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  1. A breathtakingly beautiful day in Mystery Lake. Balmy 13 degrees F with only a -15 degrees windchill.
  2. I still haven't been able to get that wolf and have no idea what's on the other side of that island. Its like an itch I can't scratch!
  3. mad skillz and a few well placed bribes 😀 But pity poor George who's nefarious plans were foiled by a freak act of nature!
  4. Did they change how wolves react to revolvers? I'm playing on Stalker and wolves have previously a) charged when aiming a revolver and b) been scared off by a revolver shot. Now they a) charge as soon as I pull the the revolver, no aiming, just have it out and b) don't react in fear to a shot, probably because they're charging. Also, all of the wolves on the map (6 of them near the broken railroad shed) kept charging, even the ones up at the top of the slope. I'm trying to decide if this is a "feature" or a "bug". They were acting a lot like the wolves did when they first introduced the scent mechanic.
  5. I was actually thinking scrapped cans would make great fishing hooks
  6. I vote that its haunted... you should probably get out
  7. I managed to totally oog myself out and had to go and put the lights back on. I found a pumpkin and cache in one place in PV, then another in another place. Yay! Kept exploring because you never know where you'll find candy.... and then I found another pumpkin.....OK, maybe there are three in a region? Hm, went by the spot where the first pumpkin was and its GONE!!!!!! the stuff I ditched to get the sweet loot in the pumpkin was there, but not the pumpkin. Right, turned the lights back on. Next thing you know, there will be a wolf riding headless horseman
  8. Pick it back up! The demon wolves are coming!!!! Well, their eyes glow and there is bunches of them...
  9. But... but that wouldn't satisfy the paranoid part of my soul firmly convinced there's a wolf RIGHT BEHIND ME!
  10. I really do love this event
  11. I know, you get such beautiful maps in most places and then bam a blotchy mess with areas that will never clear.
  12. I'd say probably closer to 12 inches 16 inches (if you go with the bigger bottle) with the snow with no slope. Still too big of a step fully loaded, but you can't step it even naked. Here's a pic from where I'm getting the idea of height from snow. (2 liter bottles are around 12-15 inches depending, 1 liter bottles around 9) That and the fact that since we're all short my family tends to us 5 - 5 1/2" risers for old outdoor buildings without a cellar. This place reminds me of a wreck.... er camp one of my cousins own. Basically, I understand where @matchstick is coming from. Its like some of the other things you should be able to climb but can't. You just want to.
  13. That sort of thing bothers me too. Mind you, I'm usually carrying 80 lbs, so I'm good with having to go the long way. Have you tried it recently? They fixed things like the railroad tracks not being crossable, and you can now walk up a lot of things you didn't used to be able to.