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  1. Weather is killing me. I'm good with sustaining food with rabbit snares, but at this point, fire wood is the real problem. It's too cold to go out and collect for more than a few minutes. And this is Mystery Lake. Crazy. -t
  2. Well, another thing that's really different: those wolves are so damn shy, it's hard to kill them. I need those pelts, but hunting wolves is not in my skill set (yet). I'm so used to Stalker. 🙂 -t
  3. I’m determined to make it, even though I squandered time early on. It just takes longer now. Once I get my deer skin pants and boots, combined with rabbit mittens and hat, I only need a bear skin coat to be mostly impervious to the elements. I’ll get there. 🙂 -t
  4. Ok, spent the last couple of days playing Outcast. I'm still on my first try, at 44 days. It's challenging, but doable. The cold is crazy (Pleasant Valley style in every region). The faster exhaustion and slow condition recovery is something that changes game play quite a bit. Requires a different approach to the game. Now that I'm close to day 50, warm days are -20C, most days are -25C, often even -30C. Many days are just way to cold with early clothing to even be able to do anything productive. When it gets warmer (less than -25C), I can gather enough sustainable food (i.e. rabbits), and collect enough firewood to survive. Making progress is very slow. I'm crafting deer skin boots and pants now, and it takes a long time to gather enough hides, cure, spend time crafting not gathering food/wood. I have been using the rifle sparingly (probably 3 times), and I have not yet gotten to the forge. At this point (since it's gotten so cold), I would need to have better clothing and more food stored up before I could imagine crafting at the forge for a few days. I still feel like this is a good challenge. I haven't come to the point where I'm "comfortable" (i.e. I can maintain well fed without a problem). -t Strategy lessons learned:
  5. Love this one, can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. -t
  6. I never tried wasting revolver bullets on rabbits. I've used my bow & arrows before, but then rocks became much easier. It seems like the hit chances for rocks have been tweaked multiple times over the last 12 months. -t
  7. I’m working on FC (Faithful Cartographer) right now, but I can’t imagine mapping the complete map in ever region. That would take longer than I’m willing to commit right now. Probably will some day. -t
  8. Funny. People complain about all kinds of things NOT being realistic, but then appreciate the ability to start a a fire with coals. Take a look at the coals, these are not just traditional coals you get for grilling. Good luck setting one of these on fire with a match. I always like the 30 min delay, it makes for welcome realism. -t
  9. Oh, and in regards to TLD as iT is now, I feel it’s complete except Ep. 4. & 5. I don’t expect them to pour more into a Survival Mode or Challenges, at least not for free. I already feel zi have gotten way more out of TLD than I paid for (since I bought in early access). I’d rather see them assign their resources to a new project than continuing to refine the existing game. -t
  10. Not for me. What brought me to TLD was playing Firewatch, which is set to play in late summer. I love the vivid colors as much as I love TLD color schemes. Obviously, a survival game set in summer would have to change the challenges, as temperature wouldn’t be a big concern. -t
  11. Canon ? I don’t think we need more weapons 😜 To me it always felt that Survival takes place many months after Story mode. The abundance of corpses doesn’t make sense if the “event” just had happened. Meeting other people / survivors in Story mode makes sense because it takes place recently after the “event” had happened. -t
  12. I have not played Survival mode since Ep. 3 came out, so my experience is only with how Ep. 3 feels different than Ep. 1 & 2, and how it compares to Survival Mode (where I’m level 5 on all skills). - rabbits are impossible to hit with rocks. I used to have a 75% hit rate, and it dropped to 0 in Ep. 3. I don’t think skills influence rabbit hit rate in Survival. Am I wrong ? - deer seem to be more shy, skittish. I used to be able to get much closer to them before shooting. Now, they seem to detect you from a much greater distance and run off. Didn’t spend much time hunting in Ep. 3, so I’ll have to see how this translates back to Survival. - Not sure yet how the changed wolf bait behavior will influence killing wolves. It used to be way to easy. I wonder if part of balancing killing wolves was to close the bait & kill loophole, but make the hit boxes bigger. -t
  13. You don’t need to have a jerry can to harvest fuel from a lantern. If you harvest a lantern, you get scrap metal and a small fuel (lantern oil) container. -t
  14. Didn’t work for me. Wasn’t able to “enter” the car while schlepping the crash survivor. -t