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  1. It's hard to say. Firstly, you likely would not dismantle your shelter every night, but place one in a convenient and safe location and return to it for multiple nights, just as you would with a base inside a building. You can also repair the shelter and, I believe, depending on how much it has degraded, the repair may only cost you sticks rather than additional cloth. ETA: I would expect also that you could treat the bedroll spawn just like any other bed in the game. You should still be able to use it, just not move it away from the location where you found it.
  2. I don't generally die indoors due to the darkness, but I still think this is a good suggestion.
  3. It sounds to me like Raph is thinking about making arrowheads degrade and then using whetstones to sharpen them. I hope this is done with an increase in the number of whetstones that can be found in the game (or with the added use of another sort of strop (beaver tails were discussed on another thread). Even on lower difficulties, I have tended to eventually run low on whetstones. Maybe I'm missing a few while looting (they can be hard to spot), but I'd hate to have to use them up sharpening arrowhead and have no means to sharpen my hacket or knife.
  4. On the easier difficulties, it is not uncommon to find a hammer near at least one of the 3 forges in the game. The harder difficulties are meant to be harder, so hammers do not spawn near the forge. The head canon I use is that the forges were looted for forging tools long before Will/Astrid arrived on Great Bear. People needed them to break apart furniture and we not using them for forging (but knew they would likely find one at a forge). They don't want to make crafting arrows simple simply because it is the primary weapon for their hardest difficulty setting. Loper relies on the need to forge the tools and the need to first find a hammer in another zone to make it difficult. Making it easier would undermine that setting. Since guns don't spawn in Loper (unless custom), the relative difficulty of crafting bullets is irrelevant to that setting.
  5. I am totally against poisoned meat being introduced. A tranquilizer dart gun and darts we might find, on the other hand, would be a nice alternative (in custom mode) to replace the rifle and pistol and make no kill (pacifist) runs possible. Darts should be as common as rifle rounds and be able to render a bear unconscious with a single shot. This would enable the player to exit the area unscathed. Ideally, if such a setting is chosen by the player, cattails and other medicinal plants should respawn. To make the run sustainable, new darts should be craftable at the mill in Bleak Inlet.
  6. I'm glad someone else has noticed an issue with things falling through floors now. I thought I was losing it. I summitted TWM and unloaded all the crates in the dark and dropped excess supplies in the back corner of the plane and went to sleep right there without starting a fire (lower difficulty and it was warm enough). I then exited the file because IRL I was going to bed. When I started the save up the next day, everything I had dropped in that corner was gone. I double-checked and the crates were all empty, so the game did save when I slept but the items I dropped must have fallen through the floor of the plane. I was so disgusted, I terminated that run and haven't yet started another.
  7. Best solution, IMO... cook everything you can early in the game and get to level 5 cooking. Then eat cooked meat regardless of its condition with impunity. For all intents and purposes, it is preserved even though the tag says it is ruined (it would be "nice" if the game changed the label on all your meat when you hit level 5 from whatever condition to "preserved"). I view the getting to level 5 cooking as the equivalent of learning how to preserve your meat. You can speed up the process by cooking any deer or moose as smaller steaks, as well as cooking up all of the coffee and teas (all varieties) you can find. Even without resorting to smaller steaks, it is relatively easy to get to level 5 cooking skill. That is, I personally have never needed to use the smaller-steak trick to get to level 5. As a further bonus, with lots of Reshi teas stored, you can also eat ruined processed foods (unheated). You have a slight chance of getting food poisoning, so eat them when you want to get a long night's sleep without being tired enough... just drink a tea after and settle in for 10 hours of sleep.
  8. I always make sure I have ample cloth on me. A bedroll can always be ruined during an attack and you can find yourself without one any place at any time. I've also forgotten to pick it up at the end of night. Having material to build an emergency snow shelter can save your life in an emergency. Knowing where bedrolls are either guaranteed to spawn or are most likey to spawn in something else that can also save your life.
  9. I did not mean to set two fires inside the split in half houses with the stove. I probably should have started a new paragraph there to be clearer. Yes, patrolling bear = a great source of meat for your extended outdoor camping spree. Basically, I try to stockpile wood in those places whenever I am going by them. Every few sticks adds up over time.
  10. Agreed, cavelets are great. Other good locations include the hay sheds (after crouching to get under the "loft" section) and the houses that are split in half (which even have a stove, like in the Milton Basin or Deadfall area in Mystery Lake.). It's often possible to set two fires that are sheltered from the wind at different angles and have one survive even if the winds shift to blow out the other one. Of course, lighting multiple fires is in an of itself hard because of the amount of wood it requires.
  11. How.? Did the fire blow out or were you attacked? My fire has made it through entire nights frequently using this technique... although I do still sleep in shorter intervals to check on it regularly and will move if it just isn't working out. I also tend to note prevailing winds in the various maps and pick trees that are oriented with their "backs" to those prevailing winds. Some are also more sheltered by adjacent trees or rocks than others. Yes, the winds do shift, but they seem to more frequently come from particular directions... or maybe that's just on lower difficulties.
  12. Sorry, no sale. It's not like getting to a cave is all that tough anywhere in this game. Heck, they've even provided more of the ready-made beds in them with this last update. If you're caught out in the open, then there's the emergency snow shelter available. Find a hollowed out tree, put your fire in that and then plunk the snow shelter down in front of the open side, so your fire is actually very well sheltered from the wind in any direction and you're sheltered by the snow shelter.
  13. I agree with Jeff... just turn off cabin feverr in the custom settings. I really think I would not like turning the atmosphere of the Canadian North into a combat sim. IRL, we're not "at war" with the wildlife up here. If anything, a campfire at the mouth of any cave should be sufficient to deter wildlife from entering (as long as it isn't allowed to go out) and closing the door should be sufficient protection whenever their is a door to be closed. Obviously, Hinterlands has been finding that, in general, fires have been too OP for a game, so they nerfed them by making the animals not fear them. Somewhere in the settings regarding the animal's fear of fire should be a proper game balance. Adjusting this would be my preference rather than allowing the player to erect an array of defenses.
  14. Wow, I've never seen a pre-killed moose on any difficulty before. Great find! Knowing that such prop corpses don't tend to despawn unless disturbed, I probably would have resisted the temptation to open the UI to find out how much meat was on him. I would just have noted the location and gone about collecting ample wood for a long and hot fire so that, ultimately, I could harvest more than 2 kg of meat and at least the hide. If there was a nearby cave, I may have also stockpiled some wood in the cave so that I could cook more of the meat in relative comfort and without the risk of the wind blowing my fire out. Normally, a ready-made moose-hide satchel is found at the signal fire... now I'm curious if your signal fire still has that item there or if finding the dead moose replaces that item.
  15. It's completely dependent on how agressive I've got the predators set. If aggressive, then anything that encumbers me is too much and I'll only carry over that limit if I absolutely must and then I'll only carry it for the shortest possible time. My caches of most things are small and haphazard and my gameplay is more about covering more ground quickly and being mobile to avoid predators is critical. If the predators are passive, I'll load myself right up until I can no longer run at all and concern myself with getting the "world" organized a bit and wandering around to get good screenshots. My survival is seldom in question and getting sprains is seldom more than a slight inconvenience.