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  1. I'd say probably closer to 12 inches 16 inches (if you go with the bigger bottle) with the snow with no slope. Still too big of a step fully loaded, but you can't step it even naked. Here's a pic from where I'm getting the idea of height from snow. (2 liter bottles are around 12-15 inches depending, 1 liter bottles around 9) That and the fact that since we're all short my family tends to us 5 - 5 1/2" risers for old outdoor buildings without a cellar. This place reminds me of a wreck.... er camp one of my cousins own. Basically, I understand where @matchstick is coming from. Its like some of the other things you should be able to climb but can't. You just want to.
  2. That sort of thing bothers me too. Mind you, I'm usually carrying 80 lbs, so I'm good with having to go the long way. Have you tried it recently? They fixed things like the railroad tracks not being crossable, and you can now walk up a lot of things you didn't used to be able to.
  3. I vote Coastal Highway on the ravine side of the "bridge/waterfall" area where you often find a corpse with a rifle. Upstream of Rabbit Grove
  4. Well... in all honesty twit culture predates the internet.
  5. Somewhere, there's an atmospheric programer who's feeling all warm and fuzzy now.
  6. Crows have made me edgy since the original Resident Evil But I can see where hearing them might make you pause. Is a corpse? Is a BEAR!!!!
  7. One of my high points was when Princess Buttercup and I both said "its you or me" at the same time when starting a combat
  8. I agree, on stalker and interloper I only sprint if it will save my life. I was trying to explain to someone I was introducing to the game that all the sprinting being done by the streamers was probably because of viewers short attention spans.
  9. I'm been playing the time capsule and its a blast. But its also made me very aware of things I'm grateful they changed. Like that getting rid of really weird "wooshing" noise the flare made when you pulled. So glad that's gone. Having gone thru some old school struggles, got to say I'm really grateful for not only the interface change, but the fact that I can use the accessibility options when I need to. It was fun to be harried by Fluffy again. Anyone else run into a change they'd hadn't been aware of being seriously grateful for?
  10. Tried to collect cat tails... there were so many of them and all untouchable