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  1. Unfortunately not ,I'm afraid Geoffrey woke up gave me a big hug and ate my camera.
  2. Finding a sleeping bear. I've got over 1000 hours in TLD, and just the other day managed to find my first sleeping bear. PSA: Bears don't appreciate being spray painted.
  3. Yeah I feel you. TLD is the one and only game I've ever played that I would like to be a newb again.
  4. Agreed. Also can we get a fix so they are not so tricky to place? I don't use them often but when I do i find they don't want to place on a perfectly level and wide bit of ground. On a ridiculous slope? yeah no prob says the game. Not a major issue , just a tad annoying.especially on loper.
  5. Pretty good tips above. One major thing that will be different from voyager is that fires don't warm you up as soon as it is lit. You need to overcome the current air temperature. For example if your feels like temp is -10°C you will need 10x sticks (which add 1°C each) to get your temps above freezing. So my advice is to carry more fuel than you are used to. Personally I always carry 1xcedar, at least 5x sticks and 2x coal for emergency. (Coal adds +20°C each) Oh and you cannot sleep when fully rested. I'm not sure if that is the case on voyager but iirc you can sleep
  6. Yeah it's one of the little hidden gems I love about this game. And nice attention to detail on Hinterlands part.
  7. Did you know we can play the guess the location game, In game? If you have a good look at the in game paintings in structures they all,(not sure if 100%of) depict locations in game/on Great Bear Island. Good way to kill time if waiting out a blizzard etc.
  8. It's a bit late in the thread I know but. Just in case you didn't know. We can play this same guess the location game, in game. If you have a good look at the paintings in houses they mostly(not sure if 100%) depict locations in game/on Great Bear Island. It's a good way to kill time if bored or waiting for a blizzard to clear. Maybe we could start a new guess game with paintings in the houses. I play on console not really sure how to upload pics etc or I would do so myself.
  9. I could be wrong but I vaguely remember another thread a while back, that someone mentioned finding a FM polaroid on another map. Hope this helps if you have been limiting yourself to FM in search of the polaroid .
  10. I'm thinking maybe they reset/respawned due to the update.
  11. I've always liked the idea of a bear living In a transition cave which would need to be taken care of for safe passage through. Same idea as the old dam wolf(Fluffy) I would also like to see more effort put in to new transition zones. I feel as time goes on Hinterland tend to go with the easy option of just slap a cave system somewhere. However back when the first few regions where added. They really spent time making sensible and well thought out transition zones.(the ravine , winding river,crumbling highway)
  12. Not sure about this one, maybe the one in Bleak Inlet?
  13. 😄😄. Nice I've literally just moved my current survivor to TWM last night. Also the new gear items are great.
  14. Yeah I've been petrified of the bears in sandbox mode, ever since doing that challenge. Took me a while before being brave enough to hunt the bears in survival again.