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  1. You just won the Internet with that name for it, lol!
  2. I know it isn't co-op, but something my husband and our 2 grown kids do... Hearkens back to the "old-days" of "hot-seating" on an arcade machine, console game or early OC game. We take turns playing the same character. Since each of us has a different and unique playstyle and strategy, something I may not have thought to try, my husband, son, or daughter may, and it may be the thing that keeps our character alive. Or gets them to "thriving" status. And not telling each other what we did, or where we left the poor guy or gal, adds to it for us, at times. Though leaving notes or sharing what, where and why can make it better at times as well (removes the huge "shock" factor if I leave the character stranded on an ice floe with wolves all around, lol!) Just a suggestion of something to try out, and see if it works for you.
  3. Lol! Random spawn on a Stalker run, dropped me into my favorite region, but Hibernia was not as good for loot as usual. My rifle is at 42%. And no cleaning kit yet. Part of the reason I just left it at base. Still early on in this run, but if I don't find one at the church, I may just leave the rifle at Hibernia, and head off to CrH and CH, to see if I have better luck with loot there. And thanks for the compliment on the shots. What I put my poor gal through just to get them, sometimes.
  4. Still skulking around at night in DP, but I'll be fine. Matt had a prybar for me. Left the rifle at Hibernia, to heavy too lug around, until I go visit Scruffy. No hatchet, no knife. Just a prybar and a hacksaw. What could go wrong? Managed to avoid sprains, even though evading wolves and Old grumpy required some quick goating around. But, I was under max carry weight, so, I pushed it. Not much loot found, scarce Stalker run so far. I'll hit the church, the mines and Katie's Corner over the next few days. Prybar did get me some decent clothing out of car trunks though, so... worth it. And Mother Nature graced me with some truly gorgeous Aurora light displays. Luckily, no Moose yet, not ready for him yet without my rifle, or a bow and some arrows. Riken tomorrow, I think for arrowheads. Enjoy the lovely skies I was given. It never gets old. And getting home at sunrise with only a small risk of hypothermia was a bit of a shock, but not something I will complain about. Fire is life out here, and Matt's truck actually gave me nice windbreak for one, to warm up with. Thanks Matt. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Though I am a bit upset you did not have a stale granola bar for me.
  5. Quite enjoyable. Really liked the music you used as well. I liked that your film (so far) feels more like an experience, rather than a walkthrough. The feeling and flavor of the game shines through, without the all-too-familiar step-by-step commentary, explaining every action and detail of the game. It gives nothing away, but shows enough to give new players a taste of what they might expect. Really well done, IMHO. Looking forward to the next one.
  6. Personally, I agree with @ManicManiac. I think each region needs to have some pros and cons, a bit of balancing, to make the risk-reward system work. HRV is to be a more pristine area, only the skilled adventurers set out for, to explore, because it was/is pristine in nature. Fishing huts there would detract from that feeling. It's not supposed to be easy to live there, and there are tons of cattails and rabbits there to keep yourself reasonably fed while you are there. I don;t think we are supposed to feel safe and cozy there. We are visitors, not residents. And in the Milton basin just feels off to me, as well. In the town proper, the residents likely depended on the gas staion/convenience store, and the food coming from the farm. The pond in town, and at the farm may not be "original", but a result of the earthquake activity in the past, creating shallow ponds, that never had fish in them, naturally or stocked. And the basin.. someone may have lived thee, once. But not had time or supplies to build the winter ice fishing hut before they perished, or abandoned the place. On TWM, it makes sense. The mountaineer who lived in the hut likely survived off the land, and it makes sense for them to have had a tethered hut on floats there, over a deeper pond, that had fish in it, so when the ice came, the hut was already in place. In PV, the single hut feels similar, but a "local fishing hole" that the locals knew about, with a nice picnic area, where they would relax after a day on the farm, but didn't tell "Outsiders" about. The one place I do think a hut would make sense is in BR, the pond at the Hunting Lodge. If it was a lodge set up for canned hunts, or for hunting "vacations", if the pond is deep enough, stocking it with fish would make sense. Though, if it was a stocked pond, the stock may have been overfished through the years, and there may not be any big fish left, if any are left at all. Ponds may look big, but how deep are they? Fish don;t survive hard freezes in shallow waters, well, if at all. But, add one to BR, leave the rest alone.
