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  1. Too much micromanaging. I like it the way it is since it provides for a means of fixing tools in zones like HRV. However, if HL thinks it necessary, then the above is easily reduced to requiring a workbench to salvage any tool for scrap metal. I don't see why the prybar would be unsalvageable. In reality, the whole thing could be re-forged.
  2. Nope - I've never experienced anything like that. Perhaps your save file is corrupted.
  3. Best course of action is to submit a bug report to Hinterlands. They do sometimes go in and fix terrain where people keep getting stuck.
  4. A bear would make quite a speed bump - lol.
  5. UpUpAway95


    Fire Master - I hate having to deal with tinder.
  6. My first TLD start - Find rifle in Trapper's Cabin. Go outside and shoot moose. Profit.
  7. But why was she at the bus and why write her message there in the bus. She could not have been in the bus before it crashed. If she was treating a prisoner in the bus, where is he if she was the only one small enough to get into the crushed bus. The whole story just doesn't fit right together... yet (meaning perhaps it will be something cleared up in a later episode).
  8. Driving one in TLD would probably attract every bear and wolf on the map - lol.
  9. I love HRV. One really just needs to go in with decent clothing (in decent shape) and weapons and tools that are also in decent shape.... then relax and enjoy the exploration and the views. The only really unique piece of gear HRV has to offer is the moosehide satchel (and I usually already have one of those before I go there)... so my love of it doesn't come from looting... more like a break from looting; particularly since there is so much to be done of that in Mountain Town. However, Ash Canyon is now, by far, my favorite zone. Crampons and the technical backpak and a bear that does
  10. What caused the tunnel to fully collapse then... there are no "aftershocks" occurring after the crash of Will's plane.
  11. They have tractors in the game, which aren't that complicated... and you have a full repair shop at the cannery that operates during an aurora. I believe it can be done and you'd be surprised what can be made to run when the chips are down; but you probably didn't grow up on a farm. It wouldn't run like it came off the showroom floor and in the end it might not look much like the original car, but that wasn't the question, was it? The other thing I would question is just how badly are the electrical components fried by the event... The game has several electrical devices that run during
  12. This broken rifle was reported on here when Ash Canyon was first introduced to the game. It is present in all difficulties. Speculation is that it has a purpose in Wintermute (much luke the bear spear) and will not be available to be repaired in any difficulty. I don't believe it can even be picked up at this point.
  13. The tunnel is not partially collapsed... it's totally impassable and Will cannot enter the bus to get to the part where Astrid wrote the note. Something is awry with the scenario you're suggesting. Also, the earliest cars ran just fine without batteries (I believe they didn't start putting them in the Model T or A Fords for several years of their production. You had to crank them to start and they had no lights.) So, in answering the OP's question, I think a person could convert an engine and get a car to move in TLD if they had the know-how... and the fuel to run it. The bigger ques
  14. I think it's fine the way it is. Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway are noted as being beginner regions and follow the philosophy of there being less restrictive terrain with more open visibility to see wildlife from a greater distance and having simpler options to just skirt around and avoid them. Changing the terrain in the ways you suggest would change the level of difficulty of the area. In addition, Mystery Lake has a set story purpose, so redoing it would effect things in Wintermute and require changes to it as well. It would also require Hinterland being committed to "redoing" things
  15. How was it then that the prison bus was taking Astrid anywhere AFTER the aurora event that brought Will's plane down?