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    I'd prefer they just the current achievement as it is and add an additional achievement for doing the additional mapping of the new zones... Faithful Cartographer as the lower level achievement and then something like the Relentless Cartographer as the higher level achievement. I wouldn't want them to go with just a "discovered" system unless they take the word "Cartographer" out of it... so, Relentless Explorer might be a better term for the achievement if it doesn't actually required mapping. IMO, Achievements should never be arbitrarily reset when game additions occur. It's a badge for completing a specific requirement at a specific point in time. New achievements should be added when additions are made to the game after release. As for the compass idea, I probably wouldn't carry one anyways due to weight limitations.
  2. I bought the game for the story and I can hardly wait for the story to be completed. Survival is great for filling in the time between the release of episodes.
  3. Telling people they should play another game or pointing out that the game is still in development, etc. never was on topic... I originally only posted my suggestion for resolving this issue and, from you, I got this lecture about how the game was in development and how I should play another game, etc. etc. You always had the option to stay on topic in this thread and, if you felt compelled, to private message me with your "off topic" suggestions about how I should play another game, etc. You're the one who took this off topic discussion publicly onto this thread in the first place... and you've continued to respond on this thread, so I am not the one who is going to suddenly take this to a private message... that's up to you. I have asked "please" several times in the past to spare me your lectures, yet you persist. I am not telling you how to comment on the topic, but don't expect me to suddenly appreciate your lecturing me and telling me that this game may not be for me or that you assume I just want to make life easy for the survivor, or now that I have no understanding that this game is still in development, etc. So, I will ask you again PLEASE spare me your patronizing lectures and respond on topic... and we'll get along much better in the future.
  4. Please note that the option to restrict your comments about such things as whether or not people should be playing a different game to private messages applies to you as well. I'd appreciate your adhering to your own advice in future and restrict your comments to the actual suggestions... leaving your theories about how different are motivated to play their games out of it. I would also like to point out that you don't have access to a snare when doing the Wintermute tutorial that asks the player to stone a rabbit on their way to Milton. Back on topic, again and addressing the issue (not directed towards you specifically). There are several varieties of aim assist used in different games. This is not an uncommon feature either as an adjustable option or as something directly tied to difficulty level. My preference for TLD would be an adjustable option since "difficulty level" in TLD is something more ambiguous than in other games. The difference between Stalker and Interloper is not that one is universally harder than the other, but that each is harder than the other in a different way. That's why I think it should actually be a part of the Custom menu and not necessarily set out in the accessibility menu (although I'd be perfectly happy with it in the accessibility menu because I'm flexible). My point always was that the oscillation between making aiming harder and then easier and then harder is what needs to end. I've only been playing this game for less than year, and I've seen at least 3 changes to the aiming mechanic over that time. It's frustrating to learn one way and then 2 months later have to forget everything learned to adjust to another new method of aiming... not to mention that making it universally "hard" gets really, really discouraging to less able players. Also, there are a multitude of reasons why some players are less able to aim as accurately in games than others - vision issues, motor issues, arthritis, and even just whether they play on a console or a PC or with a controller or a keyboard and mouse. At the bottom line, it seems impossible to "balance' aiming to suit everyone with just one setting... so I'm suggesting they give us a variable option that we can set ourselves to our own liking.
  5. That's been my experience with several objects, not just guns. I've encountered objects sinking into the places I've been trying to place them. Right now, my rifle is resting half inside the trunk in the bedroom in the Paradise Meadows farmhouse... making it look like the trunk has been skewered by the rifle itself... looks cool, but definitely not right.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. I realize that it was the person that made a bad choice. The fact is, though, that drinking in TLD would be a poor choice. While the subject feels warmer, they would be colder in their sleep since alcohol dialates the blood vessels and the body loses heat more quickly. So, if the person drinks a alcohol laced tea before retiring to improve their rest and their fire goes out, the game should reflect that they actually freeze more quickly AND be less able to wake/respond to that drop in temperature. I honestly cannot see a way that it should be made to "enhance" gameplay while being frank and honest about what it does... as opposed to propagating age-old myths about it.
