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  1. The only experience I had so far with the revolver was with a moose and deer. After trying one or two individual shots, I finally emptied a whole cylinder into the moose and that finally put it down. I think the deer took maybe 1-2 shots but I did sneak up on it and took my time to line up an ideal shot.
  2. As someone who has forgotten their gloves a time or two when going to the range, yeah if it gets pretty cold it will become very hard to control a firearm when target shooting. As my hands got colder, my trigger squeeze got harder and harder to control, I think in the game that could be reflected with fliers on a normally dead on shot.
  3. The .303 only really surfaces in the discussion of C&R (Curio and Relic) collection, guys like me are collectors of old rifles and other firearms. Its only the Enfields that I ever see get chambered in .303 and ammo for it is harder than I'd like it to be to find in the US. Since it was a British rifle and Canada was a commonwealth nation, it made sense to have that commonality especially during the major conflicts like World War II.
  4. In a do or die situation, nothing should go to waste, I think maybe for the game it should be implied, but if some of you want to make it more explicit perhaps it can be its own request 😛 Its a good thing we're not in a survival scenario then eh? Has someone requested maybe a bone marrow soup in the game?
  5. This, at least on all the TV shows (like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman) they do make it a point to talk about protein poisoning as a legitimate concern. IMO it makes sense, if you are in a life or death situation your body is probably gonna utilize everything you give it, fat included. If all you really did was hike through snow, chop up wood, hunt and quarter deer, etc then I can imagine that already would put a drain on your body's fat stores. Putting it in a state of imbalance seems like it would be really easy to do if your priorities are to stay alive. FYI in Survivorman the host did mention one way to help lessen the effects of protein poisoning is to eat the bone marrow since there is fat in there. Most people would just discard them, but the bones do have fat in them.
  6. Fair enough, the other source could be from fish. Salmon for example, particularly big ones could probably throw enough fat into the mix to counter the protein poisoning.
  7. I think I proposed something like this in the past, but what I think we should add if pancakes are to be a thing, is the maple syrup.
  8. Right off the bat the fattiest thing I have in my kitchen is peanut butter according the label (YMMV) it provides 16g of fat to which it states that's 24% of your daily value. Since peanut butter is already in the game there's that, condensed milk is even higher at 27g and is considered 41% of your daily value for fat.
  9. I haven't had a chance to play it, but I'd hazard a guess that its .38 special. Its old enough to be in line with the aesthetic of the game and IMO a .38 special may be great at threatening people, but animals are a different story. You might be a legit menace to wolves, but a bear or moose would just get angry even if you emptied the whole cylinder into them.
  10. Its definitely RNGesus not helping you out here. Others also are upset about it, but I think its one of those issues that is actively being worked on. I've rolled my ankle once or twice while out in the boonies, and usually why it happened was because fatigue set in and I was just plopping my feet up and down. Maybe make it so that ankle sprains only really happen when fatigue is almost maxed out and you are carrying a lot of weight?
  11. It has been proposed before, but I think its one of those game additions that has to be made "digestible" for integration into the game. This might go against my own predilection for more nuance in the game, but you'd have to simplify all of that or else I think you'll just have a bunch of players tilting their heads in confusion. I'm not against the idea of a muzzle loader in the game, in fact I think its kind of cool. I've been less than 5 feet away from a pair of fellow shooters sighting it in (it was a modern muzzle loader though), its got a thunderous boom.
  12. RNGesus was with you that day, I have broken many an arrow against just the lowly deer. I somehow hit one in the knee, more than once, he still kept running and I was out of stamina. Then there are the countless others where I thought I had a solid hit only to have the arrow bounce off.
  13. lol I feel like your icon is very appropriate for this post I'd like to jokingly propose, that any animal that you don't successfully kill, will a.) have persistent scars or arrows (as in your icon) b.) become twice as hard to kill, and c.) be able to "sense" you coming
  14. The fact that hibernia appears abandoned makes me think that whatever oil may even be stored there was most likely not stored properly. I'd also wager that the geomagnetic event would've caused any sealed/stored products to become unsecured and maybe even spilled or become no longer sealed and maybe contaminated. Maybe it has a lot of oil, but I would wager that not all of it should be unusable, just going by the fact that everything is a mess.