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  1. @MrsMilton I just confirmed where the error happened -- it was an honest mistake in shipping. Someone on my team misread the console version of the game in place of the actual console. To remedy it, we will send you both the consoles. Apologies for the mistake! We would never mislead or take advantage of our community and I'm sorry you felt that we might have done so.
  2. You weren't misled or you shouldn't feel dumb @MrsMilton! We did say the grand prize included a console. It's a mystery to me why this wasn't sent out to you, but I will follow up and take care of it. Very sorry. Please don't let this sour your feelings -- we will get it to you ASAP.
  3. It's hard to put your own work out into the world, especially when it's something as personal as cosplay. Everyone should be lauded for their efforts and encouraged -- I don't want to see any critical or negative comments, especially not from anyone who hasn't also taken a risk to put themselves out there. The last thing I want anyone to feel is ashamed or regretful that they shared their personal creation with this community. So let's all make sure we show due respect.
  4. The Decoy is not meant to be a hunting tool - it's meant to give you a chance to get away from Stalking wolves.
  5. It being your favourite game doesn't excuse this kind of insulting insinuation towards the dev team. You can have a little time-out.
  6. Oh, some of what you describe here are bugs. But the idea that you can drop a Decoy, back away to like 20-30m, and get a guaranteed headshot -- that's the part that we removed. That was definitely an exploit, because it was a very low-cost, low-risk (or no-risk) way to get a pretty much guaranteed kill. That's just not how this game is meant to work.
  7. Being a snarky ass doesn't make the hotfixes come any faster. Re: the Bait issue -- say goodbye to that long-standing exploit. You can no longer just drop bait and get an easy shot on Wolves. You'll have to work for those kills.