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  1. phrasing...... of the 12,983 owners on PSNprofiles only 21 have registered / played in the last week or 0.16 %...decidedly more than "some"
  2. not to bemoan the team's efforts but this is kinda downplaying it considering we still cannot play at all
  3. Actually Blackrock isn't that unreasonable... Kingston Penitentiary here was a maximum security facility built in 1835... designed to hold 600 inmates the population at one time exceeded 900 resulting in riots in 1954 and 1971. Budget cuts saw the end of KP in 2013 and at the time it housed a small number of Canada's most infamous. It could be assumed Blackrock could be similar to this example and the bus could have been taking inmates FROM the facility and not TO (or I could be wrong if information was revealed in episode 4 which I cannot play)
  4. I wouldn't imagine it would be much longer... COVID levels in Canada are greatly in decline with much opening back up... the rate in BC of fully vaccinated is almost 75%
  5. any word at all on a PS5 fix...? not being able to play AT ALL is quite disheartening
  6. I noticed there was an update on PS5.. downloaded it.. was really excited.. and.. still crashes at disclaimer screen…
  7. this is actually a pretty good idea... not necessarily more loot, but definitely unique loot to boost your survivability... and no... not more guns... this is after all...Canada
  8. same... and hopefully we get some next gen update news soon... when my PS5 arrived in March I picked up a 65" 4K OLED to play on... and the game looks great on it... but I bet an update would be even better
  9. thank god.... I am dying not being able to play... this glitch has locked me out of the game period... not just Wintermute... so no survival at all, I can't continue my Archivist run... no playing period.
  10. a lot of the people I have seen playing... so I should correct myself, not most.. know the loot tables. SO say on a new start they spawn in TWM and they go to the Mountaineers Hut and find the heavy hammer... they know which loot table they are on and they now know where every key item they require for survival is in the game. It makes survival so much easier than if loot was randomized in every instance and not predictable and they are therefore playing the system.... if it was random and not predictable then they would be playing the game.
  11. definitely not the lesson.....
  12. I haven't had a chance but I don't see why it wouldn't if it were buffed and shined up to Hinterland level of quality... with some additions.. like actual representation of worn clothing etc.... not sure how sleeping would work.. passing time a lot of things would need to be considered
  13. Like i had mentioned previously elsewhere... I have not been to the forum in quite some time.. as a long time player... the change here was very evident on my return... i think you will find no aggro from me
  14. I believe its a discussion... I don't see any name calling, capital letters or loss of emotion by anyone...
  15. I watched the trailer... its definitely rough around the edges