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  1. Ah 😁 makes sense. Didnt see or notice that part.
  2. A question - how come it says condition 33 pct. on day 71 and up to 49 pct. on day 81 - I thought one could not heal with broken body? Did you find a way around it? Stim maybe? Congrats on the feat!
  3. Much wisdom in this - what I like about TLD is the clear vision it was made from. Thats what made it a great game with tons of immersion. @Raphael van Lierop to me had a very distinct idea of what the game should be like. I dont really belive in "populardriven" development since it sort of creates a patchwork of things not really thought through. (not even my own ramblings 🙂). Best advice to the devs is the above. Keep with the vision while getting inspired by ideas. Pancakes f.i. came from a very vocal part of the community. In the start I couldn't see the point but now I find it great that its there.
  4. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue but is the choice not to use "cheat death" basicly and off switch? 🙂 From my perspective it will not kill me my mood to choose not to use it (only my character :))
  5. Seems a little strange to me. If you've chosen to play without death, why not then let ppl go bonanza in fresh lives. Or else they will backup anyways 🙂 Could not agree more. The fear of loosing something is what give it value.
  6. I took no offense. Your points where valid. No intention to be too blunt by me!
  7. Why do people talk about this. A trader would defeat the whole purpose of the game entirely. The game revolves around scarce ressources to survive and exploration to find them. Plus talk about an immersion break. I'm all alone in the wilderness - except for the dude with unlimited ressources to barter for sticks. I think its a great update !
  8. Hurrah ! best news since DMC🤘 Think of the long reads, tips sharing, youtube hype. I remember when somebody came up with Dead Man Challenge. It was thought impossible to reach 30 days and some only got through by some wierd sickness trick. Then it became a way to always play. But encouraging new use of ressources (stims, coffee, hot drinks).
  9. My actual "challenge" is interloper with the restriction that I must live in a region 10 days before moving to the next and cant come back (unless to pass through). Breaks up the interloper "go-fast-forge/summit"-mode. Very fun. Started DP and just "unlocked" CH. Then I have a choice: PV og ML as the next unlock.
  10. I never thought of it. But in mountain town surely a small bar / tavern could run ...
  11. and this is what makes the game and the story interesting! Maybe i'll post such a moment my self with a picture. I went through the Ice in DP while trying to grab some beach comb loot Hypotermia - yeah!
  12. good find with the saw - good luck at TWM - bring materials to a snow shelter on the top this time 🤩
  13. great read manic -🙂 reminds me of @Drifter Man stories What difficulty is this?
  14. It would be a serious challenge - isolation is the worst punishment for humans. Put in dead corpses and families disappeared and the trauma willl be there. Reading books, exploring something new, seeing pictures, burying the dead and listening to radio could help.