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  1. I noticed it immediately. I didn't question it (though I did have that brief "Father Tom has some rusty bolts in the bucket..." thought flash through my head...) Okay, and I may get bashed for this, but here's my take (for better or worse): Modern "Big Religion" is all about ".Thoughts & Prayers" Natural disaster wipes out an island? "We send our thoughts and prayers.". Personal tragedy? "We send out thoughts and prayers...". Families separated, not knowing where their loved ones are? "We send our thoughts and prayers." I could keep listing, but I'll stop. Father Tom sends his thoughts and prayers. He does not notice the personal injuries or suffering of the people in the Community Hall. He never even looked at Dimitri to see his Medic Alert bracelet, saying he had Type 1 Diabetes. He did the minimum needed, giving him a bedroll and a blanket, just like he did with everyone else. Gathering the townsfolk and the survivors in one place, to form a new "congregation" that he could pray over and preach to, but he never bothered to search the cars or houses, or look over more than the spiritual well-being of most, especially the "Outsiders" who straggled in. "Dimitri came in a day or 2 ago, but I didn't take enough notice of him to remember him that clearly, just another sheep for my flock, for me to feel sanctified, by praying for his everlasting soul. His body is your job, Astrid. You go face the physical dangers and treat the bodies, I'll treat the souls." A clear divide shown between spiritual and secular (or "scientific" if you prefer that term.). Both in Father Tom and in Astrid. Both show great compassion, but both are worlds apart from each other in their world views and belief systems. And the separation of the people on the island from any outside views, by their long held traditions, and acceptance of whatever "The Church" tells them is right, without question. TL;DR- Father Tom may be a bit forgetful, or he may be so firmly entrenched in his Faith, that he cannot see beyond it. And please, this is just my take. Everyone will see it their own way. No one needs to agree with me, it's just how I see the story, the game, and yes, the world in general. And I may well be very far away from the meaning that Raph and Hinterland fintended to convey. But I think Hinterland is okay with us each seeing it our own way, as long as we share our thoughts on it without hatred and vitriol.
  2. Here's the thing... If sprains bother you, you can turn the sprain mechanic completely off in a Custom Settings game. And if you are okay with the sprain mechanic, but the wobbly gimping camera view bothers you or causes vertigo for you- you can turn that off in the Options menu, no Custom Settings needed.
  3. I agree the morale meter doesn't really fit the aesthetics of the current UI and HUD in the game, but I am used to the look it has from all of the aRPG/RPG games I play. So, it really was not immersion breaking for me. personally, and it was easy for me to see how far down I was pushing their morale to chase them off. I do like the music as well, it really does make your stomach clench up a bit when you hear it, and lets you know the danger is real, and immediate. I suppose from a purely aesthetic sense, the meter could or should be made a bit more visually similar to everything else. Not a circle, still a bar, with with that "snowy and cold" look. Not sure how else to put that... Took a few tries to learn how the Timbers behave, and what their attack patterns were. But that's something I have had to learn in aRPGs like Titan Quest and Grim Dawn, dealing with mobs that flank and surround my avatar. Kite? Don;t kite? Use terrain or architecture do protect myself from the flank attacks... Not too hard, just took some observation and some learning the hard way, lol. I do think they will be problematic in Survival Mode, where those 20% per hit attacks may end permadeath runs quickly. But, being a Stalker player most often, I love to dance with wolves, and look forward to many horrible deaths learning to deal with them in the sandbox.
  4. Can't vote. I like them all, for entirely different reasons.
  5. I love this idea. (Even if I don't celebrate Christmas... Oh Tannenbaum and Adeste Fideles would be great, as long as they are in the public domain...)
  6. @Screenshot Pilgrim Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the story, and the filtered screenshots. So many filters... I need to play with a few more.
  7. They may have already made decisions, but it may be taking them time to get in touch with winners, verify eligibility and deal with legal stuff, before shipping rewards and announcing the winners. Until participants provide all the info that Hinterland needs, to be able to make sure everything is in order, Hinterland may be held back from making a formal announcement.
  8. Sunrise in my favorite region... And yes, I am crouched in that last shot. And Terrible Toothy Timmy did not detect me. I did go backwards, slowly, to the Riken, lol.
  9. Well said @Jimmy. And yeah, the insulin not freezing while at the crash site is not IRL realistic, but then again, neither are bottles or water laying out in the snow not freezing, or cans of soda not freezing and rupturing the can. Sadly, many with Type 1 Diabetes here in the US do ration their insulin, to make it last longer. Dimitri could do that as well, but it only gives him more quantity of life (he lives a little longer) while decreasing quality of life (he's going to have more long and short term complications...). But Father Tom, and it seems most everyone in Wintermute, all episodes, seems to believe there is a future for the world, still. So, even if they are wrong, they believe they will be rescued, or things will get better. And Astrid as a doctor is likely to believe the same thing, religious or not. And yeah... I am so tired of people, when they learn I have Type 1 Diabetes, feeling sorry for me and saying "Oh, you poor thing. You can't eat sugar at all! That must be terrible!" Ummm... carbohydrates, simple or complex are sugars. One acts more quickly on blood glucose levels, one acts more slowly. But it irks me that baby carrots are chock full of carbohydrates, and have a high glycemic index. I love baby carrots. And I follow a carb-counting/glycemic index diet, taking my short acting insulin dosage based on carbs taken in. Long acting taken in a split dose (2x daily instead of the usual 1x daily.) And I still have issues keeping my HbA1c at or below 6.0. But it's way better than the HbA1c levels of 11.0-13.0 I had as a child, on the old old old Regular and NPH insulins and a strict 1500 kcal/day diet. What works for me may not work for another. More education, and customized care and treatment is so important. And so lacking for many here. But as far as the game goes... the idea of deer or other animals harvested for meat, having their pancreas harvested to "milk" them for insulin is plausible, even if it may not be practical.
  10. I am not sure Bullwinkle would agree with me if I said "Yes!"... (Nicely done btw!)
  11. @Ice Hole- That's a really interesting study! Possibly good news for people with Type 2 Diabetes. No news for people like me with Type 1. (Whether we partake or not... it literally saved my life when I was going through chemo though... my Diabetes was greatly affected by the vomiting, lack of appetite, and lack of food intake. A little pot helped to increase my appetite, calmed the nausea, and helped me keep the food f down. Plus my pain levels dropped significantly. Better control of my Diabetes meant better response to the chemo and better healing from any radiation burns fro the rad treatments.) Sadly, testing like this under approved and tightly controlled situations, does not happen often, if at all. Insulin resistance exists in Type 1 as well, more so in the form that I have (Brittle Type 1), but the risks that patients would face would be more severe. But it's damned nice to see some more studies being done, for any form of Diabetes, to help people who have the disease get better control. Though, until it's legal at the Federal level, instead of at the State level, insurance here in the US will never consider paying for any form of cannabinoid treatments, and doctors will never be willing to risk legal implications of recommending it to patients, while it is not actually legal here. Total aside... do you know how many forms of Diabetes there are? It's a bit astounding to some people to learn that there are so many different forms... Best website I can link to that gives "easier to understand" information (for laypeople, not just scientists and doctors) is here: