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  1. Well, it's not me you'll have to persuade. Imo, this has already been adressed with the well fed buff. By adding this buff, Hinterland has given something useful to players who don't want to exploit the starvation strategy, while allowing starvers to continue. That's an elegant way of solving things.
  2. I guess what he means is the whole starvation strategy : the fact that the health lost during a day of starving is fully replenished by a good night of sleep. There's no real drawback to this, except you don't get the "well fed" buff.
  3. Furthermore, you can set self-created restrictions. For example, I forbid myself to hunt rabbits with stones, as I consider it to be almost impossible in real life. This will make starting way more difficult, resctricting your access to food and guts. Other thing : choose to never starve. If possible, always aim for the well fed buff : if you were really in this kind of situation IRL, that's what you would do. Combine with no healing except birch tea, you get a quite challenging set-up. I see no point in adding a 5th difficulty mode.
  4. The issue of alcohol has already been mentionned by Raphael (milton mailbag #10) : I guess this might be included in the game, but it would need to be justified by a real gameplay opportunity.
  5. Hello Raphael, I was wondering : is there some kind of hidden mecanism, that dynamically adjust difficulty depending on the player's condition ? It may be luck, but I noticed that difficulties hardly pile up. For example, if I get badly mauled by a wolf/bear, usually weather becomes clement during the recovery, even in pleasant valley (no blizzard there, really ?). I could see the interest of doing so : player's death becomes the consequence of his own mistakes, instead of bad luck piling up, lowering rage quits and frustration. But after all, it may only be my imagination, for I have no data to support this theory... So, does the game secures us in one way or another, or do we really face the wrath of the nature that we ignored, unleashed ? Have a nice day !
  6. You will die of boredom waaaay before you run out of scrap metal. :)
  7. The consequence would be to make late-game easier, while many players complain about boredom once you are established in mid & late game.
  8. You get tier 1 items already at "medium" (got ski pants and expedition parka).
  9. Hello all, I was quietly looting some house in Milton, waiting for a moose hide to cure, when something caught my eye : Is that really blood ? I see no other explanation. I've passed in front of it many times, without noticing. What the... happened there, so there's blood in a young child's bed ? The house is near Grey mother's, survival mode.
  10. I just hope they work exactly the same as red flares, only with a different color for diversity. Or else, that they have a small bonus, like a longer duration, or a slighlty better chance to repel wolves (all wolves), or a wider wolf repellant area. Please, please, nothing arbitrary or without rational explanation, like "blue flares scare timberwolves, but red flares don't".
  11. 100% approve of @UpUpAway95's suggestion too. Although everything cooked may stay warm for a little time : the mecanism we have now can be extended to every cooked / warmed food.
  12. It would be great to not rely on numbers, but rather on visual hints. We had the same change when we lost the precise "time left before night" to the approximative sun/moon clock. 100% agree on this idea, excellent one !
  13. StrayCat

    Snow conditions

    THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA !!!! 1000% approved !!!
  14. Hello Raphael, In the game, wolves' behaviour is either fully passive (pilgrim - except if attacked) or fully aggressive (except some rare case when wolves run out of fear). I know well of the context and lore of TLD, that the aurora has made them somewhat crazy. But in terms of gameplay, is there a specific reason why you didn't prefer a more progressive approach, with a fleeing percentage chance depending on the game's difficulty (20/80, 50/50, 80/20, and so on) ? This would have added some unpredictability and therefore improve replayability. Have a nice day !