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  1. Wow.. that's the craziest method to hunt the bear that I've ever seen! Iron juevos.
  2. Ok, finally got a chance to test this out properly. I've seen videos and posts regarding this, but sometimes you just need to do it yourself to make sure all the variables are covered. I'm shocked to conclude, after several successful tests, that bears do stop at fire now. I can't even believe it. Bears and moose have swapped their fire fear! I took a little video that I'll post later.
  3. Hah, no doubt. This forum is so much nicer than the Steam forums though, which aren't bad to begin with. I feel there's a certain level of decorum here that needs to be supported. Was just horsing around with the peasant comment though, laying it on a little thick lol. I was trying to get in before I got heckled about it, but I appreciate your comment. I'm like, not even on the right side of Great Bear with my guesses, am I? 😄
  4. @Daymo with the second pic, it's in FM on the area above the train tracks near the cave to BR. Not sure if that was what you were going for, but it sounded like it! @stratvox yep, the camp in HRV above the ice cave. Nice! Tough one! I like it. Hmm.. Seems like one of those regions with a traversable corridor.. like the spot approaching TWM. Nah, too wide. Maybe one of the pathways up, say between the wing and the deer clearing? I don't know.. it could easily be something like the path to the signal fire in HRV. Basically, I have no idea lol. On a side note: I've been noticing how pretty everyone else's screenshots look with no UI to get in the way. I play in Steam and usually take screenshots using the Steam hotkey, but after looking into my game settings a bit more I noticed a key for clean screenshots with no UI. I'm sorry for defiling this wonderful forum with my peasant screenshots, and promise to clean them up for future posts!
  5. I have more! I always have more. This one's not too hard. This one is.
  6. Ahh, of course! I haven't spent a lot of time in BI, but I used to stay in that cave all the time when it was just a shallow cave. Good one. Sounds like BI to me, but I've only been there a couple of times so I'm totally clueless as to where that pic is exactly. Threw you a like for that poem, very witty and gave me a chuckle
  7. Wow.. that's a tough one. Not many landmarks to go on, plus it's at night! No idea, but it looks like one of the wild regions.. HRV or TWM? Hmm.. could it be the Summit? I believe you're referring to the Deadfall area? Close! The pic was indeed taken in ML, just near a different bear cave.
  8. You "know it all" after only 80 hours? Dang.. 1500 hours in, I must be a very slow learner lol
  9. Would this be the cave uphill from Spence's in FM? I'm surprised nobody's taken a shot at that boulder I posted up top.. it's a unique rock. Here's a hint.. there's a bear cave nearby
  10. Did a quick Steam search for you 👍 https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1637549649093437579/
  11. I'll start with a couple. Guess the spots or post your own. Happy Friday!
  12. From what I remember, I believe there's a rights issue with the opening song. They can only use it in the game but they can't let it be used in videos or streams. YouTube will take video uploads down if the song is included in the video. I'm sure Hinterland can give a more definitive answer though
  13. This was a recent change, and a welcome one in my opinion. Kills landing on top of the arrow and not being accessible until the carcass either despawned or was completely harvested was a real pain. Now, they are either right next to the carcass or will show up in your inventory when you interact with it. Much better! This has always been the case. Sometimes, when an animal runs off with an arrow in them, the arrow will fall out before they bleed out. Typically, after fleeing and returning to a normal pace, an animal will return to its path. Look for the arrow along that path. Often times, the carcass can be found very close to where you shot it.
  14. That's brutal. They really, REALLY don't wan't us goating around anymore, do they? I wish they would eliminate the insta-kill nature of these zones and just have them kick you back out to a nearby spot. That would accomplish their goal of keeping us out of areas they want us out of as well as not ending our runs in abrupt and shocking fashion. Insta-kill is not necessary.
  15. I've still not enjoyed the region on Loper or DMC. I played a custom game there right after BI was released, and I brought my 500+ day Loper survivor to Upper BI once, but I had trouble getting used to the timberwolves and didn't even make it to the tower before I turned back. My Loper run was based on the 50 Days Per Region challenge, so I need come back and spend my 50 in BI. I have very little confidence with the timberwolves because I have very little experience with them. That needs to change asap. Props to those of you who have conquered the timberwolves. Perhaps I need to watch a stream or two.