  7. I can't help but wonder f the blue flares were in any way inspired by the misnomer "blue light" , given to the early pyrotechnic signals. A little digging, trying to find actual blue flares led me to Wikipedia (I know... no way to know exactly how accurate the info is...): . The Blue Lantern myth section had the most compelling information, that made me wonder if it was possibly an inspiration for creating the new colored flares in the game. The blue coloration may be "unrealistic", but it sure is much prettier, and more dramatic than a blaringly white flare would be, and possibly more easy to show in the game, which has a ton of white-whitish backgrounds (lots of snow) might be. The light is mostly blinding whie in the screenshot, with blue around the edges, and the burning debris or sparks coming off the sides. I think arguing about the IRL "realism" or lack thereof, in a fictional, and decidedly not true-to-life video game is a bit silly. I think it looks good in the screenshot, and gives a wonderful, cold blue cast to the landscape, that is rather deliciously creepy. As far as canids responding differently to red light or blue light... I may test an LED flashlight that I have colored lenses for, blue, red, yellow and green, that are to be used for signalling, map reading, tracking and hunting, on my poor service dog and pet, Tri. I may or may not report back here with results. I somehow doubt she will react differently to the colors, and just react to having a really bright light shined at her or into her eyes. And I'll get to test her for reaction to unexpected light sources in her face, something that might be good to know before I am out with her, depending on her not to freak out while we are walking. We'll see, If tri does not go berserk and attack me when I shine a red light and then a blue light at her, I might report back. I might not. All depends on whether I remember to, lol.
  8. What platform are you on? If you are playing on Steam, the F10 key will give you a HD and hudless image, saved to your desktop, rather than the Steam Screenshots Uploader. Not sure about other platforms though. As much as I play on XBone, I rarely take shots there, on Steam I take far too many. On Steam, there is no need to actually toggle the HUD off to get clean shots, at least.
  9. I won't be of any help, to be honest. I hate to admit it, but I haven't even thought of trying for the achievement, and don't map very often lately. @ajb1978 is the one who may be able to help you, as he mapped everything, extensively, at one point in time. Some map just seem to have smudges you can't remove. He'd be more likely to know if those ones can be, or not.
  10. Leave it. Much of the game is borderline "realistic", much of it is not. The lights shining at Trappers has become iconic. A possible mistake turned Easter Egg in the game, that many long time players have grown to love. For me, it makes Trappers a magical place, a sign of hope. The proverbial "light in the darkness" that gives me a feeling of hope, when much f the game can be dramatically hopeless in feeling. Finding my way there, by the light coming from those window, in the middle of a blinding blizzard, or almost impenetrable fog, gives me an upswing in mood, a reason to keep trying. Yeah, it is not IRL "realistic". But neither are wolves that actively stalk and hunt you, or glowing green bears during an Aurora. Leave it be as it is. I roleplay it... the Trapper, who we now know as Jeremiah, has a past, wants to remain hidden. So he put a sheet of mirror window film on the windows, so he could see out, but no one could see in, to see what he was doing. Just like many people do IRL with car windows. That coating reflects any ambient light, giving the appearance of light shining from inside, even though the inside is completely dark. Yeah, not true-to-life "realism", but it works for me, for my own roleplaying in the game. YMMV.
  11. For as "small" as the map is, Desolation Point has some good loot to be found. There is always a bow and at least one arrow at Katie's Corner (except in Interloper). Condition of the bow varies, but there is usually also a deer carcass there, with a broken arrow, and a back pack with varied loot. Beachcombing along the edge of the weak ice can wash up a wide variety of items. The mine itself, that you use to transition into the region, can have a variety of items, as well as coal. The other mine on the map will also have varied loot, and coal, always coal. The Riken is there with a Forge, and varied loot. The Lighthouse has varied loot, and a spectacular view. The Old Stone Church can sometimes have awesome loot if you find the rifle or revolver there. Hibernia is generally a loot hunter's dream, though RNG can be a bit trollish sometimes, but often has a good amount of loot, and possibly some high quality stuff. The cars along the road, and Scruffy's Cave also can have some good stuff, and on Pilgrim, Scruffy will never be an issue (no need to fear the big bad cave wolf). Every region in the game has potential for good loot, it all depends on what you consider "good loot" to be, and what you are willing to go through to get it.
