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  1. New locations: Cave from Hushed River Valley near Mammoth Falls Woodland region Factory Bay Jefferson Polar Research Institute Steam Engine Boat (works during Aurora?) Flershu Island Boat connection to other places
  2. Yeah, getting there would take a long time by canoe. I was more thinking that the magnetic field eventually stabilized and that they could use a steam engine to get there. But it's just an idea I came up with. Maybe it breaks the story. Also, I would like some easier gameplay. I thought that TLD in Canada was really challenging in Wintermute, Challenges and Survival, but maybe a tropic location would be easier game, or in worst case scenario, a nightmare.
  3. Okay, so maybe they could release a transition game between Canada and Jamaica, and then another game in Jamaica. Might never happen, but Hinterland could probably make a lot of money releasing such survival games as well - unless if most people only want polar survival games.
  4. Very interesting! As for the rocks we have in Southern Sweden, they are mostly sedimentary in origin. Skane is a relatively flat region covered in ice age debris and soils. Although some areas (for example Kullaberg near Mölle) are metamorphic and magmatic in origin and a continent continent collision between Baltica (Russian-Scandinavian plate) and Amazonia have been suggested as explanations for this occurrence. Kind regards
  5. Maybe fix an alarm clock with the workbench?
  6. Maybe the main character can be helped by locals who know how to deal with these animals.
  7. I think there should be more options so that your skill can match the game's difficulty. Making the game harder for beginners is not recommended as I was not very talented at this game. Also, that might make some people to not continue playing if they're not that good gamers.
  8. Greetings from Sweden Good that you seem to appreciate the game. I have some ideas about how things could be added as an option in the game. For example, other locations on the planet. I heard someone mentioning adding seasons to the game. For more on these topics you can see Wishlist. I think that you could add different rocks and minerals to the gameplay as well. From what I see, it only seems like there's one type of rock on the whole Great Bear island. I'm a geology student so I easily notice this climate and geology stuff. Kind Regards
  9. Hello Hinterland Games Adding a new region in the tropics, for example Jamaica, would be a good dlc for the game. In the jungle there can be jaguars and other creepy animals and there are wells from which you can extract water. It could be a far future scene for Astrid or McKenzie. Kind Regards
  10. Tjena, Kommer från Skåne och har spelat klart story mode. Tycker att spelet är vackert och sorgset på samma gång. Dock tycker jag att det är jobbigt när man dör. Har prövat en del överlevnad men tyckte att det inte händer särskilt mycket.