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  1. Ok, then I get this with a crossing line. Not terrible... but I feel like I'm not getting something. lol
  2. Is THAT what those are? I came here trying to figure out what the new 3 fire icons are every time I bring up my hud to check the time. Hm.
  3. I'm having a really hard time figuring out the position of the Far Range regions relative to each other. No matter what I do I end up with crossed lines. I'm trying to have the lines come out in the approximate location N/S/E/W that the entrance to the region appears on the map. Without an updated map of all of Great Bear... I just don't have a good grasp on the big picture layout. Feedback welcome!
  4. Good catch. Miro went bonkers & deleted some of my lines. I'll fix! Thanks!
  5. That's. That's surprising... because whoever that is, is pretty stealthy. The only officially Hinterland staff member I ever see posting here at all is Raph and some nebulous 'Administrator' account who posts very rarely. I'm used to this role being a named person (even if it's a fake persona for dealing with the community) who develops a rapport with players and kind of acts like a negativity-shield for the rest of the team. Someone with alligator-thick skin lol. 😁 Though to be fair maybe I just haven't stumbled across this person's activity around here. {shrug}
  6. Updated the Connections Map for the new Sundered Pass region. Haven't explored yet myself so feedback is welcome!
  7. @borishu.... Man.... I say this as a fellow Switch owner & avid gamer on both PC & Switch: how can you be surprised?? I have seen so, so many PC -> Switch ports get mired in delays, technical challenges, bugs, poor performance, more delays, and just mess. This isn't an HL issue. Do you really need to be told over & over again, "not ready yet"? As Switch owners & adult gamers, it's really become on us to recognise that buying in-development games that are being ported to Switch is a gamble. Heck - Minecraft - a game that must have an unfathomable budget, staff & importance.... is a buggy, slow, dumpster fire on Switch & my money is on the fact that porting big PC games to Switch is a near impossible slog. Green Hell has the same problem. I could name more. ((Sadly I think Green Hell gave up on pushing the rest of their updates to Switch. 🤣😭)) Put a pin in it.... play something else, and someday maybe you'll get a pleasant surprise when it's finished & launched to Switch. Don't just wait around gnashing teeth about it. Life is too short for this grief over a game.
  8. Sad reading in this thread today. FWIW @Raphael van Lierop - there are many many more players who love the game & the studio & who don't sweat the schedule or the hiccups along the way. Too bad that the negative voices are loudest. This is a great game & has been an awesome journey to see all the new content & how it's absolutely blossomed over the many years. Sorry that the community experience has soured... send my kudos & appreciation for what it's worth.
  9. Man this can't be an easy decision. I respect the choice to go back and rethink this a bit.... but it must be really tough to deal with that. It was worth it to give this a try and experiment a bit with a new kind of threat in the game.... implemented differently... too bad it didn't land very well with players, but it's nice to see HL trying new things and pushing the bar with the game. No shade on this at all. Looking forward to seeing what comes back. This is the first I've seen of how the cougar works. Why is it fading to black before we see Tomisina's shot? Is that how it works or is it her editing? Man even your one shot doesn't really look like it's happening IN the game. 😔
  10. While I'm super excited about this update (man have I ever been loving Tales & the new maps!), but this cougar confuses me. I distinctly recall some mention of a new "reason to look up" and a lot of hints that we'll have to be on our guard & stay alert. But none of that applies. If the cougar doesn't really exist in the world, then to me it's just another affliction timer like cabin fever. Here's a timer until 'bad thing' happens. So it's a "keep moving" prod that doesn't allow for much creative problem solving (like catching it hunting you & turning the tables on it). Albeit much cooler than cabin fever! Personally think I'll usually keep it disabled. And I agree it could be nice if it gets a future revamp to make it actually exist. But... TBH there's more than enough awesome goodies in this update... the game just keeps getting better.
  11. Aww man... that's too bad to hear that. I was hoping it would be an ultra stealthy creature that I could still shoot/hunt if I got really lucky in spotting it. Or else why would the video show the player looking around frantically trying to see it... if it's not see-able? Also, from the video it implied that some of the signs of the cougar were things like dead rabbits on the ground that presumably the cougar got a hold of. Is that not the case? I do think that it serves it's purpose of encouraging players to be a bit nomadic. Yes you can disable the feature... but, it's nice to have an in-game incentive to keep moving regularly. You can stay put the first time to try and get it's materials.... but after that the risk-benefit of staying in place gets less clear and for me at least it would push me to keep changing home base location.
  12. Last I heard talk about GOG.... all their processes were very manual & they were short staffed. Stressing developers who couldn't get in touch with them in a timely manner & couldn't maintain a timely release schedule. Unfortunately dealing with that becomes a question of whether the sales on that platform is worth the aggravation. Sucks if you originally bought it there... but I think it got nixed & you're better off rebuying elsewhere. 😓
  13. Dude. People are allowed to be different. Some people like more chill gameplay.
  14. I disagree. The longer your save goes on for.... the more attached you become to it.... and the more that dying will hurt. It will be easy to say "I don't need no stinkin' cheat death training wheels!" before you start your run.... but hundreds of days in.... it would be a whole other decision to make. For me at least. 😁