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  1. Thanks for the reply, as soon as I get back from vacation I'll try it out
  2. The lack of disk space was the first thing that concerned me. It was an obvious point since I only had 2GB left on my SSD. Clearing it didn't work. However you did give me an idea to install the game on My HDD. Maybe it will work on a normal HDD or maybe my SSD is faulty
  3. Sadly it hasn't turned out better, I still get crashes randomly while I got a legitimate version of windows 10. A clean install
  4. I did forgot to tell that my windows is still windows 8 and not 8.1. A copy of windows I cannot upgrade to 8.1 because it may or may not me an illegal version of windows. Anyway I've received a fully legitimate key/ISO for windows 8.1 from my school. so once I get my hands on a DVD to burn it on (since my motherboard doesn't support installing windows from a usb), I'll try the game on 8.1. I'll post my results here in a week or two and if everything works out we could conclude one of the following: 1. Somehow the illegal version of windows prevented me from playing this single game out of 40+ games, which is unlikely. 2. The game can't work with windows 8 but can work with windows 8.1 3. Reinstalling windows fixed the problem in some way or the other
  5. Here is my msinfo.exe info, excuse me for it being in dutch. I hope it can help. furthermore it definately isn't a heat issue. everything runs bellow 50 degrees inclusding the north and southbridge chipsets also excuse me for reacting so late I play the game fullscreen and don't alt tap, and when I play windowed it crashes too. at lower resolutions the same happens. lastly the windows logs only say that the pc shut down unexpected because it stopped reacting, froze or lost power
  6. So every now and then (15 minutes to an hour in real world time) my PC suddenly shuts off. Just a black screen and fans that stop spinning. no "windows is shutting down" message or anything, like someone unplugs the power. After a few seconds everything starts up again. This happens in game and only in this game. The restarts seem pretty random, it doesn't happen when transitioning to another area, nor when I pick up items or using an action. Neither does it happen when I'm visiting a named location in the area. The crashes mostly happen when I'm just walking or idling. I'm on PC with windows 8.1 and the latest steam version. I have no clue on how to repeat these events besides just playing the game and waiting 30 minutes till the next random restart once every few restarts the save file disapears and I have to start at day one again, the disapearance happens once every 10 times or so. ---------------------------------------------------- Things I've tried: Checking Temperature of hardware (45 degrees celcius was the max that was achieved) Updating drivers. didn't work Verify integrity of cache files. they were fine Cleared my SSD so 2GB of space increased to 60GB. again, didn't work shut down all other applications Tested it with other, more and less demanding games including but not limmited to: batman arkham knight, Minecraft and borderlands. all of whom run just fine without any restarts Sorry for the lack of specific information but I myself have no clue what makes these crashes happen