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  1. Long ago? Errant Pilgrim/Bleak Inlet has only been out for 9 days...
  2. I've been asking myself the same thing. I even went all the way back to the abandoned mine (inn the new location) but no luck.
  3. I've been attacked by timberwolves through the walls of several of the "hut" type buildings. In Chapter 3, the Big Bass hut and in Errant Pilgrim, the security hut outside the cannery, even with the door closed.
  4. And that is why my original post, before we got off on the "realistic" branch, was to inquire from people who might actually know the answer as to why there was a need to change this particular fallen tree. I wasn't really looking for conjecture from people who are guessing.
  5. If a realistic approach was their intent, then they should also do away with the "safe" zones on every porch and enclosed area on burned out buildings should go away as well. Also, there is nothing unrealistic about climbing a ladder that a bear couldn't, at least not without offering me one hell of a coup de grâce shot to the face to kill it.
  6. Went to search the truck outside the Paradise Meadows Farm when I heard the wolf charge noise, freaked out and ran onto the porch. Didn't see the wolf, until I looked up...
  7. There are multiple trees where you can safely perch, even from wolves, if you climb high enough. My only point in posting this was to try and figure out why the devs decided to invest time, energy, and effort into altering this specific tree so that the train car roof can no longer be accessed.
  8. Maybe that is all my post will accomplish, but as someone who spends a decent amount of time there, it's just annoying. I never ask anyone to delete anything, it's a free world. It just seemed like a really odd change to make if it was intentional, especially since wolves can climb trees now.
  9. While that is cool, I'd really like to know why they felt the need to change this specific tree.
  10. I made it to the Poachers Camp for the first time since the CE update and I noticed something that really bugged me. Previously one could use the tree to climb to the top of the train car, which made hunting the bear in that area much safer. The tree that leads to the top of the train car has had a limb added so that now you cannot climb on top of the car. Was this intentional? If so, I have to ask why, since in real-world mechanics, there is literally a friggin ladder that one could climb to reach the exact same spot. Also, I have a freaking hatchet that *should* make short work of that branch and restore access to the top of the car. So again, I have to assume this was either intentional to remove access to the top of the car, or a cosmetic change that should be reconsidered for the sake of gameplay and not breaking the immersion factor.
  11. Yes, these happened directly in front of the Mountaineers cabin in Timberwolf. I didn't leave the area, they literally fell through the snowbank after I shot them as I stood there and watched.
  12. Yes, the event gets progressively harder. The only reason day one is easy-ish is because day 3/4 is brutal.
  13. I found all 6 pumpkin caches(CH - Waterfront cottages had a rifle), 15 gun cleaning kits, three flare pistols, two hacksaws, two hatchets, 5 knives, half a dozen prybars, 50 candy bars. Found a second rifle somewhere along the way with a ton of rifle and pistol ammo. No Revolver.
  14. Coastal Highway, the Waterfront Cottages.
  15. So far I've found 6 caches. Hopefully not spoilers.