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  1. What is your warmth meter reading/ And I have only seen my character's breath as red during an Aurora in Survival Mode, which makes me think it shows we may be more affected by the Aurora than we think. Anyone else seen it as red when there is no Aurora in effect, or during daylight hours?
  2. In Survival Mode, we write our w own story. We aren't Will or Astrid, unless we choose to name out characters that. I play it like my survivor has been wandering, not completely lucid, not remembering what happened, until she is healed up enough to act with reason and logic, instead of instinctively, like an animal, like she has been since the plane she was on crashed. And I also always role-play her as having been a survivor of the crash on TWM, not the small plane in Milton (or the new one in PV).My Survival character(s) have been scraping by, until the day they can see things more clearly, and can begin using more planning and strategy to keep going. This. And we write the story, instead of it being written for us.
  3. I know you are trying to be funny here, but as a Mom whose kid actually has Epilepsy... that's a bit rude, and serious misinformation. You do';t "contract" Epilepsy. It isn't contagious, and isn't something you get from playing a game that has serious z-fighting or flickering issues when run on a particular OS. Though a game or webpage or screen with those issues can trigger seizures of various severities, for people who actually have the medical condition. Yeah, honestly, that comment about "contracting Epilepsy" is a tad unfeeling and callous. And my daughter, plays the game just fine, with her Epilepsy, on PC (Windows 10) and XBox One. But can't use the new Steam Library UI, thanks to the icons having images that change 1 time/second if she hovers her mouse over one of them, before getting off of that page. We're all thrilled that her Depakote dosage has been raised, and she had Keppra added to her meds to see if the combo prevents the Absence seizures she has from using the new Steam Library UI, before the potential liver damage from the meds catches up with her. And she's thrilled that the sleep-deprived EEG she had to have recently caused her to have 24 consecutive seizures during the test, meaning her driver's licence is suspended util she is seizure-free for a year, with or without meds. Yeah, you did irritate me with that little "funny" comment. Thoughtless thing to say.
  4. Hinterland is aware of it. I thought they posted an pinned a thread about it here (I might be looking in the wrong place for it though...), but I do have a link to the thread they posted in the Steam forums, about known bugs under investigation:
  5. I've seen a few screenshots of the LH lit up during an Aurora, and honestly f do not remember it ever doing so before. Looking back through my 5000+ screenshots, for ones with the LH during an Aurora, I cannot find one with the LH lit up like that. I do believe it is new as of 1.60 (or one of the hotfixes after?), and i do think it is awesome.
  6. Like I said, check the Time Capsule version on Steam if you play on a Steam copy of the game. I don't recall if there was a burn barrel there 3 1/2 years ago when I started playing. Vague memories of a burn barrel by the trailer, but I could be mis-remembering it, since there is a trailer in the game that does have a burn barrel outside of it (Mountain Town). Lots of things changed during Early Access, and since the game went gold. Hard to remember each and every detail. The only way to know for sure if she made a mistake there when she made the map is to check the version closest to when she published that map (the date she gives on the Steam Guide, noting when the map was made).
  7. On the floor or seat (I think on the seat...). Not in the visor. Same with the Notes Left behind in Survival Mode. In cars, they are not in the visors, they are on the seat (or floor).
  8. Keep in mind that Whiteberry made those maps a very long time ago. And that they are all out of date (as she notes on the Steam Guide where she published them, and that map is pulled from). "Fireplace" also means burn barrel on her maps. Could be that there once was a burn barrel there, that was removed at some point in time. You could check each of the Time Capsule versions (if you use a Steam copy of the game) to see if there was one there when CH was first added, or see if there was one there and when it was changed/removed. Whiteberry is no longer making new maps, or updating the ones she made long ago. So, any Whiteberry maps you see have possible inaccuracies on them now. (Someone is making maps of newer regions, using the same SW she used, and that have the same look, use the same icons... but they have not done updated versions of the original Whiteberry maps). (It appears the author of the Wiki did update the map with the new mine entrance... maybe contact the Wiki author and ask them to update Log Sort as well. The original Whiteberry map does not have that mine entrance on it in the Steam Guide).
