. Hunting large game certainly would leave all sorts of clues for the pack to chase so eating off the land becomes difficult.
  10. This might be an intentional cool addition but I am still a little suspicious. Might be related to the latest patch 1.56 or things were reset.
  11. This might not be that dire of a situation. Firstly bandage can be obtained from any clothing. Just rip up socks or mittens or hat and create a bandage for the sprain. Or if need to sleep that might call for desperate solution; snow shelter made from your clothing. Near the rope climb there is a spot for a fire that is fairly windproof also a snow shelter fits that is warmed by the fire. The odd things I noticed about injury and the auto save is if when having a fire being placed (pressing key '4') even if the icon is red the fire pit will be placed in the world when reloaded. It might work for placing other items.
  12. The path after the cave transition from ML to Milton has two waterfalls and these used to make clothes wet, just standing close to them. Made a post about this when Milton was released. Now it seems these waterfalls have lost this feature.
  13. Ice Hole


    Battery's forgotten past.
  14. Yes it is still audible. Happened not too long ago and at the time I was wearing headphones. Climb a fallen tree will discourage a following wolf. Crouching in the tree will cause the wolf to lose interest. This evasion tactic was something very important in the first iteration of Milton. On an interloper survival start at the crashed plane meant an encounter with a wolf. Usually the wolf would sneak over by the plane wreckage while looting. The nearby trees around could be scaled and this action would deescalate the situation. Stones might have made this area much easier. Now there is literally a wall placed in between the spot where the wolf patrols and the plane wreckage loot.
  15. I like the idea of rifle fouling. I would also like to see backfire or other issues. There are so many firearms that can be found. The idea to turn some into junk is great. Maybe elder stalkers or pilgrims will use bow and arrow more often. Antimony is added to the lead that is found inside Battery. This resulting alloy is supposed to be less soft and less malleable. The black powder was known for creating large voluminous clouds of smoke. This could add drama while discharging, what you were aiming at is obscured. The improvised round is not exactly the same as the factory manufactured ammo we find. This makes found ammo that more precious. The gun books in game could help by improving recipes or firearms. Maybe the books could be distinguished. The ten hour research book could offer the munition/firearm skill advancement. These books would need to be in inventory in order to have access to these recipes. The additional ingredients will need to be sourced. Instead of adding another firearm maybe have the option to remake the current firearms to accept improvised rounds. Once altered this equipment cannot use factory made ammo.