  12. Ah, my ratio for indoor/outdoor is always off too. I think because the ratio covers the full length of a run, and does not start after the initial grace period ends. What mode are you thinking of, or are you playing, since the grace period does not exist in Loper, 25 days in Stalker, and I think 50 days in Voyageur? (I play Stalker most often). So for the first 24 days, I am indoors, a lot, while I can still get away with it. And on day 25, my play changes, to ensure I am outdoors more than indoors. Spend most of the day outdoors, sleeping indoors at night, if I am near a shelter. So, the ratio isn't really too accurate when looking at Cabin Fever for *most* of us, I think. I feel like the affliction should possibly kick in at a slower rate than CF. And have it take much longer to recover from as well. A threshold, perhaps, for when it begins to seriously affect your carry weight, movement speed, ability to sprint or climb. A sneaky affliction that is harder to detect over just a few days, that rears its ugly head more prominently over the long haul. IRL you don't have to not eat anything (0 calorie store) before the effects of dieting or exercising have effects on your weight and BMI (or fat/muscle ratio), and your overall health. Malnutrition does not walk up and smack you upside the head after just a few s days, maybe not even a few weeks. Took weeks before a poorly balanced diet in my case, after my kidney transplant,, made me feel more tired than I normally would, and had significant enough symptoms for me to see my doc about it. And got the diagnosis of vitamin deficiencies, anemia, and a loss in muscle mass with an increase in overall body fat. My weight had not fluctuated, but my body fat/muscle mass ratio was greatly changed. After a few weeks on a very strict diet, things are getting better, but it will take a long time for my body to regain any "normalcy" it had before the massive dietary shift the kidney transplant necessitated. I kind of always have thought of the change in diet my survivor has to suddenly undergo, going from possibly being a "healthy" city dweller, in reasonably good shape, but eating a far less restricted diet, with far less physically strenuous daily tasks. My IRL situation snuck up on me, even though I was aware of the need to monitor, and keep track of things like diet and exercise. I can't help feeling like it might be somewhat similar for our survivors. I would not want something that replicates my real life medical situation, but toned down a bit, but with similar long-reaching effects. A gradual loss of strength, increased fatigue, slower condition recovery, if eating less than we needed for the number of calories our bodies needed for what we do in-game, every day. With a similar long-reaching effect to recover, and regain "normal" functions again. Knowing *that* might wait for me would make me more likely to stop eating only at bedtime, and start watching how much I ate vs. how much I burn each day, rationing my food differently, and not using the no-negative-calories-store to sit at 0 calories and chop the heck outta limbs and furniture, knowing that my calorie store might say 0, and not drop below, but under-the-hood, the line was dipping low, and eating away at my overall wellbeing. That built-in exploit the game allows us would seem a lot less useful to me.
  13. I actually like it. It isn't 100% realistic compared to the visual effect I get from a severe migraine (aura), or the vision effect I have IRL when my arthritis ramps my physical pain levels up to 15/10. But, it feels "real enough" for me, to actually add to my immersion level, an effect I can relate to.
  14. Loved it. Thank you so much for posting this. The lightning had me impressed at first. Then... the Northern Lights. Wow. Just... WOW.
  15. At my all time favorite base... Hibernia. And the green lights come through the windows. You almost expect to see a group of workers sitting at the table, playing poker... And looking through the office window, to the processing area below feels even spookier than usual... You know you should not go outside, but you feel compelled to see it, as if you have never seen it before... And you move outside the assumed safety of the walls, even though you can hear the wolves howling, all around... And watch as Steven tries to hug the moon.
  16. That would make a bit more sense. 1 lb. = 3500 calories IRL (calorie counting weight loss diet...). In other words... to lose 1 lb. of weight, you need to eliminate 3500 calories, whether by not eating, or by burning that many through exercise. The game does/can track your calories taken in and expended through tasks. If it was a 6 day tally, intake vs. expenditure (similar to how Cabin Fever works), and your expenditure was higher than your intake... then the affliction would hit, and last longer. Requiring you to take in more than you expend for 3 days to treat it, no Well Fed buff achieved unless you kept your intake higher for another 3 days after treatment was finished. Is this how you are envisioning it?
