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  1. 100% approve of @UpUpAway95's suggestion too. Although everything cooked may stay warm for a little time : the mecanism we have now can be extended to every cooked / warmed food.
  2. It would be great to not rely on numbers, but rather on visual hints. We had the same change when we lost the precise "time left before night" to the approximative sun/moon clock. 100% agree on this idea, excellent one !
  3. StrayCat

    Snow conditions

    THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA !!!! 1000% approved !!!
  4. Hello Raphael, In the game, wolves' behaviour is either fully passive (pilgrim - except if attacked) or fully aggressive (except some rare case when wolves run out of fear). I know well of the context and lore of TLD, that the aurora has made them somewhat crazy. But in terms of gameplay, is there a specific reason why you didn't prefer a more progressive approach, with a fleeing percentage chance depending on the game's difficulty (20/80, 50/50, 80/20, and so on) ? This would have added some unpredictability and therefore improve replayability. Have a nice day !
  5. Even this must be a bug, it's actually kinda cool. In terms of roleplay, these are nice hallucinations due to loneliness, fear and adrenaline rushs !
  6. I confirm, I just found snow pants and expedition parka on medium, signal hill.
  7. Hello all, Like other players, I usually end up facing boredom in medium-late play, but have no fun in interloper-like deadly settings (or other deadman challenges, sleepwalk, etc). I prefer intermediate level settings, as I'm no astute interlopist. The last update gave me some ideas, and I have found a custom setting which is giving me very high satisfaction, so I had to share it here. The positive point is the possibility to ADAPT it to the level you want, it's only a concept. Hell, you can even set wildlife to passive, it can still be fun. The main points are : - few or very few animals, - high probability of empty containers, - few items out of containers - hunger to whatever you want (at least medium), - cold to whatever you want (the coldest the better), - no health regeneration (at all, even during sleep). Important setting, do not overlook it. I am currently having a fun and stimulating game. The main gameplay caracteristics are : - few food + few animals + medium to high hunger -> I have to keep moving to find food. Staying in one base is no longer an good option. - cold world + few animals -> hunting (most efficient way to get calories) becomes more of a challenge, as the cold will damage health. The health issue can now be adressed with birch bark tea, making it a very valuable resource you will search for. However, as only a few condition points are gained with it, you will be extra cautious to the cold. But starving will force you to face the cold and venture outside to search for food, while the low resources will prevent you to have good enough clothes to face cold calmly. Any food becomes a excellent find. As you keep moving, you have to keep your inventory in check, and the well fed bonus becomes appreciated, but is hard to keep due to the difficulty to get food... As you can see, everything runs in a circle and choices have to be made. For the intermediate player I am, these settings are really fine.
  8. Although i would really love to be able to drop the backpack, Raphael has made it clear in Milton Mailbag that it would require a complete overhaul of the inventory system, and so that they don't intend to work on it. I guess we will have to wait for mod support. Otherwise, I upvote every idea in your list.
  9. I guess you're really right, this should not be forced. These are excellent points you got. I still think we lack something to shake us a bit, some unpredictability to stimulate mid and late game.
  10. Hello, I just got an idea, but can't find if it's a good one... In midgame, after 30-40 days, we usually have anything needed and start to keep a little routine. I remember when Hinterland warn us to empty a region before an update : many people have to go back accross the whole map to secure dozens of piles of stuff... So I asked myself : would'nt it be cool if SOMETHING prevented us to live in a whole region for a few days/week ? Something that would only affect 1 region, and would "force" us to bug out ? So I'm trying to find what THIS THING could be. A giant blizzard raging for days ? (hello whiteout challenge) Extremely aggressive wolves with a way larger detection range ? Aurora that continues even during the daylight ? A cold wave, with extremely low temperatures, even inside ? Complete disappearance of animals for 1-2 weeks, so there's nothing to eat ? Other ideas ? I would love to have to choose to either bug out that local anomaly, or to bear it with enough resources. This would affect our plans, and force us to adapt. Frequency of these giant anomalies, caused by the aurora, could be tuned in the custom menu.
  11. This isn't a tool made for heavy use, so maybe it could take longer to achieve any task + low durability + non repairable ? That would make it a tool for fortune repairs and emergency situations, but not adapted for long term survival. Something that helps survive on the moment, but that you can't rely on and have to keep searching for a replacement.
  12. This I 100% agree. Even the gameplay changes would be small, there is nothing groundbreaking here. But my point was all about the immersion : when I go backpacking irl, one of my favorite moments is sitting and setting up a small fire to cook/re-heat my food. In winter, when there's snow and everything is frozen, not chewing on a frozen piece of meat is very welcomed ! I read (not often, but on a regular basis) in this wish list, that some people want to be able to sit on a chair, and read a book in front of a fire. Or other immersive / rolepay requests. My suggestion follows the same lines.
  13. That's not sure. The "frozen/unfrozen" status and mecanism are already integrated (clothes, firewood, carcass...). The only code needed would be to check if the food you want to eat still have the "frozen" status. But some tweaks may be needed for the interaction between the frozen/unfrozen and cold/hot status some food have.
  14. Hello all, Something that usually bother me is when I stockpile meat outside, I just need to grab a steak and eat it right away. Or sometimes I find a can of tomato soup in a bag outside, and I can also eat it right away. Hey, these things should be 100% frozen and hard as a rock ! I know the "frozen ou wet state" is already included in many items but not used (like the firewood). Is it possible to add it to food ? It makes no sense to eat a icy steak or a tomato-soup-popsicle ! or at least we should get a cold / broken teeth penalty ! Having to re-warm it would make for a cool roleplay moment, lighting a fire to re-heat your meal. Or just put it somewhere warm, and wait a few hours for it to de-freeze. What do you think ?
  15. Hello, I usually play on custom mode, and like to tinker with the settings to create MY vision of what I want the game to be. Although we have many setting to play with, I guess some values can be added for even more custom experiences. I personnally crave for more "extreme" values. Here are some examples : setting the wolves' fear way higher : for more random encounters, so that you don't know how each wolf will react. blizzard frequency : going from none to almost permanent could be huge ! And so on ! We could modify the decay rate, wildlife smell range, containers item density, probability of being empty, etc. My guess (maybe I'm wrong ?) is that many of these parameters are only numbers the game will use afterwards, so we could have a wider range to choose from, without taking too much time from Hinterland team. This would answer many suggestions in the wish list : lowering decay rate, more random/"realistic" wildlife behaviour, even harder settings for hardcore players with almost permanent blizzard and scarce/almost-inexistant resources, and so on. The important thing is that it should be possible without too much effort, and it would answer many requests in one go.