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  1. I swear I'm in some sort of loop - I know I've checked this coastal cabin off the highway before... a couple of times.... this time I found maple syrup, if only I could find pancake mix! I've marked the cabin, but I've done that before...I'll head over to Miller's Crossing and see if I can meet up with you all.
  2. Got all excited hoping they'd also fixed the no save/game not properly counting days but alas...
  3. The Mythbusters actually had a pretty funny episode on cabin fever
  4. I was having trouble until I realized that the fire setting was "fire overcomes cold" and that there's no parasites. Whee! So back to my way of playing a few years back. 3 sticks are your friend! (and mushrooms of course)
  5. Same here, I've filed a bug report. Its always frustrating to lose several hours of a game @Vegas but hopefully they can hot fix this soon. It would be a shame if I couldn't get these badges too because of bugs. Fingers crossed!
  6. er.... I've used all the cans I've found and have been moping about not finding more Maybe the difference is the loose loot variable?
  7. I had the same problem but whatever was causing my problem got finally fixed in the last update. I had given up hope actually because its been a long while. If you've installed that update, I would report the bug and give them the files (save and output). Hopefully, they can get it fixed!
  8. My problem developed after I exited the region.
  9. I found this sequence of encounters very frustrating. I found the condition (i.e. how tired) you are matters in the fight, because you need a certain amount of stamina to use the bear spear properly. I don't know if this is what your difficulty is, but it was mine. It is possible to avoid this one encounter by running like mad for the tower and then scooting down the cliff. But the timing can be tricky, and again - you need a decent amount of stamina.
  10. Some shots taken while wandering around trying to get the Cartographer achievement to trigger.
  11. In the past I have had wolves both grab meat dropped using the decoy function and meat near something dropped using decoy. Did they change this in one of the updates?
  12. One of my friends refers to this as the "boiling water" game. But considering how fast you lose condition with dehydration and that you don't always have an opportunity to light a fire, definitely boil water.
  13. Jolan


    Its been my experience that if they were out and about when the blizzard spawns you can run into them. Loading screens can break that.
  14. Wow! @Dkhar Those are gorgeous, evidently Will has one of the new phones
  15. Just a wee bit off to the right, and my favorite in game constellation on the left. Its a gorgeous shot! I'm usually too busy cowering under the covers still at dawn to see things like this.