  17. I've suggested something very similar to this in the past, so you get my vote! But we have this debuff, to a degree. If you starve for multiple days, your fatigue recovery is capped at below full. You cannot become fully rested, you lose your max fatigue refill. And the longer you starve, the more you lose. Meaning your max carry weight goes down, and you become tired, faster. The eye icon gets a red line, and fills with red from the top (where full would be). At least, it used to. Haven't starved my characters in ages, so I haven't seen the debuff in ages. Could have been removed in an update, but... I am too tired to go look at all of the changelogs right now.
  18. I was thinking more along the lines of Saskatchewan, but your idea sounds good too. ;)
  19. Moving on to 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz. Because, every now and then, I have to have some completely self-indulgent horror fiction. At 3 am, while sitting awake in our house, made of primarily concrete and cement, while my family sleeps, not hearing the strange sounds the house makes when you are the only one awake to hear the house speaking. The old wooden farmhouse spoke to me at night as well. A constant, almost incessant muttering and grumbling, like an old man, who has misplaced his favorite pipe. A tad annoying at times, but familiar. This house... it speaks more abruptly, and in a distinctly more "threatening" manner. Like a rogue cop with a gun in their hand, telling you to back up, or else... And then my dog licks my foot and makes me jump 3 feet straight up, in the air. All good. This is why I read this stuff, lol.
  20. My thought as well. The Blocked Highway. But with the world map being a bit convoluted, a little open-ended, over the years... wouldn't it be interesting if it led elsewhere?
  21. Random thought... I still wonder where the blocked road at the end of Crumbling Highway would go, if the boulders were removed. And why there is never any loot tucked in back there. Back to our regular programming now...
  22. They stopped giving dates after the "Countdown to a Countdown blunder. Which makes sense. They gave a date for something, missed the date, had what was revealed not be what people were expecting, and took HUGE backlash from it. The review bombings on Steam, and the flooding of the forums with angry, negative threads was bad. Developing software, be it a game, or other large SW project is not "simple". You go in with the best intentions, you promise a "feature" or "features", then at almost the end of the project, near the expected shipping date, coding conflicts that can't be eliminated or mitigated pop up. And... it has to be scrapped, or stared over again, using a completely different approach. The game has gotten to be HUGE. With the number of lines of code, it is almost impossible for any gamedev or to know for 100% sure that something in the 12,343rd line of code won't cause a gamebreaking bug due to a conflict with the 29th and 537th lines of code. Sometimes that "guano" just pops up, unexpectedly. Hinterland does not crunch. It sounds like @SunsetCrawdad25 thinks they should? Crunch only generates more errors due to devs being sleepless, stressed, kept away from their partners and families, wrecking their bodies at times, not eating right, not sleeping enough, constantly worried about meeting expectations and deadlines set by people who paid $20-$30 for the product. That's insane to expect people to work faster, crunch, and still put out a high quality product. i have to respectfully disagree with both of you. They won;t lose the core playerbase. Those of us who are hooked on the game, are not likely to just walk away from it, unless development comes to a complete, and total stop. Hinterland would have to go out of business all of a sudden for that to happen. They are hiring more people, things *may* pick up a bit once those new people are hired, given orientation, and familiarized with the game, and their jobs. But this is not Blizzard, or RockStar. Hinterland is a small, independent studio, self-publishing. Though, I am sure if you gave them the never-ending funds to hire a few hundred people, to speed things up, and give them AAA game studio size teams, they might be able to meet your request for more updates, faster. And as far as not giving small, intricate, detailed answers... if they aren't 100% sure about something, they can't. And if they are... the more you tell, the more chances there are that people will bash you for it, or try to snipe the concept or mechanic away from you. "Loose lips sink ships...". Sometimes it is better to not tell everyone everything they want to know. Just my 2¢.
  23. Not any longer. It now seems to have insta-kill set in place, after too many spoiler pictures were posted of the WIP area there, by people who got there using various means. Not an area we are supposed to get to yet... I've tried it many times recently, and insta kill each time. Though, I may have missed trying every single spot you can try to goat down from.