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  1. I've always liked the idea of a bear living In a transition cave which would need to be taken care of for safe passage through. Same idea as the old dam wolf(Fluffy) I would also like to see more effort put in to new transition zones. I feel as time goes on Hinterland tend to go with the easy option of just slap a cave system somewhere. However back when the first few regions where added. They really spent time making sensible and well thought out transition zones.(the ravine , winding river,crumbling highway)
  2. Not sure about this one, maybe the one in Bleak Inlet?
  3. 😄😄. Nice I've literally just moved my current survivor to TWM last night. Also the new gear items are great.
  4. Yeah I've been petrified of the bears in sandbox mode, ever since doing that challenge. Took me a while before being brave enough to hunt the bears in survival again.
  5. Once item is dropped on the floor, hover cursor over the item then press left trigger to activate placement mode then right trigger to place. Time to go decorate those base camps.
  6. You can repair the bedroll with just your hands , no sewing kit or fishing tackle required.
  7. I had the same issue. Was advised on another post to go into the dam and try to interact with the elevator button/keypad on locked door to control room (Iirc you will get a dialogue from will about needing to wait) This seemed to work for me as the aurora triggered within a few days after that. Although this was a while back things may have changed since then. Hope this helps
  8. Ok so look out for the incline/slope warning indicator at bottom of the screen. When this is showing it means you are at risk of a sprain. If under carry weight the chances are pretty low. If you are over your carry capacity it massively increase that risk. And from what I've found the longer you stay on an incline (with warning indicator showing) the chance becomes almost guaranteed. So my advice would be to travel under carry weight and try to minimise time on slopes where possible. Also if you have to spend a long time on a steep slope/is a long climb up/down then it helps to cro
  9. Double tap xbox /home button then press Y for a screenshot. X for a 30 sec/1min clip.(dependent on setting) And if you press xbox button/dashboard then the back button (the one to the right of left thumstick) it will give you a drop down list of different clip lengths to chose from.
  10. That's actually quite a cool idea. As a form of multiplayer.
  11. I would be really tempted to take that hide for a satchel. However it depends whether you have enough fuel for a 1hr/really warm fire That's a great early game find for Interloper.
  12. Just a few ideas to expand crafting and gameplay, looking for peoples thoughts or other idea's regarding potential new mechanics/ equipment etc. So to start im thinking an improved backpack could be a cool addition. Not sure if it would be a lot of work for the devs, but if we were able to remove the backpack , once we have different types, with varying carry capacity etc. We could have some camp/emergency bags stashed in certain outdoor locations, enabling faster travel when using a lightweight pack. Other benefits could be when low stamina /fatigue or just in an emergency being a
  13. If you're ever caught out in FM in the fog/blizzard, but you really need to get to the forge. Follow the tracks all the way to BR side get up onto the ledge to you're left over the fallen tree and then its as straight/simple route to SFH. Even though it's a longer route you can't get lost.
  14. The Ravine is usually good for saplings. Also another spot which i think a lot of people overlook (in other similar threads) is in the winding river leading to PV through the Dam . When you reach the outdoor cave(one with no loading screen) head all the way up the hill to the left, there is usually a deer carcass and some saplings there.