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  1. Yes, i am pretty sure. I have put the world map and the sun movement in a picture in my Travel Guide where you can see the different directions of the sun's movement.
  2. Do we ever get correct sun movements in all regions. So that the current world map is coherent. Currently the sun is wrong in ML, BR, WR (west to east) and PV (northwest to southeast).
  3. Maps are also available here. However, Delta has not yet made a topographic map of HRV.
  4. It don't give hand. No tutorial, no mercy. I feel taken seriously. And i like it to see those 'Rambos' failing on simplest things.
  5. *[ALL] Fixed Notes in Inspection Mode missing the ability to scroll. Errrr, why didn't you fix the scrolling in the cairns list also? It does not work, neither with the mouse nor with the arrow keys.
  6. Yes, the *ing sun movement. I don't know why Hinterland doesn't fix this. As of now PV and WR are also wrong. I am to tired to fix the description of this after every update.
  7. I don't know if you want to answer statistical questions, but I'll try: I am co-author of a comprehensive guide (English and German). Some things you just can't grasp by playing. So I need information about the following things: - Are there still 9 bunker positions in ML and PV? - Is a container still unusable (higher levels of difficulty) if the tool breaks during the action. - What happens to the arrows in an animal if I enter another zone before it dies? Can they be found anywhere, or are they going? - Does an animal die safely when I hit it with a Flaregun? - Is there a chance that the meat bags will finally be usable (reduce weight by at least 30%!) - Will the animals avoid the player at some point during time-accelerated activities? (because otherwise as at the moment: almost insta death) With thanks in advance I understand why you didn't answer my last questions, but maybe this will work.
  8. Looks like we are both working on usefull maps You can find my maps in our Travel Guide.
  9. There are some pretty annoying bugs that are several years old and have been reported gazillion of times, but were never fixed. It was also never communicated why these problems were not solved. Do you think this is a sensible way to deal with the player base? (as small examples here the underground bear spawn at the nameless pond or the wolf attacks through solid structures)