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  1. My list (includes some variations on iems from the OP's list). 1) Release all 5 episodes of Wintermute (I'd give top priority to this). 2) Ability to read books and craft in 15-minute intervals. Crafting can currently be done on this short timeframe, however, there is some sort of accounting bug in the interface. I can request to craft for, say, 4 hours on a project that takes a total of 10 hours with sufficient daylight, food and supplies to go for that length of time. While it appears that I am crafting for the full time, the time remaining on the project is often not equal to the total time minus the time I just spent crafting. For example, I just crafted a moosehide satchel for 4 hours out of the 10 and had 6.25 hours remaining. This should be corrected and the two interfaces (reading and crafting) made consistent with each other. 3) Insert a warning when about to eat raw meat AND correct the issue that causes the interface to sometimes remain selected on an individual item even when closed. That is, sometime when you first open the interface, you need to click once to get into the individual food items and sometimes that first click will cause you to eat an item since the cursor fails somehow to return to the left column icon set when the interface was last closed. Ninety-nine percent of the time, assuming I need to click to get over into the foods section when I don't is the reason I wind up accidentally eating raw meat. 4) Derease animal bleed out times. This would certainly be helpful.
  2. Shutting down the Xbox overnight relieved the condition. I guess it was a cache issue.
  3. I have no other way to describe it... my crafting interface just broke. When I try to move from my inventory to craft, I don't get any sort of crafting display. All that happens is I get blurring around the edges of the screen, similar to how it looks when there is pain (but in this case, there is definitely no affliction at all in play). Has anyone else experienced this and is there any way to fix it on the Xbox One? ETA: I was in the middle of crafting my moosehide satchel when it happened. Everything was normal for my first 4-hour session. Then I stopped to have something to eat in game and simply couldn't get back into the crafting interface after that.
  4. There aren't a lot of different items... that is, there isn't a long list of "legendary" type loot, so I agree with Frozen Corpse, that a better way to enjoy this game is to truly explore each area of the map you're in as you go. Try your hand at hunting each sort of animal (and hunting wolves on Pilgrim is a bit more challenging than you would think since they run away from you rather than attack). Some of the best clothing is what you can craft yourself from the various animal hides. As far as I can tell, there is really only one item that is guaranteed to be there 100% of the time... and that is the distress pistol at the bottom of the Ravine... and you'll have to find the mountain rope in Mystery Lake to get there (and that rope spawns in different locations or may not spawn at all... meaning you'll have to steal one). Although it is an important item in stalker mode, you won't need to fire a distress pistol at all in Pilgrim mode. Rifle and pistol spawns move around, but you will generally (repeat generally) find a rifle in PIlgrim mode in each different zone of the map, other than the transition zones. The best overall weapon is the bow since you can craft both the bow and arrows (once you have a heavy hammer and can use one of the three forges in the game). On Pilgrim, the heavy hammer is often found at or near the forge, but not always. Throughout the game, you are in constant need of food, water, and wood for a fire. Matches are precious, so finding a magnifying lens is important (although there are sufficent matches in Pilgrim mode to go for a long, long time if you're not lighting them frivolously). There are several places where you can find a magnifying lens, but again, they do move around among those places.
  5. I'm updating on Xbox One as I'm typing this. Thanks, such fixes are always a pleasant surprise.
  6. I'd like it if they added an actual solitaire minigame. The rub that I see is determining in advance the amount of time that would be spent so that one wouldn't wind up perpetually burning things on the stove. With the "pass time" dial, you can desigante that you're going to pass a maximum of X hours and then interrupt it if you want to actually pass less time in the end... while the sound of cards shuffling causes you to imagine that Will/Astrid is playing solitaire. If you're actually playing a hand of Klondike though, I'm not sure how they would work in that sort of maximum time for it to take... arbitrarily set that one hand of klondike takes 15 minutes of game time?... don't know.
  7. I understand that... all I'm saying is I hope they don't eliminate the name cues in the process of reskinning the appearance. Leave the name cues in if one is playing with the HUD on. People who want to go with just the visual cues can then do so by turning the HUD off.
  8. However, with the HUD on, I hope they leave the name indicator in place (e.g. New vs. Dusty vs. Banged Up, etc.). I like being able to just scroll over a bunch of food I've dropped in a pile and have some indication which piece of food I want to pick up... without having to pick up each and every piece to look at it in the close up view to judge the visual condition of each can.
