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  1. After the nerf to hypo from breaking through ice one can take a bath.
  2. It is - they are called animals. 😀And they respawn at an alarming rate 😅.(upvoted your post)
  3. The deadman challenge wasn't just a challenge. To many of us it has become the main game mode. It adds to the difficulty making choices really count. I don't see @Drifter Man asking for something from Devs. It's just a fact that it's not purely the same with Birch Bark. When you go at the game at the deadman-mode, the challenge is to do what it takes to survive. I subtracts very much from this experience to make up all sorts of house rules. Of course Hinterland should stick to their plan (one could argue that putting af revolver into the game was a derailer to please the community☺️). At least to me it isn't a big thing with the birch bark since Bark Man-mode is funny too and several other things (the S-word) made the game better in so many ways punishing the absurde goating that was allowed earlier.
  4. Ben91 - take it easy. Prove your not a troll. Let it go.
  5. Interesting project - could be fun however with the same mode and added wolves? The world could feel a little empty with no danger on the deck.☺️
  6. What about teaman? - survive as long as you can on teas.
  7. Yes. The point of this thread was if you should/could be able to turn it of with the specific custom settings for no condition regain. To enable players/streamers to play the deadman challenge. The answer seems to be no and that's not just an unintended consequence of the new use for birchbark. Moving on now.
  8. Sprainman? Always have a sprain? Meleeman - wrestle 50 wolves? Curiosity hurts😀
  9. How could we know it was by design before now? To me it appeared rather unintended. But as you want.
  10. This looks so funny and gamey-icky at the same time. And it's a surefire way to bring it down. Fix seems easy - moose ignores fires.
  11. Why not report it as a bug? I mean it could be be non-intended that disabling conditioning regain will not disable birch-regen. Or ask Ralph in the mail-service.☺️
  12. ☺️ I usually play on Interloper/DMC - there are always an "indoor" close by. Well that's a risk sometimes worth taking. But there should be a punishment if one is unlucky. In DMC one rarely follows bleeding animals running straight away due to the cooling and energy consumption. Instead headshots or closed locations are the answer. But if I goat to sneak around a wolf and gets a sprain - I take a pill (and now a bandage) and move on. Cheers on the 7 bear dodge😁
  13. As pointed out in another thread it has wrong starting weather. Also deadman was every setting against the player (?) but this now has weather variability and blizzard frequency not at the top.