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  1. Unless something has changed recently, I'm pretty sure you can use a fire to scare the moose. That's how I hunted the one in Milton basin on interloper , it was a few months back. But I was able to shoot it, then when he charged I just ran back toward my campfire to scare him off
  2. 😂😂😂😂, Wow, I just had a mental image of firing an artillery shell right into the middle of a pack of 4 wolves,Battlefield style.Wolf ragdolls. Lol, don't know if it's just me but, even after hundreds of hours playtime, the wolf fear and hatred still gets me.
  3. I'm hoping someone at HL can comment on this. I have just started a new run for the purpose of getting this achievement. However I have noticed that the location list provided by HL has not been updated I have started in TWM currently getting the summit loot before heading to PV. So I'm just curious if it's worth waiting until this has been updated? (if it hasn't already) With all the work you folks have had with ep3, I could totally understand how this could have been overlooked.
  4. Ah this makes sense now. I'm currently exploring HRV on stalker. Shot one of the bears twice each time over the course of 3x days. Had a funny feeling something was not right. Thanks for the quick fix.
  5. Oh yeah, no it's not your fault. I'm just being a half asleep idiot atm. 😂
  6. Oh, ok. Yeah just reread OP, I thought they were referring to SM.😁
  7. Hmm this area sounds really annoying in survival mode now. They could easily sort this by fixing the ramp down from the front section of plane. Haven't been there in SM yet , but I would have thought they would leave the ramp intact. That way it would be a great shortcut (if avoiding rope climb) from DD, to Burned ridge cave then to Skeeters.
  8. Wow Canadians are just too damn nice. This is why they don't need a nuclear deterrent program. Because if anyone messed with Canada, half the world would jump to thier aid I love hearing about things like this, cheap or free patents/open source networks etc. Kinda restores a bit faith in humanity. Makes you realise not everyone is out for themselves.
  9. Not sure if it's random or not but I, remember picking up an almost full Jerry can , just across the bridge from the community hall . When heading away from TC over bridge it's on the right hand side near a truck I think
  10. Not going to say where(no spoilers) , but there's also another rifle you've missed , early on in the episode.
  11. Like I said in second post, i would help him. Well that's hopeful. Maybe there would be a chance for him to fight on then. I never implied it was his fault, I'm not looking down on someone for having a medical condition. I also have a medical condition which, left without medication in a survival situation like this , then I would be more of a detriment to any group than a help. Therefore I would not want anyone potentially risking there own survival to help me.
  12. Dont get me wrong, I would give him the insulin. The choice would have to be his, once he recovered, wether or not he wanted to struggle on. I wouldn't just let him die. That's why I ask about alternatives, curious to know if it would be possible to keep him alive without insulin at all. In the long run. I know it's a harsh way to think , however there area lot of things we take for granted, that without an operational infrastructure simply become unsustainable to manage. And I'm not just being harsh to diabetics. In a situation like The Long Dark, where everything has ground to a halt, without manufactured medicine, people would die in huge numbers even from things as simple as the common cold
  13. Just wondering what others feel about this part. I'm saddened to realise that this is how I perceived the situation. (Maybe I'm too pessimistic) But i couldnt help but think, should I even give him the insulin? I mean I know this is really harsh ,but aren't we just delaying the inevitable? Yes we get a dose of insulin, but after that, even if he makes it to somewhere that has more insulin, he's just living on borrowed time. And when that runs out there is nowhere that will be able to produce it. All the while he will be consuming resources, that could help others survive longer. Rather than keeping a dead man walking. Therefore the final question I'd like to ask the forum , is there anyway /anything we can find in nature to supplement insulin? Because if not then I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned, it's pointless keeping the guy alive. And believe me , I know how inhumane and disgusting this sounds. I've surprised myself with this one.but someone needs to /would have to ask the question. However that's also what I love about this game it makes you really think about the inhumane decisions you would have to make in order to safeguard Humanity.( As contradictory as that sounds, we are a pretty paradoxical species) Really interested to see what others think.
  14. Yeah I'm having the same issue. Wolves are taking the bait at crazy distance.
  15. In the upper level of the (red) barn/at signal hill.