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  1. just record own gameplay with loaded fire and make a loop from recorded gameplay. Where is problem to do that. You dont need help from developers. I think static burning fire, with flying parts in space and howling blizzard from outside will make a good screen saver. You just need to set starting fully loaded fire and then set good camera angle. then sit, wait and record.
  2. Moll

    Penalty for too hot

    in interiors you dont usually to be overheated, so taking off is required only in certain cases.
  3. Moll

    Penalty for too hot

    I am sure that too hot mechanic can be tuned to improve TLD gameplay for everyone.
  4. Moll

    Penalty for too hot

    A: True, but forging with parka, i would rather keep it safe away from fire. B: Forging is difficult and punishable choice. You wanna to build some cool stuff, there is price for it. If taking off some cloth or need of more water is significant forcing into spending more time and resources, then disable some working mechanics in game, they also forcing players to spend more time and resources than needed.
  5. Moll

    Penalty for too hot

    I wouldnt be so complicated, feel like temperature if its high just increase water consumption and makes you clothes wet and smelly. Yes, probably near the forging stuff you need to take your clothes off. What is the problem?
  6. i think there should be penalty when you wear too much clothes and become extremely over heated. "Feels like" can exceed 50 °C (122 °F) in TLD with no punisment. High temperatures should cause: 1. Discomfort (you cannot sleep). 2. Thirst and increased water consumption. 3. Make your inner layer wett by sweat. 4. It makes you stinky due sweating (scent attracting predators).
  7. Moll

    Christmas event

    Some dried, dusty x-mas tree would be cool as leftover. It spawn candy cane as food item. Its two items, so i should not be too difficult to implement.
  8. Maybe husband tried to escape wolf attack and Molly "ensured" he could not.
  9. Just add button in inventory action "Create satchel stash". it creates world model and you can place whatever items in it. But devs probably wont do it, its "hard" for them. god knows what coding mess The long Dark trully is, because adding something new is horror.
  10. In older game files is revolver ammunition mentioned as .38. But they choose never mentione it when release it. They probably should not mentione .303 for rifle too. just "rifle cartridge" would be enough. they its on your imagination, if enfield is .303 British or converted in .308 Win. For revolver its probably closest for .357 Magnum. it can bring down a bear with luck, so it has to be some more potent than .38 Special. Irl i see succesfull hog kill with Glock 17, so even those "human" calibres have some potential for wildlife. Better than nothing.
  11. I would accept sprain wrist, if they animate a fall down a slope in first person. With frantic rotary view when falling, it probably brings some people Epilepsy or PTSD but i think its worth it. And wrist sparin turns into logical thing.
  12. No, keep dismantling guns away from this game. You are not a gunsmith and SMLE have not interchangeable parts anyway (even bolt head is set up for exact receiver to keep propper headspace). Condition based function works fine, guns just get dirty, their dont break mechanically. Its pretty simple. Whole compotent-separated damaging system would require a hell of work, so probably its better how it is. One condition per item. If you can break handle, you stick with useless head. And wont be probably able to get a new samplig for handle, because your axe is broken and no saw around. So system to make your axe operational due to whetsone and ignoring handle is more player friendly. Also it can lead you can find axe's head alone. Thats not a good design.
  13. even if phone can produce own electricity (like via electromagnetic microphone), so still need aditional power to amplify signal over long distance. Bells phone have batteries too, like all other historic phone devices. Hand cranked induction generator was only other source of electricity in device, but used only for ringing, because it provides high voltage output so you can feed ringing bell over long distance. Talk signal was at much lover voltage levels, powered by acid batteries so you were limited at range without amplifiers.
  14. Then maybe add way to craft simple can latern. When not candles, craftable portable indoor light source can be very handy too. And no need for a bunch of a new items, just use existing cans, scrap and cloth. Only model of craftable can "latern" is needed. Long term candles can be excellent way to keep fire. It comes handy when you run out of matches and no magnifying glass around.