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  1. thanks for the tips, but if I fall through I'm haunting you
  2. I've gotten food poisoning from processed food that you just pop and eat at cooking level 5. So never from something like baked beans or pinnacle peaches. But yes from anchoveys, chocolate and uncooked tomato soup. I was playing stalker. However, it was a couple of updates ago.
  3. I've gone back over all of the previously searched areas on my long haul run and haven't found a single revolver. Its a wee bit frustrating, but it is a long haul run and I had nothing planned for the next 200 days other than schlepping stuff from TM to CH. So I'm going to recheck everywhere again.
  4. Jolan


    er @Ice Hole please tell me you have a boom stick, I think you might need it.
  5. One of the things that drives me batty about the healing system is each of the wounds is treated independently. So if you sprain your ankle and two wrists, you need 3 bandages and 6 pain pills. I'm ok with the bandage part, its the pain pill part that seems whacked. Likewise, if you take a pain pill but say click on the sprained ankle option, not the pain option the pill does nothing. So unfortunately, if you had 3 broken ribs you would have needed to treat all 3 of them independently in order to have the resting count for all three of them.
  6. Along with the general hilarity of the usual games with wolves (stealing prey, luring them to their doom, contra dancing when you misjudge the distance) I've also been able to play flying jumping wolves. (I actually think this is a bug and have dutifully reported it). Lure a wolf in with your bow out. Just as they start the final lunge to you shoot them. A struggle may start, but you kick out quickly to see a wolf in mid leap shaking its head. only lasts a few seconds. Wolf will die suspended in the air. Important safety tip - sometimes the wolf doesn't die and chews on your face.
  7. I love Trapper's cabin mostly because it was where I realized the actual air temp in an indoor space makes a difference. But what I can't bring myself to do is destroy the chair in my base camp. doesn't make one bit of difference that I can't actually USE the chair. Oh and cross the trestle bridge. Nope, still have trauma from that glitch that existed the first time I tried to cross it.
  8. Oh yes, and I was trying the passage without a light. :)
  9. Coal can save your life out in a blizzard. Since it adds 20 degrees C. Enough sticks to get 26 minutes and then you can drop a lump of coal in the fire. If its really cold maybe another stick or 3. Coal is like gold.
  10. Its a two way tie for me between one of the tucked away homes with a fireplace in CH (I'm with @ajb1978 there's a cabin that sometimes spawns in town with a fireplace, a good deck and a fence that's my favorite), trappers cabin in ML. For hunting camps my favorite are the cave in the Ravine, Waterfall Cave in TM and the sheltered ledge in FM.
  11. Some new shots, including one of the aurora (very faint) at dawn
  12. Jolan


    I think I do it for the same reason I used to (well maybe still do) open the doors on a matchbox.
  13. It does feel great to finally get that badge but gotta say you get points for monomanical persistence
  14. It would explain so very much