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  1. Agreed. The concept of gaining experience by successfully completing tasks in game needs a resulting experience "buff". How such a 'feat' is implemented in the game is a worthwhile topic of discussion. IMO the gain might need to be more granular to avoid the tendency to grind for skill prior to enjoying the game. Excellent ideas, @UpUpAway95, @Lexilogo
  2. There is good logic in this post, however the idea that the survivor is struggling to the same degree to start a fire on the 1000th campfire is not logical or realistic. As with all survival type games, playing the "pure vanilla version" is important to most players...I would not feel any pride in accomplishment for completing a "custom mode game" and for that reason do not choose to play custom survivor mode. Seems too bad that feats could not be made such that they are earned and then expire at the end of each playthrough so that the sense of gaining skill proficiency with practice
  3. This post is a great topic and made me think fondly of the limited experience I had with this wolf. The good: She can be a surprise-scare upon one's arrival to an apparently safe location. She is a unique wolf encounter in that the shop is rather dark between aurora surges. She does move well in an interior location with lots of cover from ranged weapons. Less fun: She loses the element of surprise after first encounter. Thoughts on changes: She could be more evasive and stealthy and/or less eager to attack. She could be less vulnerable to head
  4. That is a good point...how about a "used book of cardboard matches" to keep it realistic in terms of the everyday carry items found in pockets. Stay safe my friends.
  5. I understand that the OP has a suggestion for one fire and/or one avoided wolf struggle...an interesting idea for sure. In keeping with this suggestion, the topic of starting-gear for Interloper should be "bare bones" IMHO...it should be a realistic sample of a person's EDC items from their pants-pockets and jacket-pockets. How would it be if an item with a very limited "shelf-life" such as a "new zippo lighter" with a small fuel supply that will evaporate until empty whether or not it is utilized by the player. This would avoid the tendency to carry the flare around and saving it b
  6. This is something that comes to mind often while playing this game. It's a great suggestion @DillonG. The fire starting percent chance is a great part of the cold weather aspect of TLD survival roleplay at all levels. The following could add the cold difficulty nerf to fire starting separately from fire starting skill level. For the fire starting idea from the OP: Cardboard Matches, (Could be useless when survivor has frostbite risk/when matches are damp). Wood Matches, (Could have low chance of success when survivor has frostbite risk/when matches are damp). W
  7. 2 cents: Perhaps the storm blows-out the campfire...but the survivor can recover a percentage of the fuel by "harvesting" the campfire...this could be implemented in a balanced way for gameplay as the fuel resource is salvaged, (perhaps as charcoal fuel), without expending additional hatchet condition, (whetstone percentage saved), while harvesting campfire would consume time outdoors and calories, (a small fraction of time/calories needed to harvest new firewood). Perhaps "new charcoal" could be: Lighter weight, (dry fuel). Less energy dense, (decreased burn time).
  8. This is an interesting concept to discuss and consider @keylight. clothes layering is a very good real-life mechanic that would add much to the game. excess heat causing inner layers to get wet is extremely interesting and motivation to carry dry clothes. pace of travel to maintain body heat is adding value to calories, (calories as a resource/not just for sleeping to restore condition). It would be good to start with a perk, providing a benefit first; for properly managing clothes layering, activity pace, calories and stamina. Then adding the freezing of perspiratio
  9. Good idea @UTC-10, perhaps there is a change in ocean currents, wind, and ice flows. The ship does rest rather high when viewed from a distance, Or so it seemed until I found this image depicting whaling ships; wreckage found near Northern Alaska in 2016, Ice pack damage to the Riken hull offers us many possibilities for a back-story to the wreck. Stay safe my friends. Nearly 150 years after they were trapped and sheared in half by packs of Arctic ice, the ships from a long-lost whaling fleet have finally returned to human view...in the same place and at t
  10. Great post @dbmurph22, often discussed topics like this are indicative of a valuable idea. What seems an important part of the food storage mechanic is the need to preserve and protect a cache of food from wildlife, we all expect this to be a part of the game and there are numerous posts questioning if it is possible that food was "stolen" by wildlife. To my mind what is needed is a way to signal the player that food has been lost in the event this occurs in the game, (perhaps animal tracks and meat scraps or ripped and empty quartering sacks in the snow). If this is too much work for dev
  11. Congratulations @issabeepboop, well done. Limit yourself to about 2.2 lbs. bear meat per day to keep risk of parasites low. Stay safe my friend...looking forward to some details from your bear hunt.
  12. Seems to be a frequent issue with the hit-boxs since the update. For rabbits it seems best the select their tail or hind leg. Good luck my friend.
  13. Well said @theisaactrain, you have a good idea. Seems the ship was damaged and stranded at the rock outcropping for a while. After it was found by survivors, the hole in the hull, (which is now at ice level), would be enlarged for better access/egress. A manmade tarp roof at the hole would lock this theory, but even the barrels are arranged like a small base camp would be. ...that, or they had harpooned an Aurora Whale, and it was revived somehow and escaped the ships hold... Or maybe it is more an artistic choice by the artists who created the game. Stay safe m
  14. You will have fun with this for sure @issabeepboop, it is an exciting "bravery test". One good way to get started is base at the Camp Office, then travel fairly light with some food and water and warm gear. Move to a hunting camp at the furthest Mystery Lake Cabin, (furthest end of lake). The reason this is a great starting point is that this lake cabin has a large view of the bear's pathing from a safe distance. Then when YOU feel ready, go and say hello to the bear. All the hunting techniques can be tested and you can see what the bear does and where it runs. Go