  9. Started playing in the summer of 2016. I have never found anything under a car/pickup truck visor. I still obsessively check them, lol.
  10. If it was dayight, I bet you could tell me the exact map co-ordinates. Things look very different in the dark...
  11. They covered this in the Pinned thread, at the top of the Time Capsule subforum here:
  12. Amazing shots! And yeah, I agree. The folks who want only photo-realistic graphics in games will never get it, and are missing out on a great experience. I love the unique look of this game. Wandering through this "painterly" world is unique, and special.
  13. A Stalker, alone in the dark, hearing wolves, but not seeing them, hurries on, as stealthily as possible... And waits for the light of a new day before venturing back out again. Such a contrast...
  14. It is still controversial, since we have never experienced an actual Nuclear Winter. But there are many scientists who have studied the possible effects and theorized that a Nuclear Winter is a possibility. But I do agree, that this being a Nuclear Winter, with the lack of smoke and debris blocking out the sun is not terribly likely. Plausible, but not 100% realistic, even for a work of science fiction. Though, I do always wonder what is causing the large flares, sometimes seen during an Aurora, that seem to emanate from the ground. A more localized Nuclear Winter? The effects of which are spreading slowly out from the Island, where the detonations are taking place, to Mainland Canada, and elsewhere?
  15. I love this thread. So many different takes and ideas on what might be happening in Wintermute, and what it might mean. Hoping this thread keeps going, and more people add their thoughts to it, giving us all new things to consider. And hopefully it will keep going, when Ep 4 ships, and we have more to add to it. (Plus... it gives Raph and the other devs some insight into how some folks are seeing their game and the messages they are trying to share in the story.) Wonderful thread topic @ajb1978.
  16. The left clicking can be an issue for people with RSIs or arthritis. I used the Accessibility Option of "Click and Holf For Struggles", and it works like a charm, my fingers and my LMB are thankful it was added to the game. The game does the input for you, and the bar will fill without breaking your mouse or your fingers. It also works as a tech fix to overcome any input lag from old equipment or fps spiking due to using incorrect settings for your rig and the game.
  17. But it is the science kind. Things first seen as "fantasy" in the original Star Wars franchise from the 70's, are becoming (or have become) reality. The light and the dark? Good and evil, represented as Light and Dark have existed in human culture since before Chirstianity became a thing, and then took the Light and Dark analogy to a new level. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Been around for just about forever. Star Wars? Science fiction, at its best.
  18. Raph is a huge fan of all things The Thing and all things STALKER... just saying. Just look as his Twitter page, and his timeline.
  19. Copper is a super efficient conductor, and phones require very little voltage. It's plausible. Molly says the party line was from 60 or 70 years ago, and we don't know what the current year is. We don't know what type of batteries the flashlights have, or what type of motors the cars and generators have. Or how old the batteries in the cars and flashlights are. It's a game, a science fiction (emphasis on fiction...) game. It needs to be plausible only. We accept teleportation and phasers in Star Trek without getting worked up over "realism", we accept light sabers in Star Wars, ect. We accept it because it is science fiction, in a highly technical, futuristic world. This is also science fiction. In a less futuristic setting. It's fiction. It isn't meant to be 100% realistic. It only needs to be plausible enough for us to accept it as a possibility, based on just enough science for our our brains to say "Okay, not likely, but it could happen, even if it is 1 in a million chance.". 1=/=0. I get what you are saying ajb, but I don't get the need or demand for things in a fictional game to be based on non-fiction.
