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  1. Don't recall ever getting FP from any canned food above 50% except perhaps pineapples and milk. Also, peanut butter below 50% is always a big gamble. -t
  2. My 1100+ day Stalker survivor has tons of matches left. Not at all concerned about running out. Never start a fire straight from a match (unless you have level 5). Light a torch first, then light the fire. Always use matches only in an emergency - plan ahead and use the mag lens for regular fires. Always cook food and boil water for many days ahead. At 1100 days, I'm not even close to running out of anything. In my first 500 days, I was pretty careless about wolf attacks, so I wasted a lot of cloth for repairs and lichen as antiseptic. These are the two items I could see myself runni
  3. That "body" wasn't dead. He was just pretending. He thanks you for your loot. 😛 -t
  4. Haha, look at the day vs. night picture. The lamp seems to disappear during the day. -t
  5. Moose appear and disappear. Wait a few days. I don't know if it's guaranteed that there is always one moose PRESENT at any point in time in a given region. I don't think it is. -t
  6. I sort of agree, but that also highlights the issue with Black Rock - in IL, you really shouldn't be there until you are full equipped. If you spawn in BLRK on IL, you should immediately leave the region. -t
  7. I don't have experience in Keeper's Pass on Interloper, but what you describe matches my experience on Stalker. It's wolves to no end. I preferred passing through that area during blizzards, because it (used to be) wolf safe. Now playing on IL in BLKRK, I get wolfed during blizzards. WTF ? -t
  8. Ok, someone help me out, did the regular wolf behavior change ? Got a torch in my hand, wolf stops, growls at me for 10 seconds, and then attacks. I have never seen that before. Since when do wolves ignore torches ? -t
  9. If you can't leave the region, you can't make arrow heads, so there is no use for birch and maple. I guess there's a small chance that you can find arrow heads. Haven't seen that on IL yet. -t
  10. An interesting challenge would be "How long can you survive in Black Rock on Interloper, starting there and w/o ever leaving." -t
  11. Been trying to get things off the ground in Black Rock on Interloper. This is pretty challenging unless you know guaranteed spawn locations for matches. The wolves are brutal. Few oddities I noticed: Blizzards are NOT a guaranteed wolf-free environment. I have never seen wolves roaming and attacking during blizzards, but had it happen here. Wolves getting into the maintenance yard within the prison - I have never seen this in Stalker Wolves attacking you even with burning torch -t
  12. I'm more wondering about the lack of toilet paper. It's like the Covid apocalypse... -t
  13. No need to confirm, it's a well known fact. It's all EH-xtra large. -t
  14. Auroras can end even before the night is over. Don't assume you always have until sunrise. Bringing *plenty* of food is the safest option when exploring the CH mine. On Stalker, I have had 20+ days between auroras, waiting for CH mine to "open" up. Didn't want to get stuck for 20+ days inside, so I brought at least 20 lbs of meat, plus other foods to be able to survive, just in case. -t
  15. At least in Stalker, the numerous flares and abundance of matches make it easy to use flares and torches to get past the wolves relatively unharmed. That's the strategy in early game w/o proper weapons. Fighting Timberwolves with bow & arrow is very tedious. Best is if you are in a secure spot, and you have time to recognize their pattern sand pick them off. Problem with the arrows is the slow release. You have to anticipate where they are going to be. Much easier with the rifle, because fast. -t