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  1. Darn it. I just crafted my second moose hide cloak, I was hoping for extra protection. -t
  2. That seems to be a fairly recent addition. A year ago, the only cave I remember having tree beach beds was in story mode, Episode 1. I don’t think they existed in Survival Mode until a few months ago -t
  3. Moose hide cloak is good because of the high protection value. Much higher than bear skin coats. -t
  4. You’re on voyager / no need to worry about resources. -t
  5. A hammer is an effective weapon. How much damage you take in the struggle depends on the cloths you are wearing. -t
  6. Weird. I have never gotten food poisoning from any cooked or processed food after reaching level 5. -t
  7. Hatchet. Done. I wouldn’t even bother with bow and arrow or gun in the mine. -t
  8. Sleeping bag might not be enough. If you are caught in the mine for a few days, you might develop cabin fever (depending on what level you play at). I had to wait more than 50 days for an aurora to show up so that I could get into the mine (custom Interloper, low aurora setting). I knew I had a low chance of survival if caught inside, so I rushed through before the aurora ended. -t
  9. The issue to consider is cabin fever. Not having a bed roll means sleeping in caves is not an option. In later interloper games, you can get days and days of blizzards and extremely cold weather, where you can not possibly spend enough time outside to avoid cabin fever risk. Every now and then, you need to spend a day and night in a cave to “cool off”. -t
  10. Holy cow. I had to wait 53 days for an aurora. Geez. Well, finally it came, and I was able to go into Cinder Hills mine using the elevator. Was it worth it ? There's one more wacky thing regarding the elevator. I'm just glad I can move on with my life.
  11. Jeff, What are the Settings for aurora in Outcast ? I’ve been trying to use the elevator in Cinder Hills Mines, waiting for an Aurora for 30 days and counting. It’s boring as hell. -t
  12. 700+ days and counting on Stalker, still working on Faithful Cartographer. -t
  13. I’m not sure I follow. I thought you said earlier that you can’t start a fire. How do you cook then ? Also, why can’t you just pass time as usual (space bar, select bed roll, and then pass time) ? Is this due to cabin fever ? I’ve never had cabin fever, only risk of it. While at risk, you can pass time as usual -t