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  1. Hi Ralph and the Team! I've seriously enjoyed the changes made in Wintermute Redeux, I think you did a particularly good job at reworking the characters and their dialog/interactions. Eagerly look forward to what comes next! I have a quick question about blueprints. In Wintermute The Dress Rehearsal you could get some blueprints in Episode 2 that you can't seem to get in Redeux's Episode 2. Did you eliminate some blueprints? Thanks!
  2. I've seen it too. I've also had my arrow just hang there with a blood spot in mid air as if the game forgot where the ground was. My wolf ending position was very similar to yours as well. Pics here
  3. Most of my interloper games were in the year between mode introduction and bunny hunting with rocks. So died a lot in games waiting for the guts to dry or running to a non-reedy part of the map. Things got a quite a bit easier with Faithful Cartographer.
  4. I've been looking at it as the balance feedback. The game already gives feedback when you're starving yourself in the form of condition loss, its gradual but on interloper can really have an impact. Most of my interloper games have ended with fading into the long dark due to starvation. Conversely, there was no real benefit to not starving. So why not starve even if you have enough food to possibly avoid starvation. Now, there's a reason to eat if the food is available. And you can stay well fed and still ration the calories. I've been short on food for extended periods. Yes you do eat some before you sleep, so you can sleep. But you don't necessarily only eat then, you space it out over the day to keep funtional.
  5. My vote is for the wounded wolf animations. My screen shots haven't been able to capture it correctly, but this wolf was limping along with one paw held up in the air.
  6. I've had this happen in PV and CH too
  7. I deleted my previous comment because this isn't the overlook I thought it was. There's one on that path that overlooks the climbing areas and I thought that was it. But there's railcars in that pic, I just can see them clearly on my computer.
  8. I prefer baklava and rabbit hat on head, moose coat and mackinow (unless I'm schleping stuff), the best wool sweaters I can find, I'll go with 2 cowichan if I can find them, guantlets, ear wrap and moose bag, deer skin pants and usually work pants, though in some scenarios I like the military pants, two wool long underwear, two climbing socks and mukluks if I can find them, deer skin if I can't. So if I have to decide protection, waterproof and warmth for outer layers, warmth and protection for inner layers. Because, you know, wolves
  9. I really like that pond in Milton near the trailer. Little bit in one direction and there's wolves galore, there's a good chance for moose at the pond, there's rabbits and deer. If you feel the need for hunting bear you can mosey up the road a bit and find one pretty consistently
  10. This and that, most of it fluff. I've got "To Clear Away The Shadows" by David Drake lined up on the phone today
  11. I want to know what happened to the girl, I followed her story, but haven't found any other notes
  12. That sounds wonderful! I'm in Coventry, Connecticut, southern New England in the US. Its very green and the land is really old, so our mountains have been worn away.
  13. with cream in my Jackrabbit Transport cup - no sugar, also no pics because I'm super lazy
  14. I'd wondered. I've also noticed that not all indoor spaces equal in quality of warmth