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  1. I would be very interested to know what morally questionable things you feel we have done. I ask because we hold ourselves to a very high moral and ethical standard in our business so this type of language is very disturbing to see. If this is about donations made to support different disadvantaged groups, I would say these are not a function of questionable morality as much as perhaps philanthropical decisions you might not agree with. Which is entirely your prerogative. And ours.
  2. For the record, I don't think this would be unethical at all. We have two teams working on two different aspects of the game. The remaining episodic story content will come out and nobody who owns the game will pay extra for it. Survival Mode has been as complete as any game for a while now -- what would be unethical about selling DLC for major updates to this portion of the game at this point in time? I think it's a misunderstanding from some people in the community (and players of other games as this seems a common sentiment) that they have some entitlement to influence or dictate how a
  3. Yikes, ok well I guess this is a week for dispelling rumours/wild speculations. Re: movie -- Jeremy Bolt, the PRODUCER (not director) of the Resident Evil films has been my collaborator on the film project for many years, to the point where I now consider him a good friend. There's never been a stronger advocate for creating an artistic, thoughtful film for The Long Dark, aside from maybe yours truly. No feedback (negative or positive) "put an end" to the movie project. Turns out making movies takes even longer than making games, especially if you don't want to "sell out", so as with ever
  4. I don't jump into these threads much these days (really busy, as @Admin pointed out!) but when it comes to speculation around my business, I like to set the record straight and touch on a variety of points and speculation in this post. Without commenting too much on the paid DLC idea, I can 100% confirm that we have not switched folks to part time or laid anyone off. In fact, we are actively hiring and growing (which anyone looking at our website can clearly see). 🙂 https://hinterlandgames.com We have always committed to including Episodes Four and Five with the purchase of the
  5. @MrsMilton I just confirmed where the error happened -- it was an honest mistake in shipping. Someone on my team misread the console version of the game in place of the actual console. To remedy it, we will send you both the consoles. Apologies for the mistake! We would never mislead or take advantage of our community and I'm sorry you felt that we might have done so.
  6. You weren't misled or you shouldn't feel dumb @MrsMilton! We did say the grand prize included a console. It's a mystery to me why this wasn't sent out to you, but I will follow up and take care of it. Very sorry. Please don't let this sour your feelings -- we will get it to you ASAP.
  7. It's hard to put your own work out into the world, especially when it's something as personal as cosplay. Everyone should be lauded for their efforts and encouraged -- I don't want to see any critical or negative comments, especially not from anyone who hasn't also taken a risk to put themselves out there. The last thing I want anyone to feel is ashamed or regretful that they shared their personal creation with this community. So let's all make sure we show due respect.