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  1. Cr41g


    achievements and trophy resets I would think would be outside Hinterlands purview... and under the control of the platform constructor...and yes people would get mad...especially if it had been years since they completed it... I realize you are proud of your progress, but don't inflict it on the rest of us
  2. in no particular order... and mostly for the story, graphics etc.. The Order: 1886 (on no one's list) Life is Strange Skyrim Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice RDR2 No Man's Sky (now) Last of Us
  3. just a little constructive criticism.... it's a Halloween event... so the looting aspect and visiting areas definitely fits in It's supposed to be scary... not hunty, sewy, mendy
  4. good time....and accomplished my goal of trying to spend most of it outdoors..74 hours indoors and 215 hours outdoors over the 4 days, 121 hours rested total...80 of those outdoors
  5. I too wasn't a huge fan of the meter... it definitely felt out of sorts with the rest of the game...these idea's are much more immersive
  6. not a very auspicious beginning... this actually sounds interesting,I might have to give it a go
  7. Cr41g

    Night 2

    Dropped everything at Lake Overlook cave and spent the entire event day 2 outside cautiously collecting wood to stockpile for day 4. Went out with just the flare pistol and left the rifle behind to save weight. I was hoping to go out in search of pies Day 4 but thusfar my clothing is terrible thanks to barely getting two hours in on day 1. Odds are I will freeze to death if I venture to far from a fire... Two more days to go....
  8. zero wildlife other than wolves....all 4 days... move before day 3's Aurora wolves
  9. you cant catch fish...there are rabbits, no deer I believe as well
  10. there is a ton of wood in the farmhouse and the basement as long as you have a hatchet... save what you can for day 4
  11. Had a hard time finding anything decent to wear day one... just barely had enough real world availability to get my two hours in.. had to spend a couple sleeps indoors in beds...but i think I am ready now for the next 3 days... spending all of it..... outdoors