  7. ... and again... I am suggesting a variable "aim assist" that can be set by the player when they start the game to their own liking. Other games, some dating back many more years than this one, have this sort of thing, so I don't see any reason why TLD can't. Where you set yours then is your own business. It doesn't affect the difficulty of YOUR game unless you want it to. Alternatively, as Deseoso suggested, the hitbox size could change automatically with the difficulty setting... larger in Pilgrim and smaller in Interloper. I think this would also be a perfectly satisfactory solution.
  8. Then change your tone and spare me all the patronizing lectures about playing something else, etc.... because you habitually do that every single time I bring up any "accessibility or custom option."
  9. As you keep telling people... this is a forum where people are free to express their opinions and make suggestions for improvements to the game. As you say all the time, I'm just stating my opinion. I am frustrated with the oscillation... the changing back and forth from harder to easier to harder. Make a variable aim assist and be done with. Then you can set yours as hard as you like and I can set mine wherever I like... and you won't even have to know whether that's harder than yours or easier... and the people I'm trying to convince to become interested in this game can set it wherever they like as well... so maybe they don't quit and throw their controllers at my TV the moment the tutorial in Wintermute tells them that Will needs to stone a bunny. Having such variable adjustments doesn't make the game any easier for you unless you want to use such a setting. People who having difficulties should be allowed to enjoy their games as well without continually being blocked by people who make issues of such things when it need not affect them.
  10. I really don't see a good point for adding it. My son was very recently in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. He's lucky to be alive. IMO, it should absolutely be demonized.
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    Sorry, with no heater or continuous fire inside the home, placing the flower pot near a window would not be sufficient to keep the plants alive at the average air temperatures indicated in the game. Even the hardier herbs go dormant in the winter unless kept somewhat warm and, as a result, not be usable as a food source.
  12. Meshes and hitboxes seem to be a bit of a mess right now. I've found a ton of floating objects, objects sunk into the ground and had difficulty placing items in several locations (including the gun rack).
  13. The Faithful Cartographer Achievement is associated with the mapping task, so I think it's fair that it be completed within a single run. That said, not everything has to be mapped (the achievement description is somewhat misleading in this respect). There is a list of locations in the thread discussing this achievement (pinned thread in this subforum) that needs to be carefully followed to ensure the achievement unlocks. (It may need an update with the map changes made with the last update, though).
  14. All that I've noticed is that moose only spawn if the scrapings are there. If you start a game and that location spawns without any scrapings, they don't appear later in the game and a moose never spawns in that location. If you have scrapings, there is no guarantee a moose has spawned there every time you go through the location. Now, I say that with a bit of a caution... the longest I've played a single run is 500 days as I have my characters habitually jump from TWM on the 500th day (if they survive that long). I just don't have any desire to take a single run longer than that, so if things change or reset after that point, I wouldnt know.
  15. Check the template for Interloper inside custom menu and leave the diseases settings where you find them... changing only what you want to actually change. Some of the settings actually get easier the higher they are set (like recovery rates) and also work in conjunction with other settings in the menu, this fools people into thinking they are playing on harder settings when they aren't. So again... call up the interloper template in custom mode and then change ONLY what you deliberately want to change. So, if you want Interloper with a rifle, change just the rilfe from no to yes. If you want interloper with more wolves, just change the wolf spawns to a higher frequency. Read the descriptions carefully to determine whether sliding the bar to the left rather than the right makes it harder (because somethings that's the case). For diseases, most can be turned on or off, so if on, the odds of getting them are the same regardless of the other settings. Conversely, hypothermia cannot be turned off. The only adjustment is how quickly you will get it. Obviously, in interloper the weather is colder and continually colder, so you'll be more susceptible to it based on the weather. With food poisoning, the chances of getting it are the same in Pilgrim as in Interloper, but food decays faster in Interloper... making it more likely that you'll be compelled to eat lower conditioned foods.
  16. I believe the game initially sets possible spawn points for moose at the start of the game (designated by the scrapings on the trees). If there are scrapings, then a moose can spawn in that spot. If no scrapings, moose will never spawn there. Then I think it is a dice roll each time you visit the area. For example, I've had a moose spawn by the hunting lodge and then not be there the next time I visited the area even though I did not kill it or leave the region at all and then come back a week later.