  9. I'm anticipating that you'll only first contact timberwolves in TWM and HRV and then, I believe, they will be able to transition (follow you) into other zones of the map. They also may make it such that timberwolves will only spawn at the higher difficulty levels, allowing reticent players to still get used to some wolves in the game by dealing only with the easier "normal" variety. Who knows, they may even introduce a custom setting, allowing players to eliminate normal wolves and keep timberwolves in their own game and/or adjust the relative spawning rate of each. We also don't know regular the current wolfhide clothing will be craftable using timberwolf pelts or whether there will be something entirely different that can only be crafted with timberwolf pelts. Also, we currently have both moose and deer in the game and they've managed to balance both the differences in their behavior and in their spawn rates to make them both feel essential to the game... at least I'd hate to imagine TLD without either one of them.
  10. It's not a problem. My post was not about realism. I'd be just as happy if they eliminated accelerant completely and gave us an equivalent spawn of more lamp oil. Accelerant only has the one use in the game, which quickly becomes a non-issue as fire starting gets leveled up.
  11. While I was being a little facetious with my "accelerant, of course" post, I honestly don't see why gas pumps couldn't be an alternative accelerant source in this game... which, as we are frequently reminded, isn't focused on being entirely about realism. I would envision just being able to get so much of the standard current accelerant out of the pumps in much the same way we currently get so much potable water out of toilets. To rebalance things, lamp oil could be made exclusive for using in the lamps and for making torches; that is, using lamp oil as an accelerant would no longer be an option in this game. In that way, accelerant would become an absolutely finitie resources; whereas, lamp oil can be obtained infinitely by fishing. That accelerant would become finite shouldn't be an issue since the odds of a fire starting increase through leveling and accelerant really isn't needed to improve on those odds when the player has fully leveled the fire starting skill.
  12. One premise being suggested by this thread though is that randomized loot would "force us" into doing more exploring. I disagree and have pointed out that it also has a chance (being random) to discourage exploring. If you do find a moose satchel in the Camp Office, you're not likely to be inclined to go looking for another. Same with the distress pistol (which is another set spawn in this game). If you find one in the Trapper's Cabin, you're not likely to be inclined to worry about getting a rope to go down into the bottom of the ravine. Since the rope is a reasonably consistent spawn at the destroyed lookout, you may not be inclined to go up there to try to find it. The pattern will most likely change from planning routes to get to the tough areas to find specific gear to just hitting all the easy places first and, if randomly lucky, not bother looking for anything else. I don't think that's necessarily better than making plans to hit the more difficult places in the game early on in order to acquire specific choice loot. The issue with the loot tables right now is merely that there aren't enough different ones made yet. With 10 different ones, the loot on them will appear to be more random. Instead of a 1/4 chance of finding something that defines what one of four loot tables you're on, you'll only have a 1 in 10 chance at the outset and you'd possibly need to find 2 or more items before you could narrow down your game to a single loot table (that's even if you've obtained a spreadsheet and are following it). As I said, I would expect that more will be added just to accommodate new items and new regions being added to the game. The devs can decide for themselves, but I personally (just me and my little own opinion) really don't see a need to change the rationale behind their loot system.
  13. Thank you Jeff. This is basically what I've been trying to say.
  14. Finding a fish in an oven makes a lot more sense than finding a heavy hammer there. I can certainly head canon an explanation - Perhaps some person walking to the coast used the house and tried to use the oven to cook a fish that was caught long after the original family of the house abandoned it. Perhaps they are only an hour or two ahead of Will/Astrid. As for the sweaters in TWM being at 40%, I usually don't get up there until later in my game (nearing day 500) so my head canon is that they've been sitting there deteriorating while I explored all the other areas of the map. What's the game you play that has 100% random loot... without at least placing some choicer loot in places that are more difficult to get to? I play at lot of FO4 and loot is certainly not totally random in that game. Even drops aren't totally random since they change as the player levels up. I played TW3 and loot certainly isn't totally random in that game (I go to this place for the Cat armor, that place for this particular sword, etc.). I'm currently playing RDR2... again, it's not all random loot but has numerous placed items that are always there. Even Minecraft isn't toally random since certain things only spawn in certain biomes. If you make, say, the moose satchel a truly random spawn, it means it could spawn in the Camp Office. If you find it there, then what is the point of even trying to go up to the signal tower... for your upteenth hatchet (if you're not in loper) and some food? Right now, it's spawning in a place that, guaranteed, it's going to take some effort to acquire it. Knowing it's there, doesn't make that journey any easier (and I have a feeling timberwolves are going to make it a lot harder soon). I really don't have a problem with it not being a random spawn. Addendum: If someone stacked the odds in any way with any sort of algorithm in a slot machine, the odds of winning are no longer "totally random." They're being manipulated. If Hinterland can (and wants to) write an algorithm that ensures 1) choice loot only spawns in hard to get to locations; 2) disperses choice loot so that the player cannot totally equip themselves in a single zone; 3) ensures that the containers and places in which we find certain types of loot make some semblence of sense; and 4) don't litter the game world with an excessive amount of "random" containers, they can do that... but I'd still then that it's not "totally random" loot.