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    I agree that it's not realistic in freezing temperatures. But Raphael stated many times that he does not care about realism, only about mecanisms that allow interesting lines of play.
  2. StrayCat


    Hello all, I was tidying up my camping gear, when I stumbled upon some lightsticks. Then I thought : "hey, this could be cool in TLD" !! For those who don't know what I'm talking about, it's something like this picture, you light it by twisting it, it creates a weak light for hours due to a chemical reaction. In TLD, this could be used to get a weak light for ~12 hours, useful for navigating / living in caves, or crafting / reading at night. In return, wolves would not fear it at all (and may even be attracted by it, out of curiosity ?). Weight would be something like 0.10 kg. Obviously, this is a 1-use item, like flares. It can not be used to light fires (as it is a cold light), and do not give the small heat bonus that torches give. I can't see it as OP, but I can see it opening new small lines of play (crafting at night to lower stamina before sleeping), or throwing it to find one's way back in a blizzard / at night.
  3. Back on topic, I hope this is a new challenge, where you have to gather all the corpses on GB island, and bring them to a church (milton or DP) to give them a proper burial. This would make use of the new "carry someone" system added in ep3.
  4. Seems weird... Custom mode, put all resources on lowest, most agressive/dangerous wolves & bears, no rabbit, no deer (or maybe few to have a first access to guts), no fishes, worst weather conditions, NO HEALING at all... Then tell us again the game is "too easy".
  5. I guess you didn't get my point. I tend to think that most pilgrim players are contemplative, conservative, slow-paced with few risks taken. Speed-runnning a game could be the exact opposite of what they are looking for. And I never said that any challenge needs to be tweaked : I told that there is no challenge intended to pilgrim players. I sometimes turn wildlife passive, with extreme weather conditions and scarcest resources. It's a good way to relax when you've already been fighting through your day at work. I guess cabin life simulator is indeed a good description.
  6. @ManicManiac Even though I agree with you, let's not forget that many players play pilgrim mode (or something similar in custom mode), to have some kind of cabin life simulator. Hinterland can't just ignore them. Beyond the obvious oxymoron, creating a "challenge" in custom mode can result in an interesting brainstorm session, finding difficulties that are not wildlife-related threats. I too wish that Hinterland consider adding more diverse environnement-based threats, not always more wolves thrown at our faces (lookin' at ya, timberwolf...).
  7. I guess his point was just that there is no dedicated "challenge" intended for pilgrim players. Although I fail to see what it could look like, maybe someone can make it work. Perhaps a a variation of hopeless rescue, but with a random placement of the object to fetch ? Something that would take time and consume resources. No idea.
  8. Morever, Raphael said they will consider adding special options in custom mode for revolver. Concerning birch bark tea, IMO the only OP thing is the condition regereration rate during sleeping. If you cut off every condition regeneration in custom mode (sleep + normal), birch bark tea becomes a precious resource, and not just a self regenerating food.
  9. One good way to make hunting more complex AND gain a bit of realism / immersion, would be to simply increase the "detection area" of animals. If they can detect you from further, then you will have to be more cautious while approaching a deer, because it would now flee before you can take a good close-up shot. Then you would have to choose between trying a further / more random shoot, or try to get closer... It is kind of awkward when you can easily approach at only 3-5m from a deer in a plain...
  10. Is there any consequence on current savegames ?
  11. Yes, but now some precision is added to the description. Now it's clear that the setting is about the delay / time necessary to respawn, not about the frequency.
  12. A good solution would be to "enter" a bed or a bedroll just like we enter a snow shelter, just looking upside. Then we could benefit from the temp bonus, while choosing actions we do. We can also choose to sleep or pass time using the radial menu, just like when we sleep in a car. It would be quite roleplay-ish.
  13. Well, it's not me you'll have to persuade. Imo, this has already been adressed with the well fed buff. By adding this buff, Hinterland has given something useful to players who don't want to exploit the starvation strategy, while allowing starvers to continue. That's an elegant way of solving things.
  14. I guess what he means is the whole starvation strategy : the fact that the health lost during a day of starving is fully replenished by a good night of sleep. There's no real drawback to this, except you don't get the "well fed" buff.
  15. Furthermore, you can set self-created restrictions. For example, I forbid myself to hunt rabbits with stones, as I consider it to be almost impossible in real life. This will make starting way more difficult, resctricting your access to food and guts. Other thing : choose to never starve. If possible, always aim for the well fed buff : if you were really in this kind of situation IRL, that's what you would do. Combine with no healing except birch tea, you get a quite challenging set-up. I see no point in adding a 5th difficulty mode.