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  1. muzzle loaders sux in hars enviroment, so it probably wont fire when you need in the most. Shotgun is better choice.
  2. Yes, to be honest i dont see reason why ammo craftin is in cannery which doesnt make any sense. Move it to hunting lodge, please. Also crafting it in all workebenches make gun powder more usable even as accelerant.
  3. Molotov? For what? There is no nemy tanks nor riots.
  4. throwing as part of drop, ok but as weapon outside of spear of javelin hell nah.
  5. Moll


    no, we dont need more. The more the better. because you are forced to use whatever you have (not all of them can be available in particular run). However there are more important things to do, like improve Inlet location and tin can factory, which is joke.
  6. Moll


    Nah biggest problem of gun ownership in germany is stupid periodical checks of use via training visits. Also, Germans like die Grünen and other left parties which are very antigun, so, be gun owner in Germany isnt a great idea. here in CZ, rifles are more common, but because of sport shooting and most of them are semi autos. In Germany, hunting bolt actions and shotguns are more prevalent, howver rifles are more common too. Also shotty is more situational gun, rifle is good for any animal, except bird, you can hunt even rabbits with .22m however rabbits here are hunted with shotgun, becuase they are forced to run in great numbers to reveal their hidespot and hit it with rifle isnt very reliable.
  7. Moll


    Shotgun ammo i very heavy, 100 12 g catridges weights over 4 kg. Thats a lot more than almost any rifle ammo. And if shotgun will ruin meat, guts and leather i dont care much. Thats risk of very effective selfdefence firearm. With revolver i am dead. I cant handle that thing. But i dont know if preffer double barrel (or O/U preferrably) or tube fed pump action. That pump action could have tube capacity based on condition (you cannot load shotgun in bad shape to max tube capacity).
  8. You should attach some plan picture, like map. You know. Let we can discuss in detail.
  9. Moll


    I would preffer to carry shotgin as defence against hostile wildlife over wheelgun or rifle anytime. my playstyle is not aimed for hunt, so shotgun as defensive weaponry would be good. i dont know if double barrel or pumpaction, but double barrel fits probably more into universe, pump action is more practical.
  10. How about craftable shotgun shells based on flare shells? They look same as flare shells (ingame). It would be nice ammo for crafted single shot pipe shotgun. Bruh, probably not.
  11. Moll

    Structural Decay

    I would rather leave this decay for nature. like falling trees in blizzard would be nice. But leave level geometry as it is.
  12. Moll

    Structural Decay

    Unless multi way possibilities among all regions, closing transition zones is not a good idea. Because some locations can be permanently closed for you, with no way to reach them. You struggle with surviving and now you should worry about houses? Nah, maybe thinks like broken windows are understable, but repairng the walls? hell no. I really doubt that devs are willing to put so much effort in this thing which means total remodding of game basics. (Even if its possible.) Just no.
  13. Moll


    just simple item in inventory. Its presence makes clibing easier, cost is some weight in inventory. Like rope, it doesnt decay.
  14. Moll

    Pain adjustments

    yeah, painkillers are mostly uselles in game. Previously needed for sprains, now redundant. So, why not.
  15. Moll

    Structural Decay

    Or you die in burning house. Amazing. Nope, not now at least.