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  1. Lol! Always chuckle when things like that happen.
  2. I think I love you! No, I do! 😍 (Please don't tell my husband...)
  3. Trappers is going dark... 😭 (I'll get used to it, but I will miss it. 3 1/2 years, seeing those lights at night, through a blizzard or fog... farewell, old friend.)
  4. They just shipped a hotfix (on Steam right now, not sure when it will hit GoG, XBox One and PS4), that is supposed to have fixed this. On Steam: Here:
  5. Hinterland has told us they are working on adding official Modding support to the game. A number of times. When it becomes available, we modders will go to work on creating new content, QoL fixes some people want, or just turning the entire island into a giant Pancake, with Maple Syrup rivers, ponds, and seas.
  6. Download the hotfix that just came out today (as soon as it is available on the platform you play on). It is supposed to fix the issue with animals spawning under the terrain and carcasses falling below the terrain.
  7. Nothing special to see here. Just hanging out in the bed of my buddy Matt's truck. Okay, I am not sure how I got here, or where Matt went. Can you please chip my feet out of the frozen snow, and pull me out? Wait. You know where Matt went? Oh.
  8. The Broken Bridge clearly has a road on the other side. That we cannot reach. Evidence of there being something there, at one point in time. Where did that road lead? There is room on the map for another small region, that could connect TWM and DP, just like BI connects FM and the Ravine (and by default, ML) now, and also seems to be part of a sea route. Though not an ideal place for a tourist ferry, or large cargo ship dock/port. I think the Broken Bridge needs to stay broken, but a goat path up the other side, or a connection through Scruffy's Cave Of Horror would be possibilities. It would be another coastal region, but could suit another industrial area, an area with an observatory, or Blackrock Prison, or a military base, or even a port town, with a destroyed ferry landing/ship dock- mail and/or cargo ships that carried tractor trailers full of Sardines or supplies could have come and gone from there... we have no port where larger ships could have docked for such purposes, or for repairs. How did the tourists of the past get to Great Bear for hunting, fishing, or wilderness adventure vacations? The Riken is obviously a whaling ship... meant to harpoon whales and drag or carry them back to Hibernia for processing. Not a tourist landing, or mail/vehicle ferry/supply/lumber/coal delivery/shipment facility. It still makes sense to my mind that another smaller coastal region could be added there, with a small port town. A Buffer Memory in the game mentions delayed shipments from a refinery, for gas (petrol) and/or heating oil. Refineries tend to sit on large waterways, or sea routes. Tanker ships don't do well trying to travel to landlocked refineries. And, as of yet, we have seen no tanker trucks, only tractor trailers with cargo trailers. And again, my post is pure conjecture. Wishful thinking even. But based on potential feasible uses for unused space seen on the World Map. The road on the other side of the Broken Bridge may end there, no roads into or out of TWM. Just foot paths used by adventurers. Broken Railroad has a Broken Bridge as well, obviously once art of the rail-lines on the Island. It also is one way in-out. A "end of the world" region. At least for now. Hinterland has many places to potentially connect regions, and develop new places on the map.
  9. I would love to see DP connected to TWM, with a new zone, on the other side of the Broken Bridge. Astrid comes out in CH at the end of Ep 3. (I get feelings on the Whiteout Challenge here... Father Tom says another big storm is coming, what if that storm picks back up again once Astrid is in CH?) Astrid has to corss CrH to get to DP, following some clues left in CH, at the QGS, or Misanthropes? If we play both characters in one Episodes, and switch between them, Will, now on the same timeline as Astrid, escapes the Dam, and heads through WR, ending up in PV, where he gets word of Astrid's survival, possibly having to eldue Molly, meet Father Tom, but he heads to TWM, after finding the mine entrance collapsed in PV. Astrid reaches TWM, finds the climber's not in the m Mountaineers hut, see the Tail section, and climbs to it, firing the Distress Pistol, hoping someone sees it, like the survivors saw it and answered back in Episode 3. Will sees the flare in the sky (at night?), and heads to TWM via the Abandoned Bunker climb-up, and finds his way to Astrid, at the Summit or the Mountaineers hut. [Episode 4 ends] Episode 5, they are together again, Will has Astrid's case, and together they head to Perseverance Mills, to save the people there. Or find them all dead. (No more ideas about what happens after this). Though it would be interesting to play both characters, as a team, similar to Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. Not sure if I like the idea or not, that game was really tough for me to play with my arthritic hands and that was years ago, before they got as "crunchy" as they are now. But having them work together as a team, as they resolve some of their past relationship and emotional issues... intriguing to think about. Purely conjecture here, and probably 180° off from how it will actually end up.
