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  1. This will be the the first event badge I have not been able to collect. Not a huge issue, just annoying.
  2. Other than pen-and-paper, Has anyone found a way to track chips and syrup consumption? I looked everywhere I can think of, maybe I'm just missing it?
  3. I had the same thing happen, on two different runs. You can hacksaw the hinges, then when the door opens, you can see a second door inside the first. If you angle the camera just right, you get the padlock icon again and can loot the "second" container that spawned inside the first. I had three different containers do this. I was able to screen shot the two different containers. The left side one, you can see the logo inside the container, the right side one, you see the door of the second container.
  4. From the Strange Planet (Nathan W. Pyle) Facebook pag e. Made me immediately think of TLD.
  5. If we make the assumption that Will is the "survivor" then we already know that Will is an extensively experienced bush pilot who would have exceptional dead-reckoning skills as well as the ability to read, interpret and draw a topographical map. If these were not true, then he would never have been able to start, nor would he be financially able to sustain Jackrabbit Transport. Just my thoughts.
  6. I was testing the attack reactions of wolves around the Poachers Camp in Forlorn Muskeg when I noticed some rather... unusual reactions from the wolf and a surprise visit from a bear. I was capturing the video for later reference, so I kept recording while the bear... ran in reverse and did other strange things. Here is the link to the YouTube video I uploaded:
  7. I travel for a living and I play both on my PC at home and my laptop when I am on the road. I noticed a few weeks ago (cannot pin down the date) that the save games are not syncing between my devices any longer. I can look at the Steam remote storage ( and it does not show my latest save game (today, just before I came here to make this post). Has anyone else had this issue with remote storage? (I am far below my cloud storage limit -> 86mb of 500mb available) This might very well be an issue for my PC, but I am having trouble finding the issue. Is there a way to force the game to sync with Steam? Other than manually copying my local files and transferring them between the devices, I'm at a bit of a loss.
  8. Long ago? Errant Pilgrim/Bleak Inlet has only been out for 9 days...
  9. I've been asking myself the same thing. I even went all the way back to the abandoned mine (inn the new location) but no luck.
  10. I've been attacked by timberwolves through the walls of several of the "hut" type buildings. In Chapter 3, the Big Bass hut and in Errant Pilgrim, the security hut outside the cannery, even with the door closed.
  11. And that is why my original post, before we got off on the "realistic" branch, was to inquire from people who might actually know the answer as to why there was a need to change this particular fallen tree. I wasn't really looking for conjecture from people who are guessing.
  12. If a realistic approach was their intent, then they should also do away with the "safe" zones on every porch and enclosed area on burned out buildings should go away as well. Also, there is nothing unrealistic about climbing a ladder that a bear couldn't, at least not without offering me one hell of a coup de grâce shot to the face to kill it.
  13. Went to search the truck outside the Paradise Meadows Farm when I heard the wolf charge noise, freaked out and ran onto the porch. Didn't see the wolf, until I looked up...
  14. There are multiple trees where you can safely perch, even from wolves, if you climb high enough. My only point in posting this was to try and figure out why the devs decided to invest time, energy, and effort into altering this specific tree so that the train car roof can no longer be accessed.
  15. Maybe that is all my post will accomplish, but as someone who spends a decent amount of time there, it's just annoying. I never ask anyone to delete anything, it's a free world. It just seemed like a really odd change to make if it was intentional, especially since wolves can climb trees now.