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  1. Based on real Canadian bears: TL;DR - a bear caught on film extremely high in a tree. 🤣🤣🤣😰
  2. But yes, a "sleep till dawn" option would be AWESOME.
  3. So... I also like to do this to maximize my daylight. I've learned to judge the day-night time wheel thing. If it's evening & the sun is fully gone & the moon is *just* fully up: Moon -------------------------------------- Sun Then a full 12 hour sleep brings you to the crack of dawn. Often though if you aren't fully exhausted, you will wake due to being fully rested. So I will pass time before sleep for an hour or two. It's a bit fiddly to get it right. But I've managed to get somewhat ok at it. On custom games you can turn off "rest as a resource" and just sleep the amount of time. Funny thing. In books I often read of characters taking turns "at watch" at night & the sleeping person will wake & tell the person on watch that it's their turn to sleep. In fantasy novels, watches & alarms don't exist. How these characters supposedly wake themselves after X hours has been a life long mystery to me. My best guess is drink a TON of water & your bladder will wake you?? 🤣🤣
  4. Imagine being able to spray paint the bear, then see the marker move around on the map. LMAO.
  5. I *still* love those games. And MUDs. I like my games 'vintage'. Lol
  6. I agree- it being hard is a core part of the game. But as they've added maps (& timberwolves) the game gets harder (more to memorize). So mapping improvements balances that a bit. And really, these markers don't REALLY make the game much easier. You still can't find the markers without being in visual range, so you could have used dropped sticks & stones or just awareness of landmarks to accomplish this. The marks appearing on your map is nice - but without an arrow on your map showing where you are, you still need to go visually find them. This is a shortcut for players who make heavy use of the journal ("Bear west of double rock north of farm") vs just spray painting it now. I don't see how this really makes navigating much easier if at all. More of a memory tool. Plus the added weight you now have to carry.
  7. I wonder if rock caches are a precursor to predators taking/being attracted to your meat if it's left on the ground.
  8. Keep in mind, once a game is already out for a while, it becomes harder to bring in new players. The initial wave of TLD players had very few maps to play in & learn. So they were 'eased in' by virtue of having few maps. New players like me have a huge game world to learn & we don't have everything memorised like players who came in at the beginning. So an update like this helps ease new players into the game by making navigating a bit easier. Updates like this help keep it balanced for new players.
  9. Looking forward to digging into this update. Things I want to learn about rock caches: How many rocks to build one? Item condition loss rate - better or worse than leaving meat in the snow? ?
  10. I wonder if the rock caches can be used to store meat outside your base?
  11. OMG this is more than I hoped for. Awesome.
  12. I was under the newbie assumption that the revolver can't damage a moose. I unloaded an entire clip into my first moose encounter & didn't even draw a drip of blood. Got mauled. Am I wrong?