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    Same reason will does ANYTHING for the convicts. They have something he wants. If he started shooting them... no case.
  2. Jace's boss is Atwood - the name that the bearded Trapper (Jeremiah) told Mackenzie to find & tell them the key word "Wintermute". This episode literally connects the story's title, previous chapters, the case, Astrid & Perseverance Mills ... all together & makes things line up & answers several key questions: - What's in the case? Why should we care about it? - What's wrong with Perseverance Mills & why does Astrid want to go there so badly? - Who is Atwood? Where are they? - Where are all these convicts coming from who've been causing trouble acro
  3. I was able to keep both my sweaters on the left & everything on the right including ear wraps.
  4. This 100%. I love that it matches how we as players have gained experience & confidence.
  5. This is my complaint with SO MANY pc-to-console games. When I play Stardew Valley on Switch I have to drag a chair closer. 😭 And for Subnautica Below Zero, getting pin point aim without a mouse was so annoying I re-bought it for PC & am going to start over. Siiigh.
  6. I've finished Episode 4 & I've sat down over a few days to write this review. I think it's important to share our praise and not just our complaints. Anyone who creates anything for the public knows - feedback is often skewed: angry people are motivated to complain more often than satisfied people are motivated to give appreciation. I am a lifelong gamer & TLD has been a light for me over the pandemic. I bought it on sale 2 summers ago & have never put this many hours into a game. Story mode is my favourite way to play & I've played chapters 1-3 twice so far & many mor
  7. Very well said - hear hear!! I agree completely with this review.
  8. I always worry about submitting bug reports because I always assume that someone else has done it. 🤔 But none are showstoppers so. Maybe I'll report them if they happen again. Off the top of my head I've had: - Noisemaker "sticking" to the revolver so both appear equipped. - Yellow unread indicator on journal items doesn't clear when read. - A wolf stuck in the eating a rabbit animation but no rabbit.
  9. How are you tilting things & hanging them on walls? A mod I assume?
  10. Wow! I've seen some uber violent PG-13 movies. Some priorities are outta whack here. 🙃
  11. It would blow my mind if language is enough to give a game an M rating... but all the animal killing doesn't? I have no clue how game ratings work though. 🤷‍♀️
  12. I find that going around the obvious path ( roads, tree lots, frozen ponds) allowed me to avoid many of the wolves. When you can't avoid them, one noise maker for regular wolves, 2 for Timberwolves will clear the region for about 5-10 real-world minutes. Enough to sprint through the area. I'm on medium difficulty & I'm swimming in ammo, flares & noisemakers.
  13. Good points actually. Not so funny story... I was playing once & my kids were watching over my shoulder for a few minutes. I thought what harm could it be I'm just walking in the snow, I was sure no wolves in that area... and I walked right into a bear!! Almost tore my monitor apart trying to turn it off because you can't hit Esc in the middle of a bear mauling! 😭 Needless to say I learned that lesson the hard way! 🤦‍♀️ I do think think that if there isn't already a warning at the start of the episode - there should be. You make a good point that people are expecting a certain le
  14. Honestly did not expect to see this discussion here. Anyone who follows the episode progress/news/teasers knows that we were heading to a *prison*. It would have been absolutely unbelievable if the prisoners weren't swearing up a storm. In a game where you can get graphically mauled by a bear - complete with screaming - a few cuss words has players upset? You can turn swearing OFF in the settings... or just realize that words can't hurt you. I don't think there is anything wrong with not liking harsh language, but criticising the game for including it is too much. -- Re kid