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  1. BRR - it's just a dead end choke with nothing to do.
  2. Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Go with a clear vision for a new game. People don't know what they want.
  3. The akward savegame thing in your post reminds me of when deadman challenge arrived. Some said it couldnt be done. Some said you could only do it by knowing the game code. Some said you couldn't get a bow but should hunker down. Then - when everyone learned the technique - it became manageable. Its like everything skill bases - when you know the tricks and ways it doesn't seam like magic anymore To my view it has to do with adapting a new way of playing. My theory is that is actually very hard to go from voyager / stalker to interloper. All other difficulty levels aren't a survival expe
  4. While I agree with this post it always comes back to the fact that the interloper experience stagnates to soon. The trouble being the short "tech tree" and the ease of keeping the meters up when you learn a few tricks. Hinterland did a good job of adding some nes gameplay elements while not demotivating players. (well fed buff, sprains mechanics) and they also got rid of the worst game exploits. The new maps are cool and diverse. I feel that what the game could use is one or mere new mid game related meters or conditions (like sanity). The game world has a lot of items already that
  5. Don't put to much into what you read in forums.🙃 Good thread though.
  6. Exactly - plus loot is very rare in loper so proportionate theres quite a stash in the summit. Matches, clothes - all you need for at good start. When starting a loper its summit within 10 days. WHEN you have a hacksaw
  7. Not in loper. Just for the record 😅
  8. My advice: - only travel in afternoon and (not in blizzard). Try to keep to the sheltered from wind where possible. Take som condition loss but never below 50 pct. - make some tea before you go on long walks (birch can be found in the ravine f.i.). Drink one right away and keep one warm with you to drink after at short while. The effect on not cooling down is very substantial - use caves on the way to warm up by lighting af fire - coal drives temp insanely high fast. - personally i would go to PV . theres good clothes in both radiohut and farmstead, and u gotta move for
  9. Actually many of the items was taken care of. The well-fed bonus plus some rework of wolves. The meat and water feeze was adressed by hinterland with a good explaination. Just for the record
  10. you have my sympathy but ... try to enjoy a game where your (and my) mistakes are punished. Not a game on rails or where your actions doesn't really matter. Hit the restart and enjoy the kick of the first 20 days!
  11. Agree. Fun to read and nice shots. Are we dead ?
  12. So good work. Your so close to forging in FM and move to the midgame Have you found a maple to be curing for the bow and birch for the arrows?
  13. It is. Sometimes theres a rope in the ravine - but not a guaranteed spawn. Well done looting Quonset. The reason why I often avoid the road u go is the somewhat lurking wolf that roams just near the trailer. So watch out.
  14. I keep up mate! If you go up the river (take all cattails) and sleep at the cottage on the left just before the bridge and tunnel, you can easily go through ravine without bedroll. I ML theres lots of places where bedroll could be [no spoilers]. Also : bring a rope if its in the fishing village. For the trip down to the ravine to get you know what
  15. Go and enjoy your 50 th day in the lake overlook ML. Make som coffe and enjoy the lake sight.🤠 Or the depressing one: Go to the ravine and go out the broken track. Stare down, way down.😂