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  1. Where exactly are the three locations in the processing plant? Honestly I've done a handful of loper runs through there and never once found matches. I try to avoid the region for that exact reason.
  2. Update for everyone, so it was in FM as expected at the forge. I was able to make the knife, hatchet, and 10 arrow heads. Cost me three cups of coffee because I was exhausted from falling through the ice. Bonehead mistake on my part but I was so close to the forge I just pushed through because I knew I would warm up. Cut 3 maple saplings and around 12 birch samplings between the back of the damn and around ML. They are curing and in a few days I should be able to try and hunt some deer. Until then I'm going to try to conserve what cattails I have left and try my hand at some fishing. Cattails don't go bad so I figure they will now become my emergency food in case I hit a bad stretch of weather or what not. I'm on day 14 so in my opinion I'm a little bit behind on where I wanted to be right now and with only around 35 cattails left I sure hope fishing pans out!
  3. So I read on another post someone talking about using a technique of having an ongoing fire inside a cave or a place that is not indoors. They said that the "cold bonus" significantly reduces the amount of fuel you need to add to the fire so that you can keep it going for longer period of times. Is this a thing? I'm not sure if makes a whole lot of sense to me if it is true, why would having a colder fire be able to sustain longer? I get that a hotter fire would consume more but how could a colder one use less wood? If this is true I will definitely be trying it. Anyone have any insight on it?
  4. So you're telling me if the fire is not super hot. I.e. not reaching the max temp it does not consume as much wood? Can you explain the cold bonus to me a bit more??
  5. Thanks for the info, looks like I'm on table 4, which puts it where I thought it would be. I guess we will find out today!
  6. So I was forced to restart my best start to an interloper run, started in PV and found hacksaw, matches, hammer, and mag glass. I was astounded. Had a save problem and lost the game after about 5 in game days. So I was like I'm not going to get defeated, I'm going to try this again! Started one and began in the keg. Rushed to ML where I looted everything, found matches, mag glass and hammer. Great start, but no hacksaw. No problem I'm doing well. Moved to PV, because of course its going to spawn there. Checked the tower, house and barn, nothing. So I've got about 8 pieces of scrap metal and was thinking about going to the keg to make some arrow heads and the knife to get ahead of it. I've heard there is a chance that one spawns on the workbench by the forge. Do you think it's worth it to go forge and hope the saw is there? Can it spawn anywhere else in FM? Just curious because if I have arrow heads but not arrow shafts or a bow it's not really worth it. But having the knife would help a bit. Or should I head all the way to CH because it has to be in the gas station then. Which one do you think is the better risk?