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  1. What I miss most is ... not knowing the maps. Struggling as a real landed stranger in a wilderness landscape. With death around every corner. Listening for sounds. Not knowing the wolf patrol zones or the exploits to just whiff them away. To run to safety in fear. To take you from loot and to feel every day as an achievement. Those were the days.
  2. Exactly. Which can be said with most issues ppl complain about😁
  3. Actually flare is the worst wolf repellant ever. Such a trick to pull off with many wolves 😛Just pull out one mighty match and make a fire with 2 sticks. All wolves will wait politely for you to resolve or run in terror from the firebuilding madness (which goes to say about Wills or Wilmas style).😂
  4. Sorry to say but to me this is very much a longdark-theory problem. If you are at 5 pct or even 10 pct. you should be able to feed yourself at least for a good nights sleep. After that on all modes but deadman-mode the 5 pct. loss doesn't matter at all since you have healed extraordinary amounts. If you are reduced to 5 pct. and don't have anything to eat, no stim, no bark, no way to find a cat tail, and empty stomach - well - you deserve to fade into the long dark. Hit spacebar and go again.
  5. Good thing they only stalk you one at a time. Very polite wolves with a wait-your-turn-mentality😂 You can just slowly walk away - light a fire and carry on. Or light a fire and watch wolf chaos ensue.
  6. Have to agree with Ralph here. It's a funny quirk but doesn't matter in gameplay. So not worth the effort in any way. Meat inability to freeze however does. It gives you full availability of stored or dropped meats at all times and creates some gamicky situations. F.i. rabbits freeze but rabbit meat carved out placed beside the rabbit won't But not in a big way.
  7. I believe only HRV is possible to get wet from. But basis for science!
  8. Crystal lake but u got the theme.
  9. Last one: I'm on the way to the mountain and watch water freeze. Where am I?
  10. Sorry for quoting - your right - but some waterfalls has an invisible layer around you. The ones in hushed river valley dont 😅
  11. Sure - I (almost) stood in the waterfall but didn't get wet...
  12. And then you are correct: Bonus round : I travel from the mysterious lake and want to go fast to Mountain town. Can I take a bath both ways?😁