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  1. All of the clocks are frozen at 3:38, presumably the time the geomagnetic event occurred. Every time I see one of the clocks in The Long Dark, I wonder... does this specific time hold a certain significance for you? I have many guesses as to what it might be, but they are probably all wrong. I've never seen this asked before, but I've always been curious. Thanks for creating my favorite game of all time!
  2. I never really had a clear favorite before.. I guess I like CH and MT more than the others. But recently, I have rediscovered and begun to appreciate the awesome region that is DP. I used to always hate DP because of CrH (or OIC, depending on your preference). That is the worst transition zone, and I have lost many runs to that stupid place. Anyone who voted for that place as their favorite transition region is crazy. Always 2-3 wolves on Loper and 3-5 on Stalker, terrible sight lines, and the weather always seems to turn on me there. HOWEVER! I have recently started taking the ice route that passes through The Arch, and it suddenly doesn't seem so bad anymore! As far as DP, I used to be leery of it because I just hadn't spent enough time in the region. I never forged in FM on Stalker, but it was my go-to forge in Loper. Now, I'm realizing that DP is a much better option. You don't have to take anything with you except a hammer! So much coal in the two mines, and all the metal you need in the trailers. I used to hate looting the Lighthouse, until I was recently informed of the route up from the ice. Way easier! Also, I used to hate getting into Hibernia. I was stupidly walking right down the driveway and always risking a wolf attack, as well as another near the car. No more. I exit the mine near Hibernia and go immediately left, and down to the ice. So much easier to pick off the wolves from there. I even conquered my fear of Scruffy by refining my attack technique so it's much more survivable. So yeah.. DP. Small, loaded with resources, bear and deer to hunt, good loot in the Lighthouse and Scruffy's Cave, plenty of fuel, beachcombing, the best forge in the Riken.. not sure what else I can say! 😁👍 Been a while since I've visited, I stick to the Steam forums mostly but forgot that this is a great forum as well!
  3. I was banned on the Steam TLD forum for simply commenting on this very topic.. confusing double-standard.
  4. They retooled object interaction it seems, making placement of just about everything a little more difficult. I have found that if you change the orientation of your bedroll (landscape to portrait, if you will) it will better fit the space between the hole, stove, and cabinet, and it will lay down without incident.
  5. Hey how's it going! I use a different name here Those are the most amazing pancakes I have ever seen! I'm imagining the little maple leaves are raspberry jam flavored YUM See you around Steam or out on the frozen wastelands
  6. Hey man, nice to see you here! Agreed, playing the game IRL is kind of like when you are harvesting or mapping in TLD and everything is on fast-forward
  7. How's it going, fellow survivors!? I've been lurking around Steam playing TLD for years, but only recently started interacting with the community. It's by far one of the best groups of gamers on Steam. Someone over there told me about the Hinterland forums, and I recently jumped on to see what's up. Love the Dev Diaries and Milton Mailbag! Anyway, after lurking here for a bit, it's finally time to pick an avatar and say hi! Cheers
  8. Sorry for being too long winded, guess I got too excited. I'll reframe as a question and be more succinct... Will you guys be adding the thermos I've heard so many people request? I think it would be a great addition. Thanks.
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    I am in love with this game and always excited when any new additions are announced! I love the new cooking setup and look forward to what's next So, I have three suggestions.. two I have heard of before and want to strongly agree with, and the third is one I (surprisingly) haven't heard mentioned before. Previously mentioned: snowshoes and a thermos. Snowshoes would let us navigate the snow a little quicker but the trade off can be slightly more fatigue, and no running. A thermos would be amazing, as drinks get cold too quickly and it just feels off to be putting open mugs of coffee in your pack My grand idea: Mountaineering skill! I feel like we should be able to get better at climbing the more we do it, and leveling up your rope skills would allow for increased stamina, speed, and maybe even the ability to carry more in our packs while climbing. If anyone else has thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them! Thanks guys for an amazing game!
  10. This is a fantastic map of the caves, and will be a nice upgrade to the scrawling I did on my notepad
  11. Ok, I know it's been mentioned here before.. but what's the deal with the Hinterland mug? Seriously, this is my favorite game and I think Hinterland is as awesome as developers get, and the mug is a must have item for me. But when I went to buy it I was a bit surprised: Subtotal $26.00 USD Shipping $11.97 USD Total USD $37.97 USD I mean I'm down to support you guys and I'm getting the mug regardless, but isn't $40 pretty steep for a coffee mug? Especially since that's much more than I paid for the game itself? Just kind of wondering what the reasoning is for this. Is shipping normal for Canada recipients? You should give a free copy of the game with every mug purchase for this price lol.