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  1. Curing the geomagnetic problem changes the auroras, but does not eliminate them. They currently happen all the time, but don't affect the wildlife in the way portrayed in the game. Blizzards also happen during the Canadian winters. I've been currently riding out a cold spell in Alberta in the range of -30 to -35C. Also the temperature chances may take time to progress. In other words, Astrid's "cure" might even just stop the downslide (i.e. the world no longer get colder over time).
  2. I don't expect that because I expect this is a game where we might be able to continue on with the story-mode save within ongoing survival play. Even if Astrid's case stabilizes the geomagnetic activity, we are still left with a seriously damaged and decayed infrastructure and what are normally harsh conditions during the Canadian winter. A thaw towards the more normal spring/summer conditions for the area probably would take some time.
  3. At Perseverence Mills, revealing the contents of Astrid's mysterious case and curing whatever "sickness" it was that Astrid set out to cure in the first place. Then Will and Astrid deciding not to return to the mainland but to join the community on Great Bear Island... using whatever skills they've learned along the way to continue to survive and thrive in harmoney with Great Bear's ecosystem. I think the case contains the solution to ending the geomagnetic issues on the island and preventing them from spreading to the Mainland.
  4. Wouldn't it be simpler to just add an overriding setting for Tools (Yes/No) and Top-Tier Clothing (Yes/No), similar to Rifles and Revolver settings now... and leave the Baseline Resources setting alone? Also, I thought the "Loose Item Availability" setting already controls the amount of loose loot one finds in the world separate from the Baseline Resources setting. Am I mistaken?
  5. Addendum: Now on Day 22 of this test with the Item Decay Rate set at Very High. Lantern is still at 100%. I'm concluding the test now. As far as I can see, the lantern does not decay.
  6. Which can be spent in a snow shelter instead of a cave. One just needs to figure out the most sheltered spots where one can be placed with a sheltered fire also next to it. There are several places where there are hollowed out trees that will shelter the fire on three sides and building your snow shelter in front of the tree helps to shelter it a bit on the 4th side. Sometimes you can place a snow shelter near the mouth of a cave and build your fire just inside the cave, which keeps it relatively sheltered.
  7. Yes, critical hits are a matter of RNG-generated luck, but certainly possible to get on a bear with the .303. There would be no guarantee that Hinterlands would implement the muzzle loader with any higher chance of getting a crit than the .303. If they did implement it, I doubt I would ever use it... weight is a big thing in this game so the more I can do with a single weapon and the lighter that weapon is, the happier I am because I stay more mobile that way.
  8. @Joe Buckley - I had a thought though... Since knives and hatchets are most frequently found as loose items, turning the Loose Item Availability to Low should make them rarer than on medium... and if you're really determined to play with only improvised tools, then you could simply immediately harvest any knives or hatchets that you do happen to find... turning them into scrap metal (as a workaround in case Hinterlands decides to leave the settings as they are (although I imagine they will eventually get around to at least tying the ammo to the rifle and revolver setting rather than the base reosurces one).
  9. Further update on my lantern decay test... Interloper Custom - Item Decay Rate left as set in Interloper at Very High, Baseline Resources and other loot settings set to Pilgrim levels (to make finding a lantern quicker), Passive animals to ensure I survive longer than a week. Found lantern and repaired to 100% on Day 2, now on Day 8 and lantern is still a 100% (same as on the other file, I am carrying the lantern in my inventory at all times and using it when necessary, but making sure I never run it out of fuel.
  10. It looks that way, yes. With Baseline Resources set to medium and the rest to Loper level, I did just now find both rifle and revolver ammo... and a hunting knife.
  11. Ran another test: Baseline Resources set to High, Looose Item Availability set to Low (i.e. left as in Interloper), Empty Container Chance Modifier set to Hihg (as in Interloper), and Reduce Container Item Density set to High (as in Interloper). I did not actually find either the Rifle or the Revolver, but I did find ammo for both of them. I think this pretty much verifies that the issue is with the Baseline Resources set to Low (as in Interloper). I'll try another test with it set to Medium. If I find ammo that should prove the issue. If I don't, it will leave open the possibility that Baseline Resources have to be set to High or Very High to get ammo, but it won't be definitive since it could always be that I just missed finding it. I'll let you know as soon as I find ammo (if I find it).
  12. On Pilgrim (and on my custom) the Loose Item Availability is set to Very High. The Empty Container Chance Modifier is None and the Reduce Container Item Density is also None, and as mentioned the Baseline Resource Availability is Very High (although I think before Errant Pilgrim this setting on Pilgrim mode was just High, not Very High).
  13. Your post intrigued me so I ran a quick test. I started a run using the Interloper template and switched the rifle and revolver settings to Yes and the baseline resources set to Very High, along with all the other loot-related settings to be like Pilgrim. I started in Mystery Lake and found both a revolver and a rifle and a box of ammo for each. I've also found a few casings for the revolver (I'm now just on Day 2). In conclusion, I don't think the starting with an Interloper template is what's blocking the ammo spawns on custom runs where the rifle and revolver are turned on. It has to be one of the other actual settings (e.g. baseline resources).
  14. UpUpAway95

    Big Reishi

    I like the idea. Perhaps it could even be the mystery in Mystery Lake... perhaps tucked away in Dave's Quiet Clearing (and growing there because of some underground hot spring)... turning it into a warm place... but one that is unsuitable for staying in because of the toxic gases that accumulate in the cave from the sulfur in the spring.
  15. Yes. There are lots of alternatives. With enough cloth, one can build snow shelters to fill in the gaps where beds, beds in caves can't be accessed to sleep . The player can also catch 1 to 2 hour naps in cars without freezing to death (depending on their condition when starting their sleep). There is also the option of using coffee and Go to extend the duration that one can go without sleep. With the new feat, the effects of the coffee and Go drinks are even extended. IIRC - I've even seen Atheenon survive for 20 days or so in HRV without a bedroll (he was doing a Loper-based challenge where he had to stay 20 days in each zone whenever he first got to that zone and spawned in HRV.