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  1. That may have indeed been part of their intentions in the design, but I think fiddling around with the various individual settings in Custom mode accomplishes that purpose better... allowing the player to select setting for the areas they believe they need to practice on... with the added benefit of getting them out of the mindset of purely linear "difficulty levels." Difficulty variances in this game are not linear (and the devs have intentionally made it so). Difficulty comes from many different angles... Interloper is not, for example, more difficult than stalker in every aspect. Stalker
  2. As a custom option, I agree.
  3. No, but one time when I was sleeping in the broken house at the Deadfall area during an aurora, I dreamedt that I was attacked by Max wielding a hatchet. The next morning I went exploring and found him dead at Max's Last Stand... and a hatchet was lying in the snow beside him. 😀
  4. Then my alternative works... saves everyone 2 clicks by eliminating the 'take it" or "leave it" choice... and then the people who want to use them as markers can still select them to drop them from their inventory. Perhaps it could even activate with something similar to the drop decoy function. This would save time not only for cat tails, but also when harvesting reshi mushrooms and rose hips (which, let's face it, no one would be inclined to drop them after they harvest them to use them as a marker because they are too valuable as teas). I'm also willing to bet that almost no one selects
  5. I'm all for making the Challenge badges meaningful in the game... but they shouldn't make the game easier, which is what the current feats do. They are not an experience buff in the traditional sense... something that you earn during the course of a playthorugh and when you start a new run, you start again with 0 experience. The current feats enable players to start runs with "already earned" experience buffs. For example, the firestarting feat allows players to start with Level 3 firestarting skills... a skill that is otherwise earned by gaining XP in that area during the play of the game.
  6. This would look very similar to the kickstarter cairns we find all over the place, except they would allow us to write a short message of our own. For example, we could make one to designate where our character first spawned, where he/she had his/her first wolf struggle, was first stomped by a moose or mauled by a bear... keeping a record of our own adventure as we go. These cairns would cost only 3 stones and 1 cloth to build. The cloth would create a yellow ribbon rather than a red one so that we could tell the difference between our own cairns and the kickstarter ones. If the cost of 1
  7. Broken Railroad is one of my favorite starts on any level. Great chance of a rifle or pistol in the hunting lodge or in the ravine right at the start. A bit tougher on Loper since no way to forge their when it's your starting zone, but also easy access to Spence's in FM and onto Mystery Lake. Currentlly I have a custom file save going where I bumped the BRA to High and I've gotten all the crafting items made without leaving the zone at all (except, of course for ammo). Got a lucky spawn of a heavy hammer in the zone. Both bear and moose have respawned multiple times. Currently working on
  8. I find the load screens quite slow on the Xbox One as well.
  9. If you're thinking of public buildings, I think it's the Canadian Flag that's missing.
  10. To clarify - I did not say they were "struggling to start a fire on the 1000th campfire." What I basically said was people were "grinding" to get 1000 campfires to get the feat. Grinding... as in lighting a bunch of 1 stick fires with the magnifying lens to get to 1000 fires faster. I've said it before, getting the numbers up to a level to get the feat is not hard, it's grindy (i.e. tedious, time-consuming). Still, once the feat it obtained, using any of them makes the game easier. Using the firestarting feat makes the game easier because the player then has a better chance to start a fir
  11. Cool. I'll have to check it out when next I get to Mountain Town.
  12. Heavier and not needed to get the job done. I would probably never use it.
  13. Easy to remember to try... not so easy to accomplish on each and every day. Easy to remember also perhaps if you're playing on only one file and playing every day... hard to remember if you set the game down for a weak or you're playing multiple different files.
  14. No, it's a suggestion and I said upfront it was a "small change." However, if the cat tails are being used as markers, it is a fact (not an opinion) that the player has to take them into their inventory to use them that way. Players wanting to use cat tails as markers are unlikely to select "leave it." My alternate suggestion of eliminating the 'leave it" option altogether would speed up the process of collecting them by one click (actually 2 clicks - one to view the cat tail head separately and another to "take it/leave it." I'd be perfectly happy either way. That way, people wanting to
  15. Since people prefer the standard modes in the game... let's make them truly standard and make them all slightly more difficult in the long run by removing feats altogether and replacing them with equivalent options in custom mode (which is where customizing the character really belongs). This would eliminate new players having to grind for days to, for example, light 1,000 fires or stand outside in blizzards for days on end just to earn the feats. If they want to make their games easier (which is what the feats do), they can do that in Custom mode.