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  1. Similar start for me. Spawn in Milton, tried to rush to HRV to get satchel. It was too cold. So back to Milton, get some better clothes, and now I’m again in HRV. I expected the satchel to be in the “usual” spot - I always found it in the same place. Lo and behold, it’s not there, but I see the fire across the map. Interesting surprise. Also didn’t find the dead moose yet. The cold challenge was ok after a few days, once better clothing was found/crafted. -t
  2. The Outcast scenario has regeneration happen only during sleep. Plus, you need more water than usual (I would estimate 1.5-2x as much). It makes survival quite hard, but eliminates threats from wildlife. -t
  3. Try the “Outcast” scenario. Not sure if I would call it a “balanced” in-between, but it’s an interesting take on Interloper. -t
  4. Finally made FC. Day 889 on Stalker. One odd thing was that I had completed Milton a long time ago. But somehow, with the update to Bleak Inlet, something changed, and I "forgot" that I had mapped "The Arch". I know for sure that I had mapped it, but I had to go back and re-map it. Well, seems like I need a new hobby for my well stocked Stalker Survivor. My main base is Mystery Lake, the Lake Cabin has enough supplies to last me for a long while. I actually think that the first thing running out will be disinfectant / lichen. I still have plenty, but I was rather careless in the early days, and probably wasted more than needed. -t
  5. Yeah, caves are better. More abundant, and protect you from cold temperatures. Sticks / fire wood are usually not an issue. -t
  6. Yeah, I think I left one alive. I expected the rest of the herd to respawn sooner. -t
  7. Thanks. I still have 50% of Mr. Bear stached at the cabins. I’m just paranoid about the TW spawning at an inopportune time. I’m waiting so I can kill them all from above (“the maze”), and then go about the rest of my business undisturbed. Seems like that’s not going to happen. -t
  8. I have found multiple bunkers, but none of them had this long hallway. Interesting. -t
  9. I'm in a stalker game, and have been waiting in the canary for 10 days for the TW pack to re-spawn. Running out of food. -t
  10. Neat idea. How much wood did you gather in advance ? Did you start a new game, start a fire, and then went from there ? -t
  11. Or get a rope from Coastal Highway. I always find one there. -t
  12. I think this wasn't always the case. The path-finding ability of predators was greatly increased in the last update. Since then, bears and wolves would find their way to places they couldn't go before. -t
  13. Darn it. I just crafted my second moose hide cloak, I was hoping for extra protection. -t
  14. That seems to be a fairly recent addition. A year ago, the only cave I remember having tree beach beds was in story mode, Episode 1. I don’t think they existed in Survival Mode until a few months ago -t