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  1. So I was all geared up ready to trek back to CH /ML for my tools, decided to head down to the PV farmhouse via plane crash, Burned ridge cave(iirc). Just as I was heading down the hill from BR cave I had a light bulb moment where I just thought hmm should I check skeeter ridge while I am here (usually don't due to sneaky corner wolves) Then I remembered wait a min, there has always been a set of simple tools just lying in the snow next to burned cabin on lower dificulties, might aswell give it a shot. The gamble paid off, there they were just lying in the snow, Noice jus
  2. Hi thanks for the replies folks. Good suggestion to direct towards interloper. I often forget we interlopers are the minority players.unfortunately I've left it too late to edit the post. Also I should have mentioned that I have trawled Google and other forums , and could not find an answer either(sorry to waste your time)
  3. Never thought of that before but yeah it would be awesome to listen to the main menu music from different updates. While In game.
  4. Hey folks so I'm wondering if anyone knows where a set of tools could spawn in or near TWM? I am playing a custom interloper with guns so I would imagine I am subject to interloper loot /loot tables. I have just travelled from CH bringing everything I may need for a long stay. Arrowheads fishing hooks 3x improvised hatchets and knives. Hacksaw. Etc Everything but tools to repair the hacksaw🙄. Also I still have a few cargo containers to loot, I've already got the summit loot,(started in Ash Canyon,then summitted then went to Spence's to forge) but being back here at 110
  5. Can't remember exactly what happened on first run but I do remember that my first spawn was near the dead fall area in ML. One silly thing I did do when I was a new player was , when trying to figure out how the snares worked I was putting rosehip and reishi mushrooms on the ground around them as a kind of bait. Then I realised you just need to wait 24hrs
  6. Oh yeah duh. I really a bit dumb at times lol. So obvious. Well they won't make a detective out of me thats for sure.
  7. Yeah that's a point never really crossed my mind. Now that I think of it maybe there is a bit of terrain that the deer was grazing, up behind the fallen tree in the pic. Might have fell down and died from its injuries. However that still leaves the question of what has half eaten the carcass?
  8. As the title says I would Love to see the wall mounted lamps from ep 4 make there way into survival mode. Could be filled with fish/lamp oil . Would be great for long term games. Balance wise not sure how long they should burn etc will leave that up to the devs. Just think it would be awesome to spruce up our favourite bases. Also make them feel more homely
  9. Thank you for taking the time to post these. I've recently upgraded to an Xbox series x and while I'm loving how well games run and how fast they load, one downside is I can't read any of the loading hints. 🙃
  10. From my personal experience there are no guaranteed matches in ML, there will be a firestriker and a magnifying lense. However if you are lucky you will find matches as a random container spawn.
  11. Could be a cool addition, also if they ever add it ,would also give us another use for the bear/boar spear. Although I think both fights should have a high chance of injury.
  12. Yeah like the noise of limbs or branches falling in the high winds. Sounds more like a bear tearing through the brush to charge you. Even though I know its limbs and sticks falling I always look around in a panic just to be sure.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Just wanted to know if anyone else had same issue. I reckon its my controller I'm starting to get the same on other games also. Kinda annoyed as its an elite mk2 controller ,only had it under a year and have never dropped it. Im beginning to think the so called sturdier elite controllers are just a scam
  14. Wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.? I'm playing on the series x and sometimes when trying to pick up sticks and every time I try to pick up rabbits. I am walking or running over to an item to be picked up and I hold down on the thumbstick but it takes forever to look down, no joke I am holding down for a good 2-3 seconds before my character actually looks down and even at that the cursor /aim moves really slowly. So I am failing to pick up most rabbits in time. Anyone else having this issue? It could be my controller but I'm pretty sure it's the game as I a
  15. IIRC these are the first corpses we have been unable to loot. I personally don't mind and I think Hinterland made the right decision by not allowing us to pilfer the pockets of the victims of a mass killing. But if you /anyone still doesn't care and just want your loot goddamit.(not critisizing) Then I would think that there is nothing left as the animals who now inhabit the prison probably took everything.