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  1. At this point, I'm done with not only this conversation but also trying to express or explain the rationale behind any of my opinions on this website. I suggest you re-read the comments you made about " This is again one of those examples of how folks want to have safely nets to help them safeguard against bad decisions... that's not careful or deliberate, it's wanting the game to hold the players hand... and this game is based on the idea that it's not going to hold our hand."
  2. ... and earlier in the thread you said it wasn't about realism, but gameplay. From a gameplay perspective, it's a bait and switch. They set up the "game rule" that you can see your stats and cancel actions... and then for this singular action, they deny that. If they instead increased the difficulty by not allowing the cancellation of any action, I'd be fine with it. The player then would have to pay better attention to how long it takes to harvest amounts of meat and make conscious decisions to only partially harvest animals when they don't have the warmth or the energy or the calories to complete the job. If the weather changes while harvesting, that's RNG... same "luck" as if the weather changes while sleeping. You automatically go to an accusation that what people want when they suggest things here is to make the game easier. I am not about making the game easier, I'm about making the "game rules" consistent and fair. You, of course, are entitled to your opinion, but I am getting tired of hearing that same accusation about wanting it easy from you time and again.
  3. You light fire to harvest a carcass and you start to harvest it knowing that the weather is volitile. They allow you to cancel that action. Why then, if sleep is the action, that option is denied? It's no more "hand holding" than with the first scenario. It is just being "tricky" about it.
  4. What safety net... you go to sleep in a snow shelter with a fire outside it in a place as sheltered as you can and the wind changes blowing the fire out and the temperature drops to a point where you start freezing to death. Because they won't show you the interface and feel that they have to "punish" you for the game's RNG (weather changes), you die. I don't think this sort of tricking the player into dying is either necessary or desirable... but by all means you're entitled to your opinion. It's not a safety net that wakes you up. It's showing information to the player that they are currently being denied and allowing them to cancel the sleep action that same as they can currently cancel any other time-related action in the game... like harvesting or fishing or just passing time.
  5. I'm not understanding the problem. I think it's fine at least on the consoles. Equipping a weapon out is a matter of pressing right on the D-pad. If the weapon is equipped, shooting is done by pulling the right trigger (scoping or drawing is donw with the left button) and picking up items is done by holding (or tapping) A. I think I've only misfired the pistol a couple of times... usually due to a IRL distraction in the room that has caused me to press the RT unintentionally.
  6. Yes, AFK's can be deadly. Recently answered the phone and forgot to pause... was dead when I got back to the game.
  7. Makes absolutely no difference to me. If they add these items, they'll reduce the availability of others such that the total number of calories available from looted foods and each difficulty level will probably remain the same. Salted peanuts will probably mean fewer MREs or boxes of crackers found in the world. Cocoa drink powder will reduce the amount of coffee and herbal teas found. Ramen noodles will also probably reduce the number of boxes of crackers or perhaps certain canned items. In reality, it's just different colored pixels and it all tastes like chicken.
  8. It is from the gameplay perspective of being able to take careful and deliberate action that I think they should show us our stats while sleeping and allow us to decide to cancel the sleep if we are actually dying in our sleep. Not showing us our stats takes away the ability to notice what is happening (e.g. that the weather has changed and our fire has gone out) and to possibly take available action to save ourselves (e.g. lighting another fire). It throws death into the realm of RNG. I do think that they were thinking "realism" when they set it up since you can develop hypothermia during sleep and slip into a coma from which you cannot wake; but I think it is counter to the philosophy of "careful and deliberate action." It also makes no sense for someone sleeping in the wilds with no clock to be able to wake themselves precisely at two-hour intervals to counter the possibility of losing enough health in sleep to die.
  9. I believe you're thinking of Scruffy.
  10. While I like Huskies and dog sleds IRL, I'm not in favor of it in the current context of this game. I like the current nomadic focus that game has and I don't focus on moving everything to one base. Rather, I like to ensure that I have what I need spread out in several locations across the map so that I can access stuff in whatever zone I'm at and I don't have to carry everything with me or return to a central location whenever some attack ruins my clothes or breaks a tool. I like the snow depth and craftable snowshoe idea.
  11. This is a great idea. I hope you're able to get it working.
  12. My honest opinion after extensive experiences in getting loads of sprains in the same points of the maps and under roughly the same encumbrance and fatigue conditions, is that the answer is no, footwear does not seem to affect the chances of getting a sprain. I'm seemingly getting the same amount of ankle sprains in my save file that is wearing combat boots as the save file where I am wearing mukluks. I'm even more certain about wrist sprains, since these are even more common for me than ankle sprains and are still roughly the same in both files. In one I am wearing rabbit mitts and in the other I am wearing leather gauntlets. Admittedly, both of these are leather, but I would think that the extended cuff on the gauntlets would provide more support to a wrist than the short rabbit mitts. Of course, this is not a scientific test... just an observation from a player who is still getting far too many sprains overall. I think the most influential factor is the path/route and there are some ones that are very commonly used and with relatively gentle slopes that are just programmed to give off higher percentages of sprains than some other steeper and less common routes. For example, I will get a sprain on the little hill near Max's Last Stand virtually every time I go over it to get from Trappers Cabin to the Camp Office.
  13. A lot of the time, I don't like it at all. It depends mostly on the weather I'm getting while there and how many times my plans for getting around get thwarted by sprains. When things are going well, it's a fun outdoors zone that doesn't involve raiding people's homes to survive. When things are going badly... it's frequently the zone that ends my run.
  14. I would not want to see that sort of trade off. Fishing is already time consuming and frequently results in catching nothing at the higher difficulties in the regions where it is already available. I would not want to see that success rate lowered just to enable people to plop down holes in the ice anywhere they please (with or without being able to make a shelter). This addition, in that case, would just serve to render what we already have in the game completely useless.