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  1. A beautiful day in my favorite region. Wait. Bad doggie! Bad! Go Away!
  2. Just some random shots... (I love the lavender skies...)
  3. @ManicManiac- heh. One fellow on the Steam forums played The Hunted Part1, and thought outside of the box on it. He traveled the entire Great Bear Island (prior to Bleak Inlet), or at least a great deal of it, to see if the bear would follow him, and hunt him in regions outside of the "normal" Challenge regions. He went to the Summit in TWM... and yep. Reported the bear appeared at the Summit. I played Nomad, and dragged it out by going everywhere but where I was supposed to stay 3 nights at. At least the non-timed Challenges can be really fun to try in completely different ways, no timer ticking away. Speedruns are a possibility too. I know several have posted incredible times on As The Dead Sleep, and some really impressive times for Whiteout and Hopeless Rescue. Not sure custom Settings would be good for Challenges since there is an achievement/trophy for completing all of them (except As The dead Sleep). I like that we are all on an even playing field, no one being able to turn settings down to "easy peasy" and play them in "almost God Mode". Would love to see some new challenges someday, though. Either from Hinterland, or from modders, after we get official modding support. I am sure there are some really good ideas for new Challenges floating around out there.
  4. Nothing personal @Gazbeard, but not everyone watches streams of the game, some of us just play it. And I am guessing reports were filed through the Support Portal, and their QA people were able to reproduce the crashes. I haven't had any crashes either, but that doesn't mean they weren't happening for some players on some platforms. Or they would not have needed to be hotfixed, lol. I expect we'll see a few more hotfixes as the next few weeks go by, there were a number of reports of various issues, by a number of people on the Steam forums. None of which I have experienced either, but again, that doesn't mean these bugs aren't happening for some people. Just like I have never had the "levitating bear melee on weak ice" one in FM. Apparently you have. Thanks to Hinterland for working hard to fix any and all bugs, as they get reported.
  5. I suspect that when her daughter died, she may have done something to herself. Whether that was a literal "clawing her own eyes out" in grief, or a failed attempt at suicide, that left her blind (OD on pills?), or some sort of fight with her ex husband that resulted in her being injured and blinded. So many things that it could be. The dead prisoner in the shed... I suspect the bullet holes are from he and perhaps Hobbs breaking in, and her shooting at them. She hit at least the one, for sure. Interesting question. I suspect we may never know the answer, but are left to form our own thoughts on it. I think I am going to go with her clawing her own eyes out in grief when Lily died.
  6. So, then, if you harvest the wolf after it dies, you are handling guts and hides tainted with a poisonous substance, and the meat would be poison to you too. So, poisoned wolves = character gets poisoned too if they touch it, or harvest it (poisoned blood all over your clothes, face, hands...), or eat it. Cooking does not always nullify the effects of poison. All depends on the type of poison. And the character should have a high chance of poisoning themselves while preparing the poisoned bait, or the poison itself. I would also expect dead crows, and dead bears. You food supply just got cut down and made inedible, because -poisoned bait. And no, I don;t support this either. Why bother getting weapons, or hunting with them, if you can just drop poisoned fish or rabbit or venison all over the place, as decoys? Instead of using the decoy to distract the wolf and give you a chance to get away? Would make the game far too simple and "safe". Kill wolves the old-fashioned way. With a gun or a bow and arrows, or in a fair fight... in a struggle with the correct weapon. Having poison for wolves would make Stalker insanely easy, Loper too. And would be pointless in Pilgrim, altogether. Barely worth it in Voyageur, IMHO. We are not supposed to feel 100% safe, and we aren't supposed to be the Apex Predator anymore. It's a new world... and we aren't in charge anymore.
