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  1. Pointless. Never happen.
  2. Moll

    Getting dirty

    There is model of soap in game i would like to get a personal hygiene mechanic, however it would be challenge to implement it (probably without bathing).
  3. Wasting bodyheat to melt a snow is easy ticket for freezig to death. Wtf, you are in artic enviroment and take snow to cold you even more? nope.
  4. Any use for car batteries in the near future?
  5. I am talking about reversed situation. Hot key to ready your weapon. Maybe when you press H without any active item you make your revolver ready? The long dark uses ray cast for shooting, so no bullet ricochets. Not needed in this enviroment.
  6. Holster can bring a possibility to draw revolver without selecting it in circular menu, like with hot key. Instant access in emergemency or desperate situation. I would use model of normal leather holster, but its craftable.
  7. easy exploitable...
  8. TLD wont include any drug or alcohol abuse due to age limit for game.
  9. No to explosive and fire arrows. Useless in surival and its wasting of material (and bullets for explosive ones). Give me a break.
  10. Moll

    Cooking pots

    Nah, we have a lot of fabric pots already. Also crafting something like this isnt very possible with limited tools. Its not a simple geometry like arrow head. I dont support that. We can suggest more more interesting items for cooking, like rocket stove, handy indoors with no regular stove or fire place. Bruh.
  11. I see more use for revolver than for rifle. Because i use fireamrs as selfdefence tool. But i would preffer a shotgun with a few cartridges than revolver with 50 bullets.
  12. Moll


    Aurora has very low energy output it can barely flick a small lightbulb.
  13. I would support shotgun as defence weapon. Especially when you can find only one type of long gun in your game (rifle or shotgun, not both) so it would affect your hunting strategy. Why? Guns are not unicorns, especially in rural areas. I am oppose to add military grade stuff, but decent hunting rifle, or shotgun isnt immersion breaking. MAybe i would make ammo even more scarce (probably only near the gun). I dont like standart Interloper for that. I preffer Interloper with enabled rifle. Depending only on crafted weapons like in Stone Age, thats boring. Or i would add as way to survive in wilderness, with no civilisation, but keep scarce fireamrs in "civilised" areas.
  14. Moll

    New Weapons

    Muzzleloaders are cool, but problems is how to manage your ammo. Xou need poweder and lead ball. Maybe paper cartridges... But people will have tendency to start begging for explosives, when gun powder in game.
  15. I preffer way to bury dead corpses rather than eat them. Especially it wouldnt be good anyway.