  16. Great story, sorry it ended badly! Hubris is the greatest killer in TLD. Even when you're kitted out and feeling good, getting cocky can lead to a bad decision, which can cascade into more bad decisions, which can lead to an unexpected black screen. It's happened to all of us! As mentioned above, the hammer is what you want to use in a wolf struggle. It won't cause a bleed out like the knife or hatchet, but it will end the struggle quickly with little damage to your survivor. You can then reset the battle and take another shot, likely to kill it since you already caused hammer damage. If I don't have a hammer but I have a knife and hatchet, I will use the hatchet. The knife takes way too long to battle with and you will take a serious hit to your condition. Also, I don't remember how it works in Stalker, but there are alpha wolves in Loper which seem to be much stronger than standard wolves (they are bigger too). It's best to not put yourself in risky situations if you have low condition, because one of these guys can end you in seconds. Good luck! Stay warm out there.
  17. In my experience, that would have been a kill shot on a moose. Every time I've hit one in the snout, it drops them. With bears though, the sweet spot seems to be between the ears and the eyes. Well, it didn't turn out so bad.. you got him down in the end. Pretty funny though.
  18. As soon as I see that region title come up, I'm clicking it. Especially in bad weather, those precious seconds can save a little on your temp meter.
  19. This is incredible! Shout out to @stmSantana for putting this together! Thanks for posting this, @Jimmy. This data is very helpful.
  20. Oops.. that's right. I haven't earned an achievement in so long, I'm getting things mixed up. Archivist was a challenge that only required a handful of locations. Finding all of them in a survival game is another accomplishment entirely. Well done. My mistake.. I'm just going to go back to my Loper run and stop confusing myself lol
  21. Well, I'll just consider myself lucky that I got the achievement when there was only 31 to find! That's quite an increase.
  22. Very nice, @GothSkunk. I have a 590 day Loper run on ice right now that I'd really like to get back to, but I'm currently enjoying my best DMC run ever right now. 700+ Days is very impressive! It gets pretty grindy after that long, but I hope to get my run to 1000 days one day. Just clearing resources and occasionally beachcombing. Maybe I'll jump back in now that I'm used to the new wolves, and do a little wolf hunting. One thing I'm confused about though... 71/31? Been a while since I got this achievement, but I don't remember that lol. Congrats on your run.
  23. Ahhh I see.. I always get the one at the summit, and the other one I find is the one that spawns in ML/CH/DP. I'm sure I've found the one in BR before, but probably attributed it to one of the two I thought the world was limited to on a run where i didn't find the non-summit striker. Good to know it's guaranteed, and the 1/4 spawn point is very helpful. I think I know where 2 of them are. Thanks again!
  24. I love DP, it's one of my favorite regions. I have three good options in DP for burning cabin fever, and none include the Church. The Church is very cold at night, and not safe anymore with the new wolf AI and pathing. I will use the bear cave near Hibernia (after he's dead, of course), sleep in the pilot house of the Riken (need a fire), or make a snowshelter between the rocks on Little Island (need a fire). Depending on the weather, you can always make a fire and sleep in a vehicle too. So true! But, without cooking L5, you're playing with fire. IP is no joke on Loper. Really? I always thought there was only 2. I've been giving up looking for more after the second one, son of a biscuit! Thanks for the heads up, @Jimmy The MT Basin / FM Marsh Ridge combo is probably my favorite area in the whole game. I love that place. The Basin has lots of tea makings, saplings, and cats.. so many cats. All the game to hunt including a moose spawn, great spots to loot like Rocky Refuge and Hermit's Cabin, and one of the best caves in the game. Right nextdoor is Marsh Ridge, so much wood and birch bark, the cave to loot, a deer carcass in the cave and another near the cliff, coal in the cave, and a great spot for the CF beating snowshelter. I stayed over 100 days once just bouncing between these two regions. Consider me the president of the Basin & Marsh Ridge Fan Club!