  7. You can one-shot a Moose. It's not common, but often a single shot, revolver, rifle or arrow to the nose drops them. There may be other critical-hit spots that will one-shot them too, but nose s the only one that has worked for me. With an arrow, and with a rifle round. Never had the nerves to try it with the revolver. If you got the moose with a one-shot using the revolver, you got lucky. Damned lucky. It never was meant to be a weapon for killing, it even says it is not meant for hunting in the item description. It's meant as a defensive weapon, to scare off wolves, or for use in struggles as a blunt object, with a chance at a shot to the wolf's face, if you fill the meter enough. The Revolver was too OP when it was first added, we were blasting things with it, left and right. So Hinterland adjusted it a bit, a while ago. Not a new thing. Moose do not bleed out, but you can crit them, if you are lucky. That big nose makes an obvious target when they are charging you, lol.
  8. Yes to that. This, and many others things will be added when we have fully supported modding in the game. Things like Pancakes, too.
  9. Yeah. No. No werewolves, no zombies, no vampires, no Bigfoot. Mention of legends, sure. But... not as actual enemies or NPCs in the game. There's enough of those kinds of games out there already. This game does not need to be like "all those other games". No. Just... no. 4DoN? Maybe. But, the "fright" of that event is all about total darkness, all the time, and where each player's mind goes when dealing with it. Not turning the game into a bloody-horror-jumpscare-shmup. How do you think you our survivors would have to deal with werewolves? Tickle them til they leave us alone, and stop eating our Pumpkin pies and candy bars? Eh, I'll pass. Regular wolves are enough to deal with in 4DoN, thanks.
  10. We aren't really sure where "North" is on the World map (some seeming inconsistencies with the Cardinal Directions noted by several players over the years, pointing out sunrise and moonrise inconsistencies on some maps...). And we don't know how accurate Jeri is when he says "North of...". True North? NE? NW? Or some variation thereof? And the new region I am suggesting, connecting TWM and DP would not be Perseverance Mills. @Jimmy puts it closer to where I would imagine it. The old (original by Hinterland, and changed to the new one we see now.. so the Wind Rose is likely not even close to being accurate...) World Map shows a road going from DP, up past TWM. And the red area on the map is shown as being a possible future area. With many regions now on the World map not shown at all (or possibly shown but not named). The area to the right of TWM, between DP and TWM, with the long road shown... that is where I imagine the new connecting region I am suggesting to be. That road being the one on the other side of the DP Broken Bridge we cannot reach right now. I do imagine the red area on the original map now being Episode 4 or 5, rather than the originally envisioned Episode 3 location, which is now PV (with some changes to the size and shape of the region, perhaps). Make sense? The old and new maps are not that much different. The new map seems to be skewed slightly, no Wind Rose, and stretched, to include FM, BR, MT. HRV and BI. But that road from DP up past TWM is what keeps me thinking there is going to be something on the other side of the DP Broken Bridge, as shown in a screenshot from the Fandom Wiki (because searching my now over 6000 screenshot large collection of shots from the game is just a bt too time consuming right now, to find one that shows the location well...).
  11. And the cave in FM that now leads to BI was blocked at the back too, before they added BI,and opened the cave up. The tunnel leading into FM was blocked by fallen rock slabs before FM was added, ad they removed them and opened the tunnel up into FM. Landslides and fallen rocks can be removed when they add a new region, and open up a connection/transition to the new region. Any place I see a path or cave blocked by snow, rocks, or fallen trees... may be a future path cleared to connect to a new region. And I agree, I hope Perseverance Mills is a large map. But I have a feeling that it will not be coastal, that it will sit along a river and maybe a road, above Mystery Lake, between Milton and Pleasant Valley/TWM.
  12. Contact Hinterland Support via the Support Portal. They may or may not be able to restore lost Feat and Badges.
  13. Lol! Always chuckle when things like that happen.
  14. I think I love you! No, I do! 😍 (Please don't tell my husband...)
  15. Trappers is going dark... 😭 (I'll get used to it, but I will miss it. 3 1/2 years, seeing those lights at night, through a blizzard or fog... farewell, old friend.)