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  1. Hi to everyone. I just wanted to ask @Admin or @Raphael van Lierop If they will add RTL languages to the game ? (like Arabic, Persian, etc.) I guess it won't be that hard since the plug-in is ready to use. If it will be added, It would be great and it would means a lot. Thank you guys.
  2. Thanks a lot Sir. I'll make sure I'll check it out !
  3. Guys any of you knows about in-game achievement on epic store? I bought the game on epic but the achievements won't show up ! Is achievements even active on it?
  4. Yep. It is a big one. Hello Hinterland. Thanks Guys.
  5. For more Info On how old TLD was:
  6. 😄😄 I was with this game since the early access. Man, the game was difficult ! It was Soooo difficult that I doubt Interloper players would have survived more than 50 days in it. The Tools and rifle Condition drops was bad. Like VERY BAD ! each can opener use make 20 percent drop in its condition. Each shot that you would fire with your rifle makes it to lose 10 percent condition ! AND ! Then ... there was fluffy. Always waiting at the dam ! Not to mention that wolf struggle itself was harder than " As the dead sleep" Challenge ! Sorry for Bad English !
  7. OMG !!! I noticed it just like right now ! WE HAD SNOW SHELTER IN EARLY VERSIONS ???
  8. But why set rifle and revolver to none? 🤔
  9. So ... I guess i finally found out why Jace was looking at Will in surprise 😂
  10. Hi guys. Just wanted to know if games achievements are present in epic games? And if so, How can we check it? Thanks