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  1. Until I first visited TWM (around day 1100 on voyager) my favorite locations were the Fishing Camp at Coastal Highway and the Farmhouse at Pleasant Valley. Each are easy places to hunt bear. However at either location the unwary can be surprised by the Bear wandering by. Neither location is too wolf happy. Now I appreciate the ease of hunkering down at the Mountaineer's Cabin at Crystal Lake. Predators don't normally approach the cabin. Deer, Rabbits, Wolf and Bear are all available along with a fishing hut. Fuel is readily available right around the cabin without predator interferen
  2. Great video. I play on Voyager but still watched this video from start to finish. Any number of times I made mental notes to keep in mind during my game play.
  3. Not yet although I have crossed only 6-10 times. I will take pains to enter Coastal Highway via Pleasant Valley rather than via the trestle.
  4. My Voyager run is currently at Day 1,050. I tend to be a plodder adverse to unnecessary risks. I have yet to explore/loot TWM, HRV, Ash Canyon and Bleak Inlet. Instead I methodically learn regions, loot regions, break down items, store and inventory resources. A spreadsheet tells me precisely what I have in terms of resources: 872 matches, 549 pieces of cloth, 21 cured birch saplings, 110 rifle rounds, 170 revolver rounds, etc. I look at the game as if I was trying to survive indefinitely. Surviving need not be exciting. The challenge for me is to build resources to make a 5000 day p
  5. My current run is on Voyager. I have made perhaps 7 wolf coats that I have distributed between my bases in Mystery Lake, Milton, Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, Coastal Highway and the Ravine. My usual stepping out wardrobe is a wolf coat over the expedition parka. This sort of outfit along with the cloth bedroll means I have carrying capacity to spare for day trips. Two moose cloaks I crafted are sitting unused as I prize warmth over protection. I also like the possibility that wolves may run in fear when seeing the wolf or bear coat. The two bear coats I made are stowed at bases
  6. Little did I realize the relative abundance of matches in Interloper versus Voyager. I am at day 998 in my Voyager run and maintain a spreadsheet of everything I have stashed in different locations. Presently I have over 800 matches in various locations while carrying about 100 matches. Some of that 100 will be distributed to various Mystery Lake locations I will be revisiting. I am a slow methodical player and have not yet explored TWM, AC, BI or HRV. Most likely I will end up with a stockpile in excess of 1000.
  7. I am at Day 955 on my Voyager run and have not yet seen a cattail reappear in an area that I knew for certain I had cleared out.
  8. Straffin, thanks for pursuing this glitch. Hopefully I will get my uncured Maple back at PV T Crossing community center.
  9. What I like is the non linear gameplay and lack of specific quests. Any given day I decide what my goals are and how I will achieve them.
  10. I have seen the Moose spawn multiple times at the pond along the road between Milton and the Spruce Falls Bridge. I stopped hunting it after I had my moose hide satchel, extra hide and moose jacket. In my Voyager run experience it despawns after 2-3 days and a month can easily go by before I see it spawn again.
  11. I am over 700 days on my Voyager run taking my time exploring and consolidating. So far have not explored Bleak Inlet, Desolation Point, TWM, Broken Railroad or Hushed River Valley. My clothes get me 32 C above the ambient; getting to TWM for premium clothes is not a concern. So far my favorite location is the Coastal Highway's Fishing Village. I can quickly return to ML via Ravine or move on to PV or DP when I choose. Fishing is close and easy. Sufficient wood is at hand. Ambushing the wolf from the dock is fairly easy. Killing the bear from safety from the cliff across the roadwa
  12. At the Coastal Highway fishing camp I cross the road and walk to the top of the rocky promontory overlooking the fishing camp and road. Shimmy down two ledges, stand up to get the bear to walk toward you along the road and finally crouch to take your bow shot. I have one shot bears twice at that location. Two other times the arrow did not kill instantly; the bear charged to the base of the rocky cliff and wailed until it died. Shimmy down from the ledge to the roadway and harvest away. Now I look for similar ledges on cliff faces that you cannot walk to but can shimmy down to.
  13. My first trip to the PV Barn loft was yesterday. Like others, I found nothing in the loft. Knowing that others had the same experience gets me past the worry I missed something important - especially after I found another revolver at ground level.
  14. I see the bear most often near dusk walking down the road to the CH Fishing camp. Usually there is enough lead time to set up an ambush from the promontory ledge across the road from the 3 cabins. After stripping most, but not all, of the bear I usually can depend on 15-17 bear free days before it re-spawns.