NOW OPEN - Hinterland Limited Time Pop-Up Merch Store!


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I'm really bummed everything sold out so quickly but I'm hoping this can be an opportunity to provide some feedback.

Hinterland - on your store opening again in the new year, for apparel items can you please, please offer 1) a greater quantity of stock in larger sizes and 2) a wider range of sizes? The notes on sizing say that the apparel all runs small and recommends sizing up - but the largest size is often already too small for some of us and it means the larger sizes are also selling out more quickly. Might I also recommend more unisex items, like hats and scarves?

For non-apparel, I love love love the mugs but I'd also completely love a poster, enamel pin, stickers, and so on. Would love to see more variety! (And hope that increases the chances I can snag one. Maybe.)

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Can we request larger sizes next time? 2/3x in the sweaters would be awesome.

With proof that the merch will fly off the shelves in literal minutes, it seems like a fairly small risk to expand a little.

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1 hour ago, ajb1978 said:

A store that nearly sells out inside of an hour, that's a good problem to have objectively speaking. Dusty unsold merch, now that's a problem.

That's the charitable interpretation.

More realistically: they only had a very limited number, and the intention of this sales was to clear old inventory.


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