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  1. Squee! Happy dance, happy dance!
  2. Haida Gwaii that I use in the example is a sparsely populated archipelago off of BC coast, check it out its cool. There's forests, alpine areas, its relatively isolated, primarily accessed by plane and ferry. Here's my favorite quote "Precipitation is typically extremely frequent (especially from autumn to mid-winter), occurring on around two-thirds of all days even in relatively shielded areas, and direct sunlight is scarce, averaging around 3 to 4 hours per day." And the alpine zones start around 2400 feet or 800 m because of the oceanic alpine effect.
  3. When Timberwolf Mountain was first introduced I remember them telling us that TM was colder than PV because it was higher altitude. So it does exist in places.
  4. I suspect from the picture that Blackrock will ultimately be near to the highest point. If you look at the surrounding summit and the far distant ridge there are no trees. You'd expect no trees near the prison, but almost every mountain so far has trees on it. So if it follows real world examples like Haida Gwaii the alpine zone would start betwen 800 - 900 meters.
  5. Quote: "Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival." Author: W. Edward Deming Submitted by: Jolan Relevant Link:
  6. returning back to base after a long walk through the other regions.
  7. I like camping at the abandoned forestry tower during an aurora. And confirming on my map where east is again.
  8. It seems to me that the lighting is better, the fires make more sense, windows as well.
  9. I started missing feats (Fire Mastery is gone, nooooooo!!!!!!!!), auto walk isn't working either. I'll report both of these to the land of bug hunters. I have to ask - has the wobble always been this bad when Princess Buttercup is just standing there? Its actually giving me motion sickness.
  10. Just a quiet day cooking in the snow on the Riken
  11. If its not burnt out my preferred long term camp is the cabin with a porch to the left of Quonset as you look to the sea. Its got a warm bed, ample storage, a fire place, a porch for outdoor cooking, good sight lines, a nearby workbench, bear spawn and moose spawn. There's a good deer spawn nearby as well. Ice fishing, ample wood,, etc. If that's burnt out then either the cabin with a porch near the sea at Quonset or the cabin with a porch in the Waterfront Cabin area. If all of them are burnt down, then the worker cabin in Bleak Inlet (after a bunch of sulking).
  12. There's a cave up by the short wave, pop up, nab a wolf nab some rabbits, drop the bits in the cave, head on out