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  1. What I've seen so far looks good. Thank you Hinterland for your Perseverance Lol. In Chapter 1, I may have found a bug. I played on pilgrim and when I scared a wolf while stepping on a bush, the game froze. I couldn't move. I had to reload an automatic save. But thanks for the release! It was worth the wait
  2. Can't download today, my family wants to see the news on the TV
  3. Yes but with the Bleak Inlet update it is a nice place to craft moose satchels!
  4. What about Forlorn Muskeg? My first hard region.
  5. Please make mods available for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players. Also is it possible to launch the game to old Nintendo DS, 3DS or Gameboy Advance?
  6. I am currently in desolation point (survival mode) and I'm looking for a heavy hammer. Anyone who could give me a clue to where to go? (No spoilers please) You can find my game streams at "sorken streamar" on YouTube
  7. Trivia descriptions could also be added when you revisit a place.
  8. Yes but no plants grow in winter. It's gameplay productive but not realistic
  9. In the meantime you can read a book. Be nice to your reddened eyes
  10. What about fried mushrooms? Are there any saucepans in Canada?
  11. Pyroxene

    Riken light

    Higher chance to spawn lantern and lamp fuel just outside the Riken
  12. Crafting a geomagnetic reverser machine.
  13. Random every time I don't take away the comments, the comments make your soul stronger