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  1. its still hunting rifle with different stats, so its not a new gun. and i want to pump lead into wolves all day long.
  2. lack of console is pretty fun. You cant mess with game. And also you cant cheat too much via commands.
  3. 1. Beach comming. How the hell can be heavy prypar washed on beach? 2. Skyrimming walls and slopes 3. Ruined food does not despawn. 4. No need for tinder when high fire making level (it makes ueless item)
  4. It could be old Enfield vs decent Remington 700 rifle. Old world vs a new. However due fact the area is long abadoned so getting a new rifle is very unlikely, so even that remington would be 30 years old. So no tacticool stuff probably.
  5. 1. Unlike Green Hell Long Dark world is pretty much more dead and abadoned. So it probably would not fit the atmosphere. 2. Also its a lot of work. See point 4. 3. Impossible task to cooperate time handling/skipping due actions. How you skip time due sleeping when your bro is awake? Same with AI, or location handling. 4. Their engine is pretty bare bone version, without any multiplayer extensions. They use carefully modded engine with basic elements for one player. Hardcoded and designed for one player experience. 5. And i dont want trollers and griefers in this game. So thank you but i rather die alone than watching memes. And hell no for PVP deathmatches with bows, revolvers on SMLEs. Or battle royale. 6. Lack of servers, HL wont burn money for server room handling those sessions. 7. I dont have any friends to play with. Its so nice.
  6. Actually, solution is simple. There is example: If you have pain from 3 sources of pain, you need 3 (or six, depends on ratio) pills to treat it properly. Lower count makes pain just temporaly silenced. But thats a whole different system outside current heal system ingame, which based on place and its treatment (dont recognize if issue can be even area oriented).
  7. @ManicManiac TLD needs evolution. Or it becomes obsolete. You may like simple mechanics but in time we need change. for more rich gameplay.
  8. I see value of shotgun. Blowing off timberwolves. I sux with revolver. I want shotgun which would fit my Nomad style much more. And i certainly dont think that we have all weapons we need. We need more variety of tools to a diverse and rich gameplay.
  9. Its not OP. You have two fast follow up lethal blasts at very close range. But only two, if you have to reload when attacked or miss, you mostly dead. Thats big difference. also it would be much more effective against timberwolves. it would fit nomads perfectly. They can defend thmeselves more effectively, but with heavier gun. Nonsense. You still die pretty qucikly if unprepared. Also we dont suggest fireamrs which provide huge fire power. Mostly single shot. not semi automatic with detachable magazines, or machine guns.
  10. reliable gun means 1 shot = 1 hostile animal mostly instantly dropped. handgun cannot provide that in the most cases. shotgun can do that pretty easily, especially with slugs.
  11. Yes, its very nice, especially for us who are looking for reliable defensive firearm (which revolver is NOT). But, remove that sprain after shot, thats stupid. Normal 12/70 buckshot is relatively soft recoil ammo, its not 10/89 supermagnum. Maxbe single shot instead of SxS would be even more challenging (and better for aiming).
  12. Moll

    Our Wishlist

    all of this stuff was suggested already.
  13. its nice, but devs dont even bother to reply, so i think its pointless. Isnt Raphael dead or something?
  14. Jumping in snow is hard. also you could exploit AI. So, NO.
  15. Why is this there, when Raphael doesnt bother anyway. I am glad i forced friends not to buy this game. You know, better safe than sorry.