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  1. Predators (except timberwolves but they are too rare) are a joke for a survival game. They let you know when they see you, they let you know when they follow you and you can hear them as if they are next to you. It would be more fun if predators behaved like predators.
  2. Flare + a weapon. Enter the cave with a lit flare. When you see him equip your weapon (your flare will drop on the ground so he wont charge) and shoot him.
  3. Allow to change a challenge's difficulty after you completed it, so playing them more than once is fun .
  4. Are you trolling or just very ignorant?
  5. Is this bug tracker still relevant or devs ignore it?
  6. I killed a wolf in the cave in Desolation Point and it disappeared after a day.
  7. Yeah, it's very annoying when you an item when trying to pick something up. Why did they combine them for PC in the first place? Usually console version has more simple controls.
  8. Of course item spawns and availability of knives should be 2 separate settings.
  9. Light is a commodity in the game, but it does not matter when you are looking for items. When you open a container in complete darkness, you can see all items in it. Picking up items from floor or a table is not much harder - you just have to wiggle your mouse a bit until you see UI prompt. But there is a simple solution to this. Just don't show UI prompt (picking up items is still allowed of course) when player is in complete darkness and looking at an item or a container.
  10. qqqbbb


    allow to scroll map with WSAD keys cooked meat should lose weight meat weight should affect cooking time allow navigation with AD keys in "apply medicine" menu, fire menu, sleep menu, "pass time" menu add 'transfer all' button to opened container menu show wind direction in quick stats knife condition should affect time it takes to harvest meat, skin, guts from dead animal Should be able to cook coffee and tea with unsafe water Scaring a wolf away by throwing stones is too easy when it's eating a carcass. But it's impossible to do when it's following you. It should be the other way around. when taking clothes from container show if they are wet or frozen Add black outline to quick stats , so you can see them when nothing but snow is in background. When playing survival maps I had idea of marking my trail by dropping items to not get lost. But it did not work because dropped items always have the same angle. It's frustrating that you can't grab running rabbit with bare hands. During wolf struggle every piece of outer clothing gets damaged. It should be more random. In wintermute when you hunt the old bear, containers with bullets magically appear near him. It would make more sense if Jeremiah gave you bullets if you run out of them. Map exit marker on the map should tell you what region it leads to. strafing speed should be slower than walking forward putting on clothes should take time. leave searched and empty containers open so you know you checked them allow harvesting clothes with knife to save time chance of starting fire in fire barrel should be higher than campfire There should be a way to get rid of dead bodies and carcasses ( bury them in snow?) , so you don't waste time looking for a dead body more than once when you hear birds. anything breakable with hatchet should be breakable with hacksaw you should be able to harvest bow Toolboxes are very rarely used. There is no need to have 2 different kinds of them. Mark cars on map. They are great loot source. WSAD and ENTER keys should work in 'select tool for crafting' menu ENTER key should work in breakdown menu
  11. Procedural maps would be great. I had most fun with the game when I played survival maps for the first time. Replayability drops to 0 after you learn the maps.
  12. Near maintenance yard I found a huge hole in a mountain. I don't think I'm the first one to notice this and it has collision, only texture is missing, so I thought maybe it's like this on my system only. Can someone load attached savegame and tell me if looks OK or not? Copy it to " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Hinterland\TheLongDark\ " folder while the game is running and restart it. It will not overwrite your savegames. The name of the savegame in load menu is "WTF". story99
  13. Is there a way to register at the bug tracker ? Its pretty much useless when people who create tickets can't track them.