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  1. I agree. I've noticed a few things with the teas that started with Hesitant Prospect. The first thing I noticed was that if I had left teas by a burned out fire from before the update and then relit the fire after the update, none of the teas would indicate that they were warming up, but when I picked them up after several minutes by the fire, they would be "hot" in my inventory. If left by the fire before this hotfix though, they would not burn up. Now they burn up... I think in trying to correct the first bug, they've introduced a new one. (I'm having a hard time breaking my habit of pl
  2. or perhaps they were all broken when the earthquake hit.
  3. Power failure occurred just after my first bear kill... and the game didn't save it. As for deaths... they are many but I honestly don't count any of them as "loses." It's all experience... and the ultimate purpose of the game. 😀
  4. As an alternative (although it's rather unelegant), one could spray paint next to the cairn, I suppose... which would plot the symbol used on the map. I do think it would be very nice to be able to take the ribbon, perhaps even be able to use it as a bandage... Alternatively, adding a stone would work too.
  5. Yes, this would be very, very nice.
  6. The laptop in the Chasm Cave (TWM) runs during the aurora. @hozz1235Hmmm.... does seem plausible.
  7. Feathers can drop after harvesting a kill regardless of weather or not crows actually appear. Feathers can also respawn by corpses that have no crows flying over them. The two types of spawns/respawns are not exactly contingent on each other. Furthermore, some corpses will not have feathers around them despite there being crows flying over them.
  8. No, the rabbits do not actually have to walk through the snares. In fact, I've never actually seen a rabbit snared in the game. The catches most frequently occur overnight, as long as you've placed the snares in an active raibbit grove (i.e. one that is spawning rabbits). These active groves migrate around a little bit in the game... that is, some will deactivate and others will become active as you move through the area. The number of active groves in the world may also diminish over time (depending on your settings), but the snaring apparently is not what causes the grove to become inact
  9. I think I'd prefer do without another flashing notification popping up on the screen (which some people do find immersion breaking) and take the time to periodically check my inventory for the amount (if the actual count is important... which it usually isn't). There would also be an issue with items that don't stack vs. items that do... e.g. matches of differing condition vs. matches of the same condition; teas (which never stack), etc.
  10. No worries... just weighing in with one of my lists of priorities. I'm absolutely not an elitist when it comes to difficulty levels, although some people here do seem to be. My list of priorities changes with each run. If, say, I start a custom with no animals, the heavy hammer is not a priority at all, since there is 0 use for arrowheads in that "vegetarian" type of game regardless of what baseline resources and starting gear are in play. It can still be a fairly hard challenge... setting the weather to brutal (with no possibility for a bear skin anything) and the plants to Low and it mak
  11. From my observations, again in Broken Railroad, it is possible that a kill will not have crows... at least initially. I do believe the game does give some priority to kills over the prop corpses... causing crows that had been previously flying over a prop corpse to migrate to the kill for a period of time at least. As for which prop corpses have crows and which do not... as far as I can tell, it's mostly random and, again, the crows will migrate to different corpses over time... much like the active rabbit groves can change to different locations on the map over time. My observations, h
  12. Yes, although I'm not sure it's an issue. While doing my Broken Railroad Only runs, I found that there were always some of the corpses that were without crows. Which ones changed over the course of the run... that is, the crows would migrate to different corpses. Also, when I had a kill on the ground, the crows would leave the prop corpses in order to circle over my kill. I think there is a limitation as to how many groups of crows can be found in an area at any one time... and that's sometimes less than the number of corpses in that area.
  13. It depends a lot of Starting Gear and Baseline Resources. The standard interloper run usually focuses on acquiring matches first, then a toque and gloves, then a bedroll, then a heavy hammer (all the while just trying to keep enough food, water, and wood on hand to stay alive). I would put the No. 5 item in as a hacksaw.
  14. Will/Astrid are using whatever .303 ammo they find lying around on GB... no guarantees it's consistent.
  15. Yes. that's most likely the answer... still, it's fun to ponder an "in lore" reason for it.