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  1. Yeah don't get me wrong a .38 special revolver is probably not an ideal field revolver if you're hunting IRL, while hunting is not to my taste, if I were to do it, I'd at a minimum use an L-frame revolver with the hottest .357 magnum I could find. It'll get bumped up to a .44 magnum if polar/grizzly bears are to be expected. Just tried to do some research on revolvers in Canada and all I could find was a wikipedia entry on what their military used. In World War II they used a S&W M&P in .38 special in addition to that they used revolvers chambered in .455 Webley. Looking at the ballistic data the .455 Webley reminds me of .44 special with its large diameter and low muzzle velocity.
  2. I'm dealing with a wound right now and according to a lot of first aid instructions, any wound that has the propensity to bleed through the bandage should be changed at least a few times a day. Like I'd imagine a pretty bad wolf bite would necessitate this, of course I would keep bandages still be craftable via cloth, but I think the justification here is to make sure you feel more of a resource drain when you screw up and try to fight a wolf, then lose.
  3. Yeah I'm not down with the failures down to that level, not just because it would not be in line with what the expected audience wants, but because again TLD picked firearms that tend to have a low instance of failure down to that level. I get the impression that the revolvers in this game will show far more carry wear as opposed to internal wear. The only way I can think of to even force internal wear is to fire several thousand rounds of the hottest +p ammo or .38-44 level ammo in a short period of time. The ammo spawn rates wouldn't be in the thousands so its really hard to come up with reasons to explain why a revolver, which has the reputation for minimal issues and maximum longevity, would start to have problems from just firing one or two cylinders worth of ammo.
  4. Just to share some personal experience the only time I found that I had a bolt action malfunction that I couldn't deal without in the field was a stuck case (I've got one of those 7mm to 7.62 conversion Spanish Mauser rifles). Other than that, TLD's choice in firearms are ones that tend not to have problems if they were already fine to begin with. That Spanish Mauser I mentioned is well over a 100 years old now, if something were to break it would've done so by now. That's the beauty of these old surplus military rifles, they were built well and having no wars to fight they just sit unused not being abused so they remain as strong as ever.
  5. Yeah I'd say make it difficult to craft candles but give them a decent enough burn time. Those scented candles at least seem to give a good 8 hours of burn time. I've seen some ones crafted in a mason jar last for near 24 hours straight, so maybe we can just sacrifice a tin can to make one but make it very resource heavy to make.
  6. Exactly, you'd get the benefit of an instant caffeine boost, but without the benefit of the warm up that comes with the work of boiling regular coffee.
  7. I mean to say keep a candle going so that you can just get near it with the torch and light it without sacrificing a match.
  8. I think I needed to clarify my point, I elaborated on all the .303 and its contemporaries because when you realize what it can do IRL, it doesn't jive with what you see in the game. Inside of 25 yards you'll probably easily penetrate the entire length of all the animals that you run into the game, but if the game were like that, you'd wonder where the challenge was after getting well established resources wise. I wouldn't say I am a .38 special fan, just someone who is getting into revolvers. I like that you mentioned the Buffalo Bore/Underwood loads, I actually just ordered some of these, when I read up on the ballistics, they seemed to exceed the capability of lower end .357 magnum ammo like this Winchester white box stuff. The WWB is coming in at 410 ft/lbs for muzzle energy and the Buffalo Bore is doing 505 ft/lbs of energy. So the reason I chose .38 special for the game is mostly to reflect the very austere background of the game environment itself. I get the impression from what civilization is present in the game, that everything is a few decades behind as far as standards. I'd imagine that their law enforcement for example would probably still be using revolvers even if their counterparts in mainland Canada have moved onto semi-automatics. The sensibilities and aesthetics overall of the game scream rustic and old fashioned to me, so why not their firearms? I know in the past the community has shown a desire to curate what gets into the game and I agree with the old fashioned sensibility/aesthetic it currently has. As far as firearms I'd try to keep it in line with that, so I'd be more excited to see a pump action shotgun with wood furniture being added as opposed to a box fed semi-auto rifle being added.
  9. Yeah that is the impression I get as well, you'd be "alive" but you might be one bad situation away from death. I've been reading about a "vegan" strongman and while he might be stronger than the average person who lives a sedentary lifestyle, he doesn't seem to peer well with his behemoth meat eating brethren. Anyway back on topic, I have an affinity for animals and I do feel a bit sad for every rabbit that I harvest in the game. I probably wouldn't have the guts to do it IRL even if it was life or death.
  10. How about iced coffee in a can instead? You'd have similar benefits to the regular coffee without having to either brew it or find the cup just randomly in the world. It seems that you have quite a few choices in can and bottle form in Canada.
  11. I think I've suggested at leas the boar in the past, they seem to be quite the invasive species in the southeastern United States. I think even posted an article stating that they are making their way into Canada as well.
  12. Yeah I was thinking it'd be an easy way to get a bigger fire going, like light a torch so you can use the torch to get a stove going.
  13. I'd wager some of the past discussions showing the ballistic capability of .303 kind of messed up the suspension of disbelief when it came to limiting the rifle in the game. .303 keeps company with the likes of 7.62x54r, .30-06, and 8mm mauser, all of which have a ton of power, especially at the ranges the game limits you to. I've at the very least done some not unsubstantial cratering to 3/8" AR550 steel target with 8mm mauser inside of 25 yards. While its technically got more muzzle energy than the .303, I doubt there's a bear out there with any forward facing bones that will be comparable to 3/8" AR550 steel plate. It can really kill the mystery if you've got a ballistics data dump for whatever caliber you identify. IMO I've posted in the past that I'd be ok with the revolver being .38 special, used as a last resort firearm, it would be enough to make a wolf think twice after being hit but not enough to turn an already charging bear.
  14. Its been a while since I've played TLD, but when the revolver was first introduced, I too dumped a considerable amount of ammo into a moose that didn't drop it. They don't mention the caliber, but with just 6 rounds in the cylinder I'd have to imagine at a minimum its a .38 special or .357 magnum, anything bigger and you'd be stuck with 5 rounds vs 6. I just pretend that the only ammo you can get is .38 special hollow point in a low powered loading to explain how woefully underpowered the revolver is against big game.