  10. They're just warming their little Bunny Foo-Foos up a bit. 😂
  11. People grow also annoyed of having Mac or Astrid complain all day long that they are hungry. It's still in the game You don't have to hear the male of female survivors' voices in Survival and Challenge Mode, or Astrid's or Will's voices in Wintermute, at all. Hinterland gave us a separate audio control for "Character Voice" in settings. Turn it down/off, and turn Subtitles on, and you still get the audio cues/clues and Story Mode narrative, without needing to hear the voices at all. That would work for the idea of "survival monologue" as well. And yes, voice acting is expensive, but the ability to stitch together words from already recorded audio files and only record any new ones that are needed to fill in, is a possibility. (People who make "Deepfake" videos have gotten really good at doing this...). As far as the music change... not helpful for people who are HoH or Deaf who play the game... they may not hear the changes well, or at all. Personally, I have no issues with the Morale Meter as it is, now that I have gotten used to it. It did take some getting used to in Wintermute Episode 3, but the aesthetics of it fits the rest of the HUD and UI as well as something like this can, and the bright color it uses is visible even in poor lighting, and when it is over a fallen log, exposed tree roots, or red/red-brown building, structure or car, ect., so "dulling it down" too much may make it harder to see for some people, or in some situations (Such as I listed above, or is Subtitles or CC is being used, and the grey background dulls it and hides it somewhat). Adding the character monologue would be helpful though, IMHO. I personally would prefer to see Hinterland modify the Closed Captioning, if they are going to change any single element of the HUD and UI. Add [loud wolf left][medium Moose sounds behind][T Wolf front, left, behind}, or something similar (tested and vetted by HoH and Deaf players for usefulness feedback). Visual aids for HoH, Deaf, and Vision Impaired players should never be minimized or done away with. They can be helpful for many people who have no eyesight limitations, or hearing limitations as well. Even if the Morale Meter is, visually, a little "gamey" looking to some. It is a video game, after all.
  12. A single rose hip. A single stick. Newsprint. (This one is actually a bit on the "realistic" side...) Food, once I think. But I don't remember what it was. May have been low condition Sardines, because RNJesus like to troll me with those things, often. Cloth. Newsprint has been the most common trash can find for me lately. Much better than a single rose hip, for sure.
  13. Not a wooden crate, but one of the cardboard boxes that may reveal something underneath it, when harvested. Break down a cardboard box in the QGS, and there may or may not be a Go! Energy Drink found underneath.
  14. They are only in Bleak Inlet right now in Survival Mode. Only in PV in Wintermute, not Survival Mode. Easiest way to tell them apart is their coat coloration. Regular wolves are black. Timberwolves are light grey. But yeah, the regular wolves do look a tad beefier now, though their meat harvest still seems to be the same in weight as before.
  15. Making trips back and forth from Carter to CH, to move some things I want to take with me, stocking up the upper cave in the Ravine with other things, so they are there when I am ready to go down and head into BI. I always enjoy when I get a nice Aurora to greet me, so I don't need a lantern or flare to set up my bedroll in the Dam. Just a few shots, taking my time with things, going at a nice slow pace. Safe. No wolf waiting for me, thankfully. Like the Dam is not creepy enough during the day... But the map in the restroom looks great with the new lighting effects... And I really should get some crafting done, while I have no risk of Cabin Fever. Morning, and it's time to head back through the Ravine, and cross back to CH again. After dropping things off in the cave, and harvesting the deer there, finally. Okay. So I putzed around in the Ravine a bit. I won't cross the trestle at night. Tomorrow then...