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  1. ... ok, so what's your beef with this topic then? I didn't suggest that the sound of waterfalls and wind should be lowered, I suggested that players ought to have more control over the various sounds in the game. If you like the waterfalls loud, turn 'em up. If I find them too loud (and would prefer to minimize the risk of hearing loss), then I turn them down. What's the problem? I'm not suggesting that a lower sound volume should be "imposed" on you (or on others who prefer louder sound effects), but what you are in effect saying is that a louder sound volume should be imposed on me (and on o
  2. A lot of the options and functions, especially for items in our backpack, are convoluted and sometimes even redundant. For example, if I want to harvest a storm lantern, I open my backpack and select the lantern. There are three options on the bottom-right of my screen: "Use", "Action" and "Drop". I have to click on the "Action" button, then I have to go to the top-left of my screen to click "Harvest", and then I have to go back to the bottom-right of my screen to click "Harvest" again to confirm the command. And that's just for the lantern. The same applies to most tools in our inventor
  3. It would really be appreciated if we could have more control over game sounds in the "Options" menu, more specifically the ability to adjust the volume of waterfalls (dang that's loud in the headphones relative to other sounds!) and wind. Please and thank you! 🙂