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  1. The issue to consider is cabin fever. Not having a bed roll means sleeping in caves is not an option. In later interloper games, you can get days and days of blizzards and extremely cold weather, where you can not possibly spend enough time outside to avoid cabin fever risk. Every now and then, you need to spend a day and night in a cave to “cool off”. -t
  2. Holy cow. I had to wait 53 days for an aurora. Geez. Well, finally it came, and I was able to go into Cinder Hills mine using the elevator. Was it worth it ? There's one more wacky thing regarding the elevator. I'm just glad I can move on with my life.
  3. Jeff, What are the Settings for aurora in Outcast ? I’ve been trying to use the elevator in Cinder Hills Mines, waiting for an Aurora for 30 days and counting. It’s boring as hell. -t
  4. 700+ days and counting on Stalker, still working on Faithful Cartographer. -t
  5. I’m not sure I follow. I thought you said earlier that you can’t start a fire. How do you cook then ? Also, why can’t you just pass time as usual (space bar, select bed roll, and then pass time) ? Is this due to cabin fever ? I’ve never had cabin fever, only risk of it. While at risk, you can pass time as usual -t
  6. Well, I'm all prepped, got the elevator full of supplies (just in case), and now I have been waiting 14 days for an aurora. I'm bored. Also, just shows that you absolutely shouldn't take the risk of getting stuck in the mine. You can't fight off cabin fever for 14 days, unless you bring crazy loads of prepared coffee with you. -t
  7. I have already planned to bring plenty of food and water, just in case. Since I expected that Cabin Fever would apply, my plan is to rush through the mine during the aurora, and be out before it ends. Bring the supplies just in case. I’m very surprised you can’t star fires - it was possible in Ep. 3. Could be a bug. At any rate, I’m not even sure the whole thing is worth it. Did you find any valuable loot ? -t
  8. Bleed-out mechanics are definitely broken as of recently. I’m on a later Interloper game where it gets cold AF, so it’s quite a hassle. I try to wait in cars or caves. -t
  9. Can one get “cabin fever” while stuck in the mine in-between auroras ? -t
  10. Sorry, that’s my opinion. It’s subjective, sure, but these “enhancements” would be useless to me and my gameplay. Forums are places where people voice their opinions. -t
  11. If I had the choice, I’d prefer Hinterland to work on meaningful game advancements (new regions, animals, resources), rather than useless “immersion” mechanics (microwave working during aurora). -t
  12. The weather gets very cold and nasty late in Loper games. Fishing is only possible while having a fire going in the stove. This limits fishing as a sole source of food income. Camp Office has the advantage of plenty of rabbits nearby. -t
  13. Oh, yes, thank you for the clarification / correction. -t
  14. Wow, that’s some craziness. Would have scared the crap out of me. Did you hear it “coming”? -t
  15. One more slightly counter-intuitive thing: crafting certain items (e.g. bearskin coat, bearskin bedroll) is FASTER by using fishing tackles than using a sewing kit. -t