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  1. Yes Hello:) In fact, I will stream on twitch and show you guys how I play 🙂 I think it might be fun to do so.
  2. Hi! Let me just say that i have got alot from this game, maybe about 60 hours or so, so i am not complaining. I still love this game. But i find everything so easy now that i have "breaked the survival code" in this game. I find it easy to survive in the hardest game mode and even the costume challenge. I wish there was a extreme survival challenge where there are almost nothing to find, a extreme hardcore evil impossible challenge or something. I Will still play this game anyway🙂
  3. I think they should add some breadcrumbs to the story mode like they did in ep1.
  4. So... I think I got what I wished for on EP 3 I love the morale system. And they are going to improve the wolfes some more. And it was less items to find in EP 3 well balanced!
  5. So I just finished Episode 3. Nothing beats episode 1. I agree with you, its too much walking in story mode.
  6. Yavind

    Episode 3

    Thanx. And 2pm is 14:00 tomorrow?
  7. Yavind

    Episode 3

    So its either 03:00 tonight or is it 15:00 tomorrow afternoon? 😂 Or 06:00 tomorrow morning?:P
  8. Yavind

    Episode 3

    So its still 21 October in Norway, approx 22:40. Soon it will be 22 October in a few hours. When will Ep 3 be released in "norwegian" time? Tomorrow morning or?
  9. Yavind


    I'm not for or against jumping. But I belive this will never be added to the game. But if its going to get added, then a jump with only a small nod jump.
  10. I actually like this idea Gas cooker. pros: Deploys fast, and cook your food and water, but small portions. Can be used inside houses. cons: No warmth gained. And needs a frying pan.
  11. The Long Dark Red dead redemption 2 World Of Tanks Baba Is You Counter-Strike
  12. I see what you mean. The image looks fuzzy. Disable the 4K, will not work anyway. Then put all graphic settings on default in-game. Then everything else in default in nvidia-controll-panel for TLD. Then you could try for a tribble-buffering in the nvidia controll panel( I see in my panel that I have trippel buffering turnen OFF), or you could try vertical sync. Try that. But ill bet it wont work, but its worth a try.