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  1. Hello and thanx ValkyrieCat!
  2. Hi and thanx Kristaok!
  3. odyseeandre


    sigh, i know... but maybe she can live somwhere else!?
  4. Always forgetting one thing and just realizing it when i need it. Ah, and since the last update: sprained ankles! Walking now is not less , it's more frustrating.
  5. I will always remember the first moments of the game: I started at mysty - blizzard - PANIC (like in RL) - freeze to death - playtime 3min.
  6. Thanx for your warm welcome! I love pancakes too!
  7. Hey pan. That with the stories, thats for sure. Once when i first explored the game, i thought if you go to bed you have to take off all clothes. The next morning i had a terrible wolf fight. I won. And after i harvested him when i was back inside, i realised : I did it all naked! :-D
  8. odyseeandre


    Fluffy was a wolf in the dam. Please devs bring her back!
  9. High, my name is Andy and i am playing TLD since steam greenlight. I have the first TLD Poster ( the one where you can just see the hand with the bloody axe and the two wolves), framed , on the Wall behind my bed. I want to live on bear island! Fluffy lives! Ah and btw i'm from europe/germany.
  10. The fishing cabin with the workbench outside at Coastal is the first place i try to reach at interloper. Closest possibility of fishing. No problem to find the bed even at a foggy blizzard night just in sox with no light...
  11. But my all time favourite is the wolf cabin. Best view. Iwish i could repair the roof though.
  12. Thats what i already wanted to write. The dam is not far and its onthe crossing to 3 areas. I just like it there . Such a cosy cave. And my first one, when even the coastal map not existed. First love!