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  1. I've upgraded the Seamoth to 300m and started exploring the glowing mushroom cave. Very exciting!
  2. I definitely have to look away. The sound effects are brutal too.
  3. I think I'm still going to wait on playing TLD until another patch comes out. Too many issues still happening.
  4. One pod was located x distance from the rear of the ship. So I went over to the engines to drop a waypoint and I got chomped by a reaper and almost destroyed my seamoth. LOL. I haven't gone close to there again... but I almost have to board the ship soon because I now have the tools to explore inside. I have a location to visit that is apparently 500m deep and I'm trying to figure out how to get that deep. Pretty damn fun... and a lot of tension when exploring!
  5. That was fast. Awesome work Hinterland!
  6. Some gentle tips from a dev, for anyone submitting bugs. It might help to include: - Operating system. - System stats if it's a performance issue. - Steps to reproduce the problem if you can. - Before and after situation (Ie, I had X, Y, Z badges before, then I did ABC and I gained badge D.)
  7. So there's now a 'foot accessory' slot?
  8. @ahmyin I absolutely love this story and the framed map! I've also enjoyed playing single-player games with someone else sitting shotgun! It's a fun way to turn a solo game into co-op. My husband and I do this with some of the Telltale games. When I was younger, my mom and I would play the very old Hugo's House Of Horrors games. You had to do a lot of typing so she would take the keyboard, and we'd try to solve the puzzles together. Good memories! <3
  9. @Grignard_TN & @ManicManiac... I must extend my sincere thanks for the recommendation of Subnautica, I bought it on sale last week and hooo boy is it ever fun. It feels like the spiritual sister to TLD with the added bonus of base construction. I am really loving it so far. @BlinkMoFried absolutely give Subnautica a try. It's hitting all the same feels as TLD ... it's almost an underwater clone. Caveat that the new player onboarding is pretty sparse in that game, you might need some new player tips/guides to get rolling. lol
  10. 100% restart now. I made this mistake, got all the way through Ep 3 on Pilgrim and it's stupidly easy.
  11. I started my first challenge ever with Whiteout this week. It's a ton of fun. You find a stupid amount of supplies everywhere, but getting a hatchet was the big difficulty for me. I really love having a Quest tab again since I finished Wintermute a while ago. I'm almost done the challenge and I think I'll be able to do it without leaving Coastal Highway. Bagging a bear really helped the food task item. XD
  12. Took me AGES, but finally got it. Whew that archery skill was a pain.
  13. Posted by Raphel on Twitter.