  20. But Father Tom does go to the church in town, or the Church Artifact quest would not be a thing and the reward would would not show up. So, he does leave the CH, but only to go to his church? Bypassing the houses and cars each time? He is a priest, he may feel that ransacking other people's property is against what he believes he stands for... it would be morally reprehensible for him to loot them, but he can offer forgiveness to someone else who does so, as long as it benefits the entire flock, not just one person. Maybe the quakes have opened up a hole, where the Anunnaki Mother Ship has been hiding for centuries... and "sleeping giants" have been woken up? And they are trying to phone home? (Yes, I want Anunnaki, lol!) And we aren't sure the geomagnetic disaster is caused by a CME (or more than one). Nukes are capable of causing nuclear electromagnetic pulses. What if the geomagnetic disaster is caused by EMPs, rather than CMEs? Or a combination of both? (We are talking science fiction here, and the game is science fiction, without the "usual" robots and far future setting...). Jeremiah seems to have some military back ground, and there are all of the radio towers, that would have been used by the military for communications. Another possibility... the Forest talkers came upon an arsenal, and set fire to it, without realizing there were nukes in there as well? (Speculation can lead to crazy thoughts...) Lol! Yeah, Episodes 4 & 5 will give us more info, I hope. I can't imagine they won't.
  21. I noticed it immediately. I didn't question it (though I did have that brief "Father Tom has some rusty bolts in the bucket..." thought flash through my head...) Okay, and I may get bashed for this, but here's my take (for better or worse): Modern "Big Religion" is all about ".Thoughts & Prayers" Natural disaster wipes out an island? "We send our thoughts and prayers.". Personal tragedy? "We send out thoughts and prayers...". Families separated, not knowing where their loved ones are? "We send our thoughts and prayers." I could keep listing, but I'll stop. Father Tom sends his thoughts and prayers. He does not notice the personal injuries or suffering of the people in the Community Hall. He never even looked at Dimitri to see his Medic Alert bracelet, saying he had Type 1 Diabetes. He did the minimum needed, giving him a bedroll and a blanket, just like he did with everyone else. Gathering the townsfolk and the survivors in one place, to form a new "congregation" that he could pray over and preach to, but he never bothered to search the cars or houses, or look over more than the spiritual well-being of most, especially the "Outsiders" who straggled in. "Dimitri came in a day or 2 ago, but I didn't take enough notice of him to remember him that clearly, just another sheep for my flock, for me to feel sanctified, by praying for his everlasting soul. His body is your job, Astrid. You go face the physical dangers and treat the bodies, I'll treat the souls." A clear divide shown between spiritual and secular (or "scientific" if you prefer that term.). Both in Father Tom and in Astrid. Both show great compassion, but both are worlds apart from each other in their world views and belief systems. And the separation of the people on the island from any outside views, by their long held traditions, and acceptance of whatever "The Church" tells them is right, without question. TL;DR- Father Tom may be a bit forgetful, or he may be so firmly entrenched in his Faith, that he cannot see beyond it. And please, this is just my take. Everyone will see it their own way. No one needs to agree with me, it's just how I see the story, the game, and yes, the world in general. And I may well be very far away from the meaning that Raph and Hinterland fintended to convey. But I think Hinterland is okay with us each seeing it our own way, as long as we share our thoughts on it without hatred and vitriol.
  22. Here's the thing... If sprains bother you, you can turn the sprain mechanic completely off in a Custom Settings game. And if you are okay with the sprain mechanic, but the wobbly gimping camera view bothers you or causes vertigo for you- you can turn that off in the Options menu, no Custom Settings needed.
  23. I agree the morale meter doesn't really fit the aesthetics of the current UI and HUD in the game, but I am used to the look it has from all of the aRPG/RPG games I play. So, it really was not immersion breaking for me. personally, and it was easy for me to see how far down I was pushing their morale to chase them off. I do like the music as well, it really does make your stomach clench up a bit when you hear it, and lets you know the danger is real, and immediate. I suppose from a purely aesthetic sense, the meter could or should be made a bit more visually similar to everything else. Not a circle, still a bar, with with that "snowy and cold" look. Not sure how else to put that... Took a few tries to learn how the Timbers behave, and what their attack patterns were. But that's something I have had to learn in aRPGs like Titan Quest and Grim Dawn, dealing with mobs that flank and surround my avatar. Kite? Don;t kite? Use terrain or architecture do protect myself from the flank attacks... Not too hard, just took some observation and some learning the hard way, lol. I do think they will be problematic in Survival Mode, where those 20% per hit attacks may end permadeath runs quickly. But, being a Stalker player most often, I love to dance with wolves, and look forward to many horrible deaths learning to deal with them in the sandbox.