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  1. Ive suggested this before and by the many replies ive came to the relization that it would not work. The devs would have to change many things and aspects to the game for this to be able to work. But i agree this would be fun.
  2. It's not really about making the game easier, it's more about making it realistic. Last year I went up to Canada for vacation and not one person didn't have at least one hand warmer in there car or on them that I talked to. It may not be necessary, but something that can make a good game is the little details, like hand warmers. The reason I brought up adding hand warmers is because I was playing tdl and my character was freezing and I went into a car cause I thought it would warm me up but it didn't. I had no flares, no torches, and nothing else that would heat me up. If they add
  3. Lots of good points I was just wondering if it was even possible to add something like a multiplayer mode, but I guess it isn't
  4. Both players have the options sleep or waste time. How will player 2 gain that much fatigue. You don't have to sleep for 12 hours anyway you could sleep for less time depending on your fatigue. Also most players would sleep before their level of fatigue is severe. The players would start of with the same fatigue, which would only make sense that they slept at the same exact time, so how will the player have more fatigue then the other player. They could also use the same bed, bedroll wouldn't be counted, and would gain a added heat bonus as their sharing each others body heat.
  5. Hand warmers should be added to the game and found in cars and gas stations they should last one or two hour and add a little bit of warmth needed to not be freezing.
  6. I've been playing this game for a little while now and my little brother has been watching me play and my brother and I have been wanting a online mode it does matter if it's split screen or not. It would still be cool if it wasn't split screen he could use my older brothers console. There should only be a maximum of two players, I think if there where anymore it would make it difficult to find the supplies necessary to survive.