  17. I'm fed up with the oscillation of it all. People were appreciative when they made stoning rabbits easier. It helped beginners get into the game more easily... but then you get the "it's way too easy" crowd that can't resist exploiting such a thing and so now we're back to where getting started into TLD is a real frustrating chore. IMO, there should be a variable "aim assist" in the game (at least in the custom settings or accessibility options) so that people can alter this difficulty to suit themselves. People of differing abilities should be able to enjoy the games they buy... not have their enjoyment continually dictated to them by the "git gud" crowd. Lighting contrast and brightness should also be individually adjustable settings. People should also be able to play a game they buy, particularly a single-player game they buy, without undue eye strain.
  18. They would have to change the weight vs. movement speed formula to allow the player to move at all while carrying a whole deer. As it is, it would just serve to plant the player in place... and then I can just hear the discussion taking this sort of turn: "If I can moved with 70 kg deer on my back regardless of the additional 30 to 40 kg in my rucksack, why can't I carry that much weight just in my rucksack/" I would prefer they shorten the time to quarter a deer to make it quick enough that more people would use that if the weather is threatening.
  19. I can handle somewhat dark interiors as long as, during the day, I can see enough so that I'm not getting stuck running into walls and such. I usually light a torch or a flare (or use a lantern) to loot. I've always had very poor vision (problems at birth) and it has gotten worse with age with conditions like astigmatism, cataracts and dry eye piling onto the list.
  20. I'm happy to report that it does seem to be better. I didn't change the brightness setting at all from the place I had left it (110%) and I went in and out of a few different houses in Milton during the day. I could see inside the house enough to navigate through the various rooms, but it still was appropriately difficult to see loot items. I played for a game day and did not get a headache. Outdoors, the snow texture is back as it should be and the outdoor world does not seem to be as "blown out" as it was. I will play for a longer period when I have more time.
  21. For those thinking that this is just a problem with the dark interiors, it's not my issue. My old eyes simply cannot handle the strain of continually going to and from such dark areas into such light area (as the snowy white outdoors), particularly with range of different between the two that exists. There seems to be some difference in how contrast is processed on some systems that may be compounding this issue on my system... but I have already done everything that my TV allows to minimize this contrast. It's not helping. That said, I notice an update has occurred , and I will download the update and try again... and let you all know if it helps with the headaches and eye strain.
  22. I really don't care what you think. Added as an accessibility option is not something that concerns you are anyone else with normal vision.. If they don't do it, I simply cannot play this game anymore. I have made every adjustment I can and playing now (going from outdoor areas to indoor areas and vice versa repeaatedly now gives me a huge headache. I'm not going to pop multitudes of aspirin to play a video game.
  23. If they don't want to allow us to just drop a hide on the floor to sleep (if they think that's just too easy or convenient), I think they should create an option to craft a makeshift bedroll from cloth and from hides other than bear hide. There is an option to craft snow shelters outdoors to sleep without a bedroll, but the cost of 4 cloth that you cannot recover for just one night's sleep (when you're on the road) is pretty prohibitive. In addition, there is the hindrance of not being able to use a snow shelter in a building. Yes, many building have beds, but many do not and mines don't have beds. I think an option to craft a makeshift bedroll from, say, 10 cloth and set it with lower warmth and higher deterioration stats than a regular bedroll would be a good compromise. A deer hide bedroll, perhaps with stats equivalent to the normal one would also be a welcome addition. Die hard interlopers could refrain from crafting them if they want to "suffer" the challenges of not having a bedroll... although most just beeline for their known bedroll spawn anyways. ETA: I also think the game should never just delete a player's bedroll by replacing it with a bed for a NPC. Instead, they should use their new "Lost and Found" boxes... moving the bedroll into one of those instead.
  24. There is another thread going on this in another section of the forum (Technical Discussions). I've also reported it as a bug.
  25. My television Xobx Input setting is already adjusted as much as possible to be comfortable for my vision (High Contrast Adjustment is turned off for me and Eye Comfort Mode is turned on). I am not having this trouble with other games nor did I have a problem with this game before the update. Now, all of a sudden, I am having a huge problem with this game having too high a contrast. Sorry, if there's anything more to be done to salvage my ability to play, it's this game that has to add in a contrast adustment, not just a brightness one. I realize they love dark interiors, but there is point where they have to consider the eye comfort of some of their users. The whiteness of the exteriors is something that is unique to this game; and I really don't want to experience actual snow blindness from playing this game.